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  1. The topic title is self-explaining. Post Doom videos that you take while playing. I just learned how to take DOSBox video, so I uploaded me failing at ORIGWAD. If you see any inaccuracies in the description please let me know. edit: fixed grammer since Archvile78's post changed and people don't know the reference anymore anyway
  2. DuckReconMajor

    whats your favorite thing the doom devs did after doom?

    Idk if it counts, but as @yakfak said, publishing Hexen Also, the doom source, as @riderr3 said Quake and Quake 3 are awesome too
  3. DuckReconMajor

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Nintendo Switch Lite is finally out! I know many think it's a silly idea but I love the lighter weight and I never plan to play it on the TV Really I just wanted to play Zelda 2 with Rewind capabilities. Which I have been doing the past couple days. I also pre-purchased the Link's Awakening remake. Very excited to dive into it! Anyone played Dust (An Elysian Tale)? I bought it on sale a while ago and now it's taunting me on the home screen. I also got a New 3DS XL, after learning they aren't making them anymore. Did a 3DS StarFox 64 playthrough and have been working my way through Majora's Mask. I had Majora on GameCube years ago and love it, but never got past Water Temple. This time I will use the internet!
  4. DuckReconMajor

    So, how old are you ?

    Same here, I might have replied a some point, but I am 29 now. Life is over!!
  5. DuckReconMajor

    Favorite Fighting Game?

    Same here. I never got 'good' per se, but among people who play Smash games casually I can win sometimes. I play Tekken on the arcade machines when one shows up but never got good at it. Street fighter I am still trying to learn how to do a hadooky. edit: f 'no items final destination' i always make a point of adding all the items back in
  6. DuckReconMajor

    Old Nerd Playing Doom On PC

    I like the video. In my experience, the game slows down after a few more maps; keep going!
  7. Doom heat changing mug back on the store yay. just pre-ordered one

  8. DuckReconMajor

    Screenshots with or without weapon?

    Yeah that was my thought. If you are focusing on gameplay, show me the action. If it's more about visuals, maybe a slight plus if you show without status bar/hud but it's fine either way.
  9. DuckReconMajor

    Random Video Thread

  10. DuckReconMajor

    Random Image Thread

    Local news sent out an email with a snapshot of that chart that was much more... phallic. I showed some crude-humoured coworkers and it went over their heads. One said "yeah, we should get about 4 to 6 inches" and i had to stifle my laughter. In any case, here in coastal VA we should just get rain hopefully. Idk if @esselfortium still lives in NC, but if so (and any other Doomers in the path), take care!
  11. DuckReconMajor

    How do you use the viddump feature in PrBoom+

    I can't find the forum post where I found this but someone uploaded a zipped version of all 3 required executables and for some reason they worked for me (they say 32 bit even though I'm on 64 bit). I didn't have to change my cfg. I reuploaded to mediafire here Once you have those executables use the command line command from chungy's post
  12. DuckReconMajor

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bloodspeed

    Played through MAP01 and MAP02 on skill 4 and survived! Very fun and good-looking maps
  13. Doomworld needs a [myDoomVsDoom2Take][/] tag I would buy Ultimate Doom and Final Doom just to get Plutonia (I'd buy it separately if i could) I'd buy Doom 2 if it meant I could play the plentiful mods made for it.
  14. DuckReconMajor

    What are you listening to?

  15. DuckReconMajor

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Ok this may be the worst thing I've ever done. I decided to demo+viddump my first-ever TNT playthrough on skill 1. I used -recordfromto instead of savegames to keep in one consistent demo file. It got super long so I started using -skipsec It's kind of annoying to find a good -skipsec value so I got lazy and started using ultra-high numbers, expecting it to drop me off at the end. I thought it worked. But no. It sat me at the end of the demo and waited x seconds. This results in a few hours of standing in place and staring at end-of-level stat screens. Then, after over 11 hours of nonsense, you get the non-climactic end of me getting stopped by the stair glitch on map30! Please do not watch this.
  16. DuckReconMajor

    Favorite Metal Bands

    I am not as into metal as others here and my tastes in this regard are rather pedestrian, but here are a few albums I enjoy Danzig - self titled, an obvious pick as Danzig and the Misfits are my favorite Metallica - first 3 albums Slayer - first 3 albums Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power If Type O Negative counts, I'd add October Rust Cannibal Corpse - Tomb of the Mutilated (i listened to this a lot while playing The Binding of Isaac and now I picture the game when hearing it and vice versa) Deicide - Legion (same as above, played lots of isaac while listening to this)
  17. DuckReconMajor

    miniwad.wad, a Minimalist IWAD

    Attempted E1 skill 4 with it. Very different visceral feel.
  18. DuckReconMajor

    The Super Shotgun and the original lack thereof

    The sprint lasted like 5 seconds. pfft no thank you. I do plan to play it legit, but I stand by my decision to slog through it with cheats first.
  19. DuckReconMajor

    miniwad.wad, a Minimalist IWAD

    I love this! Maybe someone has mentioned this already but it looks like when pro Quake 3 players would turn off all the textures.
  20. DuckReconMajor

    John Carmack on the Joe Rogan show - it happened!

    I couldn't think of what to say but you've summed it up perfectly. I think he is way too dismissive and while no one is going to disagree that he's an incredibly hard worker, he's certianly had his share of lucky breaks along the way. It's never as simple as "just leave LOL" Carmack is one of my top 1 favorite people but still I didn't know about this libertarian bent or how chummy he's been with silicon valley's latest crop of supervillains. In one aspect I agree with him though. There's tons of people on the internet that think software engineering is either video games or big 4. /r/cscareerquestions is nothing but Stanford kids having panic attacks because they didn't get a Facebook internship. All workers, including software/white collar workers have the right to stand up for better treatment, even if that means leaving a company, or a whole industry. Times are definitely not ideal for anyone in the lower/middle classes but software folks still have it good for the most part which puts them in a good place to stand up for these things. Still though, I could listen to the guy talk for hours and joe rogan is good at setting up a place for his guests to riff on about whatever.
  21. DuckReconMajor

    Do you think any of the Doom games overstay their welcome?

    This is the first time I've heard people say good things about Serious Sam, so I do appreciate that.
  22. DuckReconMajor

    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (a new game from 3D Realms)

    a) This game looks super-cool and I am excited for it. b) "jUsT HAvE sOMe SeLF COnTRol!" is always a horrible argument. But I do hope there is a mod that allows anytime saving, for those who desire it. edit: just read kristus's post and if Darkplaces console works that should be sufficient I think. Just having some way to do it that isn't in the base game for those who want it would be cool.
  23. DuckReconMajor

    Whats better then GZdoom.

    I liked your pictures and think you should give Doomsday a try. Keep us updated on your wad!
  24. DuckReconMajor

    Do you think any of the Doom games overstay their welcome?

    I still haven't played TNT yet, but I had a surprisingly good time with Plutonia (though I did have to drop the difficulty halfway through).