What this page is about: Playback demos for third-party pwad files for Doom or Doom2 in ANY format.
Who can submit a demo: Anyone.  No demos will be rejected -- almost.(see the info page for more details.)
Mail demos to: Opulent

Major Sites:
 The Compet-N  // Forum -- The only thing this site doesn't have is pwad demos.   heh
 Public Demo Archive of the Non-Gods  -- A second Compet-n.
 Mirra -- a fun, anyone-can-participate demo site. 
 Ledmeister  -- the first and last word on how to Doom.
 ftp://3darchives.in-span.net  -- a messy collection of good and bad.
 Coop-N  -- now merged into the compet-n -- great cooperative demos.
 Doom Speedrunner's Forum -- Martin 'Disturbed' Schultz -- ie only.
 Presage  -- Cyberdreams and loads of pwad demos.

Pwad demo sites:
 Doomster   -- now one of the very few full Doom sites on the net.
 Lmps R Us  -- Henry's great demo archive.
 Visions of Doom  -- Olivera's site of Doom longevity.
 Tools-Assisted Demos  -- Cheated demos - truly amazing.
 Donner --  Hell Revealed and more.
 Team Insanity  -- a good contest site.
 Mineral  -- the Quake speedrunner's contest site.
 Quake Done Quick  -- the refilm junkies
 Anders Johnsen  -- Alien Vendetta
 Wim Vanrie -- a new Lmp contest.
 Realm Of Chaos -- nice demos.
 Vorpal  -- some good demos on a selection of pwads.
 Brian Lewis -- Australian Coop page with cooperative demos
 Rich Sham -- An old demo contest on his Immortal megawad. 

Deathmatch demo sites:
 Doom2.net -- BahdKo -- A very comprehensive deathmatch Doom site.
 Doomed - Deathmatch Garrison -- Deathmatch repository.
 Inchfall  -- The most active real Doom deathmatch site.
 ZAP  -- Sedlic, fx, and others. Doom deathmatch doesn't get better than this.
 Yeti  -- Some entertaining demos on some absolute "must have" pwads.
 Ugwad  -- some great old school 1 on 1 deathmatch.
 Yasuko  -- some great demos on some of the better dm pwads.

Major FPS Demosites: 
 Quake Done Quick -- Quake speedrun movies.
 Speed Demos Archive  -- Quake speedrunning.
 Cineplex  -- Fps demos. Mostly Quake/Quake2.
 Stayne's House of Demos  -- now part of XSReality.
 Clanbase  -- FPS teamplay demos mostly.
 XSReality  -- The best Quake-engine demosite on the net; mostly Quake3.(crashes Netscape!)
 Cached  -- not nearly as good as XSReality, but certainly the second place to go for Q3A/UT.

This site is based on the Compet-n, the PublicDANG, and the Speed Demos Archive.

The SDA image is the  property of the Quake Speed Demos Archive Thanks Evan!
Page Created   9/00    by Opulent