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  1. This going to be the random things that go on well running my label. As well as what release I am currently doing and stuff.

    As some of you might remember in Oct. I posted about going over $1,000.
    Well in two months I doubled that and am now over $2,200.

    So everything is going good which is really amazing seeing as 90% of my sales are physical media and mostly cassettes.

    Hopefully what I have currently planned will push my label even further. And maybe even to the point where i can live off it (Which would be a dream come true).

    Anyways might as well show off some upcoming release.

    Our next CD/Cassette release:
    Adora Vivos - Toward the Empyrean. a five track EP from one of the top doom metal bands from Minnesota.

    Devouring Star - Demo. A Two track demo from this Finland black/death metal band will be released on cassette.

    and as a growing label there is always more news to come.

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    2. Malinku


      Employee Got interviewed by Decibel. If you want some details on the workings of my label and some other stuff check it out.


    3. TimeOfDeath


      Malinku's a cool guy and the contract terms are very reasonable and risk free for bands.

    4. Bucket


      Fascinating. This inspires me to create some dark ambient junk.

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