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Friday, 10 December 1998 - Macintosh IS a computer

Arrgh! When peoples bash each others computers (not literally of course), that's something that I don't understand and it makes me MAD! I saw a Mac bashing rant on DooM Forever, and although I've never been specially fond about Macintoshes I just have to write this defense rant... I've basically quoted the rant from there and commented it part by part:

MACNITOSH/APPLE Computers! Yes, that's right folks....time to rant about a piece of shit that isn't even worth calling a computer. ;)
Saying that Macintosh isn't worth of calling it computer is obsolete, since even every half minded droid can see it is a computer.

First off, a note to Macintosh d00ds...give up, your computers suck. Nobody but schools and people that don't know PCs exsist uses Macs...
If you would buy a computer, would you trash it because someone else thinks it sucks? I don't think so pal!
And clearly the write doesn't know that Macintoshes are used a lot for making magazines, so the writer doesn't even know what he is talking about! Did he lose his creditability or what???

and that STUPID POS IMAC can go to my boss says, "I think computers shouldn't be 'cute.'"
Computer's shouldn't be cute? That's entirely a matter of opinion. Besides, do you always place your boss in the place of god or something? Personally I'm getting bored for the fact that 95% (or more) of computers are gray boxes... Just like the big buildings in the city... huh...

Lazy whores couldn't even put in a 3 inch floppy drive.
This kind of weird stuff happens all the time in PC world if you haven't noticed! Different manufacturers make their strange machines which lack something that would be very important, like 3d-card, sound card, internet capability or something like that... Oh, and most of those weird PC's look cute too...

Then, that thing that moves the cursor around the's not a mouse. You can barely move it for that matter cause your damn fingers keep gettin' rolled over by it because the damn think sinks into you palm...WTF?
Finally something I can agree with... Unfortunately that very popular mouse that comes with most PC's and is manufactured by Micro$oft can hardly be called mouse either... Try using one of Logitechs mouses and you never wan't to see your Micro$oft mouse anymore. You can get a different mouse for Mac too, in case you didn't know!

Speakin' of mice.....MICE HAVE TWO DAMN MOUSE BUTTONS! Not one...I mean for cryin' out loud...
Uhh... So your one of those who still use two buttoned mouses? MICE HAVE THREE MOUSE BUTTONS! Not two for cryin' out loud...

half the software PCs use hasta be rewritten just so that menus pop up when you hold down the button. ;) Moving on to software...why in the hell would anyone wastes thier time porting software for Macs?
Number one reason: They might work in a software house and get loads of money for it.
Number two reason: They might be Mac users who wan't to use some software.

Give me five damn reasons why anyone would waste their time porting the stuff.
I have two.

MAC OS TOTALLY blows... the most you can customize it is to change the background image. Yay.
Soo... You're angry because you don't like that those who wan't and extremely easy OS, actually get one instead of Win95/98 that crashes and bugs all the time and eats your hard disk space? Should computer producers not satisfy customers needs?

Then, there's those filthy dirty plugins that load that do absolutly nothing other than enhance the OS slightly... and the thing is...why waste your time findin' these plugins or what not when you can get Win 95/98 with all the shit already built in. It's utter laziness.
Why waste your time? Because this so called OS known with name Win95/98 comes literally with all possible shit built in, and this shit is extremely useless! That's why waste your time!

yeah....that STUPID apple key...that's half the problem. Instead of having Cut paste and copy ctrl+x, ctrl+p, and ctrl+c the geniuses made it apple key x, v, or you're gonna copy that much of the process...why doncha just make the damn things like every other computer in the world?!?
It's a different freaking computer!!! Boy would you be in trouble with C64 with your way of thinking! The same thing that you said could be just as well said by a Macintosh user who tries PC once! Besides in the "who has the most stupid key", these Windows Keyboards win easy with their TWO stupid useless keys that you can accidentally hit while blasting zombies in DooM! That is stupid if you ask from me!

Thursday, 15 October 1998 - Badly designed web pages

First I have to remind you that persons I mention in this rant are my friends. Only thing that I dislike in them is their style to make web pages!
Some time ago I loaded Cyberdemon's page (like I do everyday). I noticed that he basically bashed my browser to ground and said right in my face that I should use Microsofts very hated Internet Explorer or new shitty memory hog version of NetRape to see his page in the way that it should be! "What???" I thinked! Has he gone nuts! I've noticed something like this before, but mostly only on crappy designed web pages. Anyway Cyberdemon uses this very cool thing called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) so he can change his page background by changing just one file, and so that he can make his links look like superior. That's not bad. I can still perfectly see his page and read it. As long as it remains readable to me with my good ol' NetScape 3.0 I will come everyday and read his site.

Now to more serious problem! Mr. Prower has decided that anyone whos browser doesn't support those megacool CSS's is not welcome on his page. Or should I say that they are welcome as long as they don't read anything!? Man, all the text is white on white! Only blue links on some places can be seen.

Keeping web page is always selfish! That's a fact. Everyone who has a web page want's some fame through it in some way. I have kept well care of that everyone can come to my page with his favorite browser (try with Lynx! It works!). These "new age html designers" seem to think that people will just update their browser to see their meganeat page, or then they don't simply care that some people don't see their page. Web page is always personal. You can keep it like trash if you wan't to, and you can even shine that trash everyday, or then you can make it a good web page. A page that loads fast, looks cool and WORKS! That's it this time.

I know that this rant has very little to do with DooM, but as a supporter of Best Viewed With Any Browser campaign, I had to write this :)