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DooM Link's

Only quality links can be found here. Even a link with one star is worth of something!

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Link's to DooM teams

Team TNT's homepage

One of the best WAD designing groups in the net. They made 'Icarus: Alien Vanguard', 'Final DooM', 'Eternal DooM', and much more...
The Banjo software
A group that makes shareware add-ons for games. They made HACX for the DooM 2, and when I'm writing this, they are making HACX 3D for Quake 2!
The Official HACX Site
Official site to tell you about the shareware Total Conversion HACX!
Tranquil Lament Software
The home of "The Lost Wad" series. They are really making good WAD's now... You might also find some Quake stuff from there...
Link's DooM news sites

DooM News (Awarded)

What can I say? This is best.
My favorite new site after the DooM News.
DooM Nation
The third big one...
Sailor Scout's Gaming Center (Awarded)
News, articles, files, info... Excellent!
DooM add-on reviews page


Ok... It's not a DooM site. It's a Heretic site. Anyway, you can find quality Heretic level reviews here. And I'm one of the reviewers there too :)
Team Insanity (Awarded)
This page rocks! Like me, they review WAD's, but their reviews are large. They don't do as much reviews as I, but the quality of reviews is generally better! They also have some other interesting stuff on their page, and some ultra neat pictures taken from DooM 64 (I quess).
The Doomoscope (Awarded)
Doomoscope has the biggest selection of DooM WAD and add-on reviews that I've seen in anywhere. This site is great!
The /newstuff chronicles
This page tries to review every DooM add-on that comes in I hope that they will succeed!
The Wad Vault
Another add-on site.
Link's to general DooM pages

***** DooMGate

DooMGate is a real good starting page for DooMer.
***** DooM History
Much interesting stuff about history of DooM, like old alpha & beta releases of DooM.
***** DooMWiz900's "Best Of DooM" (Awarded)
Good looking and well arranged page with lot's of info.
***** Dr. Sleep's DooM apothecary
Dr. Sleeps DooM apothecary is a good place for peoples who like DooM editing.
***** Dybbuk's DooM Domain
Nightmares Of Loki, The Chaos Trilogy, Vintage WAD's and a lot more on this site...
***** Icemans DooM page
Icemans DooM page looks really good, and has good stuff inside it.
***** Mecca
Could be a 3D-gamers starting place.
***** Mordeth's page
Excellent guides for some special tricks with DooM editing and a great Total Conversion.
***** Mr. DooM's Page (Awarded)
Every DooM fanatics must place!
***** Wad Authors page (Awarded)
Excellent page with lot's of information.
The greatest downloading place in the net. If you are looking for DooM stuff try pub/idgames/ directory.

**** Bill Parker's DooM Domain (Awarded)
Contains good info about DooMing. Good enough to get my award :)
**** Dagger's Web Page
Interesting stuff... Also has an interview of Iikka Keränen.
**** DooMGuys page (Awarded)
Loads of info for DooMer's.
**** DooM World (Awarded)
WAD's and stuff that you can except to find at good DooM page. Also has DooM, ID-software and Quake fonts for windows!
**** The DooM Headquarters (Awarded)
A typical well done DooM site with all kinds of information.
**** SEUS Shoot-Em-Up-Shelves) (Awarded)
Site that lists DooM and Duke Nukem 3D add-on's.
**** Special tricks for DooM editing (like invicible stairs)
If you wan't to do something special, youll find the possible tricks here.
**** Yetis page
Very good looking page that lists lot's of deathmatch level from Yeti.
**** Wildman's Corner
List's DooM stuff like the authors project of turning all Quake DM levels to DooM.

*** Camp-DooM
A very nice looking page with good stuff and good links.
*** Cary's DooM 2 Dominion
Nice stuff.
*** Dr Deathmatch's Doom 2 Page
Very simple and clear layout. Lists some deathmatch levels. Submit your own deathmatch ideas!
*** The DooM ][ WAD page
Well, it includes good WAD's :)

** The Quad god's dungeon
Too much frames, but still a nice page.
** Make's DooM page
Lists some of the better WAD's and Megawads. The speciality of this page is demos! You can download some incredible demos from this page, like nightmare demo from level 1 to 13! Author is also another level designer of UAC (listed in levels section).
** Kari's DooM 2 Page
Another member of stimpack team (authors of UAC). This page lists some WAD's, links (of course), screenshots and of course the UAC project.