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  1. Chrispaks

    Is Hexen forgotten?

    The switch hunts drove me mad. The concept was really cool though but after the first hub I just got quite bored. I mean, I like puzzles and all (big fan of puzzle games), though switch hunts just resulted in me saving and not wanting to continue. I tried playing it 5-6 times but kept getting bored with it. ... makes me want to re-create all of Hexen but add in insane effects that keep you thoroughly entertained while switch hunting.
  2. I went through and wrote everything out for the nodes, and got this data printed out: (x = 160, y = 160, changex = 0, changey = -64, rightChild = 0 [subsector], leftChild = 1 [subsector]), (x = 96, y = 160, changex = 64, changey = 0, rightChild = 0, leftChild = 2 [subsector]), (x = 160, y = 96, changex = -64, changey = 0, rightChild = 1, leftChild = 3 [subsector]), (x = 96, y = 96, changex = 0, changey = 64, rightChild = 2, leftChild = 4 [subsector]) Nodes have brackets (0..n), subsectors are just the number (3) / \ 4 (2) / \ 3 (1) / \ 2 (0) / \ 1 0 VERTEXES: [(64,64), (64,192), (192,192), (192,64), (96,96), (96,160), (160,160), (160,96), (96,192), (96,64), (192,96), (192,160)] SEGS: [(startVertex = 4, endVertex = 5, angle = 64, linedefNum = 4, direction = 0, offset = 0, ), (startVertex = 5, endVertex = 6, angle = 0, linedefNum = 5, direction = 0, offset = 0, ), (startVertex = 6, endVertex = 7, angle = 192, linedefNum = 6, direction = 0, offset = 0, ), (startVertex = 7, endVertex = 4, angle = 128, linedefNum = 7, direction = 0, offset = 0, ), (startVertex = 11, endVertex = 10, angle = 192, linedefNum = 2, direction = 0, offset = 32, ), (startVertex = 7, endVertex = 6, angle = 64, linedefNum = 6, direction = 1, offset = 0, ), (startVertex = 8, endVertex = 2, angle = 0, linedefNum = 1, direction = 0, offset = 32, ), (startVertex = 2, endVertex = 11, angle = 192, linedefNum = 2, direction = 0, offset = 0, ), (startVertex = 6, endVertex = 5, angle = 128, linedefNum = 5, direction = 1, offset = 0, ), (startVertex = 10, endVertex = 3, angle = 192, linedefNum = 2, direction = 0, offset = 96, ), (startVertex = 3, endVertex = 9, angle = 128, linedefNum = 3, direction = 0, offset = 0, ), (startVertex = 4, endVertex = 7, angle = 0, linedefNum = 7, direction = 1, offset = 0, ), (startVertex = 0, endVertex = 1, angle = 64, linedefNum = 0, direction = 0, offset = 0, ), (startVertex = 1, endVertex = 8, angle = 0, linedefNum = 1, direction = 0, offset = 0, ), (startVertex = 9, endVertex = 0, angle = 128, linedefNum = 3, direction = 0, offset = 96, ), (startVertex = 5, endVertex = 4, angle = 192, linedefNum = 4, direction = 1, offset = 0, )] SUBSECTORS: [(4,0), (2,4), (3,6), (3,9), (4,12)] NODES (raw signed data, see top of post for unsigned children nodes): [(x = 160, y = 160, changex = 0, changey = -64, rightChild = -32768, leftChild = -32767), (x = 96, y = 160, changex = 64, changey = 0, rightChild = 0, leftChild = -32766), (x = 160, y = 96, changex = -64, changey = 0, rightChild = 1, leftChild = -32765), (x = 96, y = 96, changex = 0, changey = 64, rightChild = 2, leftChild = -32764)]Rendered, it shows up how I expect it to show up: The above image shows the whole map (blue lines = linedefs connected by the white vertices, the yellow lines show all the lines for the specific segment, in this case... subsector 4's four line segments How do I used the dx and dy again? For example, the root node is 3, and its x/y is (96,96). The changey = 64, so that means I go up 64 units to (96,160). Does that just mean the line that was used to split up the level for the left/right bounding boxes? Or can I use it as an actual line in calculating a polygon? I'm probably missing something, can you clarify for me what to do to get the sector polygons I need again? Sorry if it's an inconvenience; something isn't clicking with me BTW: The data values should be right, but if somethings wrong then maybe I messed something up (like if something should be unsigned, then I messed up...); though I was able to render doom2 map29 lines and vertices properly so thus far everything should be working right...
  3. I'm working on a program that's helping me learn how doom works. I started with making a 2d automap renderer to see if I could dissect the engine and grab the data that I want. Thus far it was a success and I was able to map out all the things, lines, segs...etc But I was interested in how the subsectors are formed. Sometimes I get segs that are separated, I assumed you just connect the dots... but you can't in a certain amount of them. Whats even more confusing is how you go about drawing a subsector when you only have one line. I've been reading the doom wiki for days and I'm stuck on how to render a 2D birds eye view of a subsector. Therefore: How (using Doom in Hexen lumps and the latest ZDBSP on zdoom.org) can I figure out the edges of the polygon from the wad files given to me from the lumps inside a map file? Quick ninja question: For segs, what is the point of 8-9 Signed short Direction 10-11 Signed short Offset Direction is the angle between the first and second vertex? Offset has to do with the texture that's on it? EDIT: Please bear with me, first time I've took on a project like this.
  4. Chrispaks

    favorite secrets

    Damnit I always used to heal up to 100% and then blast my way backwards into it, I'd always start with ~10% health thanks to the rocket :( BUT NOW I KNOW.
  5. I've been thinking of ideas and one of the issues that plagues me is my inability to do art. I've looked on various zdoom threads and anatomy books to draw an epic monster, but damn it's tough. Even with photoshop and the cool tricks it has, making the art is-- for me at least-- infinitely harder than making the decorate and room[s] for it :( In fact it's not even that its hard, I made a great model with some smudging but the doom palette makes it look like I barfed on my screen... and I don't want to limit myself to GZDoom [not that I have a problem with it] All the ideas in this thread I've manifested into a vision, but the sprites itself are a roadblock not even Jesus H Walford Christ himself could break.
  6. Of course you must expect a reference to the two most infamous bosses in our known history (or at least, the Doomer's subjective gaming history relative to this game): Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind. I don't know how you guys reacted upon each boss, but I personally think E2M8 scared me a lot more than E3M8. *Goes back in memory-time* The cyberdemon put more of my blood in game on the ground than I've had to give blood or lost blood over my lifetime. I remember being in the chamber when I accidentally nudged the shotgun for the first time. I was expecting something a bit harder than two barons of hell, but not this. God not this. A few hours later I finally trumped it. I don't think I've ever had that big of a challenge in my life up until that point. It was the most invigorating boss battle I'd ever experienced. Of course on replay attempts it got easier and easier, especially when strafe became commonplace. The spider mastermind relative to the cyberdemon was a letdown for me. I would run up to it and plant the BFG in its face... only to win. In fact, there have been close to zero times that if I have the BFG I won't spam it in the spider mastermind's face, just because it goes down with one shot. Of course, the cyberdemon was another story when I tried to BFG it up close. CyberdemonKillCount++; as they say. *Returns to reality* I've been searching through wads to find appropriate boss monsters that fit the bill, but the problem is through many of wads I've gone through, most of the custom ones either suffer from one or more of the following - Not strong enough (rare) - Too much health - Firepower unreasonable - Lacking supplies - You die with IDDQD on still Some I've found to be good, but the best one's I've found stick me in a field with a hitscanner. I feel that most [not all] custom bosses haven't hit the middle ground that the cyberdemon had. The cyberdemon was a fun challenge because it didn't kill you instantly, you still even in your newb stages for the most part had the ability to dodge. You would just occasionally screw up (if you're like me) and have to restart. It was a fun affair though. The problem is these boss monsters don't live quite up to that fun, or at least not for me. Some of you will disagree and if you could post some wads with what you feel is awesome boss monsters, I'd greatly appreciate it and will be playing. So why am I making this thread? Well I'm trying a new project: I want to create a boss monster. I want to make it from scratch (yes, photoshop and all!); it will take a while. It's an experiment to see what I can come up with. The goal in mind is to make an enjoyable boss monster battle. One of the issues that may come up is "It's supposed to lead up from a wad to make the suspense that much more epic", but who is to say I won't make a wad and have it as the grand boss? ;) Therefore: what in your opinion makes a doom boss monster good? If you were given a magic wand and could create whatever your imagination can summon, what would it be? Can it recapture the magic essence that for some of us may not be there anymore? Likewise, which of these criteria in your opinion feel like accurate representations of what you subjectively feel a boss monster should/shouldn't have: [ ] New sprites outright, little/no sprite rips [ ] High health [ ] Able to be fair on all difficulty levels (from beginner to advanced, but not so easy it's a joke) [ ] Heavy DECORATE usage [ ] Uses ACS [ ] Bring in original ideas/features (if you have an example that'd be even better) [ ] Tailored for all environments (just as dangerous in a tight room as a big open field) [ ] Only be used in the wad's finale, unlike cyber which ends up appearing throughout Doom 2 and is commonplace in wads at times [ ] (Your input here)
  7. Chrispaks

    Unloved II [BETA1 released]

    If you want I can send it your way once I get to the half way point and you can tell me what you like/don't like? :)
  8. Chrispaks

    Any Good wads with kickass Music?

    There was this really great one from a wad in the late 1990's, but I can't find it anymore. It was for vanilla doom, great detail but I have no idea what the name wad :(
  9. Chrispaks

    Dante's Inferno

    IIRC pcorf's project has one of the 9 sub-levels in his easy going community project that has been completed AFAIK, and it's really well done.
  10. Chrispaks

    doom is really becoming unenjoyable online

    Playing Doom online is worse and worse. Zdaemon is something I don't plan on playing, and 50% (and/or more) are playing AOW or GvH. GvH is fun but everyone in there rages if you beat them. Doom since birth has been about the single player domination of all others. Co-op is really fun (especially with HardDoom!) but the maturity due to ego clashing of people who think they are God of all they touch ruins the game. Due to the nature of the game, I feel that it attracts these more than others. Same was for Half Life: Deathmatch online with the Tau cannon. If you played all day and enjoyed being anemic in your mom's basement, you could literally trump any server you went onto. It's sad because there are some really cool people, and in coop/survival people will come in with fair intentions on the outside, but purposely block you/telefrag you with the intent to piss you off. Maybe it's more of humanity being immature, but whatever it is: makes me sad I can't enjoy much online :( One solution is to create ones own server, but if it's not based in Mexico you're toast, because: - All the people who join are mexican (which means tons of fun since most of them are a hilarious bunch and don't take much too seriously -- thus a funnier game would evolve) - Most the non mexicans play in dedicated servers where you don't have adminship to remove griefers. Most come into my server with a ping of 50 or less (!) and say "dude lets go to [major server here], and leaves - Mexicans will complain about your ping unless you're from Texas or mexico, and then leave. This is fair enough, I don't want to play on someones server with 300+ ping Thus I'm left with no one :/ Plus the fact that no one I know IRL plays doom leaves me with online being the only feasible method, or playing WADs that people create. I'm really drifting towards the latter lately. In addition the major migration of these random 360 kids bringing their attitude/friends makes it even worse. If you join a server with kick votes and you beat them, guess what? 1 minute later there's 4-5 of them in the server saying "hahah fk u fgt" and then a vote kick is placed against you which instantly goes to Yes:5 No:1 (whereas everyone else is going "what? Why?") and you're gone. I did try complaining to the admins of the server but they just say "if we see it again we will take action", I've brought it to their attention 3x and I just gave up after the third after being told the same thing. The only place that actually listened was Oblacek, but the admin there reverses bans if you talk to him nice enough. Probably a good hearted guy in real life and can't say no.
  11. Chrispaks

    Transferring textures.

    I use SLumpEd to copy stuff between wads, just open both and once and drag. If I misread your post I apologize. If they're a mix of patches I don't know if you can do that. If its a list of textures then it's possible w/ above.
  12. Chrispaks

    Greatest Victory [bump]

    E2M8 for sure :)
  13. Chrispaks

    Unloved II [BETA1 released]

    Basically, my imagination is too powerful. Read it over again if it's a bit hard to comprehend. I'm one of those people who immerse themselves in what it is. If I'm making music, I need to be in the mood. Likewise with a horror wad, I need to be in the mood. I'll listen to clinical ambient and stuff like that to get me in the zone. If you've never done this or never experienced it (I'm sure most people have though), you won't be able to comprehend the notion. I'll work on my wad late at night. I add clinical ambient on in the background, I make sure I'm alone. When I make the map, I put random generators in it so no one can predict anything, not even myself. The sounds I used were really real, and even to this day when I play the first parts of the wad, I still get chills down my spine. This is ONLY if I play it at night, all alone, dark/quiet...etc. If I play it through the day it has no real effect when the sun is shining in my eyes. I'd rather go for a walk and hang out with friends. The reason I do this is because releasing a wad in your name stays forever. If I'm going to release a wad, it had better be 5 star quality in my eyes or forget it. It's all or nothing. If I'm not happy with it and I don't feel others will get out of it what I want them to, then I'm just wasting my time and everyone else's time. Make sense? Since I can't get in the mood during the day, I always do it at night. Because I do it right before bed, logically those emotions carry over with you to sleep unless you're some kind of hardened veteran. Since I'm not, I decided it wasn't worth continuing. I'll let someone else do it and I'll enjoy the horror wads on my own ;) I don't think I can dumb it down any more for you. If you're still lost, then just forget it.
  14. Chrispaks

    Unloved II [BETA1 released]

    Great job, I really enjoyed Unloved. I even made my own horror wad of the sorts. I was adding in all the elements that freak the crap out of me. I ended up giving up on the project because I started to lose sleep and health over the project. Maybe one day I'll return to it but I had to abandon it for now. All the thoughts I had would actually keep me up at night, and we all know what that does to our immune system :( -- I blame the floorboards of my house ;) The clinical ambient music I listened to get in the mood for it probably didn't help :( Therefore I will be just as glad to see a new version of this map released! Horror wads that don't rely on shock are exactly what I want (Ghouls forest is an example of how I would never do a horror map, despite it being quite effective for what Cutman wanted to do, and I think he succeeded there).
  15. Chrispaks

    TNT 2: Devilution (Texture Pack in OP)

    If you want another MIDI composer for a song or two I can assist. If you decide upon this, I'd need to get a feel for the single map you desire and then I'd make the MIDI and send it to you (assuming you don't want something general). If you don't like the creation, you can reject it outright. I assume that's the standard though? I know you've got 3 composers, but I figure it's never harmful to ask -- worst is a 'no' :) Or if you want someone to add detail to maps or brush up some stuff I've been using DB/DB2 for many many years.