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Main Skulltag files
Last updated - 10/21/2003

Skulltag v0.95k: The Next Level of Doom (6.47 MB)

The latest version of Skulltag. This version features the nearly complete deathmatch episode, the minigun, two Skulltag levels, 6 CTF levels, an in-game server browser, and a whole lot more!

Skulltag v0.91b source code (860 KB)

The source code for Skulltag v0.91b. Contains project file for Microsoft Visual C++ v5.0 or higher. Additional libraries are required for this to compile. Make sure to look at readme.txt to find out exactly what those are, and where to get them.

Other Skulltag files
Last updated: 10/16/2003

Wart 01 (76 KB)
Wart 02 (4.08 MB)

The Wart series is a series of levels demonstrating just some of the things that Skulltag can do for single player/coop levels. They demonstrate some of the new monsters, levels, runes, powerups, and all kinds of other great stuff! Oh, they're just plain really good, fun levels too :)

Skulltag Editing Package (67 KB)
(Mirror #1 at

An editing package containing Skulltag config files for many popular Doom editors including Doom Builder, WadAuthor, and DeepSea. It also contains a new version of ACC for use with Skulltag, and a CTF prefab script for people to use to make their very own CTF levels!

Skulltag Maps (1.07 MB)
(Mirror #1 at

This is all the maps found in Skulltag, seperated into individual wads, and in MAPxx format (some editors only support ExMx, and MAPxx). Each map contains a SCRIPTS lump, so you can see exactly what's going on in each map, and hopefully learn from them!

Skulltag announcer wad: Quake III: Arena

A new wad with a Quake III: Arena announcer profile. To use it, simply place it in your .\ANNOUNCER directory. It will then be automatically loaded next time you run Skulltag. To use the new announcer profile, go to Multiplayer->Player Setup->Announcer, and select it.