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Die Führer, Die

To know how to run "Die Führer, Die" in BooM, click here.

Second part of Wolfenstein Total Conversion for DooM... This add-on presents all levels in Wolfenstein episode 3. They are all created very faitfully... In fact so fatefully that they are mostly just as flat as originals...
Now I don't mean that they are not good, but I think that they should take better use of DooM's more advanced 3d-possibilitys... After all, in DooM you are not tied in one floor/ceiling height. You could have stairs, lifts, complicated structures... But in "Die Führer, Die" you only have the basic Wolfenstein levels. Of course there are some changes to the levels... Some little use of DooM's advanced features, and excellent stuff like ambience sounds...

Better than Wolfenstein
This is still far better than original Wolfenstein. It's mainly because Wolfenstein had really lousy controls... You couldn't play seriously with mouse, and the keyboard controls weren't that great either. In WolfenDooM you can have any controls that you can have in DooM... You can flip yourself around with mouse in a flash, or you can circle around your enemies. That add's a lot in gameplay.

Too easy!
Ok, it's fun and all, but it lacks of challenge. In Wolfenstein you had to be really careful with any enemy. In WolfenDooM the enemies don't damage you as badly, and the Hitler in the end is far too easy!

Sound problems
Those sounds that work are just fine in WolfenDooM, but at least in PC version some sounds have got really screwed up. In DooM this doesn't matter so much, because DooM just ignores these invalid sounds, but if you play with BooM, then you either have to delete all invalid sounds with some editor (like WinTex or NWT) or just listen those horrofying moans that don't work...

Ambience sounds!
Ambience sounds were a thing that I really liked in WolfenDooM! It really gives a boost to the WAD if you can hear a waterfall, thunderstorm or birds singing outside the building! This was a great thing!

Final comments
It wasn't really a piece of masterwork, but neither was it a bad WAD. I really liked this. It was nostalgic and all, so I decided to give this four stars.

Points: ****

Download: DIE.ZIP (1524Kb)

Only a little of DooM's advantages has been used.

Flamethrower is cool looking.

Mr. Adolf Hitler I presume...

I'll meet you in hell!

Really wierd pac-man maze bonus level...