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Found 2153 results

  1. Roofi

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 3 Heures d'Agonie 2

    Map 10 "Culture et Confiture de Mobs" What I like the most in Jambon's maps is the minimalistic design through the use of a very restrained number of textures and a simple architecture. Also, I love how the Aznavour's music transforms this little library into an intimate place. Despite the relaxed ambiance, the gameplay was more stressful needed. Jambon doesn't grant you a green or blue armor and give powerful weapons later so you have to kill two groups of hell knight and an arch-vile locked behind metal bars with your boomstick. Also, getting the SSG releases a group of spectres in a dark and cramped room. The scarcity of the resources force to you to advance with caution , and I didn't really spend a happy time. The symetrical design doesn't displease me though. Grade : C
  2. Dusty_Rhodes

    What I never understood about most WADS

    Sometimes new content can stick out awkwardly. Adding more to replace the stock content usually emphasizes the new mobs or weapons better. That said, pretty much every Doomkid mod I've played has a great balance between vanilla and molded assets. 180 Minutes Pour Vivre by the French Doom Community has a few custom monsters and a solid balance as well. Scythe 2 has a few tasteful additions as well. Of course, there's also the excellent Mordeth Episode 1. Skillsaw's stuff is generally good for this, as is Ribbiks' but I've only played Ancient Aliens and a few Ribbiks wads, so the rest is anecdotal.. I'm sure I can think of more if you're still looking. But yeah, kind of hard to balance stuff, which is the main reason. That, and people just like vanilla Doom. It's more often that if people like it modded, they're gonna want it really modded.
  3. Dragonfly

    Tool: Fear Inoculum

    Tough crowd. I think it's smart of them to stick to their core sound when reappearing over a decade late. Had they changed, you can bet the internet masses would grab their pitchforks as usual and assert the all-too-common mob mentality against the band, heh. But we don't have the full album yet, there's still time for a few surprising songs!
  4. Also, I'll check the same on Strife. I think these lesser-played games could have some issues. EDIT: So, I checked through the code and it appears that the saves were throwing some null pointers while saving the numbers of mobs. Lucky for us, @fabian had fixed it in Crispy (apparently) but Choco never took the fix. What worked for sprinkled was this: // [Dasperal] If the save is corrupted and the identity number is higher than the number of objects on the map restore it as a NULL pointer. // This still potentially leaves complex objects broken but NULL is safer than garbage value. else if (archiveNum < MobjCount) { *ptr = MobjList[archiveNum]; } else { *ptr = NULL; } It now saves perfectly fine. Pushed it to master.
  5. Toilet_Wine_Connoisseur

    If each doom monster had their own jobs what would they be?

    former human: cleaning up the track after horse races former sergeant: Line Cook Chaingunner: Assistant Manager Imp: Metal Band roadies/tour bus driver Pinky: ring announcer Cacodemon: Semi Truck Driver Lost Soul: underground fighter Cyberdemon: mob boss Spider Mastermind: Literally the entirety of the Illuminati Revenant: DOOT DOOT DOOT Pain Elemental: Tenured professor Hell Knight: Personal trainer for pro-athletes Baron of Hell: firefighter Mancubus: Gainer Camgirl Arachnotron: owns a flower shop
  6. I had recorded a nice little play through... but YouTube seem to be annoying today... Very good for a first map... But here a few thing to fix... First, I notice an empty room for some reason, no mob or pick up, after snooping around in the editor I noticed this, you must have moved it by accident. Second, yo use the skybox you need to use "F_SKY1" this will render the skybox. But you are using the texture for SKY1, using it this way just look weird, not a big problem for your use int this map but if you make an outdoor area it would look really wrong.
  7. Fonze

    Stupid Dehacked Tricks

    I've said in the discord already but this is all super cool, has so very much potential and I love to see it! Also, it's amazing that the fire basically legitimately 'walks' itself around to make this happen; that's extremely robust! Wrt the stuck monsters: would it then be possible to adjust the size of the fire's hitbox to make it larger so bigger monsters don't get stuck in geometry (walls/ledges)? Seems a similar problem to what you'd find if you sized an area for a teleport destination then ported a large mob there.
  8. LadyMistDragon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Judgment

    Map 19: Mourning Palace Very nice Tristan midi. Also, like this beginning quite a bit. Outside, domed entrance, and on the far right, a helper dog that will probably be cut off from you early on, due to the minimal AI. There was one point they got stuck in a sort of mezzanine at the beginning for a bit. The rooms off the hall to the right of the entrance are kind of nice, with some cool details. I didn't really like the turret Revenants, as they seem to assume you'll end up passing them with better ammo, but everything else was decent-ish. There's lots of incidental combat, with the Brutes being used quite effectively. There's one hallway with plasma troopers (not far from the hidden BFG where I actually punched a couple of wraiths, though they're quick enough it's probably not advisable to punch too many of them if there are more than 2 of them at a time. Unlike other maps, stuff's fairly linear. A sort of deadly gauntlet at another large circular area where there is an Imp mob along with a few Revenants, bolstered by Fallen in towers. Honestly, this isn't one of their better uses, though they keep you from focusing entirely on enemies above. Just above you, you fight a large mob of Hell Knights, hopefully with a hidden BFG that probably had too many steps involved to access it (you press/shoot 4 separate switches). The hidden Invulnerbility was much easier to find though. And good thing too. Taking out the Arch-vile that appears in the YK trap in entirely open ground without a rocket launcher would be rolling the dice otherwise. Now, after getting two keys, you open some bars at the second doors, pick up a BFG and immediately run back than run forward once the two Archons here are out. Then find a way into the center room, a pentagram-shaped platform over hot coals. While you don't really lose too much health per second, surviving the massive Imp mob, then the Hell Knights, then the modified Mastermind is not guarantee, especially as I was slow to notice there were switches on the side that lower the bars to the exit. I think that the Mastemind should have been targeted first, but at any rate, I ended up running to hit the last switch I missed at 5 percent health and dying. At this point, I was not happy to try to navigate through the rock again, so I exited. It's very hard to judge maps with incidental fights and then huge things like most of the key fights. I guess the end wasn't quite Arceon Map 04 levels of BS (there were two Cyberdemons there with seriously limited health) but god....but there were many cool touches and the flaws were fairly minor. Thumbs ip lmd_judg19.zip
  9. Paul977

    Impromptu Minidido (Project Thread)

    Hey rd, noticed the mobs in my section teleport in rather slow. If you put the two teleporter closet on the south west of the area they teleport better. Also the vile behind is brutal^
  10. ScrappyMcDoogerton


    This map is on the verge of being really good, I just have a couple of nitpicks which hampered my enjoyment slightly. The pistol has recoil, so if you're not using freelook your view gets jerked up every time you fire it. Also, reloading after every shot gets tiresome. These issues are pretty minor as you get a shotgun fairly quickly. The bigger issue for me is the lack of weapons through the rest of the map. Only getting a sg and cg to deal with mobs of barons, revenants and cacodemons makes cleaning them all up a real chore. The map has cells and rockets peppered throughout, but no weapon to use them with :( At the ending cyber fight, all the good weapons are piled up there but by that time you only need the plasma rifle so having the other weapons there doesn't help much.
  11. LadyMistDragon

    Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #054

    Curtin Computer Science (1995) by Scott LaVertu Another myschool wad! Although this one is actually pretty good and actually bears a decent resemblance to its attempted simulated location I suspect. Granted, the author takes something of a proto-slaughter approach to the combat but even if door-camping is mandatory, the bathrooms are kind of cute, the classrooms with the disruptive Imp students and screaming wall heads are nice and there's just something so amusing about seeing Revenants in the labs and having mobs of pinkies randomly unleashed to attack you. Still, progression has some odd nonsensical bits that keep this from being an unvarnished recommended curio. But it looks and plays quite well regardless. One has to understand that if a room looks walkthrough, it probably is. Can't say I'm such a huge fan of the latter part but it resembles more a traditional school building I suppose. I do find it amusing the security is prepared to vaporize you with plasma here. 6.5/10
  12. Nikku4211

    Share Your Sprites!

    I'll go get the sprites I drew for a long abandoned MBF WAD I was originally making a long time ago: I drew all this way back in 2016 when my art was somehow even worse than it is now. The WAD was planned to avert Doom's philosophy of killing everything that moves. It never progressed from a small incomplete map and a few mobs (yeah they're not necessarily enemies in this WAD) made in DeHackEd. There was also originally going to be Heretic-style gibbing where each piece of the body would be its own separate sprite, but I never had it integrated into the WAD's DeHackEd file. It was a pain compiling a spreadsheet from completely separate images made in MS Paint.
  13. BigBossHeinzohn

    What's something about Doom that you absolutely hate?

    I say for me that the Ultimate Doom can feel a bit slow or bullet spongy past Episode 1. I can remember just having to hold down M1 with the shotgun or the chaingun for like a couple of minutes on a baron of hell, a cacodemon, or a mob of pinkies. Doom 2 however solves this problem with the super shotty. Does it make the single shotgun sorta not viable anymore? Yeah pretty much, but now you can add more demons in cus you can cut down more demons in a short period of time. Plus the new monsters definitely made shit more real and gave us the toys needed to make more interesting and fun arenas in custom mappacks.
  14. Snikle

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Hell Revealed 2

    MAP13 - Hardcore Liked this map pretty well. Much more cramped than the previous map, and still pretty rectangular. Why was there a monster blocking line between under the awning between the Mastermind platforms? Really took the teeth out of the revenant mob, just being able to rocket them from the other side, save for the half-dozen or so that followed me through the teleporter. Cyberdemon was fun, Masterminds were not. Still feel like the hardest level for me so far was map 4.
  15. Gibbon

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest

    RZDoom, HMP, blind, no saves. Breakout - MAP26 Well Kaiser.. can’t say I like this one. The first 5 minutes before I was gunned down outside were…. Odd to say the least. Pressure plates that open bars and ambush after ambush after ambush.. Oh and you forgot to texture your walls after they lower, resulting in a beautiful noclip effect. I guess nobody tested this one either. Afterlife - MAP27 A mish mash of rooms, imps and shotgunners really. You have to use the rooftops to get the blue key and then risk your ammo to fight more ambushing mobs. I ran out and got splattered by a Caco but ran through it again after. Takes about 45 minutes.. I really don’t like it at all. MAP26/27 try to be a magnum opus, but end up being a magnum doofus.
  16. I've read a countless deep dive articles on the BFG's programming, and I still can't get it to work that effectively. Shoot ball, turn in whatever direction target enemy is in, situate within cone of destruction, get disappointed. I mean, I can hardly wipe out a medium mob of imps and a revenant. I've tried moderating angle, speed, approach, not much of a change. Typically I put those 40 cells to better use with the plasma rifle.
  17. P41R47

    why is plutonia's difficulty so overstated?

    vanilla may be a bad statement as after a good amount of monster they start to not being drawn. But yes, the map is vanilla. Its just two big square with tons of monsters. And nope, its not impossible. Nuts is a good way to start learning how to control the mob of monsters, pretty much just you running around and blasting some BFG shoots now and then until all the monster, practically eliminate themselves bia infighting. Then comes the second part with tons of archviles, cyber demons and spider masterminds, and its just slightier more difficult that the first part. Also, the map has a good number of invesibility spheres that render you inmortal if you need to do a cleansing.
  18. TheOrganGrinder

    The DWheretic Club plays: Heretic

    E1M9: The Graveyard This is a level that distinguishes itself through its extensive use of ghost monsters more than any kind of distinctive setting or interesting layout; not one of my favourite Heretic mechanics, especially to the extent that it's employed here. I think the reliance on the dragon claw that emerges from this, over the ethereal crossbow that has been the workhorse of the player's arsenal up to this point, highlights something about the Heretic gameplay experience that I've found awkward for a while but haven't really narrowed down the details of until now: compared to Doom, the level of feedback you receive from the monsters is somewhat reduced, with muffled pain and attack noises, small projectiles, and attack animations that can quickly be obscured by the flash of your own weapons. Compare the experience of unloading a few dozen chaingun rounds into a mob of imps to how it feels to let loose on a gang of golems (especially of the ghostly variety) with the dragon claw; in the latter case, it's all too easy to lose track of what's going on in a mess of overlapping bright-blue magic bursts and thunderous dang-jang-dang-dang-jang sound effects that drown out other noises. Anyway, rant over, the level itself is a compact hubspoke affair consisting of a central graveyard around which various tombs and mausoleums are arranged, and there's a certain artfulness in the arrangement of the exterior walls of those tombs into a naturalistic-feeling border for the graveyard area. It's going to play out rather differently from a wand start than when playing continuously, since its weapons are placed in a quite strictly gated fashion despite the abundance of different ammunition everywhere; as others have noted, you start out without access to much firepower so the gameplay consists of tearing about the map with an ever-growing mob of monsters on your heels in search of something more potent than your initial pellet gun, then turning around and venting the dragon's claw (empowered by the Tome of Power, or not) on the assembled horde. The relatively sluggish pace of the game's monsters means this plays out more like you're dealing with a shambling mob of zombies than a baying pack of bloodhounds; provided your pursuers don't achieve the critical mass necessary to block a doorway or the road that rises from the graveyard to the northern mausoleum, there's less threat to be found there than their numbers might suggest.
  19. Crusader No Regret

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest

    Even if someone offered to pay me to play through Citadel at the Edge of Eternity, I'd only accept if I was permitted to use something like Russian Overkill or some other weapons mod that significantly buffs weapons in slots 3 and 4. The map is too much of a slog with the stock arsenal. It's a long haul to even the rocket launcher and there's lots of high HP monsters on the way there with nothing more powerful than SSG. Yeah, I god moded my way through the map to check it out back in 2005. Even on HMP it's a grind. Don't recall ammo being an issue but there's plenty of cruel tricks. Like the lava pit in front of the start that's a deathtrap without the yellow key. And some encounters where one better know what's coming in advance to avoid getting mobbed or cornered. Probably more that I've forgotten over the years.
  20. RonnieJamesDiner

    RAY MOHAWK 2 - Development Thread

    A little late to the party, but we made it! Here is mine and rd's map, ready for testing, feedback, FDAs, and copious amounts of salt! Download (needs to be loaded with the latest resource wad): VileIsland_v0.1.zip Screenshots: Title: Alfonzo Stumbles Bloodied Into a Laundromat and, While Attempting to Hide From a Mob of Feral Donkeys, Unwittingly Finds That One Washer Is a Cloning Device That Turns All of His Copies Into Archviles (ft. Miley Cyrus) Authors: RJD and rd Tested with: chocorenderlimits, Eternity, GZDoom Music: I Choose the Stairs, by Lee Jackson Difficulty Settings: Yes Description: A quick burst of absolute mayhem, set in a compact, tropical island techbase teeming with hordes of monsters merely waiting for the swift justice of Ray's devastating arsenal.
  21. Daytime Waitress

    Mountain Village (Tower Defense!)

    Tower defense and cawadoody zombies were the biggest things for a long time - you're definitely gonna find someone into this. And that's why I'm still getting my arse handed to me on HNTR... That's not a knock against the map - it's just too spicy for my current skill level, is all. I absolutely love how interconnected you've made this map. The subtitle made me think that it was going to be very "stay in one building and try to snipe everything", but there are so many avenues that both you and the enemies can utilise, so many arteries that suddenly get clogged and you have to make a decision whether to open it up again with concentrated fire or abandon it and look for another path around the growing mob. Combine that with the naturalistic height variation and the challenge of finding a strategy that works for you regarding what order to pick up the powerups/ammo, and you have a genuinely beautfiul coffee break WAD.
  22. holaareola

    Conspiracy Theorists Make My Brain Hurt

    Skating dangerously over the no-politics DW rule here, haha. In cases like absolute harassment or bullying, I'm with you all the way. Personally, I don't give a shit about celebrities in general, but why I think it's relevant is that if it becomes normalised up there, it becomes normalised down here too, with the people that have little power. I think it's a dangerous norm to have a low bar for this behaviour because while it can be used for a parallaxed sort of good it also offers a perfectly disguised outlet for a really dark and ancient impulse. Hard to know if it's really about justice when it feels so good to have some power and mob-kick other people you hate when you feel in the right. It's fun. At least when one joined a mob to dragged someone through the village in bygone years they actually had to confront that person's suffering, to be there, to see them in pain. Twitter is the worst and also the biggest conduit for this, being so unrepresentative of the general population. Because the people in power are apparently glued to this service, it completely distorts their sense of reality, even when it's just a few thousand noisy voices of younger, wealthier and better educated on average people -- a vanishingly small contingent of those they supposedly represent in the case of politicians, and a small slice of readership/fans for media outlets. I've seen people hounded for stuff that the few people I know from the benighted working class that lefties like myself only love as an abstraction -- the ones who actually keep the country running -- would think absolutely normal. But they don't have much power. They also don't have jobs where they are connected to the internet all fucking day. Justice makes it satisfying. Anonymity and distance make it more vicious. Righteousness obviates the guilt. The mob makes it exciting. That's just too attractive, no thanks. And if ever at some point the media class and universities here become more politically diverse, it could be happening to the left. No thanks again. Outside of extreme cases, I'd rather the figures I find odious have those platforms that accept them than the most zealous controlling the debate. Now his death is one conspiracy I personally believe in for certain! Think that's the first mention in the thread? Surely not, how did we get so far?!
  23. The idea was for the player to rely more on infighting, because starting to shoot right away would have made for quite a straightforward and boring gameplay. infinite plasma ammo especially. And rockets are quite difficult to use because of the pain elementals and lost souls, so shotgun was an alternative. However, which one you got is supposed to be a lottery. Yhea, you don't get a chaingun, since all 3 weapons are good at clearing all the mobs, didn't see a need for chaingun. The intent of the SG/SSG was flow disruption and bit of a lottery introduction. makes more of a "ok wtf where i go now" moments. Also, whether you get the megaarmor/rl/plasma gun or not depends a lot on rng. I figured instead of trying to balance the map with different monsters, why not exploit rng a bit, so that everyone, in theory, can have similar experience but with some differences.
  24. New video! Autumn has just left us, but even so, a new Bri wad is something I'll usually take a look at. As always, they look great and flow well, and this one is extra-intense and quite fast paced. This video is covering the first three levels of Fallen Leaves. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of a smart way to integrate Myrmidon into the title of the mapset for the video (lol), but ah well. And picking Cluster Hammers as my upgrade was a really good choice for this level with its packed mobs. I am fully recovered now following my previous hospital stay, so I will be commencing consolidation on what I want to see in Walpurgis 0.98. I think we have all the upgrades we could need in 0.97 and we're approaching what I would consider feature-complete. I expect the road to 1.0 to probably add Slot-3 alternative weapons and perhaps a few inventory tweaks. You can get this mapset here:
  25. Captain red pants

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    Blood has what I personally consider the most satisfying weapons in any of the build engine games, also trash mob enemies are fun to fight. The level design is a bit all over the place in both games though shadow warrior does more interesting thing with the build engine. Bloods better but play both :p