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  1. Wow, didn't know that domain ownership was in such a state. 20 years of that shit?! Sorry Ling! I had been wondering for a while whether you had been approached by Bethesda from the time forward Doom 2016 was announced - guess not. I think I could get used to www.cacoworld.com - fits with the annual awards, which run pretty far back with the site's history. Best I could come up with on my own was: - baronsofhell.com (not even a popular monster anymore) - wadsup.com (groan) I survived the format change of the page, so I'll survive a name change too I think.
  2. Soundblock

    Project Warlock

    Picked it up, looking forward to it. Might play some this weekend. Boss fights look like fun + I dig the theme & art style.
  3. Soundblock

    Some sprites from unfinished boom compatible wad.

    Real nice sprite mods bro, don't knock yourself. =) Hope someone picks it up, dig the plasma pistol & two blackish marine enemies in particular!
  4. Soundblock

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    I don't find it annoying - to each their own - but the one monster skeptic I don't get, is the Archvile skeptic. For me, the viles generally add tremendous depth to encounters, potentially making things unpredictable and exciting. My focus level shoots up whenever I come across one. Their ability to ressurrect dead opponents from the location where they died makes the player think about the history of combat within a level, is a great tool-kit for a level designer and a hallmark of the original Dooms that has never since been replicated. It's hands down one of the most unique and interesting monsters in gaming history, and I have a feeling Doom Eternal will have a hard time equalling the original's encounter impact: Never mind that dead monsters dissipate in the new Dooms and that Doom 3's variant was the most disappointing monster in that game - just the original amount of lighting contrast when they light up in 2D, might prove too expensive for the detailed renderers running the latest Doom incarnations. If I had one peeve with the original vile (and I've felt this way from my first encounter with them) it's that their fire-attack displays super pixelated, but that's a very small wart on a very godly butt.
  5. Soundblock

    Random Image Thread

    Asked the good people over at the Metal Jesus Rocks FB group:
  6. 90s: CRT blur 00s: Colored lights 10s: Glowing trims
  7. Soundblock

    Seeking: Your Doomguy Sprite Variants

    Here's Undead Marine an unused monster I made to replace Wolfenstein soldier for Eternal Doom. It's just the player sprites touched up to look a bit... dead. Think I just took zombie soldier's face and stuffed it into the helmet + colored the default green more to black. Should qualify? :] ED_unused_BlackMarine.zip
  8. Soundblock

    How does one make high quality sprites

    I think you elaborated the answer to your own question well, lol. It's hard to describe in general terms. Setting a 3x3 grid was more to get OP to think about individual pixels and how they constallate, especially when close together. Thinking in ridges & folds also helps, in order to define well. It's gotta look clean. Sharp without being too contrasted, and smooth without losing definition. Doom has the added level of how it scales based on distance, making oft-used spriting techniques like dithering an undesirable solution, since the individual pixels will start jumping around the figure when it scales, if dithered. Becoming intimate with the limited color range you're working with is key. id made some interesting choices here, going for many very subtly different browns/beiges, for instance. As a contrast, computer generated palettes to maximise the number of available colors in a limited palettes typically don't do well. This talk by Mark Ferrari is pure gold: Btw, besides Adrian (which had the most nit-picky hands-on approach to editing his graphics, compared to Cloud - apparently Adrian held onto Deluxe Paint for a looong time, before another pixel master - Kenneth Scott - eventually converted him to Photoshop during Quake III production) my other great guru of original contemporary pixel art is Bitmap Brothers' Dan Malone. His work on Chaos Engine, Speedball, etc. is just stellar. Best artist of his time on the platforms I played (Ferrari was a later aquiantance for me, but he's top 10 pantheon too).
  9. Soundblock

    How does one make high quality sprites

    You have to find little 3x3 pixel combinations that "crunch", or "facet" (think gemstones) well, yielding more visual info than an untouched photo would, plus know how to create good gradients that aren't boring or noise up. Kinda cubist, like some people (idk) claim Picasso's portraits tell more about the person they portrayed than a naturalistic/realistic approach. Difficult to explain, it helped being around when sprites first came around, going from monochrome 8x8 to Doom's massively colorful "64'ish by 64'ish" (a 128 texture's a huge image in Doom world). Photoshop's not a great Sprite editor. Not for viewing animations & for having mostly options to do other things than painting pixel by pixel. I did the blue caco-looking thing on the left in PS, but starting on walking/writhing monsters with more complex anims I switched to Pro Motion. I'm no expert, but definetely get a dedicated tool if you think you have the fire & drive to squeeze out some diamonds. For more info, ask the modern masters over at Pixel Joint. There's no shortcuts. Brutal Doom's achievment in spriting alone is epic, not to mention Cloud & Carmack's, who achieved a glorious combination between photo reference, sculpture & pixel art, one the world had never seen before & likely will never see again.
  10. As someone who has often struggled with perceived technical labyrinths to achieve any kind of artistic output, I totally feel you on this request GoatLord. I've mostly trial & error'ed my way through to what textured projects I've been able to output on my own, so I don't have a clear enough path to target to offer help directly (nor am I mapping atm) - Jim Flynn blissfully took care of this aspect on ED, all those years ago. The new resource wads seem especially brittle near their genesis, more often than not glitching out a bit before they get more stable and get to up & running - in my personal experience anyway. Not that it's ever a safe or very streamlined process, the house of cards can easily topple. Where to put your F_START & your F_END, etc. Revisional backups required anyway, to enable retreat to "last working", lol. Think you'll find someone to help you out, the offer of traded labour's generous enough.
  11. Soundblock

    Did Dante's Inferno influence Doom in anyway ?

    You could argue that the boss of hell is immovably frozen in place in both Doom (II) & The Divine Comedy, but Bauul hits the nail on the head - Dante's vision has affected modern opinion of what a hell might have been like, so the answer's quite obviously "yes", though not by way of id directly referencing the author or linking directly to locations in the poem. John "Dr Sleep" Anderson (Ultimate Doom & Master Levels contributor) of course made a series of levels that were directly inspired by Dante's Inferno, but (a bit like Doom II) that's all after the fact of "influencing the original Doom".
  12. These height distribution diagrams, planning out my entry for the 10 Sectors challenge.