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Editing DooM

You will NOT find any editing guides from here, but you will find my favourite DooM editors here. This page includes real good level, graphics, sounds, and exe editors.

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DETH (Level editor) *****
BooM support!
The best level editor I've ever used. Can edit DooM, Ultimate DooM, DooM ][, Heretic and Strife levels. It doesn't have a fancy 3D-view, and it doesn't have sector drawing tool, but you'll get full control over anything you wan't to do. Comes with the fastest node builder (ZenNode) and HeXeN editor (HETH).
Download: Get DETH from TeamTNT's page.
ZETH (ZDooM level editor) *****
Editor that not only supports ZDooM, but is actually made for ZDooM editing. Based on famous DETH editor, so if you like DETH, you certainly like ZETH too. Contains in-editor script editor, full support for all ZDooM level features and everything that DETH can do.
Download: Get ZETH from ZDooM homepage.
WinTex (Graphics+Sound editor) *****
The best non-level WAD-editor. Easy to use and learn. You can install your own custom textures, sprites, floors, sounds and musics to WAD with it. Too bad that it's only available for Windows.
Download: Click here to see where you can get the latest version
DeHacked (EXE-editor) ****
DeHacked is a quite easy to use EXE-editor. With it you can change lot's of stuff that you can't change with WAD-editors. You can, for example, create new monsters, new weapons, make enemies/you stronger, make faster/slower/weaker/more powerful weapons. One thing that I've made with it was that I've changed rockets to plastic bombs that you can place on the ground and then shoot them to blow them up! GREAT in deathmatch :)
Download: DHE31.ZIP