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Source Ports & Mods

Simple list of those source ports & mods that I have.
For a bigger list of source ports and mods, go to DoomWorld. They have almost perfect list of source ports.

Main page

This is absolutely my favorite port!
Basically most, if not all, DooM's bugs and limits are removed from this port, and after that more and more features are added! New features include:
For more info and downloads, head to TeamTNT's website

ChaseCam (source mod)
Based on old version of DOS DooM, but this mod is excellent! Only thing it does (by my knowledge) is adding two new views for playing (chase cam & corner cam). Chase cam can be used for playing, but specially corner cam is very annoying to use for playing, but both cam modes rock really hard when watching demos! No more need to watch them from players view, and you can see so much more! I included a simple, but effective screenshot of cornercam mode!
This ports supports SVGA and HiColor modes with same parameters as DOSDooM.
ChaseCam homepage:

DoomBot (source mod)
FANTASTIC! The first working DooM deathmatch bot! It's still very stupid bot and you can learn it's tactics very quickly, but it's good for practising and it does give some challenge! You can also make it run in SVGA mode, because it's based on DooMLegacy, so it looks superior too!
Unfortunately this DoomLegacy thing also includes a bunch of really nice bugs that mainly causes crashes in the middle of game and makes you curse. I would love to see a BooM version, or at least a "back-to-DosDooM" version, because those ports tend to work :)
Some negative things on this bot are that it doesn't escape the player, doesn't pick weapons (it just has them) and it can commit the stupid "rocket-suicide", but hey, it's the first working real DooM deathmatch bot!
DoomBot homepage:

DooM Legacy
Cool looking port, with some cool extra features!.
Here's some neat features:
Personally I think that only good things on this port are mass deathmatches (when will we get enough players with good pings???), water effects (will it someday actually support any user textures???), Quake style lightning (This feature is not there yet, but will rock hard).
DooM Legacy homepage:

This was the first source port that ever came out, and is still a good choice!
New un-implemented features include new script language called DDF (DooM Definition Files) to produce new items/enemies in DooM, but although that is not yet implemented, DosDooM is still very excellent choice (and currently only source port that supports MP3 files too...).
DOS DooM homepage:

Basically this is quite normal DooM, execpt that it has revolutionary 3d-acceleration, that boosts graphics of DooM to new dimensions, but only if you have a fast computer and a decent 3d-card. Note that the screenshot, when enlarged, shows actually two sreenshots: one 3d-accelerated, and one from normal SVGA DooM.
glDooM homepage:

Marines Best Friend (MBF)
Source port based on BooM. Supports everything in BooM and some new special stuff:
MBF Download: MBF.ZIP (1,5 Mb)

This port is for Win95 & Win NT (and now also for DOS).
My second favorite port... This has most limits and bugs removed too, and has included some of BooM's neat features! Also it has lot's of new enhancments in it! One very neat thing is that it doesn't use Allegro for sounds, and that way every sound card that has Windows drivers is supported!
This is also pretty ultimate port, because it's the first one that moved from basic DooM WAD format to other format: HeXeN level format! That allows much more flexibility for levels, HUB's between levels (!!!) and HeXeN's ACS script support!!!
Here's some neat features:
ZDooM homepage: