STRAIN - The Alpha Dog Alliance

Day 1 - Rage. The uncontrollable violence spreads through your blood faster than wildfire. You didn't notice the emotion taking over your cognitive thinking. All that mattered to you now was to kill. You sensed movement out of the corner of your eye. Recognition of the movement is irrelevant; striking out at the movement is paramount. As you raise your massive arm to smash the skull of the figure that stands before you, a security tazer strikes your midsection and the cold and sterile concrete floor races up to meet your face with an impressive sounding thud.

"What the hell are you doing to my best marines?"

The doctor tried to compose himself as he had done many times before. The forthcoming answer was becoming a bad habit. "The malicious side-effects of the bio-enhancement should be tapering off. I had hoped by the third or fourth dose... I... if we only had more time for tests..."

"Mister, time was up 8 days ago. Now, in light of your failures, I'm finding it hard to come up with a reason to continue to contract your services. But, be that as it may, I have orders here for a slight change in the dosage schedule--and may God help us all."

As the doctor watched the sergeant leave the lab, he thought over the diagnostic information of the treatments. The severe reaction of rage and terror brought on by the drug had become one of the guaranteed side effects. They should have thought to test the genetic restructuring on more aggressive lab animals than apes. These particular marines are most certainly anything but common stock. Now, with the unexpected variable of an auto-injection unit attached to the base of the spine, diagnosing the proper dose was a shot in the dark.

You would have advanced through the ranks fairly quickly after successfully surviving the Hell Wars, but your undisguised aggressiveness dealt you your fate. True it was solely responsible for keeping you alive. But then there was the past. You'll never regret punching that ass hole in the mouth for ordering the men under his command to kill innocent people, but you will always regret where they put you because of it. Deimos was pure hell, literally. Then, of course, came the Earth invasion. A year had passed since the Hell Wars. Now you were approached to join the best of the best marine battalion--the Black Guard. At first you just assumed that it was an honorary membership. What could possibly happen that could be worse than taking on Hell itself?

Well, it couldn't hurt to at least listen to what they had to say.


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