Old News:
12/27/02 Andy Olivera did a TAS maxdemoset of all 11 maps of Insrtion. Recommended.

Vrooomer massacred Hm2. Recommended.

Ocelot, DOOM God of Speed, showed his skills on several popular maps:  Recommended.
-- Class_ep - E2M1 -nomonsters speedrun.
-- 01fava - E1M2 speedrun and -nomonsters speedrun.
-- Pe4_dt2 - E4M1 -nomonsters speedrun.

Grazza did some record demos on Pe4_dt2 as well.

Altima Mantoid blasted through Hell Revealed2 Beta Map12 in record time.
-- Hell Revealed - -nomonsters/100%secrets demoset for the levels.
-- Teeth - maxdemo.

Rich Sham:
-- Os-doa - great maxdemo. An epic battle; good monster count on here. :)
-- Bndalye - nice maxdemo.

Mike Toliver returns with some hardcore action on the new version of Dminator.

-- Bludlust - maxdemo.
-- Bltwlz31 - 5-level maxdemo.
-- Bu-claf2 - maxdemo.
-- Bunnwad - good 3-level maxdemo.
-- Burlbase - maxdemo.
-- Bw1 -- 2 seperate maxdemos.
-- Calgon - maxdemo.
-- Canyon - quick maxdemo.
-- Cardiac - good maxdemo. unusual map.
-- Care - maxdemo.

Another one of the fastest players, Xit Vono, did -nomonsters speedruns on Requiem Map03, Map05, Map06, and Map08.  Nice trick on Map05.

All the demos from this update:  here or here   (872  kb)
New Compet-N pwad demos on Hell Revealed, MM, and Requiem
Additionally, old update zips will be saved here.

other news:
New Compet-N contest.  You're probably a little late for the first heat, but fear not, there are 7 more on the way!
Mirra returns under Xit Vono's administration.  Impressive list of players there.
DOOM demosite updated.
DeHacked page is pretty cool, if not a reminiscent trip into the past.
New version of Alien Vendetta... primed for the Compet-N. :)
The Nolan's and the list. New Golden Cybers on the way as well perhaps.
Quake Done Backwards
While we're talking Quake, Tenebrae is damn impressive. Quake1 or Doom3?
Everyone and his brother linked Romero's update, but here it is once again.
Enabled demo support for UT2003.
Lastly, even though CPMA demos suck ass in comparison to vQ3 demos, the mod is rife with amazing features like Multi-view(done by Doom 9 years ago) and Picture in Picture(done by Descent 7 years ago).  So now, just like HLTV, one demo can keep you occupied all weekend. :)

12/10/02 Hard to believe today is DOOM's 9th birthday. 
Although I have only been playing for 8 years, I certainly didn't think I'd still be doing this now.
Thanks, id... and thanks to everyone who has kept this game alive online.

Vrooomer did a nearly optimized maxdemo for Yab. Recommended.

Alexander Sushkov and Eugene Bondarchenko teamed up to make an awesome TAS speedrun through all 21 levels of HACX.
-- features "Archviless"-jumps  :), rocket-jumps, and the usual cool action from these guys.  Highly Recommended.

-- Alien Vendetta - 2 excellent -fast demos.  Recommended.
-- Afterind - maxdemo.
-- Bldnight - 6 good maxdemos.
-- Houseres - quick maxdemo.
-- Dminator - 9 good maxdemos. Chris on autopilot. :)
(The latest version of this wad can be found here... if anyone is interested.)
-- Intent -- 2 good maxdemos.

-- !pipe! - an impressive -fast demo
-- Zrat - -fast maxdemo.
-- Zone13 - maxdemo.
-- Serenity - 4 very nice -fast demos. Recommended.

Maikl's Ultimate Ultimate Doom demo corner:
-- Blackwid - good maxdemo.
-- Blakhell - good full-episode maxdemo.
-- Bloodrev - 2-level maxdemo.
-- Blt -- 2 maxdemos and 2 speedruns.
-- Bludbath- maxdemo.
-- Bludfest - maxdemo.
-- Bludlst2 - maxdemo.
-- Bme1 - maxdemo.
-- Bneduel_ - maxdemo.
-- Bnemud - maxdemo.
-- Bonus - good maxdemo.
-- Boogers - maxdemo.
-- Brnsofun - good maxdemo. neat classic trick.
-- Bs_l21 and Bs_l22 - maxdemo.
-- Bsb_ - 4-level maxdemo.
-- Burner - maxdemo.
-- Bunker - maxdemo.   28.8k multi-line BBS!   hehe
-- Bwarenew - maxdemo.
These are often tedious, demo-unfriendly maps.  It is sometimes like a video-voyage through the worst of DOOM as seen through the eyes of a good player.  Once again, the easiest way to experience a wad is by watching a demo... sit back, grab some crisps, a large beverage, and watch. :)

Ledmeister did a Led-style demo on the Master level Bloodsea.

Paul Gilbert did an unusual speedrun demo on Albillo.

Magikal did a maxdemo on Bndalyq.
Rich Sham improved on his previous Bndalyq demo.

Xit Vono did a speedy nomonsters run on Requiem Map11.
He also did 3 speedruns on 01fava e1m2.  Recommended for speed freaks. :)

All the demos from this update:  here or here   (1615  kb)
Additionally, old update zips will be saved here.

other news:
Ocelot's nm02-045... Vile's 30uv2657...

11/29/02 Hell Revealed2Beta:
-- Stx-Vile managed Map32 with the real engine, no less. Words can't do this demo justice. Highly Recom.. heck, watch this now!
-- Altima Mantoid conquered the Hr25-styled Map08.  Recommended.
-- Magikal did a couple of action-packed demos on Map09.

The DSF crew did a demoset for the 2002ADO Megawad.  Recommended.
-- added the miscellaneous demos and the previous version as well.

Swedish Fish did a polished UV max movie through the first Alien Vendetta episode. Recommended.

Gusta sped through the first Strain map.
He also did the Eternal Map14 speedtrick in UV and improved the nightmare one.

Rich Sham did two good maxdemos on Bndalym and Bndalyq.
- "This ain't your grandpa's DOOM!"    hehehe

Prolific wad-author Alex Parsons did maxdemos for Ap_009 and Njtoss17.

Myk Helnyte did a record speedrun on Dodead Map01. 

International man of mystery, Ledmeister, did a Led-style demo for the Master level Catwalk.

Karthik did a couple maxdemos on his new map, Ophase3.
Varun helped him out and nearly optimized the run.

Magikal did a quick demo for Grind2.

-- Grazza did 53 new speedruns!  Great collection.
-- Swedish Fish did 4 very nice maxdemos.

Maikl's Ultimate Doom demos:
-- Basilica - maxdemo
-- Beyond - good maxdemo
-- Ben4wads - 2 maxdemos
-- Bcdeath1-Bcdeath6 - 6-level maxdemo
-- Beholder - maxdemo
-- Beware - good maxdemo.  Funny textfile.
-- Bigbro - maxdemo
-- Bigempty - maxdemo
-- Bigboy - good maxdemo
-- Biggest_ -  good full-episode maxdemo
-- Bigtrap - maxdemo
-- Bilbo11 - maxdemo
-- Billy - maxdemo
-- Biotech_- maxdemo
-- Bitedust - maxdemo
-- Blackout - okay maxdemo, bad map.
-- Blahblah - maxdemo
-- Blodbth - good maxdemo
-- Retroeps - full-episode maxdemo. very nice.

Albert Valls also visited Retroeps with 2 record speedruns on Map01.
He also smoothly rifled-through (literally :) Dothejob.

Here are four extremely fast nomonsters demos on the TNT Iwad from Xit Vono.

All the demos from this update:  here or here   (2514  kb)
New Compet-N pwad demos on Classic Episode, Hell Revealed, MM1, MM2, and Requiem
Additionally, old update zips will be saved here.

other news:
i d is a  new demopage for Iwad demos primarily with Source Ports.  It is not competitive.  Anyone can join...
This is a video ripping of FirebrandX playing Map19 of Doom64.
Karthik did 2 Romero-styled commentary demos on 2 of his recent maps. Check out the demos at his site.
This is John Romero's Doomcenter Episode One commentary demoset for Legacy1.32.
Huge update at the Compet-N.  Oh man, so many fantastic demos this time around...all those guys are really good. Go watch!
Congrats to Ocelot for winning the Doom2 Competition at the Mindtrek LAN.
This wad shows a very interesting Doom2.exe limitation; it exists on the 32768(16-bit)coordinate seam.  It was made by Andre Majorel.
Warning: almost every sourceport will crash on this map for obvious reasons.
DDE2 was released.  Clearly, one of the only must-download FPS game movies.
Q3A-Done-Quick was released.  I recommend the demo over the movie.
New Demoshowcreator.  yay.
Mozilla 1.2 released.  Still a bit buggy, and IHMO the downloading options could be vastly improved, but much safer to use than IE.

10/26/02 I made a few mistakes in the last update... most unfortunate of which was leaving Maikl's Basakwrd demo out of the download zip.
So it is in this update's update zip.  sorry about that.

Now to the demos...
Donatas Tamonis:
-- Chemical - very nice Nightmare 100%secrets - Cool Pablo Dictter map.
-- U_chasm - good Nightmare 100%secrets 

More Hell Revealed II demos:
-- Gusta did very nice demos for Map03 and Map13. Recommended.
-- I struggled through Map04.

Maikl's Ultimate DOOM corner  :)
-- Bastard3 - 3-level maxdemo
-- Basetr1 - nice aggressive short maxdemo
-- Bamse - good almost tyson maxdemo -- this is an updated version of the map... and the demo. :)
-- Base2 - good maxdemo

-- Gene did a nomonsters 100% secret demo
-- Rich did a good maxdemo

All the demos from this update:  here or here  (213  kb)
Additionally, old update zips will be saved here.

other news:
The new hlctf is weird... so is the qw ctf for that matter. 
This tetris movie is old, but shows impressive gaming skills. 

10/20/02 Let's start off with 2 Compet-N players starting with impressive demos then improving on those - Must-see viewing!:
Hell Revealed II beta:
-- Radek Pecka -- 8 maxdemos
-- Adolf "Gusta" Vojta -- 4 maxdemos and 1 speedrun

Rich Sham:
-- Ruinbros - Map06 and Map07 good maxdemos.
---- Wow, these maps surely fit into that elite, Darkening/Mordeth-architechural-style level of editing.

Maikl Novikov:
-- B-lock - maxdemo
-- Bamse - maxdemo
-- Baron - maxdemo
-- Barrel - maxdemo
-- Barrel2 - maxdemo
-- Basakwrd - good maxdemo
-- Base - good maxdemo - map looks annoying to record to me.

Paul Gilbert sent an unusual demo; Bak2hell E3M9 nomonsters demo where he gets more than 100% secrets.
This is the first demo I have seen where this happens. Very cool.
This was first discussed here, if you want more info.  Note: the demo requires Boom2.00.

-- Bndalyo - maxdemo
-- Ruma - updated record maxdemo

-- Gene Bird, Rich Sham, and I did maxdemos to add to Magikal's.

Varun Abhirama Krishna sent 3 speedy nomonsters demos for RetroEps.

No DSDA update would feel complete without a Vrooomer demo...
-- He sends a TAS maxdemo on Phtga Map28.  Recommended.

Grazza did a bunch of good speedruns on the solid megawad, Tvr!.
He also improved upon his recent Pdgate demoset with some more good speedruns.

All the demos from this update:  here or here   (1093  kb)
Additionally, old update zips will be saved here.

Tools-Assisted Demosite updated.

other news:
Be sure to check out Sedlic skills!
For some good reading and quality wads to not miss; check out Swedish Fish.
Quake3Arena1.32 released. New Seismovision.
Awesome new design at Challenge-TV.
New OSP on the way, with features like picture-in-picture... (which Descent did like 7 years ago, but it is still cool)
Nearly final version of the Cube engine is released.
Rant: Why do software engineers (especially ones who design programs for Windows) have to make things so much more complicated than necessary?
Shell extensions, IE associations, dynamic menus, and internet interfaces are almost always just annoying overkill and a nuisance, not an advantage.   I guess I miss the Windows95 days... Bah!

10/6/02 Lots of good maps in this update.. so let's get to it!:

Rich Sham:
-- Camelot - good maxdemo.
-- Ap_009 - good maxdemo. - Map22-styled wad. cool design!
-- Rampage - maxdemo.
-- Dickie02 - maxdemo.
-- Hr2beta - nice Map05 maxdemo. First ever demo on this map. 
-- Ruinbros - Brotherhood of Ruin -- good demos on a fantastic wad. 
-- Rbbthole - maxdemo.

the other Rich Sham:  ;)
-- Dethwish - good maxdemo.

-- Atlnts1 - maxdemo.
-- Baal2 - good maxdemo. half-Tyson, half... man?  =P
-- Baal3_1 - maxdemo.
-- Badmoon - maxdemo.
-- Bak2hell - good full-episode movie. Maikl really knows how to go the distance.
-- Bakaroo1 - Tyson maxdemo.  Hard to find something nice to say about this map.
-- B-jail11 - 2 improved maxdemos.

-- Hell Revealed - Map11 maxdemo. Very brave at the end.

All the demos from this update:  here or here   (1058  kb)
Additionally, old update zips will be saved here.

Tools-Assisted Demosite updated.

other news:
Maikl points out the Russian Doom site with some demos ... 
2002ADO demoset still working at the DSF.
Impressive new demos at the Heretic-N.
As far as I can see, all Legacy 1.32beta demos playback correctly with Legacy1.40.

Old news: Old news