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Level Editors
DCK v2.2f * This is the last freeware version of DCK and probably still considered the best by many. Created by, Ben Morris. DCK is a powerful editor that allows you to create maps much faster than any similar program. Its unobtrusive automated tools take care of many of the mundane tasks involved in creating maps, yet still afford you complete control over the design of your levels.
DCK v3.62 This is the latest version of DCK (Doom Construction Kit - unregistered version). Created by Ben Morris. This seems to be the editor of choice in the Doom community. I've experimented with a lot of different editors myself and have decided on this one. This editor only works in DOS.
DeePsea DeePsea takes PWAD editing to whole new level:) A full complement of WAD manipulation tools, no need for all those hard to learn character based hacker utilities nor obsolete ones that don't work correctly or don't offer all the features available with the new Doom port options without resorting to tedious hex hacking.
DETH v4.16b DETH (DOOM Editor for Total Headcases) is a GCC rewrite of DEU 5.21. for use with DOOM I, DOOM II, DOOM SE (Ultimate DOOM) and HERETIC. It was written by PWAD authors FOR PWAD authors, so it is with the needs of such in mind that DETH has been configured. DETH is the editor of choice for discriminating PWAD authors. This latest version also has support for Boom and will function in a windows enviroment. Read the install.txt for further info.
DEU v5.21 DEU is an extremely powerful DOS based editor that enables you to add your creativity to one of the most exciting PC games on the market... DEU has special features, such as 'Drag-n-Drop' stretching and shrinking of sectors. Quickly define an area (selection box) and mass select everything in it. This program also features Diagnostic tools for detecting wad errors, and much much more. Try it and see. Just DEU it!
EdMap v1.40 Jeff Rabenhorst created EdMap for all those DOOMers out there who cant get enough of what could possibly be the greatest game this world has ever seen. This version was based on the theme of TC-support of user-created games. TCs (Total Conversions) or themes, replace graphics sounds and even change the game executable to produce an entirely different game.
WadAuthor v1.30 Williston Consulting is pleased to announce the release of WadAuthor v1.30. This release adds some new features, enhances existing features, and fixes all known bugs. WadAuthor is a state-of-the-art editor for DOOM, DOOM II, HERETIC, HEXEN, and any other wadfile based game. This program also has stable cut and paste features...a real plus.
WADED v1.83 WADED v1.83 - Excellent Map Editor! Create WADs for Doom 1, Doom 2, and Heretic. Easy to learn and use. Draw maps quickly. Includes WADCAT v0.6 and WADED FAQ v0.1.Written by Matthew Ayres.
WinDEU v5.24 WinDEU is an extremely powerful Windows based editor that enables you to add your creativity to one of the most exciting PC games on the market... based on the code of DEU 5.21: DOOM Editor Utilities. Includes special features, diagnostic tools, as well as WAD file merging capabilities. If you want a windows based editor then this is the one to get.
ZETH v. 4.04 * ZETH is a modified version of the level editor DETH, specifically written to use with the source port for ZDoom. For documentation on how this editor works, refer to the DETH text files.

Node and Reject Map Builders
BSP v3.0 This program builds a BSP node tree for your Doom wad files. Created by Collin Reed and Lee Killough. This is a very fast node builder and I recommend using it for the final build of your wad file if anything. It's simply the best in my honest opinion.
RMB v3.0 A Reject Map Builder, by Jens Hykkelbjerg. This program is simply a must have. It's great for speeding up large WADS with many monsters in them. RMB can also be used to generate special effects with the reject map. Another great thing about RMB is the amount of options that comes with it. You really need this program. Trust me.
WARM v1.6 WAD Auxiliary Resource Manipulator, by Robert Fenske, Jr. Not only is this program a fast node builder, but WARM has a fully automatic reject resource builder. Plus, it has other functions such as the capability of merging wads, extracting resources, and merging raw data into wads. Just a good all around program. Well worth checking out.
ZenNode v0.98a Possibly the fastest DOOM(tm) BSP builder yet. ZenNode updates the BLOCKMAP, REJECT, and/or NODES/SEGS/SSECTOR resources of your .WAD file. It supports DOOM / DOOM II / Heretic / and Hexen. It will generally rebuild the BSP tree faster than any other program around. Version 0.98a by Marc Rousseau

Graphics Editors
DeuTex v3.60 a WAD composition tool for DOOM, written by Oliver Montanuy. Some features of DeuTex are, reverse engineer existing PWAD, compose your own wall textures, replace the resources you want in all PWADs, and much more. Also included is DeuSF for recreating a complete sprite and flat PWAD from a partial sprite or flat PWAD and the main WAD of DOOM. This is strictly a DOS program.
ENDOOMER v1.0.1 Written by Zink the Dink, ENDOOMER is used to edit ENDOOM data that is stored in a IWAD or PWAD. ENDOOM DATA, if you were not already aware, is used by DOOM to print colour text ending messages that appear on the screen when you quit DOOM. ENDOOMs are good to use if you want to give someone credit for the making of your WAD, and it's also a good place to put your Internet address so people know who to mail their comments to. ENDOOMER also comes with a whole bunch of .END files to give you some ideas to make your own ENDOOMs. Have fun!
Inkworks A neat little program designed to allow one to change the COLORMAP / PALETTE of any wad, as well as adding such things as mist, or fog effects (like in HEXEN), etc. If I'm not mistaken, this utility was written by the little brother of the well known Justin Fisher (author of ALIENS DOOM.)
NWT v1.3 New Wad Tool, by TiC. The all in one utility. Features include, extracting and inserting resources, easy texture and pname editing, play sounds and view any graphics. Also comes with a WAD cleaner utility. This is a must for all level editors!
WinTex v4.3 WinTex, by Oliver Montanuy is a Windows based editor that lets you customize your Doom WADS beyond what is possible with other level editors. It lets you replace music, sounds, and monster sprites. As well as create new textures and flats. It's easy to use too, which is a plus in my book. Download this great program today.

CLEANWAD v1.0b Cleanwad simply copies a WAD file to a file with another name, rebuilding it as it goes. What you should end up with is a cleaner, smaller copy of your WAD file, which is identical in functionality to the original. The amount of space saved will vary, but may be quite significant.
DCC v3.01 A Doom II consistency checker. Written by Rand Phares a member of Team TNT. This DOS version of DCC cares Absolutely Nothing about playability or design choices. It simply looks for problems that may cause DOOM2 to abort, or for problems that just Look Bad. DCC only handles DOOM2 and BOOM wads. It doesn't deal with DOOM, Heretic, or Hexen wads. There are no plans to make it do so.
DCCw v2.02 This is the same consistancy checker as above, written by Rand Phares. However, this is an earlier version of DCC that does not include any BOOM functionality what-so-ever. On the other hand this version is written for a windows environment. Perfect for those of you that get completely lost in DOS. Refer to the v3.01 text file for complete instructions on use of this utility and it's functions.
DCK Light If you have a dark monitor and can't really see much of DCK's texture display (because it's too dark, natch), but you don't want to twiddle your monitor settings for one program, then you can replace DCK's DCK.PAL file with this one.(Better make a backup first, in case you don't like this one.)
DCKT * DCK Texture Limit Workaround by Lee Killough. DCK has an artificial limit of 768 textures imposed. It crashes whenever you try to load a wad with more than 768 textures defined. This utility works around the limitation, by copying textures in and out of the wad, before and after editing.
DeHackEd v3.1 DeHackEd is capable of heavily restructuring the way Doom works. It allows you to modify a number of data tables from the Doom exe file. Written by, Greg Lewis. This is quite possibly the best Doom exe editor available. Works with all versions of Doom from1.666 to Final DOOM (DOS).
Doom Hack Kit * This Hack kit contains a total of six files, which pretty much contains everything you need to hack into Doom. I can't remember where I found this, but it's a nice little package of tools. Check it out. It also contains the latest version of DeHacked, a must have.
DMspec v1.6 This document explains in great detail nearly all aspects of the Doom WAD file format. The information has been updated to apply to Doom 2, as well as the original Doom. The specs were originally conceived to aid programmers making Doom utilities. Coincidentally, there might also be information useful to advanced level designers and players alike.
DSHRINK * Dshrink is a program for removing redundant sidedefs from PWADS. It turns out that PWADS don't need all the sidedefs they typically come with. If two sidedefs in the same sector are identical, DOOM2 can just as easily paint both walls using either sidedef, making the other redundant. Dshrink greatly reduces the size of PWADS, typically removing over 50% of the sidedefs. Also, since PWADS are examined dynamically as DOOM2 runs, smaller PWADS should mean a faster game.
KILLDEMO v1.0 With the advent of Doom v1.666, the Incorrect Demo Version error has been an increasing problem with PWADs. Killdemo is a quick effiecient way of removing ALL demos from PWADs. This program will ONLY work with PWADs, and will not change the PWAD in any way other than removing the DEMO resources and wad directory entries for the DEMOS. Program by, Paul T. Hermann
TCOUNT v3.01 This is a DOS program intended to provide WAD writers with a starting point for determining how much HEALTH, ARMOR, and AMMO to place in a WAD based on the total number of damage points of the monsters in the WAD. In addition, TCOUNT can be used to examine existing WADS to list the THINGS, find where they are, when they show up, etc.
USHRINK * UNSHRINK is a utility that was sent to me by Jim Flynn while I was experimenting with the tool DSHRINK by Rand Phares. There is no documentation on this little program. At least I didn't receive any with it, but it works all the same. If you want to reverse the effects of DSHRINK, then this is what you need.

Special Effects
Iikka Effects * These are four example wads Iikka "Fingers" Kernan made for the Requiem project, and will help aide you in your ability to achieve certain special effects in your level editing.
Win. over win. This is an example of the window over window illusion, made by me. It's a good example of how to achieve this special effect.

Gothictx.wad This PWAD contains all of the walls and flats that can be found in the original GOTHICDM and GOTHIC2. Authors MAY NOT use the textures and/or flats found in this PWAD as a base to build additional levels UNLESS they include the disclaimer somewhere in the TXT file accompanying said level. This is all we ask of you. Please obey and respect our collective graphical talents and wishes by doing us this small favor in return for the use of our textures. Thank you.

UWDH - The Unofficial Wad Designers' Handbook, by Ron Allen and Bill McClendon. This publication is intended to give aspiring Doom/Doom 2 level authors the knowledge needed to get started designing and building their own levels.

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