NEWS: irc chat 08-07-99 old news

19.05.03 10:51 EST, Ryback

Uh... so, been a long time since updates, hasn't it? Yep, it's all entirely my fault, but I've finally conquered my apathy and put together the latest update pack. A combined 1level/movie update, since it's been so long...

From the regulars we have a mixed set: Claudio uploaded a few record breaking demos, and also submitted a few nm100s recordings. Doug recorded some excellent Doom1 speedrun demos. Janne returned with some miscellaneous demos, including a very neat p2m5, Mark "Pugsley" Thompsen was busy with a lot of Doom2 max and speed demos, and I did some -fast stuff (no examples, you don't want to watch them J)

We also had a few newcomers show up. Garrett "Draconio" Wessner made a pacifist e1m1, well known Compet-N'er Xit Vono sent in some snappy speedruns and great pacifists, and well known mapper Esa "Espi" Repo sent a bunch of stuff in one day.

On to the movie recordings. Mark Thompsen, stuck in Doom2, sent in an Episode 1 run, a 30level ITYTD recording, and a heavily reworked 30UV (unseating Rini's old old old demo by one second...) And Janne Kalliomäki improved his Doom1 episode 1 to 8:52.

Fullpack here (649KB). The next update will come sooner, I promise J

05.02.02 10:51 EST, Ryback

Following on from last week's update, it's time for the first DANG movies update in nearly sixteen months. 33 demos, including five "first evers". All these demos are worth watching, but here are some highlights:

Vincent Catalaa was the most active player, submitting sixteen runs; including a 100% kills run through Doom2, a 30-level nightmare run in just 45:05, and a nightmare 100% secrets run in 76:50. Also Vincent did some previously undone tasks, like the 21-30 nightmare 100% secrets episode, and -fast 100/100 recordings of the last two Doom2 episodes.

Newcomer Mark Thompson sent in some Doom2 runs, including a whole game UVspeed recording in 62:19. Along with some episode UVspeed runs, this was enough to push him up to eighth place in the rankings.

Claudio Barba did a Doom2 UVspeed episode in the neat time of 10:00, and I managed an Episode 3 -fast 11:46 faster than the current record J

Get the full pack here (another big one: 1328KB)

31.01.02 12:33 EST, Ryback

Regular users of the site will know we haven't had a single level / movies update for quite some time. Ralf has moved on to other things and Arno doesn't have the time to keep the site going on his own. I thought it was a shame that some of the great demos in incoming might never see a formal release, and since nobody else wanted the job, it was left to me to do something about it. So I've joined the DANG team, and today's update is all about clearing out the backlog.

In the full zip (1264 KB!) are 229 demos covering ten months of DANG activity. Most demos were from myself, the best resulting from a mini-battle with Claudio over fa27, which he won convincingly J Claudio was also active, submitting 32 demos, thirteen of them Compet-N beaters. Adam Williamson sent in his usual speedrunning brilliance, worth seeing even if they've been beaten since. Arno improved his s2m4 and s4m2 times, Doug finally conquered n1m3, Marko caught Arno with his very speedy s4m2m019, and Ralf Schrievogel trumped them all with s4m2r018. Mike Toliver did a very stylish pa13-214, and Waldon improved his pet speedrun to 1:28.

We also have two new players, both of whom sent in just one demo: Ilkka Kunttu, who did and Mark Thompson, who sent in sp31-037. Lastly, a collection of -fast recordings for each level of Ultimate Doom turned up, but the author left their name off it. Arno reckons it was Mike Toliver, so he gets the points.

That's all for this update. Enjoy the demos, and be sure to check the database, there's been some major changes J

24.12.01 01:15 CET, Arno

A little Christmas gift for all you NoMo lamers out there! After almost 5 months, I finally could find some motivation to update the NoMo page again. If you download this demo, you'll see why.

Get the full zip with all new demos here, including some great ones from newcomer Ian "Sslasher" Sabourin!

03.08.01 19:43 CET, Arno

We're back, after a little holiday/LAN break! Some great nomonsters demos were submitted, including some amazing ones by Juho "Ocelot" Ruohonen. Check out e1m1 in 8.97 and lv18 in 21.22. Adam Hegyi improved his lv12 to 40.97 and e1m9 to 24.31. Other nice stuff in this update is Doug's lv21 in 26.00, Waldon's map02 in 27.31 and Adam Williamson's map22 in 22.51. Here's the full zip!

If anyone's interested in a new contest, please mail me some nice ideas. Remember, no pwads!

04.06.01 20:30 CET, Arno

Straferun to the contest page now and check out the results of mission 14!
The winning demos come from PlanetAdam again, leaving all humans at least 20 seconds behind. Here is the zip with all contest demos.

Enjoy the demos and look out for the next contest.

05.05.01 12:12 CET, Arno

Ok, let's see who is the biggest BFG lamer of us all! Go straight to the contest page to see the results of mission 13 and grab this pack to get all the demos.

The new contest has a story line again:
After killing those two nasty barons of hell on Phobos, you thought you would never have to face them again. Until some mad scientists in the Deimos Lab revived them!
They are now guarding two important keys in the lab, a blue key and a yellow one. Your mission is to kill the two barons again and exit the lab as quickly as possible.
Note that you are not allowed to hurt any of the "innocent" monsters in the lab, only the two barons!

In Doom language:
* doom -warp 2 4 -skill 4 -record mi14
* pacifist (don't hurt any monster)
* except for the two barons (near the blue and yellow key), both have to be killed
* deadline is 31st May 2001, 23:59 CET

Marko recorded an initial demo. Try to beat 2:07!

16.04.01 12:30 CET, Arno

In case you didn't notice yet, the ip address of the ftp server has changed, because i moved to an other ISP.
Because of this we claimed a domain name, which is You can now upload your demos there, login as anonymous.

15.04.01 12:00 CET, Arno

Enough interesting demos have been hanging around in incoming for too long now. So it's time to update the -nomonsters ranking! The list now consists of 10 players, because Juho "Ocelot" Ruohonen made his debut with this great map01 in 5:25 seconds. The next day Adam Hegyi got that same amazing time. Do we finally see the optimal time here?

Adam also did some other good demos, like e1m4 in 12:34, e1m7 in 59:48, map14 in 23:54 and map24 in 36:37.
Other nice demos in this update: Selim's e1m4 12:91, AdamW's map01 in 5:45, Marko's e1m7 in 1:02.85 and map19 in 0:40.45 by /me.

Of course we have an update pack, which can be downloaded here!

01.04.01 14:00, Arno

Sooner than expected you get the results of contest #12. And no: it's not an April's Fool! :)
Move over to the contest page to see the results of this popular contest.
When you recovered from amazement after seeing AdamW's and Vincent's demos you can start recording mission 13. It even has a story line! :)

There are rumours that the BFG shop in Downtown (see photo) has the latest prototype of this devastating weapon, called the "BFG 9000". This weapon could be of great use in your future missions. Try to steal this BFG from the shop at all cost, do it as quickly as possible and exit Downtown without ever using the weapon. This way it will take a while before they find out.

In speedrunning language this means:
* doom2 -warp 13 -skill 4 -record mi13
* get the bfg
* don't use it
* exit the level as quickly as possible
* deadline is 30 April 2001

Our deputy special mission master Marko van der Want recorded an example demo for you, which you can download here.

28.03.01 00:30, Ralf

Short update: i have written the times into the contest page, remember the deadline is 30th March. Don't expect the final results too soon, i am off to Prague for the weekend to watch some Icehockey semi finals :).

10.03.01 18:00, Ralf

OK, i think fa27-448 was made by Claudio. First i thought that it would have been either Marko or Oyvind (tending towards Marko) but Chris mentioned Claudio and fa27c623 looks quite similar. Please confirm this, Claudio.

Some of you couldn't wait for the new contest so if everyone recovered from whatever we'll do a little assassination. The mission is simply to kill the Cyberdemon on E4M2 on UV... you are just not allowed to telefrag him J. Actually not too hard to do, but as always a good time needs superiour running. Have fun, deadline is March 30, 23:59 GMT.

07.03.01 23:26, Ralf

Today's demo pack (235kb) contains 73 demos all by one man: Chris is out on a mission to conquer first place in the ranking. Current leader is AdamW because Chris beat a *few* of Vincent's demos.

The contest will end 09.03.01 23:59 GMT, a new one will be up on saturday. It will have a fixed deadline.

Incoming has a strange demo without accompanying textfile, a Map27 -fast recording about a minute faster than the current Compet-N record. Hmm, is this kinda contest for me? I have a suspicion who recorded it, let's see if i am right... you'll see my guess saturday.

Something else... Cynic Guru sent word that he wrote a song called DOOM, it describes the life of a DOOM marine cutting through imps, snorting pigs, and cacodemons. Definitely a keeper, i like it.

07.03.01 23:25, Ralf


[hahaha, sorry, i just couldn't resist]

28.01.01 20:00, Ralf

Today starts a new contest. Not only did you have to wait a long time, i'm also breaking your legs now setting you into a wheelchair J. This contest is dedicated to superman, i want many demos. The mission is simply to record a Map01 on UV with 100% K&S. But because your legs are broken you're sitting in a wheelchair and suddenly realize... that you cannot strafe anymore! Go over to the contest page and see if you can do better than me.

Not strafing means no strafing, at all :). You better reassign your buttons, don't forget to disable strafe on for your mouse, too. LMP should show
#This player plays without STRAFE. Show him the README. J

Idea was influenced by Marko's backwards running demos in Incoming/Misc.

[some1> Dedicated to Superman?]
[_Ralf> Oh yeah, both of them!]

31.12.00 15:45, Ralf

The contest page is updated as well. Chris was the winner of only four submitted demos, i guess everyone was scared to win An Awful Game J.

I also got around to update the Database, now AdamW is only 2 points behind Vincent but has a whopping 120 demos less.

If you have some bucks left from your X-Mas gratification then check out American McGee's Alice and Gunman Chronicles.

31.12.00 14:45, Arno

Ok, here it is: the NoMo update! Finally I managed to leave the virtual chessboard for a while and put some great -nomonsters demos online.

You can get all new demos in this 35 kb package. Some reasons to download it:
Adam Hegyi's e1m2 21.40 and map02 26.34, Sedlo's map24 36.97 (will be broken soon, but not with this route), Selim's e1m4 13.34, e4m9 9.42 and map11 30.88, Marko's map14 28.42 ("new" route!).

06.12.00 18:00, Ralf

The Christmas contest has easy rules: record a demo of maximum three minutes length. The game has to be Ultimate Doom or Doom2, map and difficulty does not matter. Because it's Christmas the best three demos get prizes. First prize will be a Fragging Fanatical cd donated by Fanatic himself and a halfway decent game from me. Second and third prize will be a Really Awful Game each, i have some cruel stuff so you better try to be the winner J. Tell me if you can read German so in case you be 2nd or 3rd i could give you the Stepmother of Really Awful Games J.

I asked Fanatic to be the judge but he doesn't have time for it and instead donated the cd, more power to him! So the contest will get considerably harder because i persuaded my younger sister Elke to do the job, she has never played any Ego-Shooter... yet. Elke will pick the three demos she likes most, i will not influence her in any way and she will not even know who made the demos. Let's see if you know how to impress the ladies J.

Deadline is 21st December when i leave Berlin to visit my family (around 12:00 GMT). In this contest only players who participated in previous contests (except me) are allowed to submit a demo. Please send your entry directly to me, only one demo per player. If you send me more than one demo the latest one will be judged. I will announce the winners when i am back home end of December. Btw, the contest ranking will be cleared next year. Feel free to send me ideas for new missions, too.

Oh yeah, a Bandersnatcher is an, umm, Alien Being in the "Ringworld" universe of Larry Niven. Seems that noone reads the same books as i do J.

06.12.00 00:15, Ralf

Take a look at the contest page, AdamH won again with an amazing demo. You'll have to wait a few days for the X-Mas contest but i guess it will be worth waiting J.

On another note: our Yahoo eMail address does NOT work anymore, apologies to Oyvind Stenhaug. If you have demos for DANG please upload them via FTP and send mails to our normal addresses.

01.11.00 22:00, Ralf

Contest #8 is over now and with 13 participants it was a full success! So many players means big points for the winner and AdamH truely deserved it with his blazing fast demo. Go over to the contest page to see the results and download the full demo pack (read the comments J).

As promised here is the new contest which is named E2M3 Bandersnatcher and requires you to get 100% Items. Since a Bandersnatcher is not able to use weapons neither are you, limiting you to the fists of fury J which means that you are not even allowed to *shoot* at a wall. Initial demo done by me, honourable mention for the first to know what a Bandersnatcher is.

29.10.00 18:00, Ralf

There were some movies in our Incoming quite a while now... all of them submitted by Chris. The good bloke made some Ultimate Doom Episode runs: E1 -fast, E2 nm, E4 uv, E4 MaxJ and E4 -fast. Chris also made a Doom2 Episode 2 uv runJ. With these demos he promoted to second in the Movies ranking. (J means Compet-N record as of recording)

AdamW, Marko and myself improved our Contest times a bit and Albert "Vrooomer" Valls sent a pretty fast demo, too. Remember that our contest ends in two days. The next one will be up first november, no worries.

On a side note: Captain Mellow did a bit of programming and came up with a Winamp style LMP/MP3 player, go grab it at Mellow Land Productions. The player is still in alpha stage, check it out and give him feedback.

16.10.00 23:59, Ralf

That other game which you can abbreviate "D2" sucks big time. Actually it sucks so much of my time that i will kick it off of my harddrive very soon. Any day now, really.

However, the contest is going real sweet. Until now we have 38 demos by 12 participants, the fastest demo of everyone is linked at the contest page. The final zip will contain all the demos, of course. The first law in speedrunning is "Someone will always do it faster... as you thought would be possible!". Just watch the top demos, i didn't think anything faster than 1:40 could be done.

05.10.00 22:00, Ralf

Thanks for the feedback everyone!
As promised here is the new contest, based on suggestions by Doug and Marko. The mission is called Map32 DoubleKill. Run the map with -respawn and finish it with 200% kills and 100% secrets. To make it a bit more interesting you have to kill the Cyberdemon twice J. You can download my initial demo at our contest page.

The contest will end 31st October, i'll try to make it a monthly feature. Perhaps we'll have some Tyson action then...

If you didn't see it in our Incoming, Chris sent an E1M3 nightmare demo already, hail to you keyboarder! Remember that you don't have to be a regular DANG player to attend our contests.

03.10.00 20:00, Ralf (Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit J)

When i put up the new contest i did not want to see a fight over the best time, i wanted to see everyone (including me) gritting his teeth and play some Nightmare. Getting a N1M3 demo would have been a much greater reward for me than points in the contest.

I have to agree that:

"way to hard for normal players"
"This is an existing thing...contests shouldn't be"
"it is supposed to be a Doom archive of the NON gods site"
"personally, I would like to see contests that are NOT compet-n runs"

Okay, the contest is kicked. Send  ideas to me, a new contest will be set up this week.

27.09.00 23:30, Ralf

Reports about my death are highly exaggerated. Although i was in an Evil Store i was *not* pushed into an experimental slipgate device only to discover that the world at the other end was tyrannically ruled by Live Sibov. Actually i just bought a couple of CD-R's.

Well, back to Doom. I got some eMails bugging for a new contest and i have to agree that the last one was up too long again (PlanetAdam on top). Frankly, i run out of original ideas so lets do a classic mission now. The new contest is easier to describe than to do: run E1M3 on Nightmare J. Choose whichever exit you like, the fastest demo wins the contest. Please submit a new recording, recycling demos is highly discouraged at DANG (though not forbidden).

Another thing to mention: we do not accept custom level runs at DANG but if you like to record demos for pwads then don't hesitate to send them to our hero Doug "Opulent" Merrill. Head on over to the Stampede Doomers Area (or whatever he calls the site J) to see the requirements.

29.08.00 01:01, Arno

[00:16:35] <Waldon> write this in the news:
[00:17:02] <Waldon> "Waldon improved his map01 by 1 second, but it is still shitty" :))

With improving his map01 speed to 5 seconds, doing a great map01 max and 2 other demos, Waldon got 4 full points and  moves up to the 13th place in the ranking. Wait for more shitty demos of him in the next update. ;)

Mike Toliver returns with 1 new demo: e4m9 pacifist in 17 seconds. Quite good for a keyboarder I think.

The record on e3m7 nightmare 100% secrets was Marko's for a few days, after he recorded this nice demo.

Janne improved his ratio as usual with speed demos like e3m9 in 1:14.

We have a new number 3 in the ranking: Chris Ratcliff. He uploaded no less than 91 demos, including records on n2s5, n2s6 and n1s9.

And I did my first map32 tyson demo in 3:48 and e1m1 max in 35 seconds.

Both the movies and the coop pages are updated too, without many shocking ranking changes there. The highlight: an episode2 nightmare 100% secrets demo by Chris in 23:03.

Get the full 157 demos package by clicking on the "latest"link on the left.

30.07.00 17:17, Arno

Of course Vincent didn't record his great Doom2 -fast movie for nothing. We decided to include -fast Doom2 movies in the movies page, where they score 1 point  more than max movies, but 1 point less than Nightmare efforts. Visit the movies page and fill the 4 empty slots!

Ralf needed to practise routes for the upcoming 3-player LAN in Berlin. Unfortunately 5 other players were faster before, so no points for this.

Chris almost beat the hard last 10 levels of Doom2 on Nightmare in this demo. Go for it Chris!

25.07.00 23:59, Ralf

What is better than German television? Well, almost anything J but especially 5h50:27 of Doom movies.

Chris made Doom2 Episode 2 on Nightmare and submitted a Nightmare run up to and completing Map21, too! The light at the end of the tunnel is not always a rocket, sometimes it's D2S J.

Claudio submitted Doom2 Episode 1 on UV, 100% K&S. Though he says "don't watch this one" Max movies are always fun to watch.

Mike Toliver recorded Doom Episode 1, 2 and 3 with secret levels lightning style (no level above par time).

Vincent can truely call himself Yagyu now, he made it through entire Doom2 100% K&S with -fast monsters. (His 2h30:51 movie is only beaten in length by a coop movie of Demonlord and Stefan Larsson, as far as i know).

As always, you can download todays demos in one zip (375kb).

23.07.00 18:00, Ralf

A hearty welcome to László "Waldon" Vécsei, who joined us with this update. Today's demo pack contains 25 demos but i guess that much more went to Nirvana when Xoom deleted our Incoming. Resend your local copies, marines. As i usually do here is my fave demo of everyone:

Arno: re02a118 Marko: s3m7m102 MikeT: s4m9m017 Waldon: sp01w006

Head on over to the contest page, there are some amazing new demos, too.

10.07.00 23:00, Ralf

We have two submissions for our contest already, Marko with an overall time of 2:47 and Doug in 2:35. Both go the way through the secret levels.

To answer the same question by different people: yes, Map16 must be completed too. Btw, is anyone (wo)man enough to do the "short" route without secret levels? I wasn't = no initial demo yesterday J.

09.07.00 12:30

Thanks a lot to Gaston Lahaut and the whole Doomworld staff for giving us a new home!

Let's have a new contest as house warming party J. This time you have to record a mini Movie, namely Map15 to Map16. You can choose between two routes: Map15-Map16 directly or via both secret levels. Dust off your mouses, clean your keyboard and try our new Incoming at Arno's comp (see below). Err, no initial demo available.

06.07.00 0:00, Arno

As you may have noticed, Xoom seems to have deleted our incoming ftp. As this was not the first time this happened, we decided to move the incoming to a different address, namely my private server. All demos that were in the Xoom incoming might have been lost, so please (re-)upload your demos at:
anonymous login
email address as password
upload in a folder in directory "incoming"