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My own demos

DooM 2 Master Exam files
These demos prove that I have a title of DooM 2 Master. However these demos also suck :) They were recorded long time ago... I was just starting playing with mouse, and was just able to get the title... I'm a lot better now, and I might soon re-record these demos with better quality!
Download: D2M6JRS.ZIP (114 Kb)

Demos from others (these rock!)

DooM Done Quick
These demos will totally rock your ass! Some of the best DooM spee runners got together and recorded these 4 demos (1 episode per demo) and final result was a run through Ultimate DooM's all 4 episodes in only 19 minutes and 14 seconds!!! Quickest done level was only 11 seconds (E4M7) and longest only 1 minute 24 seconds (E1M7)!
Visit their homepage to download this miracle:
Quake Done Quick-homepage
DooM 2 Done Quick
If DooM Done Quick made your pants wet then you propably can't stand looking through DooM 2 Done Quick! Now they run through DooM 2 in only 21 minutes and 16 seconds!!! And that's not all!!! The demo can be seen from outside the player in moving camera view! That's right, just like in the fucking Tomb Raider damn it! Check the screenshots to see what I mean if you are dum enough to not understand! Btw, fastest level went in 6 seconds and longest run was 1 minute 49 seconds.
Visit their homepage to download this Über Miracle:
Quake Done Quick-homepage
Oh a little tip for you! Try starting the demo with command "d2dq -width 640 -height 480" and you should see it all in HIGH RES!
DooM 2 nightmare run through
Finally Panter did a whole 30 level nightmare run, and we don't have to watch that old cheated one from who ever the recorder was :) Think about it!!! Whole fucking 30 levels in nightmare from one stand!!! Freak out man! This just isn't possible :)
Download: 30NM4949.ZIP (103 Kb)