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  1. I don’t know about best ever, but this one’s magical to me like no other. The melancholic bliss of it. It tells a very rich story that can be interpreted in many ways - at least I don’t personally take it to be about California in specific or hotels in general, certainly not about a mix of the two. Guess it’s about the lure of dreamlike ambitions or something for me, it occupies the same space as favorite Twilight Zone episode would. Can’t stand The Eagles in general, but this is expert craftsmanship in mystery & atmosphere.
  2. Soundblock

    Need to know how to change difficulty names

    You'll need to look for the graphic names mentioned in your doom2.wad, not in your custom wad. Pretty sure including identically named graphics in your custom wad will cause the game to use your variation over the stock ones, if I remember correctly. You should be able to find the menu font contents just by doing an image websearch (I was able to with search input "doom menu font" anyways). Saves you rummaging around the doom2.wad graphics for the neccessary letters, like we did in the old days.
  3. Soundblock

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Yeah, I do enjoy some of your original texture efforts Gifty, but when it comes to upscaling the original Doom art I'm super extremely picky to the nth degree. I only think idfan, armed with his beta access to NVIDIA's neural network wizardry (which to my understanding has already changed quite a bit since he implemented his upscale for both OG games), ever got it quite right. As an example, your fountain edit contains what I interpret as changes to the height data on the surface of the stone (which I take to be the same surface type as the marble1 texture) : Changing the marbling pattern to creases/bumps/ridges is a big no-no for me personally. I have similar aversions to just almost every other effort that hidfan didn't do. Just my personal takes on the original art, but there you have it. Sorry, real nitpick over here. Oof. Figured as much. Wouldn't want it implemented over demo compatability or anything. Oh well.
  4. Soundblock

    How do I make a custom doom episode?

    If you're still stumped about any parts of the process after doing some research, have a look at the .wad file for a custom episode already released, open it up in SLADE and have a look around at the file structure. You can probably get something up and running just by replacing the existing maps with your own and saving that out, once you have a couple maps done. It's best to eventually make the file from scratch, but depending on how much & what type of content you intend to include, there are various stumbling blocks - so working from an existing mod can be helpful at first.
  5. Soundblock

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Can I just say in here that I think hidfan's upscale pack should be included as a "high-res" option in Bethesda's Unity wrapper for Doom, that they now seem somewhat dedicated to? No idea of the technical/legal feasability of such though.
  6. Soundblock

    Looking for some feedback

    Hey man, really sorry to hear about your friend. It's great having a co-pilot buddy nearby while making maps like this that can give you immediate hands-on input. Can really be the difference between finding the energy to make something or not. Looking at the screenshots & peeking at the playthrough, your levels definetely have atmosphere & you probably got a knack for this stuff, should you wanna try & keep it up as a creative endeavour. If you find you've reached a stage where it is complete, I encourage you to upload it to the archives (it's also possible to keep making updates to existing files on there): https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/ There's a basic guide here about the torrenting & stuff, which still was good last time I checked:
  7. I love your profile pic, mate. That's one bad-tempered looking blueberry with dental issues! ;^P

    1. Soundblock


      Hey, thanks. Pretty sure it gave me a fever, just spriting that thing. Was a shivering redeyed mess when it was finally done, lol.

  8. Soundblock

    If you were the doomguy how would you like to die

    Telefragged by who though?
  9. Soundblock

    If you were the doomguy how would you like to die

    Sector type 11
  10. Soundblock

    Random Image Thread

  11. Giant Caco-queen puking acidic bodyparts that bounce around & crawl after you