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  1. Soundblock

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    One might postulate that if R=X, G=Y & B=Z then Doom’s original palette might provide spatial coordinates that could be in agreement with the intended artistic expression, revealable or suggested by algorithm.
  2. Soundblock

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    From what’s been on display so far, I’m loving the increased scope of JR’s architecture with limits removed. If the use of traps and mechanics (by the guy who reportedly coded most of them into the engine) are as good as the previous two maps, i’ll be gobbling this up with glee. Don’t yet know what level of purchase i’ll be making, but at the off chance of the Doom II offering that i’m really craving (super shotgun, revvies, ARCHVILES ala Romero? - room for new ground here) i’m really considering the beast box (even though i largely don’t collect memorabilia). This giant’s shoulders about to be made wider methinks. Mad props for doing this, hat and skull cap well off. Thanks daddy. Sorry for being a bad boy.
  3. Soundblock

    Level Progress Diagrams – PDF POSTER READY

    The ancient Sumerian hieroglyphs are more on theme, c'mon. Klaatu barada nikto!
  4. Soundblock

    Making the mastermind a better monster

    I always thought some of the flying variants of Mastermind over at Realm667 looked interesting, but I've no idea if any of them have been play balanced to an extent where they're a worthwhile offering. E.g. Arachnophyte...
  5. Soundblock

    Similarities between Doom and DnD mapping?

    With a few lines, both allow you to convey a space and fill it with as much atmosphere as you can muster + engrossing challenges to overcome inside of a rock solid game framework. My map making iron already being hot from having made oodles of D&D maps and having several more in the making at the time, is probably why I shot out the gates with a modicum of speed once Doom was out.
  6. Soundblock

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    What we need is doom maps, on top of that, so you can shrink yourself and play through the indivdual textures of the level, for optional side quests (with required side-gravity). No level would be complete without at least one Cyberdemon per wall. ;-) Joking aside, real nice work. Seems to work best in the darker areas, and more so for tech than organics: ^spooooge! Concerning sprites: If good heightmaps were created, filling in the original sprite outlines in grayscale, those could probably be used to generate more meaningful normal maps than trying to use the original palette values for sprites. If there isn't some engine limitation stopping sprites from taking part. Would be a massive undertaking nonetheless, requiring hand-modified heightmaps for most things I guess. At least it seems theoretically feasible, I don't know of any artists that can hand-paint normal maps directly... The high-res PBR (& 3D model adding stuff) don't excite me personally.
  7. Crucified Dreams is hella good looking, real clean design throughout. DM, mind.
  8. Soundblock


    Did someone say ducks?
  9. "doomdude" was the nick of one of the noteable Doom deathmatch players during the DWANGO era (launched in Dec -94 kinda peaked with the Deathmatch 95 tournament October that year, which doomdude partook in). Seems there must have been a "doomguy" in the player lists also at that point, on DWANGO and other earlier/later BBS deathmatch services, but no one that I could confirm anyway...
  10. Soundblock

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    I think a lot of the reason why these sprites upscale so well is down to Adrian's (and Kevin's) ability to tell a big story with humble means. Additional defintion wouldn't be possible if the original pixel configurations weren't pointing towards the current results. That, and hidfan having considerable pixel art skills to begin with, which makes him suited for configuring the outcome. Guess we might see more pixel art classics get this treatment in the future, once the thing's out of beta. I know I'd love to see Chaos Engine and/or Metal Slug with the additional fidelity, though I suppose they might require different settings set, if even compatible.