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  1. Well, using about 4 different source ports and switching between HMP and ITYTD, my noob self just fired the final rocket into mr. goathead's brain.

    It was pretty epic, though. I was at 2% health when the game ended.

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    2. Vile


      That's okay, I never finished Eternal III. I think a part of my soul is still wandering aimlessly around map30 trying to find the next hidden passage.

    3. Danarchy


      Yeah, that thread basically explains why I never beat it. I have beaten every level of it individually, but I've never actually done it from start to finish. In my defense, I have beaten all the episodes of The Ultimate Doom multiple times.

      Also lol @ bucket's signature. Where the Hell does that come from?

    4. DuckReconMajor


      myk said:

      Yeah, it looks like 9 out of 114 people failed the kindergarten entry test, and 15 admitted cheating.

      Signature material