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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Havoc Crow

    Sewers Remake

    A remake of sewers.wad by David Calvin. The text file claims that this is a "vanilla remake" but at the same time ZDoom is required...? Odd. Playing in Zdoom 2.8.1, I've noticed a few graphical glitches such as a HOM outside of one of the windows, but nothing game-breaking. I've only taken a quick look at the original (which some may know from its inclusion in Xbox Doom) and this remake seems to be almost completely different, although a few areas have preserved their basic concept. As the title suggests it's a trip through some dark, acid-filled tunnels, with difficulty about on par with E1 although the fights at the end get intense. Health is quite scarce but with enough skill you shouldn't have problems. Annoyingly, other than the shotgun there are no other weapons out in the open; I guess the rest are hidden in secrets judging from all the ammo lying around. The visuals are about on par with the original IWAD, although with a lot of "DoomCute" stuff (to borrow kmxexii's term) such as vending machines, as well as areas which have no real gameplay roles, and details such as holes in doors. Overall there is some strong sense of place, especially when you transition out of the dank sewers into the open. It's a pity there's no new music, but the trusty IDMUS should take care of that (E2M2's music fits pretty well). A pretty good map to play, especially if you're hungry for the classic E1 style of maps with a good sense of place. [Originally written Dec 2018 for The /newstuff Chronicles]
  2. Guest