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First off, some useful external links(thanks to Grazza and the DW Forum staff): - How to playback demos with various executables - Using Prboom-plus and -complevels (Prboom can also playback demos recorded with earlier versions of DOOM.)

PrBoom-plus is by far the best way to watch 'normal' demos that are PrBoom/Boom/MBF/Doom(2) recorded. - Spechits, Reject and Intercepts Overflow Lists

Doom 1.91 patch created by cph, vv, Dashiva, and BahdKo.  This fixes a severe player movement bug.

Lastly, thanks to Andrey 'e6y' Budko, we have a patch doom2.exe that fixes some of DOOM's limitations (mostly buffer overflows for visiplanes, lifts, savegames, etc...) Latest version is doom2-1.92.6:

1) Allowed demos
Any demo for a  pwad (third-party wadfile) for Doom or Doom2.
Prefered that it is recorded with Doom/Doom2 version 1.9.
However, it can be recorded with any source port; but if you expect people other than me to even consider watching it, record it with Boom/PrBoom, Zdoom, MBF, Legacy, or *gasp* the real game.
  Preferred demos:
  Ultra-Violence Speed or 100%(Maxkills) with doom.exe/doom2.exe version 1.9.

2) Exceptions:
Ridiculous submissions will be accepted, but annotated.  (Example: a 2-hour -nomonsters run.)
This is a pwad site, so any regular level(Iwad) demos should be directed at the Compet-n or the PDang.
Please don't send me demos for wad files that do not have a url.
Limited number of deathmatch demos:
  While this is a demo site, it is primarily single player. Please note:
       It  must be on a common pwad with noted quality.
       (ie. Surge2, Dweller2, Dwango5, etc... -basically any  wad on my deathmatch pages)
      The demo itself must have some quality.
      And originality counts -- meaning: don't send me another map01 demo (unless you are as good as Mattrim)
      I will not post 50 Gothicdm  Zdoom demos.
Really, I don't think I will get many submissions, so don't fear not being accepted.

3) While the primary purpose of this page is to see Anders Johnsen rip his way through AlienVendetta,
    the secondary purpose is to allow less skilled Doomers submit demos for pwads that they like.
4) While I am no Jonathan Rimmer, I can play this game.
    I will gladly accept requests for recording a demo as well.
5) I will personally try to record a demo for this site at least once a week.  = /

6) Demo types:
a) Compet-N types
Ultra-Violence Speed    - get to the exit as fast as you can
Ultra-Violence Max       - 100% kills and secrets
Nightmare                      - get to the exit as fast as you can
Nightmare 100%secrets - 100% secrets (not 100% kills)
UV -fast                        - skill 4 with the -fast parameter; 100% kills  100% secrets
UV -respawn                - skill 4 with the -respawn parameter;
                                     - at least 100% kills(you don't have to kill them all)  100% secrets
UV Pacifist                    - skill 4; exit as fast as you can
                                     - you cannot hurt any monsters, directly or indirectly.
UV Tyson                     - skill 4; 100% kills; 100% secrets
                                     - you can only use weapons 1 and 2.
any of the above in a multi-level run; usually done in episodes or the entire pwad.
any of the above runs with a friend or two... or seven...  = )

b) other types
UV -nomonsters            - exit as fast as you can
Nightmare 100%           - get at least 100% kills before exiting.
Speedfighter                  - most kills you can get... under par time.
Lemmings                      - exit with the most monsters alive.
Reality                           - not getting hurt at all (a variation allows >100 health permissible)
UV -turbo xxx               - you are crazy you know that...
using only 1 or 2 weapons(ssg-only is popular)
any recammed demos

c) any skill setting is fine.(but please specify if it isn't UV or NM.(textfiles are always appreciated.))

7) For detailed info, utilities, and specs, visit the Compet-N site or email me.
Here is the old  lmp_template in case you need it.
DoomedSDA template -- modified version of a Vrooomer textfile.
Utilities:  Doomworld's Source ports page
Recommened utilities for demo watching:
Source ports of Doom:  MBF, Boom 2.02, PrBoom, Zdoom.
Tools: Timer, LMPC3.16 or higher, and Coolmp.
 dosdoom .47 -- the earliest of full Doom ports. Courtesy of Andy Olivera.
 Boom2.00 -- Boom2.00 -- the first build. -- very few demos need this.
 Boom2.01 -- Boom2.01. -- There are 3 versions of Boom -- 2.00, 2.01, and the GPL'd final version, 2.02.
 MBF -- Man's Best Friend -- source port
 PrBoom2.02 -- PrBoom2.02 -- the best win32 port of Doom.
 TasDoom -- TAS Doom source port -- some TAS demos require it.
 Zdoom1.17c -- Zdoom 117c -- source port.
 Timer -- a modified DosDoom port that allows exact time measurements of demos with Boss-endings.
 Lmpc3.24d -- Little Movie Processing Center -- a demo utility for time of recordings mostly.

8) Example command-lines for playing or recording demos: examples

8a)  PrBoom complevel:  (there is also a 'complevel' modification for Eternity3.3.1 if you are interested)
PrBoom is able to record Doom(2).exe compatible demos with the -complevel command-line parameter.  It modifies the game behavior and demo format to emulate the real game.
Example: prboom -iwad doom2.wad -file hr2.wad -width 800 -height 600 -fullscr -nomusic -complevel 0 -record opdemo -maxdemo 1024 -skill 4 -warp 32

note: For Prboom 2.2.3 it is -complevel 1 and for Prboom 2.2.4 it is -complevel 0. Also note that there are further complevel settings to emulate MBF or Boom behavior.
Grazza notes that:
[If it is a Boom map, then in Prboom 2.2.4, -complevel 3 is meant to emulate Boom 2.02, but in fact it appears to emulate Boom 2.02's Doom compatibility mode - this mucked up Altima's attempts to record on Vile Flesh map28, and was solved by switching to -complevel 5. Edit: On further inspection, I strongly suspect that the documentation for 2.2.4 is plain wrong about the compatibility levels, and that 5 = Boom 2.02 and 7 = MBF - like in the documentation for 2.2.3.]

9) This site is for the pc version of the Doom game.

Most of these demos are from other Doom sites.  For user convenience and in the hope that people will actually record or watch these demos.  Thanks goes to all of the people involved in the linked sites on the main page, the original posting sites, and the demo-runners themselves.

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