S . T . R . A . I . N


If you've spent any time hanging around the games Doom and Doom 2, or it's community of followers over the past year or two, then you've most likely heard about STRAIN. For those that haven't, STRAIN is a full 32-level conversion of Doom2...New monsters, weapons, graphics, music, tricks, and some awesome levels...as well as a story which carries through the levels. After more than a year and a half in development utilizing the skills of a myriad of people, STRAIN was finally released publicly on July 3rd 1997, and has been downloaded thousands of times since then. We hope that you enjoy this fantastic world as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.


Click here to read the storyline of STRAIN before actually playing the game. This will help you understand how the levels develop as you play through this great add-on for Doom II.


Click here for a few great screenshots of STRAIN in all it's beauty. Great to look at while you're waiting for the game files to download.

Download Files

STRAIN TC (4.77MB) - This is the file you will need to download in order to play the game. Make sure that you read the installation instructions provided in the text file before installing the game on your HD. This TC was designed for single play with special support for co-op and deathmatch play. All difficulty levels supported - from beginner to Doom God.

STRAIN DM (215KB) - These levels are specifically designed to use with the STRAIN add-on for Doom II. These levels take special advantage of the music, textures, weapons, and monsters in the game. This package contains one wad with 7 new levels and new music. Designed for deathmatch play exclusively. All skill levels supported.

RICK'S STRAIN 1 (107KB) - This is a first class DM map designed by Rick *Wildman* Clark. The Theme is marble, and the map is set-up for the run and shoot. You'll need the STRAIN deh file in order to play this pwad. Hopefully, Rick will make some more maps for us.

STRAIN DEMOS (599KB) - Recorded by Jason Henry, Michael "Migru" Grube, Kai-Uwe Humpert, Peo Sjoblom and Yonatan Donner. This is a collection of recorded demos (lmps) for all 32 levels of Strain All lmps were recorded on skill 4 (Ultra-Violence), ending with at least 100% kills and 100% secrets, as fast as possible, where it's possible.


Click here for a list of the people that brought you the greatest TC ever made for the game Doom II. This is the Alpha Dog Alliance.


Click here for an interview that was done by Scott Cover of Doomworld, with the leader of the Alpha Dog Alliance, Charlie Patterson. This is a must read if you want to know the ins and outs of the making of STRAIN. Be prepared though, Charlie likes to talk.

Click here to download STRAIN

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