Day 2 - Everything is colored brightly and some things are warping out of perspective. Now you're engulfed in pain. You've had this dream before, but the pain has never been so real. An imp is standing above you, tearing at your entrails. You're weaponless. You punch the ugly thing and this time he flies back, splattering against the wall.

Your eyes open violently and see the dull, flickering neon lights on the ceiling. You lay there thinking how much the buzzing sound of those lights has always pissed you off. You pull the pistol from beneath your anti-gravity headrest and shoot the damn things. It's about time, too. The lights spark as the glass breaks free. You barely even feel the shards sticking in your face.

You sit up and look around the box that has become your room. Your rusty old BFG hanging next to an undecorated blank panel where other soldiers' medals belong. You miss real killing. Sometimes, you'd just like to take your BFG outside and shoot it into a crowd of unappreciative civilians and ... Did you think that?

Must control the anger. The carrier drugs are diffusing now.

Three days earlier you arrived at the isolated hangar via teleport, prepared to hear out this Black Guard thing. Inside the hangar were several makeshift rooms and some scientists. Several of the "rooms" held especially healthy looking men, even for marines, who were twisting restlessly in their beds.

The sergeant had hesitated, thinking about how to put it best. "There have been some... accidents... on Moonbase Daro. They had evidently screwed up in some major way because the stat panels at Central were showing red across the board. They didn't even respond to routine inquiries or system diagnostics. That was eight days ago. Yesterday, we were able to get some security camera footage albeit faint. It appears now that the power there is almost completely down."

On the com-pad, you had viewed the footage through severe white noise. You saw a bright red demon dining on a scientist. Then an imp streaked across the screen and into a marine, tearing into the private's fleshy neck before he could even draw his weapon. The demons have definitely returned, but somehow they seemed different.

"Yeah, those are the things I killed in the Hell Wars. They seem meaner, though."

"Everyone working on the base has been killed. The marines up there didn't stand a chance. The marines you see here have volunteered to become 'enhanced,' so they can stand a chance against the monsters. The program is a prototype. The treatment was still in tests, but time ran out. The restructuring isn't enough, though. The marines were hoping you could train them before they left, since you know more about these demons than any..." You had cut him off.

"I'm going too."

"You'll certainly be killed..."

"With all due respect, skip the speeches and shoot me up with the enhancers."

"This is a strictly voluntary program. Are you sure? It's only fair to warn you that we're not even sure of all the side-eff..."


"We began 'upgrading' these volunteers as soon as we knew there was trouble, but things have gotten worse even faster than we could have imagined. The rest of the treatments will have to be administered while at Daro. It will be four days until we can complete the auto-injection units. We cannot insert until then."


Doctor's Log.
Once the reaction takes place, there is nothing anyone can do to bring the soldier out of the killing rage. The only way that can be done is for someone to put the man down. Either stun him or kill him. One can only hope that these marines won't end up turning on themselves in the heat of combat. Logical reasoning is as important to their mission as brute killing ability. _

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