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  1. I've never been entirely one way or the other, but I used to sketch maps out more before than I've done the last few years. Just as often I'll just run with what's in my head, usually some internal visualisation that can't be fully realised but something cool can come from it. Only example of sketching something out I've got within arm's reach is this thing, a rough sketch I never made anything of. Think it may have been aiming for something in the Quake-engine at the time I doodled it: My creations very rarely end up the way I envisioned them, usually something more interesting will show up while building and I run with what works in the engine. EDIT: Dug around in a ouple of old boxes and found a some stuff of ancient origin. The first one's maybe the first Doom wad sketch I made (1994), which I remember I being drawn while I was away from any available PC. I'd forgotten, but apparently my Cabal series were supposed to be called "Deathbait" back then, lol, as you may be able to make out from the barely readable text. The map, tentatively called "Chainsaw Keep", ended up "Bloodsea Keep" on Master Levels, and I can also see traces of later Eternal Doom Map 12, "Darkdome". The second one's made maybe a year later, titled "Plasmaplant". This layout somewhat inspired Eternal Doom Map 05, Timegate, but there were still unresolved spaces from how I could see it internally, which I ended up using as a starting point for 2013's wad "Plasmaplant". None of those two maps look anything like the sketches in the final Doom layout though! Its hard to explain. :] Also throwing in a third sketch, which is titled "Unholy Ground", a map that I no longer have - remember it turned out too sprawling/flat and open-aired to be fun. It was also a part of the 32-level episode I had envisioned before that all split into my Master Levels contributions and Cabal, most the remaining maps which I don't recall having made sketches for... (edit2: final mapview of Bloodsea Keep inserted) (edit 3: might as well throw "Lithlaar" in here, he's a D&D demon I drew late 80's, which I used as a base for Cabals' "The Image of Evil" map. Might look pretty basic now, but come to recall it, one of my most euphoric moments as a level designer was when I was on an intercontinental (Lapland-Texas) phone call with Shawn Green for the Master Levels, when he first loaded up the map and I told him to check out the map-view. Shawn really liked it, but it was Jay Wilbur (I asked Shawn who) going off in the background that really set me off: "Holy Shit!! Who made that?!" The map was of course rejected in the end. "Too weird" according to Shawn (the initial pitch was textured all fleshwalls, not textured all metal & wood like the final result). Anyway, after growing up I've become pretty sure the demonic grin was inspired by a tender childhood memory, of my stepdad locking me in my room, after he had promised to take me swimming or to the movies or something, then deciding to call it off. The evil grin was his response to my teary-eyed wailing, before he shut the door in front of him! We're all good now btw, but I hated him for a while =)
  2. One does not simply challenge The Poe!
  3. Best poem ever.
  4. Hey savagegrant, I mixed up one of my votes. Meant to give Cleimos a point, but gave it to Eternity. It's not that I changed my mind, just remembered the name of the wad wrong... Oops, sorry. Can you fix it?
  5. Hey, that’d be great, if you could just get me a coffee?

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      I'm reporting you.

  6. I always found this one a tad self-refuting: A crystal meth crack hallucinogenic mushrooms spawn of 30 mind exploding maps that simply do not compute. I feel mentally ill after noclipping through all of them. Playability - zero.
  7. You might wanna try the author, he was responsive when I had a query a while back. Contact info should be in the text/zip file somewhere...
  8. Cool of you to offer this to the community. Not seen an Ultra Violence run of Plasmaplant yet, would love to see one!
  9. 1995 - Cabal, Doom II The Master Levels, Deadlock 1996 - Eternal Doom 2013 - Plasmaplant 2015 - Five Rooms of Doom 2016 - Echelon I've also made a myhouse.wad for a friend's house (a spider mastermind 'the car' in the garage, each member of our D&D group an individual monster in the living room) and turned in a wad depicting campus as an "art project" during my 1st (and only) year at Bristol's UWE, neither completely playable nor remaining in anything but organic memory. Wiki_linkage
  10. Archvile, so I'd know what the joke is, what he's laughing about. Also, unleashing that fireblast looks... energizing.