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  1. raithe

    Crispy Doom 5.4 (Update: December 17, 2018)

    Nice. Spent some time running through E1 last night and I have to say this is a very nice port. All the features you need, with none forced on you, and it still feels like old doom should. Very cool.
  2. raithe

    Crispy Doom 5.4 (Update: December 17, 2018)

    Just tried this out and I am very happy to see this port. Good job. Found a bug though. In the 2.2 windows build of Heretic & Hexen if you scroll the mouse wheel in the main menu the game locks. Doom and Strife do not.
  3. Think about is good enough for me. That monster highlighting crosshair is enough all by itself to keep me hooked on this port, I love that thing.
  4. @entryway They're compatible code bases as far as I understand it from the various readme's, though I'm not sure how much as the documentation on PRBoom+ is a little slim. I thought I saw something a couple days ago about plus being based of eternity code, but now that you mention it I can't find where. @printz and Grazza I was figuring optional toggle. @esselfortium Yeah I'd much rather see heretic support finished, I was just hoping it might be simple code splice.
  5. Where a hud message pops up when you find a secret and plays a sound. That's about the only feature from other ports I miss in Eternity. You could probably just import the code from PRBoom+, I know it has that one and it's based on Eternity code.
  6. raithe

    Wierd bug (SOLVED)

    Correct. I knew it was in my OS somewhere, I was just hoping with the focus here being on a software only engine someone else might have had the same problem and could point me in a general direction. Well looks like one of those classic Windows reinstall fixes. I swear if it weren't for my love of about three games that won't function in linux....
  7. raithe

    Wierd bug (SOLVED)

    No they're steady, like on a tic. Roughly every 1.5 seconds, and the pauses are about half a second in length. Happens even in just a menu with no demo running when I'm doing nothing. Looks like it affects Eduke as well but again only in software mode, if I jump to 16bit or 32bit (which kicks in hardware mode) no problems. It's not the bit depth though because I can run software mode quake at 16 or 32 bit and still get the problem.
  8. raithe

    Wierd bug (SOLVED)

    I'm experiencing an odd bug that I can't seem to find and smash. Whenever I run eternity fullscreen at any resolution above 320x240 I get these steady pauses in the game every couple of seconds. The whole game just stops for a second; rendering, sound, input everything. Doesn't happen at higher resolutions if they're windowed, only fullscreen. Doesn't happen in zdoom, but I have same problem with software mode quake. (several different ports) I've tried a couple of different monitors, graphics cards, even tried running from another hard-drive. My system is clean of viruses and I have no background processes hogging the cpu or ram. Eternity was running fine on this same box less than a month ago so I know this probably some kind of os glitch (registry etc) but I just cannot find the thing. I'm happy to wipe and re-install if I have to, but it bugs me when I can't find the cause of a problem first even if I can't fix it. So if anyone has any thoughts please share, I'm at a loss on this one. Running XP pro sp2 Thanks, Jack EDIT: I solved it. A system monitoring program I was running did an automatic update (this is why I normally disable those things) and the new display routine interferes with software mode programs every time time the meter redraws. Hence the once every second pauses, it's default redraw time. I found this after the re-install. (unfortunately) Everything was fine till I connected to the net. I was running a traffic monitoring program and it picked up the sysmeter trying to update.
  9. raithe


    Is Heretic supposed to be working? I can't get it to load in the svn builds I tried. Complains about STDISK at startup. In 33.50 it loads but there's no weapons and some other glitches. So is it me screwing up, or is this just not done yet? >EDIT: Of course. Now I find the thread talking about heretic support. Even better, its right near the top! No idea how I missed that. (or the how search feature did for that matter.) Fantastic. Sorry about the useless post. Hopefully you won't think of me as a complete moron. By the way after playing around some more on custom maps, I have to say I love the monster-highlighting crosshair. Great alternative for those who don't like mouse-look on those maps that love to attack you from where you can't see the enemy but they CAN see you. >END EDIT. As far as Doom goes though oustanding work. I think with Heretic support this would become my new favorite port for old wads and general doom goodness. (most of the new wads all seem to be written specifically for zdoom, sigh) Yep just about all it would need to make it the perfect port is that little smiley face crosshair from fuh-quake.