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Found 1917 results

  1. I'm working slowly on a Necromancer based mod, and one of my weapons is a mangled mess of code that features an alt fire grenade that summons a Modified Lost soul as a place holder after it explodes (Two if the grenade missed completely) The problem is that the little summoned monster is never targeted by the enemies until after they are struck. Is there an easier way to increase the aggro the minions may have, or recode the enemies to constantly be seeking a new valid target? My best effort so far has been to recode the enemies to constantly go back to the spawn state so that they can reacquire a target, which doesn't seem to work.
  2. https://www.doomworld.com/search/?q=mob Have a gander at the above search query. Half the uses of 'mob' are to mean 'monster', with one example so unequivocally, incontrovertibly so: URROVA replied to rd.'s topic in Doom General I first noticed this use of 'mob' to mean 'monster' over on Angband. And I finally decided to make a thread about it. Then I was curious if it was being used elsewhere: and lo and behold, Doomers are using 'mob' to mean monster as well! How long has this devilry been going on for?? @Gez
  3. heres the download https://wadhosting.com/Wad/4880B6C7EF09CFD3CFD73E2CA685E43A93E5BD72 its a thing where you test your skills with a bunch of icon of sin mob spawners. to get there go into console and type in "idclev 30" and it should take you there Name: Test your skills (test.wad) IWAD: Doom 2 Compatibility: Vanilla Ports Tested: Gzdoom (I'm too lazy to try different ports) Map slots: Map30 Music: Mark Klem, David Shaw, Jeremy Doyle, Tom Mustaine, Charles Li Gameplay: single-player Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 1 day Requirements: no jumping/crouching
  4. printz

    When did 'mob' come to mean 'monster'?

    I always thought that "mob" in this context means a big group of monsters out to take you, like an angry mob. Also the mob is generally used villainously (think of organized crime). I never saw mob used with this meaning.
  5. Gez

    When did 'mob' come to mean 'monster'?

    If we consider that "mob" is originally short for "mobile" in the sense that it's an actor that moves around, then Romero's head, being immobile, cannot be a mob. But since the term mob has long been generalized to apply to any sort of enemy NPC, then it still fits despite that (plus, you can make it move with dehacked anyway). Mobj is a more technical and Doom-specific term, so it's more obscure, while mob is part of the general video game lingo.
  6. CrocMagnum

    When did 'mob' come to mean 'monster'?

    That is how I discovered the term. "Mob(s)" in that context is a very common word in hack'n'slash games (Diablo 2, Torchlight 2,...). More rarely it can be used as a verb, as in "I keep getting mobbed a lot" or "In Titan Quest, Squall is a good skill to use while mobbing" (=while killing groups of monsters).
  7. real slush59134


    Teleporters, mob closets and other modified stuffs
  8. ScrappyMcDoogerton

    (Now on idgames!) Afterburn, a boom-compatible 12 map wad!

    Playing through this set was a lot of fun, mobs of demons around every corner!
  9. Piper Maru

    Trouble deciding - Need help

    Yeah! And they have to avoid mobs of backseat moderators as enemies.
  10. Doomenator

    Mixed DooM

    In Doom 1, this wasn't a problem, right? Adding wolfenstein mobs to the regular levels a bad idea.
  11. Kute

    Whats your opinions on marauders

    I still find the arch-vile the most dangerous mob in the game
  12. If you are playing on GZDoom, you can use a mod called 10.5x to reduce mob density without breaking the maps.
  13. yeah this opinion is so controversial... romero's head is the best mob
  14. Giant Jumbo Jellyfish

    When did 'mob' come to mean 'monster'?

    Funnily enough until I read this thread I thought "mob" was a shortening of "monster object".
  15. It's a mob cap, not a shower cap =P On topic: Very excited Iron Lich
  16. Gez

    When did 'mob' come to mean 'monster'?

    Well, the wiktionary tells us this: An early MUD? Richard Bartle has created MUDs since 1978, when he along with Roy Trubshaw created the very first MUD, the one that gave its name to the entire genre. Now since this is a genre that's older than me and since I've never really been interested in multiplayer games, I don't know if the terminology "mob" was there since this 1978 MUD or not. It would take a game historian to check. Anyway it's not surprising that it would be used in Angband, since AFAIK that game is a MUD. But then we have this: So this was already established video game lingo in 2002. I'll also point out, in passing, that in Doom we also have the term "mobj" which is unrelated to mob: it comes from "map object". Any mob is a mobj, but a mobj is not necessarily a mob.
  17. Gibbon

    Doom Without Demons?

    Seems easy enough. Just replace the regular sprites with non-demon sprites. Voila.. same game, different mobs.. there's your answer.
  18. Artman2004

    When did 'mob' come to mean 'monster'?

    I've really only seen mob used in this context in Minecraft. Most other games call them monsters or enemies.
  19. Lila Feuer

    If you were the doomguy how would you like to die

    Mobbed by a horde of Imps at close range.
  20. Gez

    Resurfaced blood sprites

    That makes sense. I suppose it could still be used without an attack animation, as a mere annoyance (a mob of them blocking the way) or as an alternative for the innocents.
  21. northivanastan

    Top 5 Star Trek Episodes

    Be careful with those hot takes, or you might find a mob of angry Trekkies at your door... (/joke)
  22. F0U

    Mawson's Nightmare

    V1.6 is up with much more details, more mob types, difficulty settings and coop support!
  23. Mayomancer

    favorite gun

    I have a thing for the plasma rifle, it's just so cathartic when you get the chance to pull it out and scythe though a mob
  24. I'm thinking that a map of mine could include some civilians, both lab and regular clothing, that basically add to the immersion of the map and give the player an optional objective to try to save as many as he can from hell spawn while going through. Is there a collection like that anywhere?
  25. Doomenator

    Voxel Chibi Doom! Version 5.2 (Jan 24 2020)

    By the way, in the new version mobs stuck in the wall.