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  1. Malinku

    unnamed map (Beta #1 Out)

    So I've been working on this map off and on for 4 year or so now. Making this thread to motivate myself to finally finish it off. I got the layout done for the most part. Just need to get all the switches, lift, and doors working. I got and idea of what most of them are doing I just need to get them in a location where it is not too hard to figure out what they do and where to go next. The Texture theme is black and white stone/concrete. Detailing is nearly done as well just a few area to liven up. The only tough work left is in monster and item placement. I hardly have much of this done just the first few areas done. This is always what takes me the longest. Once I get the layout able to run through without noclip on I will need a few testers to run through the map with out monsters. To check general flow of the map. If anyone if up for making a custom midi for this map that would be awesome. Shot of current layout: In Game shots: *Title of the map is a work in progress* Beta #1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8jnm7etU67uX181ZFRKNG9qaVU/
  2. Malinku

    unnamed map (Beta #1 Out)

    That was a long vacation. Anyways I think it is about time to get more work done on this map. Detail in this map is still a work in progress. Yeah the two tone texture scheme I chose can get very drab and boring. So it needs a lot of work in spots. Layout is 90% done just want to change the two upper outdoor areas. I got a plan for them just need to add it in Gameplay is unfinished and will be worked on. And if anyone wants to give more feedback based on beta #1 feel free. links is still working
  3. Malinku

    Game soundtracks you keep coming back to

    Just sticking to one. I always liked the Dynamite Headdy Music. It just went so well with the game. Too bad I'm terrible at this game and have never finished it even though I owned it since it came out.
  4. Malinku

    What is your job?

    Working on stars
  5. Malinku

    Worst movie you've ever seen?

    They Saved Hitler's Brain. Somehow I watched all 130 minutes of this movie. it is BAD
  6. Malinku

    Favorite Chip Brand?

    Cape cod waffle cut chips. I love waffle cut food like fries and chips
  7. Malinku

    Gaming: Did you fall behind?

    I like rocket league, boarderlands, and elder scrolls. After that I dont have money so that is what I kept up with and buy
  8. Malinku

    Groundhog Day 2016

    This has about a 1/3 chance of being true based on all the past ones.
  9. Malinku

    Let's Discuss The Iowa Caucus

    no I got better thing to do
  10. Malinku

    What will you leave behind?

    A whole bunch of film negatives and prints. As well as physical release on my record label.
  11. Malinku


    Work on a star making medical parts as a CNC machinist.
  12. ZPC so I can have better gameplay that finally can match the cool artstyle.
  13. Malinku

    Show off your belongings thread

    I got at least two cameras and four lenses.
  14. Malinku

    Disney will make one star wars movie a year

    It will be run into the ground like most things that make money now a days
  15. Malinku

    unnamed map (Beta #1 Out)

    Thanks for playtesting. Will be out of town for a few day and will get back to work on this once Im back.
  16. Malinku

    unnamed map (Beta #1 Out)

    Should be fixed now. Removed the few custom light textures I had new link below: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8jnm7etU67uX181ZFRKNG9qaVU/
  17. Malinku

    unnamed map (Beta #1 Out)

    Standard Doom2 map (Boom compat.) with custom textures. Edit: Don't think I compiled the textures in the wad yet will reupload it shortly with that fixed.
  18. Malinku

    unnamed map (Beta #1 Out)

    First public release of the map. Ammo and health are not completed so when playing through cheat with ammo and health after getting the yellow key. Layout is complete and fully work. Monster placement is nearly final (might have a few spawn in once you use the switches in the main outdoor section). Beta #1:
  19. Malinku

    unnamed map (Beta #1 Out)

    Finally getting around to placing monsters in this map. In need of playtester input for what I did so far. If anyone is interested in giving it a go just post here. Here is a shot to show that there really is progress:
  20. Malinku

    What's new in music?

    This thread is lacking the best tool for finding new music. Too much music all the time https://bandcamp.com/discover It is the only reason why I was able to start a label (Tridroid Records) three or so years ago and kept it running over that time. From what I've seen over the three years is that music is as strong as ever. It is just that the amount of music coming out is so massive wading through all the shit is harder than ever. I've just been sticking within the realm of metal for the most part and can nearly everyday find a new band/album that catches my attention. I never have a shortage of thing to check out only lack of time and money. Yesterday I discovered Stone Healer. https://stonehealer.bandcamp.com/album/he-who-rides-immolated-horses A few day back Dreadnought released a really interesting album as it blends a lot of stuff https://dreadnoughtdenver.bandcamp.com/album/bridging-realms Genres are good to quickly find stuff that sound close to an album/band you like And make looking for stuff in a record store or online store easier. How I like music is when it doesn't follow any one genre but mixes up a bunch of stuff and make it as weird as possible. From what I'm currently finding out there I'm excited to see what is coming next. Maybe my label will be lucky enough to be there releasing some of it.
  21. Malinku

    Survey: How much Doom do you play per week?

    under an hour for the past few months. thanks work and wanting to be a photographer.
  22. Photography film and digital https://www.flickr.com/photos/130446797@N06/ Woodworking Videography camping Hiking playing guitar
  23. Malinku

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    trio of Kamikaze titled songs.
  24. Malinku

    Tycoon Games

    Jurassic Park Operation Genesis Just a fantastic game. it is just like roller coaster tycoon with dinosaurs instead of rides. It really is a shame it costs so much.