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  1. A brief description of the different types of snowball warriors:

    You love to pelt people with snowballs from afar. The need to get up close and personal is less important. Generally it pleases you that you can hit people from a range where only few are able to hit you. You often work together in small "batteries" in order to create large barrages of snowballs.

    Your important skills are:
    Long range accuracy. Good throwing power. Being able to maintain a good rate of fire without sacrificing too much accuracy. You are probably good at some kind of ball game too.

    You are dependent on:
    Good quality snowballs that does not disintegrate in flight.

    Support trooper/Engineer:
    You tend to find making snowballs funnier than actually throwing them and prize yourself for your ability to create quality ammunitions and fortifications. While this renders you a darling to all of your allies it renders you rather vulnerable when alone. You can still defend yourself though capitalising on your ability to conjure up new armament in almost no time while still maintaining a high standard of quality. A artillerist squad can can profit greatly from having an engineer attached as the engineer can keep them well stocked with snowballs while they concentrate on maintaining a high rate of fire. More mobile snowball warriors can also benefit from the respite that tactically placed snow bunkers can provide.

    Your important skills are:
    A good "feel" for the snow. You know exactly how much pressure to apply to the snow in order to form it to your specifications. The ability to maintain concentration while under fire.

    You are dependent on:
    Good water resistant gloves or mittens and protection by your comrades.

    You are part of the main line of advance. Not a mad runner, neither a sedentary artillerist. You keep up mobility to be where the action are but you keep yourself from the doomed close combat fights staying cool calm and collected while providing mid and short range cover fire.

    Your important skills are:
    Good midrange accuracy. You will often be shooting at targets in close proximity to your allies and friendly fire is an everpresent danger. Being able to quickly get an overview over the action and tell friends from foes. A good "battle morale". You are not prone to take stupid and reckless actions because thing turns out different than you thought.

    You are dependent on:
    Good footwear, you will be trudging around a lot. Clear vision (this is a problem for people with glasses).

    Your tactics are "hit and run". Instead of following the general troop movements you zip around at lateral lines appearing with suprise and dissappearing before enemies can react. You love the exhilaration of mobile combat and trying to be as daring as possible without compromising yourself. you are, however, somewhat dependent on the protection and distraction that allies can provide.

    Your important skills are:
    Close range accuracy. Good running speed and surefootedness, even on slippery surfaces. Being able to dodge and attack at the same time. While not necessary the ability to competently wield dual snowballs can greatly increase your threat.

    You are dependent on:
    Good footwear with good traction. Friendly controlled territory to which you can retreat after a completed "run". Deep in enemy territory you are quite defenseless.

    Assault trooper:
    Your tactics can be summed up as follows: "Chaaarrge!" You are amongst those who storm forth to participate in the frantic close combat matches. You know you are gonna get wet no matter what and you are comfortable with that plight. Often you will not be fighting with snowballs at all, but throwing armfulls of uncompressed snow about or kicking up waves of snow. You might even engage in full contact wrestling matches rolling around in the snow. Some assaulters are "tanks" whose main role is to distract the enemy by rushing up and challenging to close combat while infanterists do the actual "damage".

    Your important skills are:
    Good stamina and surefootedness. Good reflexes and mad dodging skillz. The ability to fight on while effectively blinded (keeping your face way from danger is often more important than vision).

    You are dependent on:
    Good "armor" with not weak spots (ski jacket with tucked into water resistant pants. Sleeves and pants tucked into boots and gloves. Hood drawn properly together to protect the face. Add ski goggles and a scarf if you want complete protection.

    While you may not be oblivious to the grander picture you care not. You seek out a specific "quarry" or a fellow duellist who you take on one on one. You do not count on backup from friends and tend to be annoyed when they interfere. You are a lone operator confident in your absolute independence. Duellist often hold their own matches in the more quiet corners of the battlefield.

    Your important skills are:
    Expert timing and foresight. You cannot count on anyone's protection when you stop to make new snowballs. Good footwork and mobility. Excellent mid and short range aim. You are usually not able to get in more than a few shots, so make them count!

    You are dependent on:
    Opponents willing to battle on your terms. An undisturbed spot to duke it out.

    Your approach is somewhat similar to the skirmisher though you focus more on suprise and less on speed. You depend on your targets not knowing you're there or that you are hostile. You single out targets that are occupied by something else and try to get so close that you cannot possibly miss. Your ideal is a snowball straight to the face delivered from behind or dropping a snowball down your enemy's collar. But a good solid point blank shot in the back of the head is also good. Being to close to escape the wrath of a determined enemy you often depend on momentum offered by their initial suprise to get away. Some assassins try to pass themselves off as allies in order to get close to their targets. Some are evin loathed "double agents" constantly shifting sides until someone takes notice.

    Your important skills are:
    A wary eye. People are all too willing to turn your own tactics against you. The ability to move relatively silently. An innocious and unassuming demeanor. It is hard to be an assassin with a reputation.

    You are dependent on:
    Something else distracting your targets. If people have tagged you
    and are chasing you you have no chance to fight back.

    My own take on the morality of this class:
    Your tactics are only lame if you take them off the battleground or use them against declared noncombatants.

    You are a ranged attacker with a "come to daddy" approach. Instead of seeking out conflict you set yourself up in a nice position and wait for your targets to appear. Either you are hiding yourself taking on people by suprise or you are entrenched within a fortified position controlling some contested piece of territory. Anyway your fighting style is more "reactive" than outwardly active.

    Your important skills are:
    Patience, there will be lots of time where nothing is happening for you. Fast reactions. Especially concealed snipers need to get their opponents before they have chance to realise where they have been attacked from. The ability to sense when an area has become a bit too "hot" and must be abandoned.

    You are dependent on:
    A proper camping spot that is both adequately concealed/defended and has clear access to well trafficed areas.

    My own take on the morality of this class:
    Camping is not always lame. You have to admire their patience and choosing the right spot is not always as easy as it is made out to be. The most despicable kind of campers are those that guards entrances to non-combat zones and shoots against surrendering troops.