Doom SDA Featured Map
July 2003
Mercurius Pools  - (Classic10.wad)
Jan Van der Veken  | download - currently here | textfile | Doom E2M3
      One of the few authors whose name is always associated with quality.  Besides being a strong inspiration for all Episode 1 level editors since the beginning, Jan has been one of the primary contributors to 2 of the best Ultimate DOOM doom.exe-compatible releases, Dawn of the Dead and the Classic_episode.   This map is no different, download it and explore an episode one map you've never played. :)
This map also has a non-Cyberdemon version -- Classic10b.
Demos submitted: 
c10_604  - Opulent - max - 6:04
classic10_mn  - Maikl - max - 5:15
classic10b_mn  - Maikl - max - 5:59
Homepage:  Jan Van der Veken

Created Q2 2003  by Opulent  mail me at: