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  1. Since I got my new mouse I decided to run through Doom 2 on Skill 1 again (I still suck).

    Anyway I have more respect for it now but I still like Doom 1 a bit better.

    Levels I still hate
    Monster Condo

    Levels I like more now
    Tricks and Traps
    Industrial Zone

    Levels that are still great
    The Citadel
    The Chasm
    The Living End
    Icon of Sin

    I'm thinking next I should play through on Skill 2 or 3. Or should I just jump to Skill 4 and roll with it?

    1. Show previous comments  22 more
    2. Planky


      Makes me want to play through with PC Speaker emulation

    3. hervoheebo


      OPL music + true vanilla (port) makes the game hella scary. I don't know why, it just is. I heartily recommend everyone to play the game through at least once like that.

    4. Xeros612


      OPL music is certainly scary. You never know when your ears will burst in pain!