4/22/07 LAN in Prague 2007

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 DSP - DOOM Speedrunning Page - new contest site - currently only Czech
 Darg - Darg zdaemon
 Esreality thread -- Q3 Demo Smoother by Tchouky
 Stuckgamer - video walkthroughs for some games

2/4/07 Still working on catching up...  = |

- Grazza - 5 pacifist speedruns
- Donce - nightmare on Map28
- Kristian - pacifist speedrun on Map28

- Dmkat - speedrun
- Memento Mori - Map21 nomonsters trick

Anima Zero:
- Laborv2 - 2 speedruns, a maxdemo, and a -fast maxdemo - Recommended
- Mazefrus - Maxdemo, -fast, speed, pacifist

Phil Renshaw did a record -fast maxdemo on Memento Mori 2 Map01.

- Phil did some nice demo on Map08 - speed, pacifist, max, and nightmare
- I did a speedrun on Map30
- Belial did 2 glide trick demos on Map28 and a speed, nightmare, and maxdemo on Map30 - maxdemo is Recommended.

- Murder2 - speedrun with trick

Gusta did 2 solid maxdemos on Nilla.

- Kristian did a built speedrun, a Pacifist speedrun, and a maxdemo.
- Gusta did a record maxdemo.

TAS site updated:
Philip "ultdoomer" Kiska outplayed Fear_sin with a TAS speedrun in 2:07. - Recommended
He also dashed through N_mariko with a TAS speedrun in 2:05.

RamboBones did a TAS Reality movie on Hell Revealed Map01-Map06 in only 6:18. - Recommended

Xit Vono did a bunch of test TAS nightmare demos to see how feasible a real demo would be:
Lots of these are long nightmare demos even with TAS assistance... 
Memento Mori: nightmare speedrun demos on Map09, 13, 19, and 22. - Recommended
Memento Mori 2: nightmare speedrun demos on Map03, 6, 8, 14, 16, and 18. - Recommended

Kristian Ronge built a speedrun on Origwad.

Updated all the pages with direct download links. 
(  to

All the demos from this update:  here  (439 kb)

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KS Team
Vince - Heretic-N incoming
CZM demos

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