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  1. I was going to play through the Halo games and then get Reach and play it online. I'm halfway through 2 when I decide I'd rather try just for once and get a game when it comes out to jump online in its opening days.

    I decided to go ahead and get Black Ops when it comes out. I also want to get a headset. I think I want to get the Turtle Beach X11 headset. I hear that it's not quite worth the $60 price tag but I really want the thing that lets you hear yourself talk and I don't know of any other set that does that.

    Another thing I'd like to bring up is that after using the FPS Freeks for several months I learned a couple things. I had one on the right stick but not one on the left (as seen here). For some reazon I was annoyed by that so I took it off. That was worse. Then I took the one off the PS3 controller and put it on the left stick and put the right back on. It instantly felt much better. I think I'm really getting the full benefit of them for some reason. They stick really feel like joysticks instead of stupid analog rubbers. Yay!

    This brings me to my second point. I bought a second set of FPS Freeks, this time Viper Ultras. I got them and found that they have 3 clasps instead of the usual six. I immediately knew the reason for this and as I suspected this cuts down quite a bit on the amount of contact the attachments make with the face button disc on the PS3's DualShock. If you roll the stick around the edge of the hole you will know what I mean. So yeah, if you have a PS3, go with either black or Viper Ultra.

    I hope Fisk reads Blogs. This isn't addressed to him but I would like to hear his o-pinion.


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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Back to using one FPS Freek on the right stick. God, I'm an idiot. Sorry Use3D for leading you otherwise.

    3. Xeros612


      I find those things work best on both sticks, feels more consistent.

    4. Use


      DuckReconMajor said:

      Back to using one FPS Freek on the right stick. God, I'm an idiot. Sorry Use3D for leading you otherwise.

      It's okay, I got a pair of vipers since my two didn't match (was making me nuts), and have been using both for a while. I find tracking targets while moving in BC2 is easier, but it could very well be my imagination. I know I'll be keeping the right one regardless.