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  1. Soundblock

    Random Image Thread

  2. Soundblock

    Random Image Thread

    I filled in my form: Couple artists doing "regional art"... Marvin Cone: W Maximilian Carpelan:
  3. Soundblock

    Random Image Thread

    Jake Amason :
  4. Soundblock

    Can you explain to me how doom palette works?

    If you're in the habit of coloring in your Doom bitmaps by hand, rather than by way of continually converting 16-bit modes to Doom's 8-bit indexed & see where the colors "land", in which case you'd highly benefit from understanding ukiro's 16Bit-to-indexed sorcery: ...then I guess you might find these images useful: First one is just the "don't use" slots crossed out with their appropriate replacements, plus some doodles of mine for what greens that bridge well: Second, I not-so-long ago extrapolated on the "what colors might bridge well" problematique and came up with these "daubs" or "potentially agreeable portals" within the index: Some explanation on the syntax in the last image: - black squares indicate where a single index color bridge more than one value of its "friendly neighbour's" range. - the "0s" group contain all palette sections I sampled from the 256 index, deemed useful for this experiment, so subsequent blue-colored ids are just mixtures of the ranges present in "0s" - the daubs containing opposing/contrasting colors with similar illumination (e.f. K1, K2, i2, G2) values were more thought of as potential palette-daubs for use with sprites (typically monsters and their missiles) rather than wall textures - I did confer Doom's colormaps (which show the route the colors take when darkening towards black) when making these but have as of yet not tested that these daubs hold up for good results ingame. but for the most part they should - the blues are notoriously hard to combine with other ranges, so the P# section might be viewed as more of a futile attempt at combining them with SOMETHING, rather than having much actual use (they're a prime range for outright replacing if you get deep enough into Doom palette mod'ing to take that on) - I'm not 100% sure what I was using the "*" for at the time, but I suspect they were daubs of particular interest to me at the time of producing this (I was planning on making a few new Doom monsters) - Choice of letters used for the grey-colored subcategories were based largely on associations like P for Plasma, M for Monochrome, G for Green, etc. with secondary associations or letters further down the line in the first association's word, whenever two daubs produced an association starting with the same letter ...dunno how penetrable my logic is to others' eyes here or how good my judgement calls were, but the image can at least be helpful in navigating the maze of earthen hues and how they shift, or at the VERY least be used to just sample colors with an eyedropper to find close'ish ranges of colors you might be working on.
  5. Soundblock

    What is a Devilution?

  6. Soundblock

    What was your first map like?

    Temple of Death (I didn't waste much time trying to think of a good title on that first one, hah) started something like this: Well, I'm sure about 1-3, not 100% about the rest. Still remember the thrill I felt filling 1. to the brim with enough barrels to fill a regular episode, laboring with stitching up that first sector-sequence in 2, wondering how many monsters I could stuff into 3. before the engine would crash, struggling to texture-align away the secret door to 4, and starting to explore the advanced line-functions to get 6 to open remotely from 5. After adding a differently elevated temply doorway (7) & a high ledge (8) for snipers, I progressed with the rest out much as I would a D&D dungeon - having a final battle in mind and tryna branch out in interesting ways towards that, and exploring the less linear solve-approach the new much faster moving format had. Some of my first few levels featured more claustrophobic sections than the latter stuff I suppose. Working with a continual available 3D preview, I find the rooms tend to open up a lot more, since I tend to wanna be "visually satisfied" with them before progressing. IN the early days I'd stick much more to whatever the more abstract DEU/DETH layout gave me working mostly from 2D, and bend/break the already drawn lines to fit more features after testing in 3D, rather than scaling up/broadening them immediately, as tends to be the result nowadays.
  7. Soundblock

    Converting photos to sprites

  8. Hey, wish ya'll all the best in this attempt to up the ante on the original! :) I chatted Rich about the project, explaining it in brief and he's all for it - so everyone's end is covered: (he's like my only FB friend I've never met in person - had to make an exception for ED) As to the length (or brevity) of the original midis, my by now admittedly fussy memory of our mailing list activities to get ED done back then, I _think_ Richard (after showing one song or two when he came onboard) asked us whether we would prefer a small handful of elaborate tracks, or an individual track for each of the original 12 maps. The team went for the latter option, so I guess that became the defining format on them. Could be making this up for all I know, but I don't think so. Anyhoo, I love me some song remixes in general & I think extending, extrapolating or just being inspired by the originals to produce something new, sounds like a cool idea.
  9. Soundblock

    He Came From Beyond

    I have a feeling I am made of paper when I watch the video. <3
  10. Soundblock

    Icon of Win

    Icon of Medicin-Rin-Tin-Tin
  11. Soundblock

    He Came From Beyond

    Neat, sounds a bit like Pathologic :)
  12. Soundblock

    He Came From Beyond

    Recommend up-down teleporters with separate single-room challenges - at least one floor with a central light source & pillars throughout, with missile-slinging monsters teleporting when touching the space between light & dark. :] Stupendous artstyle & inclredible execution Szura, one of the most refreshing projetcs I've seen projected through the ole' engine. Really hope it lives up to its awesome promise! Take the time you need to get it exactly the way you want!
  13. Soundblock

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    Icon of Kin
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