Old News:
2/23/02 Just a brief update...
9 new Compet-N pwad demos on CE, MM2, and Requiem.  Also, you should go vote on the Golden Cyber Awards there.
DOOM activity has really slowed recently...
2/12/02 Vrooomer updated his Coda with some fantastic demos - including:
-- two Easpd3 speedruns
-- a good UV maxdemo record on Terrere1
-- a maxdemo on Steel

He also did a very nice trick demo on Cyberdreams Map07.

Jason Dyer did a speedrun on Requiem Map06.
I did a first-try nomo run on Hell Revealed Map03 within my frustration with that second jump.
Uploaded all the 01Fava demos from Mirra. Including my demos that didn't make it in time.
Alien Vendetta page updated for the demo runners.

15 new Compet-N demos on all 5 pwads.
All the demos from this update:  here or here (240 kb)

other news:
New dm demos at Inchfall.
Compet-N contest is over and updated. 
-- Vile is continuing to impress; and we have a new D2S player as well.
After a bit of html inactivity, Ryback the Great took over the major Pdang updating tasks.
-- there have been 2 big updates already!
DSF is closing in on 2 finished demosets -- Crusades and Alien Vendetta.
The new Geekplay player for Halflife supports the last 3 versions of Halflife.  (wow)
This could be useful.

1/29/02 Richie Agnew sent 4 very impressive demos. 
-- 2 record maxdemos on Hell Revealed's toughest map, Map24  (Keyboarders own that map =)
-- 2 maxdemos on Punisher -- including another TAS-beater.
Mark Thompson sent an Ophase2 speedrun -- barely gets out of there alive. = ]

2 new Compet-N pwad speedruns on Hell Revealed.

All the demos from this update:  here or  here  (31 kb)
Last update available  here

other news:
RTCW demos are not worth the bother...  at least the ones I have seen.
My email and homepage are finally static. 

1/25/02 Hate to have to mention this again, but I have to:  my new email address should eventually resolve to opulent@cox.net
Currently, I have no active home email address.  grr...

Adam Williamson kept up his reputation as one of the fastest players with 2 Map03 Slayer speedruns.
Erik Alm easily beatdown his own speedmap, Easpd3, with a nightmare pacifist demo and a great maxdemo. 
He also did a blazing maxdemo on his Map01 of Ntspd002, the second Nightmare speedmap wad.
Albert Valls did a rare movie for this site -- a 7-map speedrun through Loh.  Demo courtesy of the Presage site.
More Vrooomer action with some more Unreleasables - Dsnacks action -- 3 impressive maxdemos and some TAS treats.
Wim Vanrie, Albert, and I ganged up on Karthik's Ophase2 wad with some good maxdemos and a speedrun.

Updated the Alien Vendetta demo page with a bunch of demos and a preview of the demo madness to come (for those of you who don't visit the DSForum).
-- Arno Slagboom's Map02 nomo trick 
-- Cameron Prosser's Map32 Nightmare Pacifist TAS run
-- the -nomonsters demoset
I did a quick test with Dashiva's lmp-to-avi converter for PrBoom-glboom2.2.2 of av32-051.
You can grab it here if you're interested.  No sound, and nothing fancy like camera angles or anything.
There are a lot of quality capture tools out there if you're interested in that kind of thing.

Tools-Assisted Doom demosite updated twice.

23 new Compet-N  pwad demos on  Hell Revealed, Memento Mori, and Requiem.

All the demos from this update:  here or  here  (242 kb)

other news:
Contest at the Compet-N...
More top quality dm demos at Inchfall.
I recommend DemoShowCreator for playing back Quake3Arena 1.31 demos.
DemoMaster is a good solution for the client resolution-independent HL1108 demos.(that is, if your machine can support higher resolutions)

12/25/01 Varun Abhirama Krishna did a nice maxdemo on Waste_m.

Albert and I conquered Erik's Dsnacks Map19 with two good maxdemos.
Vrooomer also did a speedy wallrun through Map13.

Tools-Assisted Doom demosite updated.
5 Requiem demos by Xit Vono.  Lots of action and a few new tricks in these. 
Recommended. (like I have to say that with TAS demos...)

No new pwad Compet-N demos this time around.  (lots of good Iwad stuff though!)

All the demos from this update:  here or  here  (24 kb)
All the demos from the last update:here or here

other news:
AlienVendetta activity at the DSF: go participate!
Whole list of outstanding players already submitting demos: AdamW., AdamH., Richard Sham, Espi, Waldon, and Erik Alm.
(If somehow you don't have this yet, it is a must play megawad.  Two words: Quality, gameplay.)
SDA updated regularly; Illmind and CQ have updates too.
Why in the heck do the Xsreality admins allow unzipped demos?  bah!

12/22/01 Donatas Tamonis once again impresses with 3 quality nightmare demos -- on all 3  Etpt16_8 maps.

Chris Ratcliff mastered the massive Oneweek Map11 with a UV maxdemo. 
-- He gets more and more brave as the demo goes on.   Recommended.

Erik Alm did a good collection of max and speed demos for his 'Unreleasable' map, Dsnacks.  = ]
-- He also did a 19-map movie for the whole thing.
I joined in with a few maxdemos; a bunch of these maps are short, challenging, and fun to play.

Mike Toliver re-visited 1 on 1 for a new maxdemo, speedrun, and a pacifist run.

Albert 'Vrooomer' Valls:
 -- 10sector - Map01 Tyson maxdemo.
 -- Cresent - Maxdemo.
 -- Djw11wad - Maxdemo.
 -- Hl_op - 3 Maxdemos - shotgun/ssg only and a 'Cervantes' demo. (Man, how does he do that?!)
        -- Tobias Münch map madness --
 -- Deimoscc - Tyson maxdemo.
 -- E2m1_01 - Tyson maxdemo.
 -- Help - Maxdemo, Tyson, and 2 speedruns.  Very small map.  = ]

I found time for a couple more Dminator demos.
I also did a very average Tyson demo for Richard J. Sham's new tyson-oriented map, Oneonone.
- note: you will need the latest version of the map to see the end of the demo.  = ]

Tools-Assisted Doom demosite updated.

15 new Compet-N  pwad demos. 13 on Requiem, one on Classic_episode, and one on Hell Revealed.
All the demos from this update:  here or  here  (290 kb)

other news:
Fixed a bunch of the links to a default 3darchives.in-span.net address.
While I'm on the subject of domains and changing addresses, excite@home is dying quickly.  My third demosite will not be updated until it arrives at cox.net in February.
My email and domain will change at the end of January 2002.  Hopefully, that is the last change for a long time...

XSReality is back!  as well as Cached and Challenge-tv have lots of new high-quality FPS demos, mostly from the recent World CyberGames event.
The Q3A-Generations mod, Q3A point-release 1.31, and the SeriousSam Second Encounter demo were released.
In my opinion, the 3 best FPS gaming movies are: FragsDoneExtreme1 and 2 and  the Ownage1 avi. (all 3 are Quake3 and/or QW oriented.)
Many of the others are not worth your time to download, especially if you have a slow connection.
Happy Holidays to all.

12/12/01 Been a little blue recently...  thanks to Lufo and Vrooomer for their page assistance and constructive criticism.
They helped me get my priorities straight...

Never Again uploaded !Pipe!.wad to /incoming -- an frustrating but absolute classic map from olden days of moldy Doom. heh.
- He included a demo with it.  Now I know why he's called Never Again...
-- a nice -fast demo on the Doom map 1 on 1.
-- and a full maxdemo collection on the Serenity episode -- 5 of these are -fast demos. 

The ever-vigilant Mike Toliver rebounded with a complete demoset for the episode one ripoff megawad, Dminator.
He asked me to give it a try, so I did one demo for it.

Sam Woodman sent a complete speedrun for one of Squonkamatic for the People's megawads: Spawnsq2.  Unusual demo for sure.

Xit Vono sent a near miss record maxdemo for Requiem Map08 -- He since made the record.  Confused?  see the page.. 

Brad Spencer sent 2 record maxdemos on Perdition's Gate Map01 and Map02.  Really great to see Brad playing again! (Doom, that is.  =)

Espi (who is way too good an author to be a player; or way to good a player to be an author) scoped through two levels of Dinner.wad.  Tasty.
- He sent a high quality record maxdemo for Seej.
- He also sent a good standard demo for his magnificent Laitos map (new version of map just released)
-- there are only a few UDoom maps that are on par with this one... none are clearly better.  If you haven't played it yet, you owe it to yourself.

Erik Alm proves he is multi-talented as well:
-- EaGoth1 -- map and 2 good maxdemos.
-- EaGoth2 -- map and 3 good maxdemos.

The Barcelona musician with the phonetically colorful alias did his usual high-quality measure of demo madness:
-- Dwspd008 -- 3 quick maxdemos.
-- EaGoth1 --  Smooth.
-- EaGoth2 -- Very nice.
-- Hl_op -- Very fast nightmare speedrun.
-- Keep -- This would've surprised Reed back then...nice.
-- Nuts -- a pacifist speedrun in record time. Tough to do with the reduced framerates...
-- Oneweek -- Map06 maxdemo.  Whoa... good optimizations.  Just an appetizer!
-- Sfft -- Standard maxdemo. 
-- Sm -- Closer to the main course... a great tyson maxdemo and a speedrun.
-- Uaccorp -- Map01 and 2 maxdemos.  Dessert.

2 new Compet-N  pwad demos  Requiem  Map02 -respawn magic by Radek and Memento Mori Map26 maxdemo by Ryback.
All the demos from this update:here(818 kb)

other news:
I cannot recommend Nullspace enough.  Amazing Flawless design and texture use. Gameplay is not for demos(it is meant to be played as an episode -- savored and paced), but don't let that stop you from sending me some...
If I hear that buh-dee buh-dee buh-dee Porky Pig buh-buh-Blue Christmas song again this year, I think I will hurt someone...  = ]

11/20/01 Xit Vono sent some convincing propaganda for his promotion of the Crusades episode.  (Wiles sure gets around..)
-- 5 speedruns, one max, and a nice nightmare demo.
Erwin Lin resurfaced with a new computer from the ashes of his old one -- apparently this one had a mouse attached to it.  ; ]
-- anyway, he sent a nice Biowar speedrun with a cool trick in it.  Good to see him active again!
btw, I fixed some of the broken links around here..  = |

Erik Alm couldn't get enough of the Oneweek Map11 torture.  He sent 2 speedruns, a respawn speedrun, and a skill 1 maxdemo.
-- these are all fantastic demos.  Sure helps to have some *insight* into the map when recording...  hehe.   Recommended.

There was a stupidly fun map released recently called Nuts.
It has 10617 monsters in it.. in only 2 rooms.  But, when played in certain ways, it was fun to play.  And that is what is most important wihen making a map.
Anyway, we have a slew of quickly recorded, throw-away, fun-to-watch demos for this over-the-top map.  got-that-?
-- Adam Hegyi did a initial speedrun.
-- Espi improved on that with a few speedruns, and maxdemo, and a special maxdemo.
-- I did a special maxdemo as well.

10 new Compet-N  pwad demos by Xit Vono on Requiem . He's all over that board like (stupid joke deleted).
All the demos from this update: here or here(122 kb)
All the demos from the last update:here or here (611 kb)

other news:
Lots of Fava demos at Mirra.
Nice Compet-N action from veterans Henning, Vincent, and... Vile.  = ]
QuakeSDA ROTW ended.  Go Adam!

11/17/01 Hi.  Long week.  Lots of bad news recently... 
Anyway, the good news is that Marv fixed my password problem.  (shadow/unshadow people  :)

The DSForum crew (Adam Hegyi, Anthony Soto, Xit Vono, Chris Ratcliff, Esa Repo, and Cameron Prosser) spanked down Slayer with a maxdemoset and some speedruns as a bonus.
These are nothing but the highest quality demos; and quite a nice response for the quality hard work of Richard Wiles.  Highly recommended.
As an added viewer's bonus, you get the temporary demos as well -- most of these are excellent as well.
Lastly, or firstly because he sent me this before they did their demos, Virgil recorded a very nice map31 maxdemo to finish his max demoset.

Metabolist's Oneweek megawad was released. 
-- Erik Alm (the skilled author of many of the maps) did a few nice maxdemos.
-- I did one maxdemo.
-- Albert 'Vrooomer' Valls did a couple fast maxdemos.
-- Chris 'Ryback' Ratcliff, who has a history of doing the ultra-hard maps that all others fear, took on the impossible Map11.  As well as doing several other maxdemos too.
Ryback really keep these demos exciting all the way up to the exits.  Recommended.
I recommend using PrBoom2.2.2 to view all the demos (except Erik's map07 Zdoom demo), just to make things easier.

I released a new map, Hl_op.  Albert Valls and Xit Vono very generously recorded a whole variety of quality demos for it. THANKS!
Albert also did 4 very speedy maxdemos on the E2M1-copy, Square.  The reality demo must have been tough to get.
Chris and I posted some of our DSF contest demos (the competition kind of fizzled after the domain change):  Acheron and Ae_projr.
While trying to instill interest in Dodead as a demowad, Adam Williamson sent an old maxdemo for Map01.
Adam Hegyi did a record maxdemo on Swlvcit.
Sam Woodman, himself, recorded a maxdemo, along with some praise for Karthik's map, Ophase.

Mirra run by Chris Laverdure has a new Udoom competition in the Pdang-style.
Additionally, there are pwad demos there.  Currently only 01Fava, but I'm sure that will expand in time.
(In the textfile, Birkel talks about his ultra-lucky friend who has a *gasp* Pentium 100 machine.  heh)

TAS site updated.

One new Compet-Npwad demo a nightmare 100% secrets movie on Requiem by Xit Vono.
All the demos from this update:  here or here (611 kb)

other news:
Lots of demo action recently.
Check out Vincent's latest ass-kicking in the Compet-N incoming...
Thanks to everyone who helped get this site back online and assisting with my new site.
DSForum and the new Compet-N Forum should grab your attention daily.
Lastly, Colin Phipps mastered the ftp mirror issue with a cool script: idgames mirrorlist