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This section contains some DooM related files. DooM related files means stuff that can't be placed anywhere else... Front-ends, screensavers, icons, mouse cursors... Anything!

Mouse Cursors
DooM related mouse cursors for Windows 95.
Download: DOOM-CUR.ZIP (19.1 Kb)

DooM Icons
DooM icons for Windows. I have two packs of them listed here. The other one is meant for 16- and 256-color displays, and the other (which looks better) is meant for HiColor modes. Both packs have 40 icons in them!
16-color icons look like this:
HiColor icons look like this:
16-color icons download: DOOMICOS.ZIP (10 Kb)
HiColor icons download: HICOLICO.ZIP (27.9 Kb)

Windows Fonts!
This pack contains three different fonts for Windows! DooM font, Id software font and Quake font (Id- and Quake-fonts are TrueType fonts). They look really good. Here's a sample:

Download: FONTPACK.ZIP (31.3 Kb)

Windows 95 startup and shutdown screens!
These pictures replace the Windows 95 startup and shutdown screens with Mr. DooM's great DooM pictures.
Download: W95DOOM.ZIP (171 Kb)