Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #2

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This compilation WAD contains 16-levels all made in 100 minutes or faster. A theme was given and this time it was that authors should not use "snap-to-grid" while making their levels. So basically you could freely choose a theme. Of course when you have only 100 minutes you usually end up running out of time and the level may have some really bad flaws left but you just have to upload it...

Anyway, I made a comment on each level here... One of them is actually my own but so what? :)
Map01 - Devin Afshin

Well, this map pretty much sucks donkeys... Well, not that badly, actually it's quite playable and I did enjoy it :) The biggest flaw (I didnt abuse it) is that you can run right through the red key bars (the gap between two of them is a bit too wide) and past the final enemys into the exit. The design of the level is über simple but challenging... There are couple tight spots and generally I would recommend not trying to kill everyone in sight right away (I ran out of ammo on Ultra Violence.

Map02 - Nick Baker

This level looks neat and even though using grid was not allowed, this base-style level doesnt seem to suffer from that limitation at all. Anyway, the level is really small in size and way too easy at least for me but it looks neat. Simplistic, but neat. It's base style just the way I like it, just too easy and short. The only flaw that I captured was misaligment the exit switch.

Map03 - Bloodshed

Well this map really did suck donkeys... There was a dark brown tunnel, teleport, couple really badly made rooms and no challenge from the couple monsters. The exit didnt seem to work first... (not to mention that it, just like the teleport had badly misaligned floor texture) Then I decided to try and push space while walking over it from different directions. It worked, the author had used switch exit where he should have used walkover triggered exit.

Map04 - SgtCrispy

This level is ok-quality base style level with a little bit of challenge (not much). I noticed several texture misaligment errors but otherwise the level seemed to be flawless. It's very simplistic so dont expect anything special at all.

Map05 - Doomfox

Very simple marble-textured fighting arena with some enemies that you have to wipe out before getting to exit. Really has nothing to offer.

Map06 - Fredrik

This is propably the best one so far! Actually it is... Absolutely! The only flaw that I paid attention to was the final enemy... He cant move and there is no challenge from him. Anyway, I let the screenshot do the talking here... It's a fucking bloodbath!

Map07 - Gooberman

The level looked good in style first... But you get stuck in the room with the red key, there is no door that needs red key, you cant get up where the blue door is, there is no blue key and behind the blue door there is a switch that does nothing. Quite worthless map in other words. Yes, I did use IDCLIP and IDDT to check it out after not finding a clue what to do after getting stuck.

Map08 - Hirogen2

The level looks quite good... But the beginning is WAY TOO HARD on UV. I mean, you need shitloads of luck to get through the first corridor without getting blasted to death right away. I doubt that skills help very much here. Then after getting past the beginning (on skill 1, not on UV, lame me) I walked into a nice looking building and found out that I had found the unmarked exit by walking over it...

Map09 - Jon Rimmer

Specially the first rooms look nice... Then in the second area the bloodbath starts but after getting the enemies fight themselves off you teleport to third area which is really full of enemies but you can pretty much run to the switch and from there to exit. Offers a little challenge and looks ok/good.

Map10 - Jayextee

I dont believe this! It was made in 100 minutes!? This is THE map so far! It can get frustrating in beeing so fucking hard in couple points but, fuck man... This is really good quality (for a 100 minute map). Stylish and challenging! Late addition: The author confessed using "snap-to-grid" because of misunderstanding.

Map11 - Joe Pallai

Except for some minor texture flaws this one was not bad at all. Nothing special though, short and playable with some minor challenge.

Map12 - Sir Robin

Ok, I cant really review my own level, but... I think I managed pretty well design wise and some challenge seems to be there to. A free hint, dont try to kill those arachnotrons in the beginning! There's a couple bugs and flaws... None of the textures is aligned, no skill levels are implemented, the blue key bars have a HOM in them and the final enemy cant move because the ceiling is too low. I really ran out of time with this and had to whip the exit (blue bars and the area behind them) in couple minutes.

Map13 - Skwid

Pretty good work design and challenge wise. Some texture aligment problems exist but I have nothing negative the say about the level otherwise.

Map14 - Aardappel

One of the better levels design and challenge wise... Some neat lightning has been used and there are couple nasty booby traps there so watch out...

Map15 - Stphrz

Small rock textured level with fair amount of challenge... The main area is really good and challenge offering to fight with the one in the end...

Map16 - Napalm

The level is short and not too detailed but fairly good looking. The exit switch (?) doesnt seem to work.

Dowload it: (480Kb)