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  1. Hex_Moon

    Doom 4?

    Your damn right he did. John Romero was the boss for DooM2/Final DooM for both TNT:Eviloution and The Plutonia Project. Or, so he might have been, but that was the basis for the facial work T_T John Romero was incredible, I always wanted to meet him... (there again, whoever is a doom fan, DOESNT wanna meet him?)
  2. Hex_Moon

    What are barrels made of?

    Damn good deduction skills o.o Anyhow, maybe they could have hidden remote C4 in a gas tank, to add the effect to a movie? I know at least ONE person might have had this idea, but could it not have been done? -OR would the Union Aerospace Corporation really just leave exploding toxins lying around without notice?
  3. Hello CodeImp, or do you prefer being called by your real name? Anyhow, i am a great supporter of your project, i noticed this when i entered your site quite some time ago. I was shocked, my friends were surprised to hear this. The video was incredible, i have been a fan of your work for some time. =P Quite a piece of work. Anyway, before i go on a rant, Congratulations.
  4. Hex_Moon

    What are barrels made of?

    Gotta go with you on that one =P
  5. Hex_Moon


    lol, i see that it might be k considering im looking from your watchtower O.O
  6. a message comes up when i try to run ANY map editor, im using vista so i cant expect too much. but when i try to load a map, make a map from scratch, copy a existing wad and edit from that one. it says Run time error 53 msvm37 ---or some bull... Here are the ones ive tried. Slade XWE R3EDIT DeepSea And the one i expected the most out of, DoomBuilder. this is ********** and i need some help here. If anybody can support me, provide fixes, i will be greatful.