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Found 819 results

  1. Heyyyo, I have a self referencing invisible sector in my map that I want to serve as an elevator. Specifically, I want the mobj to begin on the lowered sector, then raise later with the sector to make it appear as if it is floating in the air. The problem is that no matter how I move the sector up and down with linedef actions, the sprite stays (visually at least) where it was in the beginning. I'm editing for vanilla. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Hi. I'm trying to make invisible lifts in a Doom 2 limit-removing map, but somehow it doesn't work as expected. I have created the sectors plus control sectors, assigned sector tags so that they can be triggered, and finally I made them self-referencing by setting front- and back-facing sectors to the same. It looks like this: The invisible sectors are the ones in the middle, with candles on top of them. They are located in a gap with sky box at the bottom. Pressing the computer panel in the north-east corner raises the right lift (1), so that the gap can be crossed. Pressing the switch in the south-west corner raises the left lift (2), so that the platform to the west can be reached. The problem is: Once one or both lifts are raised, navigating at the bottom of the pit isn't possible anymore as it should be. Much more space is blocked than the expected 64x64 sized lifts. In GZDoom, there are also areas where the player seems to “jump up” unexpectedly. It just feels broken. I have tested in Crispy Doom and GZDoom. In UDB, I have selected “BSP-W32 - Normal” as nodebuilder, as I've read somewhere that this one works fine with self-referencing sectors. If anyone is able and willing to help me out with this issue, I'd be very thankful. Here's the relevant map segment for download: selfreftest.zip The 32in24-15_tex_v2.wad texture pack should be loaded as well, otherwise you'll have some missing textures. But for the issue itself, this isn't relevant.
  3. How to create a completely closed self-referencing sector for windows like they did in TNT: Evilution? I've already successfully created a self referencing sector, but I'm not sure how to make one without any gaps in it. I've to leave space between the inner and outer sector for it to work. When I open Map02 from TNT and inspect the windows created in there, it looks like they're completely closed, but whenever I try to move a vertex, things start to merge. So I'm guessing the sectors aren't actually closed, but just aligned in the same positions? If that's the case, then how to align something(overlap) without merging?
  4. I played Doomsday of UAC yesterday and saw the invisible floors and candles, i really liked the effect and wanted to replicate it in a future wad i am building, i saw the wiki page for it but couldn't recreate the effect myself, can anyone help me with this? I am using the boom engine and prboom+ source port.
  5. So i was making a self referencing sector for the first time and the floor texture is getting mirrored in the untextured linedefs Wad download: https://doomshack.org/uploads/testingpeepeepoopoo.wad
  6. Was messing around last night on Scythe X and noticed that on Map04 there's some notable tutti-frutti on some self-referencing sector bridges in one of the first rooms. Is there a way to fix this?
  7. I believe with self-referencing sectors it's a good practice to put them inside a thin bordering sector, to prevent the self-referencing sectors from spreading further out from their sides. The bordering sector should have the same properties as your current outer sector.
  8. Self-referencing sectors can definitely move, that's the whole basis of vanilla 3D bridges you can walk over or under. With Boom you should usually be using property transfer linedefs anyhow (242) instead of self-referencing sectors in most cases, including invisible sectors, just because it's less hacky and less prone to breaking in more advanced ports.
  9. there's a self-referencing sector there that lowers, any suggestions on how to resolve this?
  10. That looks like a mistake I made often, which was forgetting to make the sector self-referencing, by manually setting the sector number on both sides of the inwards-facing linedefs to point to the inner sector.
  11. Grizzly Old B

    Problem with invisible lifts/self-referencing sectors

    Thanks for pointing me to your tutorial. I remember having it watched some time ago already. In theory, I did everything exactly as you described it (plus extra stuff like the control sectors needed for raising the sectors). The problem seemed to be that I had two self-referencing sectors in one common outer sector. Once I made sure the self-referencing sectors had separate outer sectors surrounding them closely, as advised by @Worst above, everything worked as intended.
  12. I am looking for deep slime. I'm pretty sure I made the self-referencing sectors correctly, but they still have that weird visual bug.
  13. Does it support self-referencing sector? I checked at doomwiki that ZokumBSP is ZenNode fork (and as far I know ZenNode is unfriendly towards self-referencing sector).
  14. as long as the self referencing sectors' floors are lower than the pain sector and not larger than the player it should clear this up.
  15. Played around z1m8 translucent floor effect a little. It renders well in opengl now (still in vanilla). Some self-referencing sector work been done. kdikdizd_map20_fix.rar

    Getting this weird error, what does it mean?

    Hey thanks man :) Also I didn't put any self-referencing sectors in there, so I don't know what that's all about. Probably not important tho
  17. Apparently, I noticed when I use self-referencing sector, any hitscan will pass through it but projectiles are blocked with the said sector. Video: Is this undiscovered bug? Or I stumbled into a new thing nobody else knows?
  18. What you're thinking of is a self-referencing sector.
  19. Hebonky

    Discovered an interesting midtexture technique

    You could make fake ceilings on top buildings and make them walkable using self referencing sectors that instantly raise upon getting to the top.
  20. randomsounds01

    1 Flat, 1 Texture - A Doom II map

    I think they're called 'Self-referencing sectors', although I just got that name from a tutorial showing how to make 3-D floors with them.
  21. ViolentBeetle

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    Either self-referncing sector or missing textures on drops causing outside sectors to bleed over. Probably later, since self-referencing sectors shouldn't be able to touch like that, as far as I'm aware.
  22. reefer

    see through/transparent walls

    thanks guys, real interesting stuff. I'm surprised I've never heard of self referencing sectors, I'm always looking into doom's design quirks like that, lol
  23. rita remton

    2 kinds of vanilla 3D bridges example wad

    hi! this is my own tutorial on the topic of making a simple 3d bridge using self-referencing sectors in classic doom vanilla format. hope this helps :) screenshot: tutorial:
  24. thebiomage

    Sliding gate in vanilla Heretic

    Something I experimented on while working on a Heretic map. This emulates the sliding doors from Hexen using self referencing sectors and voodoo dolls. I used 4 "frames" for the opening animation, if you used more sectors it could be made smoother. It still has a small problem, if you don't run across the opened gate, you can fall into the invisible self referencing sectors. I've gotten rid of this problem before by surrounding each self referencing sector with another sector, I don't know if theres another better way to achieve it. Putting those extra sectors around these sectors makes the area very crowded and can make it hard to position the gate frames. I don't have any proper means to capture footage of the opening, if someone could upload that it would be great. I've attached some pics and the test map itself below. heretic_gate.rar
  25. Lost Civilization does in MAP02, inside the cabin at the player start. The oven casts bright light on the floor in front of it, and Jaska raises the corresponding ceiling above the light so that the surrounding darker ceiling masks it EDIT: He doesn't use the self-referencing sector though, he just raise the ceiling. Why is the self-referencing necessary?