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  1. Cuttingroom scraps from Echelon.
  2. Holy SHIT dude!
  3. Hell yeah, Nine Inch Heels. Wouldn't need a car if you had a caco! =)
  4. Like SOSU pointed out, I bet visualising D&D environments in their minds played a part in how they were able to externalise the 3D expression. The room that Romero made which eventually turned into the green armor spot in the 1st space of e1m1, was apparently an eye-opener for the entire team, revolutionising what they realised they were able to do with the new tech. I'm pretty sure what got discarded from before that is largely flat and long layouts, as is evident in much of the alpha footage. If Romero has Aztec ancestors, I'm blaming his genetic memory of building Ziggurats. ;-)
  5. I usually Google Image "brutalist architecture" for these.
  6. Posted this to the thread about D&D characters, guess I'll slap it in here too.
  7. Thanks bro. Here's a drawing I did of him. The chestplate armor design is pretty much copied from some european (I think) prince's armor who died at 15, before the piece was finished. I forget the particulars, saw it in a science mag some time in the late 80's.
  8. derelict.wad 17/09-1995 20:34 96kb aka, this thing:
  9. Would make a great garden gnome.
  10. Well, id and Rogue were next-door neighbours at the time Rogue made Strife. If Romero's wishes of continuing to build on the Doom game/engine success inhouse had become the guiding principle, perhaps the two companies would have merged, instead of what really happened; just Willits coming over from Rogue to work on Quake. Or more Rogue'sters might have been hired, including artists and programmers intimately familiar with the tech. The Rogue employees at the time would have had no trouble picking up the torch on an original engine Doom 3, even if other parts of id were busy developing new tech. We might have seen a flamethrower similar to the one in Strife make it into this Doom 3. id was a very slowly growing for a long time, so this possibility, whether it was aired or not (which I guess we would've heard about by now if it was), was likely never considered seriously, for not wanting to expand out of the limited close-knit group culture that pervaded original id. Just a thought, no facts, gossip or rumours to back this "possibility" up.
  11. Hell yeah. I'd love to see a 25-level wad, with one .wad representing each year. =) Perhaps a secret Wolfenstein map included.