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  1. Christmas is known to create a large flow of money which creates jobs and stimulates the economy.
    The gift-giving brings smiles to the faces of young and old.
    Trees are decked with silver and gold and all manner of pretty things.
    A fantastic holiday with fun to be had by all!


    According to this Mayan bullshit, we may never see another.
    Christmas 2011 was the very last one! THAT SUCKS!

    Easter is a boring holiday that garners far less the attention and excitement that Christmas brings.
    You get some candy. Big whoop. Hard-boiled eggs give me bad, deadly gas.

    Soooo...I propose that we just swap the two holidays this year!
    This might anger an ancient goddess, Mother Mary, and a few aliens that actually give a fuck,
    so we'll have to sacrifice the rabbit to appease them.
    Just lay it down and chop its friggin' head off.
    Santa should probably be the one to do it.
    We'll have rabbit stew for Easter Christmas dinner.
    The rabbit must be no more.

    Hey, if The End of the World doesn't happen this December, we've still got this lamb.
    We'll all be so relieved that we still exist and we can have lamb for Christmas Easter dinner.
    A wonderful Easter that will be!

    We better crush all the eggs, too.
    It's the only way to be sure.

    This is my birthday and it will get moved along with Easter, so moving it out past the apocolypse seems like a fantastic idea, I dunno.

    Oh, and there's cake over there on the table. Death by Chocolate. Help yerself. Vanilla ice cream is in the freezer.

    Sorry, no hard-boiled eggs.

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    2. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      Happy Bday Bytor!

    3. bytor


      Bucket said:


      heh MST3K calls it; "The worst thing to ever come out of Canada." :::snowdog gives Technician a big wet kiss::: ;)

      Expired Christmas cookies, Sodaholic?

      Thanks, Mr. T!

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Technician said:

      Most food places generally lock their dumpsters around here.

      That's because if you don't hippies squirt acid in your mouth.