2/4/2007 -- Killer Moves
Wide selection of great demos this time around.

Iwad entries:
-- a built Episode1 DOOM2 speedrun movie in 3:22Other than the new Map02 trick, this is probably the fastest we will see.
-- a full built DOOM2 speedrun movie in 14:02.

Kristian Ronge built a nomonsters speedrun on E1M4 in  :11.

Andrey Budko
-- a full DOOM Episode1 speedrun movie in 3:45.  If Prboom exits, use the glboom-plus.exe.
-- a speedrun on E1M4 in  :11.
-- a full DOOM2 speedrun movie in 14:37.

Sylvain Chabert
-- A built speedrun on Map03 (Coop for ease of recording) featuring an amazing new trick in  :13.
-- A set of sub-five second Map01 speedruns: -nomonsters, speed, and speed backwards.
(Compet-N doom2 built directory)

Pwad entries:
Philip "ultdoomer" Kiska
-- outplayed Fear_sin with a speedrun in 2:07.
-- dashed through N_mariko with a TAS speedrun in 2:05.

RamboBones did a TAS Reality movie on Hell Revealed Map01-Map06 in only 6:18.

Xit Vono did a bunch of test TAS nightmare demos to see how feasible a real demo would be:
Lots of these are long nightmare demos even with TAS assistance...
-- Memento Mori: nightmare speedrun demos on Map09, 13, 19, and 22.
-- Memento Mori 2: nightmare speedrun demos on Map03, 6, 8, 14, 16, and 18.

Kristian Ronge built a speedrun on Origwad.

11/12/2005 -- Hacking, Cheating, and PrBooming
Adrian 'RamboBones' Danis
--  a built Episode1 DOOM2 speedrun movie in 3:30.
--  a full DOOM2 speedrun movie where he never takes any damage in 24:40.
-- Ksutra Map30 speedrun in 0:16.

Andrey Budko
-- a full DOOM Episode1 speedrun movie in 4:04.
-- a full DOOM Episode2 speedrun movie in 3:42.
-- a full DOOM2 speedrun movie in 14:37.

Kristian Ronge
-- a UV Tyson Reality demo on Map12 of Memento Mori in 4:06. -- this demo requires PrBoom2.2.x
-- re-edited the end of Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic's Memento Mori Map29 Compet-N demo to exit at the closer exit in 0:18.
-- Plutonia Map22 UV Pacifist Speed in 0:56.
-- also did a Ksutra Map30 speedrun in 0:16.   Prove me wrong why don't ya!  :-)

Schneelocke modified Kristian's Zap07 Pacifist Speedrun to 0:05.

Philip Kiska did a few demos:
-- Max (in 0:48) and Speed (in 0:22) on Runaway.
-- Max (in 1:42) and Speed (in 0:24) on Castleof.
-- Max on Thehouse in 0:18.

An impossible misc demo on Plutonia Map12 from an anonymous source.

1/9/2005 -- Reality DOOM TV
Adrian 'RamboBones' Danis did two Reality speedrun(kind of half-max) movies.
(actually he calls it 'No Damage Taken' demos to distinguish it from 'Reality'-style demos of yesteryear which didn't allow plasma weapons)
- a complete movie of DOOM2 in 2:17:41.
- a speedrun of Map01-Map08 in 5:18.

Kristian Ronge continued the reality madness with a -fast Reality maxdemo on Plutonia Map32 in 9:59.

Andrey Budko did a first-episode of Eternal speedrun in 12:39.

Graham 'Grazza' Burgess made a Built demo on Odyssey2 Map02 in a brisk 0:00.

10/3/04 -- DOOM-toberfest
Kristian Ronge continued his Reality -fast recordings with E1M1 in only 1:14.

Andrey Budko did a quickly recorded speedrun on Hr2 Map32 in :21.

9/11/04 -- Summer of DOOM Olympics
Probably the most active recording DOOMer at the moment, Graham 'Grazza' Burgess, did a speedrun on Nmare2 E4M4 in :26.
He also did a nightmare speedrun on Map25 of Icarus in just 1:02.

Known for his unusual demo choices, Kristian Ronge did our only Iwad demo this time around: a -fast Tyson Reality maxdemo on E4M4 in 4:51.

Drew 'stx-Vile' DeVore tried out Budko's Prboom with a Map01 speedrun on Scythe in :09.

7/10/04 -- PrBoom Boom Boom
Andrey Budko took TAS-demoing to a whole new level.  More cheated than ever before, these demos are mind-blowing.  He even achieves times that are impossible to obtain in the real game and the superlative nature of these demos is unquestionable.
I would hope that anyone who is an avid DOOM demo watcher would understand the differences between real demos, TASMBF, Lmpcheat/Tasdoom, and modified PrBoom2.2.x demos.  While I personally consider these demos to be amazing, I urge you not to make any direct comparison to the other types of cheated demos.  I'd say anyone would have to enhance the way the demos were recorded to markedly improve on the previous grand TASMBF movies.

With that said, if you haven't seen these yet, I promise you will watch in disbelief; and if you have seen them, watch again, they are definitely worth it.
- a speedrun movie of DOOM Episode1 in 4:05.
- a speedrun movie of DOOM Episode3 in 3:15.
- a speedrun movie of DOOM Episode4 in 2:32.
- a speedrun movie of DOOM2 in 14:41.
- a speedrun movie of Alien Vendetta Map01-10 in 7:38.

Alexis Neuhaus did a couple of action-filled speedrun movies on Real World.
- Map01-10 in 2:59.
- Map11-20 in 3:39.

OnyxStar did a 3-part speedrun movie through Hell Revealed 2 in 76:27. -- parts 2 and 3 playback with Onyxstar's Prboom modification only.

Xit Vono did a speedrun movie on Requiem with the new PrBoom up through Map12 (so far) in a mere 12:08.

Donatas Tamonis did a nightmare speedrun on Bndalyt in 4:53.

Kristian Ronge recorded, err.. edited his first Built demo.  A speedrun of Doom2 Map01 in :05.57.

Phil 'Speedemon' Kiska did a maxdemo of Scythe Map01 in  :29. -- playsback with MBF-compatible ports only(ie. Prboom/MBF).

While it was never officially released (and never publicly released by Marijo Sedlic), the unfinished TASMBF speedrun movie through Plutonia has been linked on and off again for quite some time.  Because of that, I am posting it here.
Map01-15 of Plutonia by Sedlo in a fantastic 7:23. -- playsback with MBF-compatible ports only(ie. MBF and only some Prboom).

Lastly, Graham 'Grazza' Burgess notified me that a few demos were lost in the transition from when this site started and the real one went inactive.
Cameron Prosser's hf32-314, Adam Hegyi's pl32x in :43, Prosser's hr32-nm in  :52, Wim Vanrie's skill 1 non-invulnerability Tyson Map32 t32w-207, and Hegyi's e4m2 maxdemo u4m2x105.
They were on the tables but were not previously downloadable from here.

other news:
E6y: PrBoom2.2.4 modified version for TAS.  This has many cool features including multi-map recording, walkcam, jump_sec, and jump_map.
Gamer's Hell avi'd  Budko's 14:41 demo.  Not recommended, but it is a good way to allow non-Doomers see DOOM in action.
Deception movie by Tchouky  (courtesy of ESReality): Some memory-hacked Quake3 bots doing realtime interactive tricks.

Thanks.  Special thanks to the above players for being extra patient for me to get it together...  = /
11/09/03 -- Compet-N TAS
Been a long time since we have seen a movie... or any Iwad demo for that matter.
For the first time ever, we have a full Doom2 episode max movie. It doesn't get any better than this!
Andrey Budko sent a UV Maxdemo Map01-10 movie in an amazing 14:27 (I think Map01 is Adam's but I'm too lazy to check. =)
-- This demo was recorded with a modified prboom -complevel 1.
-- It desynced for me on Map10, but played back correctly with Prboom2.3.0 (failed with all other prboom versions) and Eternity3.3.1beta3. Email me if you can't get it to work, there are other things to try.
Jakub "DooMerMan" Machata showed that :11 on e1m4 is probably impossible with a Built coop speedrun in  :12.

Alexis Neuhaus sent a variety of demos for his quality megawad Real World and a single speedrun on Requiem.
Real World:
-- 2 nightmare, 5 -fast max, 4 max, 1 tyson, 10 speed, and 2 nomonsters. -- rw20-034 and  rw20f418 playsback with Prboom2.2.x(or later) only - due to a visiplane overflow.
-- Speedrun on Map04 in 1:17.

Jakub "DooMerMan" Machata sent a whole slew of demos for the Compet-N pwads:
Hell Revealed:
-- Map01-10 speedrun movie in 9:34.
-- Speedruns - Map03 in :48, Map08 in :34, Map15-normal exit in 1:07, and Map15 secret-exit in :37.
Alien Vendetta:
-- Speedruns - Map01 in :28, Map03 in 1:19, Map05 in :51, Map06 in 1:11, Map07 in 1:01, Map09 in :50, and Map16 in 2:05.-- Map05's demo plays with Tasdoom.exe only.
-- Maxdemo - Map04 in 4:05.
-- Coop Built Speedrun on Map30 in :21.  And a Built speedrun on Map30 in :57.
Memento Mori:
-- Speedrun on Map03 in :32.
Memento Mori2:
-- Speedrun on Map30 in 1:04. -- plays with Tasdoom.exe only.
-- Speedruns -  Map04 in 1:12 and Map07 in 1:05.
-- Built Map08 speedrun in :08.

8/21/03 -- One small step for DooMerMan...
Jakub "DooMerMan" Machata sent 7 record speedruns:
Alien Vendetta Map04 in 1:31.
Hell Revealed:
 -- Map02 speed in :42 // Map04 speed in :35 // Map06 speed in :58 // Map07 speed in 3:58.
 -- Map10 pacifist speed in :38 -- plays with Tasdoom.exe only.
 -- Map21 pacifist speed in :26.
Alexis Neuhaus has done some built demos for the Doomed Speed Demos Archive on Real World.
7/15/03 -- I had a full void earlier, now it's just feels like a Null space.
Donatas Tamonis did a speedrun through Nulspace in 4:15.-- plays with Tasdoom.exe only.
Demo requires more memory: Tasdoom -iwad doom2.wad -file nulspace.wad -heapsize 10 -playdemo nulnx415
5/24/03 -- Scythe of Doom.
Adam Hegyi did a speedrun on Scythe Map28 as a quick test for optimizing the map.
2/2/03 -- Flash of Speed.
Andy Olivera did another manufactured demoset for the 3 maps of Flsofdth.  Short and entertaining.
12/27/02 -- Doomed to Insertion.
Andy Olivera did a manufactured demoset for Insrtion.  Like all of his TAS demosets, this is filled with great weapon use and run optimizations.
12/10/02 -- HACXers.
Alexander Sushkov and Eugene Bondarchenko teamed up to make an awesome speedrun through all 21 levels of HACX.
-- features "Archviless"-jumps  :), rocket-jumps, and the usual cool action from these guys.  Requires TASMBF or MBF.
10/20/02 -- Explosive speedruns.
Xit Vono sent two more pacifist demos: TNT Map21 in 3:00 and TNT Map32 in 2:54.
Albert "Vrooomer" Valls sent a very action-filled maxdemo on Phtga Map28 in a mere 1:56.
9/22/02 -- The Final pacifistical Doom
XitVono sent two pacifist demos: TNT Map14 in 2:48 and TNT Map16 in 2:01.
Map14 would surely be impossible unassisted.
Xit also sent two extremely nice record unassisted nomonsters demos:
Plutonia Map06 in :57.20 and Plutonia Map01 in :11.48.
Both would be hardly faster done assisted.
9/22/02 -- Ten sectors of assistance.
Albert "Vrooomer" Valls once again impresses; this time with 2 nice maxdemos on 10secto2.wad.
Map09 in 3:33 and Map32 in a mere 50 seconds. -- note the converted Map09 demo will playback with Boom, but not Doom2.
9/1/02 -- Rocket Surfing Virtuoso
Albert "Vrooomer" Valls did several outstanding maxdemos on Md... and one spectacular -fast demo. Get these now!
He also did a nice maxdemo on Base666, which has several good moments like any TAS demo.
8/10/02 -- Maximum Annihilation
Albert "Vrooomer" Valls did an improved maxdemo in 6:14 on An_coop2.
4/21/02 -- Twilight Doom Zone
Andy Olivera did a full demoset for Twzone, including 2 bonus demos and many reality demos.
Xit Vono did a pacifist speedrun through TNT Map03 in 1:17.
Albert 'Vrooomer' Valls did a nomonsters speedrun through Terrere1 in :44.
3/23/02 -- Golden Cyber Award winner.
Xit Vono, best Tyson player of 2001, sent six (!) new Nightmare Pacifist Ultimate Doom demos:
E1M3 -- Normal exit in 1:10 // Secret exit in 1:16.  E1M5 in 1:33.  E1M7 in 1:51.  E1M9 in  :55.  E2M5 in 1:54.
Updated the tables just a bit... they aren't meant to be perfect. Go here for that. :)
3/03/02 -- Built to last.
Xit Vono sent the Compet-N 2 new built demos.  I thought I'd add them on here since built demos as rare as they are cool.  = ]
E4m7 in 9 seconds and E4m9 in 8 seconds.
1/25/02 -- Demo assistance.
Xit Vono sent his first progress demo on a full TNT nightmare speedrun.
The first 8 maps in just 10:08 -- demo is rife with little tricks and the usual TAS alacrity. -- plays with MBF.exe.
Albert Valls did two maxdemos on Dsnacks Map19 -- lots of rocket-surfing in these!
1/6/02 -- Prepare Yourself...
.. to re-watch some incredible demos!
Finally hooked up with Yonatan Donner to get the demo converter. (thanks to Requiem Map03 for causing a problem and Xit Vono for being persistent -- if it weren't for them, Yonatan would probably never know I didn't receive his original messages.)
So... as you might have guessed, I have converted almost all of the demos of the last 5 months. Available in a single package: tas_0102.
For those of you who are still unsure what I am talking about; these demos will now playback with the real game engine instead of Tasdoom.exe.
A couple of the demos would not convert (documented in the textfile) and some were already compatible so the package doesn't include every file.
These demos are worth watching again, filled with great action and fantastic playing; I love this game!

Additionally, the madness does not stop there....
Cameron Prosser did a must-see trick speedrun of Plutonia Map24, featuring a couple of nice Archvile jumps, in only 19 seconds.
He also sent another one of his absurd demos; a Pacifist Nightmare run of Alien Vendetta Map32 in only 32 seconds.
Xit Vono is quickly conquering the Requiem megawad.
He sent two nice Pacifist demos; Map09 in 9:39 and Map24 in 2:48.
These 4 demos have ben converted to playback with Doom2.exe; from now on I will only annotate demos that do not.
12/25/01 -- Santa Vono.
Xit Vono did five more Requiem demos.
Nightmare: Map06 in 8:27, Map07 in 3:00, and Map11 in 1:34.
Pacifist: Map04 in 5:49 and Map11 in 1:33.
All demos playback with Tasdoom.exe.
12/22/01 -- Another Xit Vono Requiem.
Xit Vono did two Requiem demos that will probably never be done non-TAS.
Pacifist speedrun in 7:15 on Map05 and a Pacifist speedrun in 3:40 on Map12. -- both play with Tasdoom.exe.
Thanks Xit.
11/8/01 -- Wicked Speedruns.
Selim 'Bastard' Benabdelkhalek kept with the current map trend and did an excellent e4m6 speedrun in :57. -- plays with Tasdoom.exe.
Albert 'Vrooomer' Valls sped through Hl_op.wad with a -nomonsters run in only 21 seconds.-- plays with Tasdoom.exe.
10/31/01 -- lv01-004!
Cameron Prosser managed what was certainly thought of as impossible.
(Heck, 5 seconds was thought of as impossible for awhile..  :)
This heavily assisted demo is truly outstanding.  Map01 speedrun in a mere 4 seconds.-- playsback with MBF.exe only.
Cameron also did a nice Pacifist Nightmare demo of E4M6 in 5:38. -- plays with Tasdoom.exe.
(UV pacifist would be very tedious...)
10/16/01 -- Vono! Look who just stepped in through the backdoor.  (sorry :)
Xit Vono quickly responded with a 1:14 UV speedrun on E4M6. -- plays with Tasdoom.exe.
Standard great TAS action.
10/5/01 -- Tyson thee Wickedly.
Cameron Prosser flashed through E4M6 in a mere 3:46. Tyson -fast demo.  recommended.
Xit Vono took a different approach to the only unrecorded Tyson map. Tyson -- Reality style(no damage taken) in 22:48.
If you know the map, your first thought should be "How?".  That is the essence of these demos.   = ]
Both demos playback with Tasdoom.exe.
Additionally, I would like to mention the other 2 Tyson maps to finally fall:
E2M8 was recorded by Xit Vono; and Xit and Adam Hegyi both managed E4M7.
These demos are not tools-assisted and are obviously available at the Compet-N.
9/24/01 -- Speed Demons.
Adam Hegyi did a maxdemo on the action-filled HR-styled map (heh), op_801.wad, in 3:27.-- plays with Doom2.exe.
Cameron Prosser did Plutonia Map08 Nightmare Pacifist  in 1:27. -- plays with Tasdoom.exe.
Xit Vono did a nightmare run in 3:03 on Requiem Map24 in preparation for the real thing. -- plays with Tasdoom.exe.
9/16/01 -- TAS action.
Cameron Prosser sent yet another impossible demo: Hell Revealed Map22 Nightmare Pacifist in 1:23.  Insane.-- plays with Tasdoom.exe.
Adam Hegyi did a maxdemo in 1:10 on Md.wad.-- plays with Doom2.exe.
Xit Vono did a speedrun in 40 seconds on TNT Map17, which uses an Archvile-jump.-- plays with Tasdoom.exe.
Although these last 2 are only 'trial run' tas demos, they are absolutely worth watching and would be very difficult unassisted.
9/06/01 -- Darkening Hell.
Cameron Prosser resurfaced with some more incredible, 'must-see' demos.
-- Nightmare run on Hell Revealed Map22 in 1:15.
-- Pacifist Nightmare run on Hell Revealed Map25 in a brisk 26 seconds.
He also sent a speedrun on Hell Revealed Map24 in 17 seconds, and a pacifist run on Ultimate Doom e4m2 in 10 seconds.
Xit Vono did a good nightmare run in 3:12 on Darkening Map02 as preparation to conquer it unassisted.
Lots of action as always in all of these maps. - All 5 demos playback with Tasdoom.exe.
8/27/01 -- The Nightmare Requiem.
Xit Vono did a nice nightmare run  on the long Requiem Map08 in 13:15 -- plays with Tasdoom.exe.

If you don't know about Windlash's Cheated Quake (CQ) page, go give some of those Quake demos a look.
8/22/01 -- Madness.
Xit Vono sent a couple of TNT nightmare demos:
-- Map08 in 6:18 - plays with Tasdoom.exe.
-- Map09 in 8:52 - plays with Tasdoom.exe.
Lots of action in both of those demos.  High kill percentages too.

Andy Olivera did an entire demoset for the Raven megawad.
-- some of these are 1/4 the time of the record times!

Adam Hegyi kindly allowed me to post his fantastic E4M7 Tyson demo:
--  t4m7 in 9:52 - plays with Doom.exe.

Also noticed that Vincent Catalaa bettered Chris Ratcliff's Tn32 demo at the Compet-N.
This directory at Telefragged has all the TAS demos from the original site.
-- note: these are not all the TAS demos, only the ones that were originally there.
8/15/01 -- Corrections.
Xit Vono reminded me that TNT maps 2, 21, and 32 have recently been done at the Compet-n.
Also, Vincent Catalaa's amazing trick work on Plutonia Map17 is also a TAS beater.  :)
(note: I won't update the current_records fields on here, they are just meant as a guide to show where the TAS demo stands.  Go to the Compet-N for god's sake!  :)
Lastly, I posted the TAS tools -- TASMBF and TasDoom -- in the DSDA tools directory on 3ddownloads.
If the admins at 3ddownloads don't fix the php database for the Telefragged files, I will upload the TAS demos to the DSDA.
While we wait, if there is a demo you would like to see, I have them all, so just email me.
8/12/01 -- First new demos.
Xit Vono did 3 Requiem demos:
-- Map04 - nightmare in 7:12
-- Map05 - nightmare in 10:22
-- Map09 - nightmare in 9:24
 Grab all three here.

I'm not sure if I mirrored all the pwads with TAS demos on here, but I think I caught all of them.
If you sent Yonatan a TAS demo since their April update, please re-send it to me.
8/12/01 -- Sad news...
Yonatan Donner closed the TAS site.
It still sits as an archive -- and I hope it does for quite awhile.
Yonatan's influence on the demoscene for FPS gaming is perhaps more resonant than anyone else besides John Romero hiimself.  I first marvelled at his skills and vision more than 5 years ago... it is an honor to host his last project in the DOOM community.
Although I have personally only recorded one TAS demo, I think there has been a fair offering of demos since the site opened on June 8th, 1999.
Most of the TAS demos are sheer insanity; my favorite is Marijo Sedlic's 30uv1617 demo -- it is quite a feat, even cheated.
So that's it for now... please feel free to drop me a line if there is a question on your mind.