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  1. perkristian

    John Romero signed my chainsaw!

    Just a little chainsaw update: Before you can pull the throttle trigger on the on the MAC-110/120/130/Eager Beaver 2.0 saws, you have to squeeze the trigger safety, and sometimes when you do that; the skin on your hand gets jammed in hollowed areas on it. This can be quite painful, so I wanted to do something about it. I've got access to a 3D-printer at work, so I took a bunch of measurements, made a CAD version, and printed a new one in red PLA. To get rid of the printing lines on the visible areas I sanded it a bit and used a propane torch to heat the surface for a smooth finish. Then I applied some black wash to weather it, so that it would match the on/off-switch. Finally it was installed and it works perfectly, in addition; the saw looks slightly more like the Doom sprite now.
  2. perkristian

    Creepy videogame music

    During the Ocean Side Hotel quest in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. It really freaked me out, and that rarely happends when I play games. Just a testament to how great this game is.
  3. perkristian

    what game (besides doom) are you playing?

    Just recently finished most of the quests I've found in Fallout 4, and I still play Guild Wars 2 now and then.
  4. perkristian

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Here I am reflecting upon something.
  5. perkristian

    slowest pc used for doom ?

    My first Doom PC was a 386DX, 33mHz with 4 megs of RAM and a Media Vision Thunder Board sound card - it was soundblaster compatible but could only play 8bit mono sound at max 22kHz.
  6. Very cool video, but I have to agree with Ed; would made more sense if they swapped roles.
  7. perkristian

    John Romero signed my chainsaw!

    I once used this chainsaw in a Quake 2 mod I worked on called PerQuake 2, which were supposed to be a successor to PerQuake - that had the Evil Dead chainsaw as one of the base weapons. Coding mods for Quake 2 was more difficult for me, but I managed to get the saw running in the game and you could climb walls with it. PerQuake 2 were never finished though, and I cannot get it to start on my version of Quake 2 now, but here's a few shots of the model (guess I stole the axe-hand from Quake). This makes me think of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2; when Dennis Hopper as "Lefty" goes in to the Cutrite store to get chainsaws and ends up with the Evil Dead chainsaw in his right hand, and the Doom chainsaw in the left :)
  8. perkristian

    John Romero signed my chainsaw!

    Thank you Voros! I've already made a version of E1M3: http://www.perkristian.net/music/perkristian_doom-e1m3.ogg Although I'm not totally satisfied with it, so I may redo it at some point. The chainsaw is indeed small, but surprisingly heavy - would been troublesome to carry around all evening, people might think I was a chainsaw maniac too:P It's a cool looking saw though, and I'm glad Tom Hall's girlfriend had this kind of model and not some generic looking Husqvarna/Stihl-type chainsaw when they made the sprites.
  9. perkristian

    John Romero signed my chainsaw!

    Being all psyched up about Doom after meeting Romero, here's a new Doom track. Well, not entirely new as I've redone one of my old tracks, but it's more in the spirit of the original Doom version now.
  10. perkristian

    John Romero signed my chainsaw!

    With the exception of that it is quite small, the Eager Beaver is not a bad choice for dealing with demons as it has both automatic and manual chain oiling. That metal piece with a loop on, just left to the right-hand thumb, is the manual pump. The chain getting dull would probably be the main concern.
  11. perkristian

    John Romero signed my chainsaw!

    Here's a FPSelfie ;)
  12. perkristian

    John Romero signed my chainsaw!

    Thank you very much folks! Bringing the chainsaw was a no-brainer as I don't have much else when it comes to Doom memorabilia, but this chainsaw is sort of like the "holy grail" to me now :)
  13. perkristian

    John Romero signed my chainsaw!

    Ha ha! I guess I have a thing for chainsaws, but then again; who doesn't? I'm actually in the process of making a replica of the Evil Dead 2/Army of Darkness chainsaw - using a Homelite XL as the base of course.
  14. perkristian

    John Romero signed my chainsaw!

    Thanks guys! Gunnar Hansen passed away all too soon :( If he were around, the proper chainsaw for him to sign would be a Poulan 245. They're hard to come by though, and are usually quite expensive when they show up on eBay, no matter the condition.
  15. perkristian

    John Romero signed my chainsaw!

    As a hardcore Doom fan, this is as good as it gets :) Don't worry; I know how to deal with chainsaws. I live on the countryside so I occasionally use chainsaws for real. This saw will of course never be used, only admired, a lot!