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  1. DuckReconMajor

    Luciferian Lust - A 2-hour Valentine's Day speedmap

    Doesn't look like anyone's done Nightmare yet so here's NM-Speed 0:22 LucLustDuckNMSpeed.zip
  2. DuckReconMajor

    Luciferian Lust - A 2-hour Valentine's Day speedmap

    yay map! FDA demo and video
  3. DuckReconMajor

    I'd rather watch than play Doom 2016 for the eye candy alone

    Just a reminder that games exist for the purpose of entertainment. The purpose of the difficulty setting is to increase immersion and enjoyment by engaging you at your level of skill, whatever that may be. I always play at the lowest difficulty, unless it becomes so easy that even I'm bored, then I turn it up (especially in a game like Doom, that lets you switch mid-level) I know you had other reasons for disliking it, but I played through Doom 16 on the easiest difficulty and found it very fun. I've started an Ultra-Violence playthrough since I understand the game a bit more now. As for the main subject, depends on what mood im in. I've gone through long periods of playing games, just watching games, or not paying any attention to video games whatsoever. Doom is a great looking game and watching it can be a great time.
  4. DuckReconMajor

    best doom 2 mod

    Lego doom forever http://www.doomwadstation.net/main/lego/
  5. I was thinking about this recently and I agree from the opposite perspective. I don't mind the banding/darkness but the limited palette really puts a damper on trying to add graphics to the game. I think just doubling/quadrupling the number of colors in the palette would allow for so much more interesting visuals in software and to me it's one of the most annoying limitations.
  6. is that from bojack? aww

  7. DuckReconMajor

    [gzdoom] So this is a weird one...

    How are you connecting it to the PC?
  8. DuckReconMajor

    Favorite OSTs Of Any Video Game

    Ace Combat 5 OST was the first CD (technically 4 CDs) I ever bought. Still my favorite video game soundtrack.
  9. DuckReconMajor

    How to see tic time of demo

    I googled that and it led me here which is a very useful resource i didn't know existed. Thanks!
  10. DuckReconMajor

    How to see tic time of demo

    Forgive me if this is answered somewhere, but nowadays some posts are listing what looks like millisecond times (I assume divided by number of tics) I know the new DSDA displays them, but how do people see this before it's uploaded to DSDA? Is there something in XDRE or another utility that shows this?
  11. DuckReconMajor

    Will there be a mouse and keyboard option for consoles?

    Modern consoles and their games seem to support m/kb more and more. I know in Modern Warfare in lobbies it shows you the player's system and their control method Firstly, it's single player, who cares? (unless maybe there's a super-hard achievement that's hard on controller? still I don't think it matters) edit: just noticed you meant for the multiplayer, I doubt they will give it much thought. If m/kb is not supported I don't think it'll be because of the multiplayer I think times are changing and few folks give a crap anymore, especially with games like Fortnite pitting phone players against PC players, and as mentioned the new Modern Warfare allowing crossplay (though with an option to play only against matching system/control scheme) In any case, as others mentioned there are adapters like the XIM. I used a XIM3 several years ago and it was great.
  12. DuckReconMajor


    LOL several months ago I'd forgotten how to deselect-all on Doom Builder, googling "doom builder deselect all" one of the first results is a thread from 2009 I answered.
  13. DuckReconMajor

    Is 80-85 too old of an age to live to?

    Ah gotcha. I remember reading about David Goodall's case I agree with you and also that there are no easy answers there. I apologize for the misunderstanding.
  14. DuckReconMajor

    Is 80-85 too old of an age to live to?

    So if something is difficult or burdensome we should ban it? No one's saying force doctors to perform euthanasia. There are plenty out there willing and able to relieve people of their pain if it were allowed. If someone wants to say goodbye to loved ones and pass away peacefully, I don't know why anyone would rather force them into unreliable, isolated, and potentially incredibly painful avenues.
  15. DuckReconMajor

    plasma color mod

    SUPRWEP8.DEH i just learned recently replaces the BFG ball with the arachnotron one, so if you copy its sprite numbers that should work if you're familiar with dehacked.