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  1. As mentioned in the past, ive been working slowly on making piles and piles of patches to update loads of classic wads with modern features; automap names, episode selection screens, widescreen assets, UMAPINFO support, and so forth. Rather than keeping them stuffed in my Doom Launcher folders, ive cleaned up a bunch of them for public release, and hopefully credited everyone accordingly. Many more will be coming; ive made so many random patches that I once gave myself carpal tunnel in the process. Generally, you can expect these to work in Crispy Doom, DSDA Doom, Woof, Eternity, GZDoom, and tentatively, Doomsday (This port has consistently given me the most issues), and there is also usually a seperate file for use in older ports that only use regular MAPINFO, due to conflicts. They are all highly modular too, so you can pick and choose parts to use. All vanilla wads will have xINFO patches (MAPINFO, ZMAPINFO, EMAPINFO, UMAPINFO), a GAMEINFO lump and an embedded Dehacked/Bex patch for compatibility with pretty much everything, and many also support Doomsday where possible. Doomsday and Eternity do not support any of the widescreen assets. I have a consistent naming scheme in my patches to quickly identify them; '_fix' is the baseline patch, '_fixint' is an edit of the main patch that integrates bonus levels into the existing set for a seamless unbroken campaign (Usually a bonus MAP33 coming after MAP32), and anything with _old is a MAPINFO-only version. Widescreen statusbars are always seperate from the other widescreen assets if present, as there are mods that replace the huds that garble with a widescreen statusbar in use. All of these mods load on top of the original wad, leaving the original wad unaltered. In some older level packs I have fixed some levels with secrets contained in improperly deleted sectors; this is usually the extent of the fixes to levels, as other bugs stopping 100% are usually solvable with NOCLIP or console commands to kill monsters, and I do not wish to change any geometry of someone elses work. Other level fixes are provided by other users and solve critical issues. For the first batch I have ready: (Keep in mind these are only tested by me and may have mistakes somewhere; please report any to me) Thank you to @Gez and @rfomin for advice here and there, and @Kyka for occasionally testing some of these, as well as all the people in the Widescreen appreciation thread for inspiring these patches in the first place back in 2001, and of course, all the people that made the wads these patches give some love to :) Alien Vendetta (Contains integrated MIDI pack, patches for original release, second release and Black Label, restores Valley of Echoes to second release, adds widescreen assets) Hell Revealed (Contains updated music wad, patches for HRE1 and Hell Revealed, adds two bonus levels from HRE1, adds widescreen assets) Memento Mori (Contains widescreen assets, unofficial wide statusbar, new TITLEPIC) Memento Mori 2 (Contains widescreen assets, adds the Secret Operations as a new 'episode') Requiem (Contains widescreen assets, fixes MAP25/26 names) Revolution (Upgrades Revolution to the official add-on version, also has alternative soundtrack to restore the original MIDI Pack version) Icarus: Alien Vanguard (Contains widescreen assets) Good Morning Phobos (Restores 3 cut levels, fixes MAP33; also contains patch for GMP V1) Fragport (Fixes Map 10, adds custom obituaries) Anomaly Report (Widescreen assets, Fixes MAP33, optional MAP19 midi change to mimic add-on version) Whispers of Satan (Update to bring the ZDoom-only maps to Eternity and UMAPINFO ports, small fixes) Zone 300 (General UMAPINFO/Eternity support) Zone 400 (General UMAPINFO/Eternity support) The Beginning of the End: Part 1 (General UMAPINFO/Eternity support, adds optional END2 skies, adds level graphics) Fava Beans (UMAPINFO/Eternity support, integrates the silly bonus wad, widescreen statusbar) Lost Episodes of Doom (Fixes issues with Ultimate Doom, widescreen graphics from the original pre-ultimate Doom) Vilecore (Fixes the error of MAP30 and MAP32 being swapped) Number One Kill (Adds #1 Kill Extra as E3M1, fixes E2M5 being skipped after completing the secret level) Number One Kill: The Next Generation (Widescreen INTERPIC, fixed MAP12 level graphic, ends game at MAP20) As an extra, check out my Master Levels patch for similar patches, and my Unity Port conversions which originated from these very patches I have a bunch more stuff to come; anything I ported to the official Unity Port is definitely on the way. Also, those Heretic and Hexen tags aren't errors..
  2. I was in a bit of a conflict one day, I never liked how doom looked in high bitdepth rendering/ Hardware rendering, but also with software rendering, the limited color palette gave it a charm but I didn't like some of the aesthetic choices made. So, wanted to make my own palette. Which lead to making many different palettes. soon. I plan on making a wide collection of creative but practical palettes. These are available as either a mod to swap the palette or modder resource for WADs or maps, but if you are using these in your project Remember to Credit. This should work in any sourceport (maybe except OpenGL ones that doesn't use palettes). Even works on GZdoom with limited support (only uses the first palette, item and damage flashes are hardcoded values). I personally tested with Prboom+, GZDoom and DSDA Doom. Let me know any issues are things that you dislike about these palettes, I will take a look at them and update. I also do palette requests, you can ask in this thread or take it up to DMs. If it is for a commercial/paid project, it will have to be a paid comission, otherwise, Free! [ Changelog ]
  3. ---------------------------------- Walpurgis is a Gameplay Mod that works with Doom, Heretic, and Hexen! It is for the latest version of GZDoom (ONLY). !!~GET IT HERE~!! (Version 0.98A) on MEGA Googledrive Mirror -------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord Channel Invite: https://discord.gg/4XyyQtUqHU -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Walpurgis is... A gameplay mod that works with Doom, Hexen and Heretic, straight out of the Box! Focused on giving everything three fire-modes without needing any extra resources, just balancing them around standard blue and green mana/ammo consumption. Upgrades for each of those afformentioned fire-modes (think Trailblazer). Strong and fun, but balanced. Extra care has been put into making everything have punch and impact and be fun to use but not the level of overkill. I'm a mad perfectionist when I get going; so repeatedly testing something over and over whilst I tweak values is not unusual. Gothically medieval, with a taste of moderate-high fantasy. Magic is meant to semi-common in the world, whether through artifacts, or mystical items. Based around play where you get used to using both your arsenal and your inventory items in tandem. Flechettes and Discs of Repulsion are really useful now; so use them! Rigorously playtested with custom doom, heretic, and hexen wads to get a feel for how it plays with them; and to see if I can find reason to switch between my arsenal all the time (which is the sign of a good arsenal, in my opinion). Is named this way because... well, "Hexen" are witches from germanic folklore. Walpurgisnacht is a grand festival for witches in general. So as a festival of new content for Hexen related shenanigans; its doubly relevant. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Click the Spoiler to see details of the four characters! ------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE VIDEOS (YOUTUBE PLAYLIST) ----------------------------------- Watch more videos of it on this YOUTUBE PLAYLIST!! A list of Thematic Megawads I recommend (though it really works with anything!) ---------------------------------- Thanks for checking out Walpurgis! When I was a kid, and still now, I've always been a fantasy nerd, so Hexen was always one of my favourite Doom spinoffs: I've long wanted to create something for it, something similar to what Heretical did for Heretic, but the initial step forwards was always something I was lethargic about. After all, I'm not much of a natural coder; my skills lie in spriting and writing by default. Walpurgis was originally based on a now discontinued mod called 'HexArcana' by 4page, of which I did a fork for my own personal usage. Since then it spiralled massively out of control, and it turned gradually from a spinoff into full-fledged mod of its own. It now shares very little with HexArcana as its been gradually shaped by my vision of what I wanted in a Hexen mod, like upgraded weapons, lots of fire modes, and universal game compatibility. I'm not exactly the best Doom player in the box, so my design philosophy is strong and fun, but balanced. Extra care has been put into making everything have punch and impact and be fun to use but not the level of overkill. I'm a mad perfectionist when I get going; so repeatedly testing something over and over whilst I tweak values is not unusual. Most recent changelog
  4. Not to be confused with the collection with the same name, this is an actual "Vanilla+", if you will. A mod that still looks and feels like the DOOM we all love and remember, but polished up, touched up, and fixed inconsistencies that the original release had! This mod can run in DOS too, and aims to be as mod compatible as possible! Go crazy with a mod list, I'm sure a good chunk of them will work with this one! (Not sure if it can run on age appropriate software, but if it can run in DOS-BOX, should run in real DOS, right?) Unlike my other mod "Vanilla +", I didn't go crazy with all of the features and sprites and things like that, too the untrained eye, it will most definitely look like normal DOOM, so don't worry! Additional info can be found in the RTF README in the mod and more! Anyways hope you enjoy! Here's the wad for ya! DOOM Classic Complete v1.2 Here's some screenies btw!
  5. Hey guys, as some of you may know, back in 2017, I had received an email from a gentleman who informed me about a documentary talking about his life as a blind gamer. His name is Toby and I had the pleasure of getting to know him since. His story had inspired me to create an accessibility mod for him and others who have a visual impairment. For some time, I had been working on a wad that would allow those with a visual impairment to navigate Doom levels. Even though this mod does cover a good amount of the basics like weapons, pickups, wall bumping, and other audio queues, I feel there is much more work that is needed to perfect this project. I'm no expert in ZScript, however, I feel this scripting system may be what is necessary to make this mod more capable of aiding visually impaired players. If anyone would like to contribute to this project (scripting, ideas, suggestions, etc.), your help will be much appreciated. Thank you. -Alando1 I would like to give thanks to: Toby Ott - For inspiring the project. dansg08 - For creating the "Gaming Through New Eyes" documentary. Jarewill - For the Audio Feedback Compass System, Health & Ammo Stat Checker, & Event Handler Scripts for doors & switches. Illegally Sighted - Contributor and project advisement. SightlessKombat - Contributor and project advisement. Proydoha - For the optimized drop-off detection system, accessible menu, optimized the audible map marker system. ZikShadow - For map marker scripts and inspiration. Tekish - For the Hit marker system. AlChestbreach - Project support. Karl G. - For suggesting the snap-turn feature for the compass system. Any other visually impaired players who offered helpful suggestions and insight (from YouTube) ***MAIN PROJECT THREAD ON ZDOOM.ORG*** https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=71349 **NEW MAP PACK! - OPERATION: MDK** **TOBY ACCESSIBILITY MOD VERSION 6.1 - RELEASED** **DOWNLOAD** Toby Accessibility Mod V6.1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uf01fx3vydua6zx/TobyAccessibilityMod_Version6-1.zip?dl=0 Toby Accessibility Mod V6.0 Audio Manual (Still can be used with Version 6.1): https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxz59il2f9mjclg/TobyAccessibilityModV6-0_AudioManual.zip?dl=0 **WHAT'S INCLUDED** - Toby Accessibility Mod V6.1 - Toby Doom Mega Deluxe Map Pack (Combines Toby Doom 1 and Toby Doom 2) - Quick play shortcuts - Updated Audio Manual - Updated features such as a new sound for the impact detections system, expanded accessible menu, powerup wear-off sounds, hit marker feedback sounds, and more! Below is the downloadable version of the project: ***TOBY ACCESSIBILITY MOD V5.1 UPDATE - RELEASED!*** Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rsswh6m8hhjwp7g/Toby%20Acc%20Mod%20V5-1%20Update%20Fix.zip?dl=0 **Important Notice** - If you have already downloaded Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0, you can place the TobyAccModV5-1.pk3 and TobyDeluxeMapPack_V5-1.pk3 into the Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0 folder. - Before you play with Version 5.1, remove the current gzdoom.ini file you have in the Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0 folder! After you have removed the old gzdoom.ini, replace it with the new gzdoom.ini packaged with Version 5.1. This new configuration file has the updated key controls for the updated compass system. - When playing with the Toby Accessibility Mod, please use the preconfigured version of GZDoom 4.7.1. If you already have the Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0, the preconfigured version of GZDoom 4.7.1 comes packaged with it. What's included in the The Toby Accessibility Mod V5.1 Update zip file: 1. The Toby Accessibility Mod V5.1 - Has updated Compass System 2. The Toby Doom Deluxe Map Pack (with updated V5.1 accessibility mod already built in) 3. Audio file describing the new key controls for the updated compass system. ***TOBY ACCESSIBILITY MOD V5.0*** What's included in the The Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0 zip file: 1. A preconfigured version of GZDoom 4.7.1 2. The Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0 3. The Toby Doom Deluxe Map Pack (with updated accessibility mod already built in) TOBY DOOM DELUXE MAP PACKS: ***TOBY DOOM DELUXE EDITION!*** Contains blind-player-friendly Doom 1 inspired levels Main: (Includes updated accessibility mod) **(Replaced by the Toby Doom Mega Deluxe Map Pack)** ***TOBY DOOM 2 DELUXE!*** Contains blind-player-friendly Doom 2 inspired levels Main: (Includes updated accessibility mod) **(Replaced by the Toby Doom Mega Deluxe Map Pack)** GAMING THROUGH NEW EYES DOCUMENTARY: Meet Toby!
  6. Smooth Doom MBF21 (or SD21 for short) is a recreation of, well, the original ZDoom-based Smooth Doom using MBF21 and DSDHacked, therefore making it playable on a handful of ports outside of the ZDoom family. SD21 comes in two flavors: the standard edition features not only smooth animations, but also some of the original's optional fanciness features, such as extended gore, extra particle effects, bullet and shell casings, extra decorations and alternative death animations. If you want none of that extra fanciness, though, you can instead get the Classic Edition, with smooth animations only. If you fancy, a black gloves addon compatible with both editions is available too! Gameplay-wise, SD21 should be fairly close to Vanilla - probably even more so than Smooth Doom itself - but not identical. More on that further down the post. While I can't really show off the animations with static images, I can show you the fancy effects: More screenshots: All screenshots taken in Valiant: Vaccinated Edition. Note that this isn't an exact recreation of Smooth Doom; apart from obvious limitations, other general changes and/or improvements have been made, such as tweaks to the animations and particles, and I'd gladly continue to improve it based on community feedback. As should be implied by now, SD21 requires an engine with MBF21 and DSDHacked support, such as Woof, Nugget Doom or DSDA-Doom. Of course, due to the heavy usage of DeHackEd, it is prone to run into issues with mods that have their own DeHackEd patch for anything other than string replacements, but it might work in some cases (for example with Scythe 2 and Hydrosphere). Most pre-release testing (that is, playing through the entirety of Valiant VE with the mod) was done on Nugget Doom. Before reporting any bugs, please check the KNOWN BUGS section of the info text file. Lastly, while the intention is to keep Vanilla gameplay intact, you still need to use Complevel 21 (MBF21) which will affect a fair bit of things. Due to that and some other factors, SD21 SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR DEMO RECORDING/PLAYBACK, generally speaking. Alright, that's all. Here are the download links: Smooth Doom MBF21 (file updated 04/Aug/2023) SD21 Classic Edition (file updated 04/Aug/2023) Black Gloves Addon (file updated 27/May/2023) As always, all and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Have fun!
  7. i created a gameplay mod for doom/doom2 where you gain 1 soul per kill, and use 111 of them to unleash the soulcube (you can store a maximum of 666 souls) also killing BaronOfHell CyberDemon MasterMind you gain 1 demonic key, after 3 demonic keys are collected you obtain the unmaker. the unmaker works like a railgun, uses 2 or 4 souls per shot (1 per ray, 2 rays center and 2 rays on the side if fire is held) item powerups can be picked up in inventory and used later, but they are lost when going to the next map all monsters have only 80% of hitpoints and some of them received a boost (ranged attacking more often, there is the invisible D64 nightmare imp too) invisible monsters are really invisible when not hurting or attacking, revenant shoots 2 missiles each doing half damage (instead of 1 missile, and all missiles are seekers) the quantity of health and armor that can be gained has been reduced, the max cap is now 100 for both (mega sphere gives only 50 armor, soulsphere only 50 health) the berserk powerup heals 25 immediately, gives the melee damage boost and a 120s hp regen effect (1hp per second) max bullet ammo raised to 300 and 600 with backpack here is a video i made 2 years ago, this is before all the modification that i made this month. here is a video i made 2 years ago, this is before all the modification that i made this month. here is the link https://www.mediafire.com/file/rm6nwu2k15visa6/DoomByNixos6.0.zip/file
  8. A few days ago I started this new side project, a not-so-faithful adaptation of DUSK for GZDoom and Zandronum that aims to have a more classic 2D sprite look (the 3D in the name is semi-ironic as well as a nod to Duke3D and Wolf3D, which had sprites and not models), for now some features are sort-of missing like the climbing thing and a more Superhot-like timestop, and I've taken a few creative liberties as well, the mod should also work on Deathmatch gamemodes and multiplayer but that hasn't been fully tested outside of offline skirmishes with bots, future updates will add some cut content and balance the mod more, as well as map editor number stuff for people that may wanna make their own pwads with this as a base. CREDITZ: (please notify me in DMs here on DW if I forgot to credit anyone) Screenshots: (custom palette not included) Download: Dawn3D_v1.2.rar
  9. I made a simple edit to the Episode 1 skybox that replaces the actual sky part with the star filled void of space. I also removed the mountains that were extremely foggy. You can download it here: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom/addons/new-skybox-for-episode-1
  10. Also available: Heretic Minor Sprite Fixing and Widescreen-Friendly Project - v1.0 Release SIGIL Sprite Fixing Project Monster Sprite Expo map Greetings, Doomworld forums! I'd like to share with you all the release of a small project I've been working on. To keep a long story short, I recently came across Perkristian's high-res sound effects pack. I like the idea of enhancing Doom while remaining as pure (and compatible!) as possible, so I pondered what other areas this line of thought could be applied to. Perkristian's pack is pretty definitive when it comes to the sound effects, and the music has been dealt with in many ways over the years, but what about the game's art? Of course, I wouldn't dream of recreating the art and thinking it an improvement, but I have noticed tiny little errors in the sprites that seem trivial to fix. Why not go ahead and make those fixes? Hence, I bring you the Doom 2 Minor Sprite Fixing Project. The three main goals of this endeavor are as follows: As for how to use it, this WAD in its current state works with limit removing ports. However, vanilla doom2.exe compatibility simply requires some DeuSF work. With that in mind, you can pretty much use this WAD with any other level or mod as I can't imagine any conflicts. Simply run it with the lowest priority in the add-on hierarchy. Most newer source ports have an autoload feature, so I recommend using that. I personally have this WAD autoloaded while playing PrBoom+, GZDoom, and Zandronum, and I haven't come across any issues. This project now also includes the Doom 1 and 2 Minor DeHackEd Fixes patch files as optional augmentations for convenience. Here's the download of v2.0 which includes both Doom 2 and Doom 1-compatible WADs (released 11/28/22): https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/graphics/sprfix20 (2.6 MB) The complete changelog including the 2.0 edits can be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ehjZifW-3aWYCYHsZbuA-z9ZujUv3FK3/view?usp=sharing Compatibility patches for select PWADs: Work-In-Progress PWAD Compatibility Patches: Full Modder's Resource WAD: Now if you've made it this far, you probably just want to see some screenshots of the changes in action. Well, truthfully, it's rather difficult to showcase the end result outside of the game since many of the effects must be seen in motion. If the idea interests you, I suggest simply downloading the WAD right now and autoloading it during any future Doom sessions. I know this sounds cheap, but some changes are subtle and I think it would ruin the point to explicitly search for the differences. (If you still wish to do so, check out the Monster Sprite Expo map for dedicated sprite viewing demonstrations.) Nonetheless, here's a sample of some of the fixes: (clickable thumbnail) Phew, with all that done, I'll end by saying that this project is still very much and will always be a work-in-progress. I'm open to feedback on the current release as well as potential ideas for further changes.
  11. WorldMachine

    VANILLA + v2 (OUT NOW)

    DOOM will never be the same again after you play... VANILLA + v2 Following the naming scheme of my other mod. DOOM+, Vanilla+ aims to provide an enhanced experience to Vanilla DOOM, by mainly making the game consistent with how it looks while also adding some cool things that are very *epoc* aswell. The main focuses are to deliver an experience that can be delivered in DOS and can be enjoyed any way you perfer. Version 2 adds alot. Trust ok? Watch the Trailer!: Download Vanilla+ v2 now!
  12. Image in spoiler (bit on the big side) People were asking if I could release my damage indicator hud, aka "damage compass" that looks like Doom Eternal's. So here it is, ripped straight out of Doom 4 For Doom. Download it here! Check the options menu for customization. More features will be added soon. Enjoy! Credits/Permissions:
  13. Sgt. Daniel mk. XII

    Daniel's Violent Doom

    Hey Doom fans! It's Sergeant Daniel. I came here with my mod called "Daniel's Violent Doom" This mod is another Brutal Doom fork, except it's done from scratch (mostly) and using only "DECORATE", so there will be no problems with Zandronum Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/b2lho9euzggma4n/Daniel's+Violent+Doom+(v1.2).zip/file ModDB page : https://www.moddb.com/mods/daniels-violent-doom ZDoom forums topic: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=78064&sid=0b1f66f24920fbf00c8a295ed02f03d7 Zandronum Forums Topic: https://zandronum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=11000 Screenshots:
  14. NihalRahman123

    Simple DSDA-Doom HUD

    A simple HUD config I made for DSDA-Doom source port. Goal was to make a simple HUD with no clutter in the middle of the screen. Obviously only works with DSDA-Doom and no other source port. Tested with 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios but should work with any aspect ratio in theory. Health/Armor and Current ammo is shown in big text on the bottom left. Kills secrets and map time is shown above them. I wasn't sure if I wanted to add items in this HUD cause personally I barely ever care about getting full items in any run. If people want to I might make a version with items. Keys, Total ammo and acquired weapons are compact together in the bottom right. How to Use: Screenshots: (The altered colors are from using my custom palette mod) Grab the HUD config Here
  15. When Doom 3 came out, there were a number of attempts to recreate its gameplay within the boundaries of the Doom source ports of the time. Similarly, Doom 2016 received similar recreation efforts, with varying levels of closeness to the original source material. Ultimately, looking at these efforts made me take a step back and think: why restrict yourself to mashing just two games together...? MetaDoom is a gameplay mod that attempts to merge in elements from every Doom game ever made into something loosely resembling a cohesive mass, with Doom 2, 3, 2016 and Eternal elements standing side-by-side and often merged together in new and interesting ways. And then the obscure stuff, like the mobile games and console ports, get thrown in... then the resulting mass of flesh and guns gets thrown into a blender for five minutes. Serve with a clove of garlic. Intelligent Randomization doles out new weapons and monsters gradually, giving you time to get your footing before unleashing the true mayhem of the Extended Doom Universe unto you. Flagrant Abuse of every new feature GZDoom introduced during development as it appears. Fancy visual effects! Procedurally-generated loot item spawns! All sorts of other fun stuff! The Codex, a powerful assistant by DrPySpy that records information and lore about every weapon, item, monster and pointless piece of paraphernalia you find. Secrets and Easter Eggs galore! From secret pickups to new cheatcodes, it just wouldn't be one of my mods without them. Mapper friendly! All new items and weapons can be placed directly without randomization, certain features like automatic loot placement can be turned off by placing a specific thing anywhere in the map, and there are several new things designed specifically for custom maps, like extinguishable fires and Meathook grapple points! More Trailers (so many more) and Download! Github Repo Github Developer Build (Potentially Unstable) Changelog Credits
  16. (okay, there is a bit of python holding everything together as well) The mission objectives are simple: 1. tint playpal ranges to look exotic 2. make palette ranges fade to blue when low and orange when high 3. generate a colormap that uses hand-picked ranges 4. and most importantly: make it automated so we can iterate fast. (objective one is skippable if you’re boring) (also I won’t be describing how to do objective one) Repository Link If there was anything else to the introduction, I’ve forgotten it, SCREENSHOTS! Hello Doomworld! The ability to modify the colormap and the palette allows for so much control over the general look and feel of a wad that I’m surprised more projects don’t do it. Granted, it can be hard to modify certain palette ranges in such a way that some textures don’t get weird, but even just hue shifting the blue, as at least a couple of wads do (at least that I know of), can go a long way. Going deeper So, raven colormaps (and strife) use hand-picked ranges for colormap fades. That means that the color red, for example, can only fade to black trough the shades of red, hand-picked, NOT brown. Usually, when you generate your colormap in Slade, all of the colors in the playpal are available for generating this red range. This allows for those weird brown areas in the red part of the default doom colormap for example. And I don’t like those brown areas in the red colormap. Because of that, I wrote a script that assembles the whole colormap from the provided color sets for every range on the playpal. That is the python script you can see in the repo. Cutting up the playpal and selecting ranges takes some painstaking effort, and I’m pretty lazy so I made Blender do it for me. It took quite a while but now we can all experiment with this stuff and fast. Here’s the comparison between the default PLAYPAL and COLORMAP (left), and my edits. Going even deeper This cuts up the palette. Don’t worry, the messiness is normal. Let me introduce you to the intricacies of operating my constructs. First open up the .blend and just render (this should just work), it will create a directory where the outputs are stored and that should be in the directory of the .blend. Then, move the python script into this new directory and run it with the number of ranges as the only argument. The number of ranges in the default doom case (according to myself) is 22. This depends on how you cut up the palette. You should then end up with a PLAYPAL and the top part of the COLORMAP (to which you should append the additional rows for invuln and whatever else). Put the stuff into a wad, name it accordingly and convert the COLORMAP into a flat so it becomes an actual colormap and then you’re set. Going to the very bottom of things Unfortunately, in order to edit this stuff (apart from the python script) you need to have some knowledge of Blender’s node systems. Though depending on your background some of this might be intuitive for you. The material for the plane handles palette colorization, didn’t get to organize the stuff terribly well, so tweak it and see what happens. The compositor handles cutting up the palette, you’ll figure out the naming scheme from there and the method of assembling the color sets, I’ve provided the BTSX example as well so that you can see how the approach works in general. The doom (my edited version) and btsx palettes come packed with the file, you can select which one you want to render by connecting it to the node tree. The python script also takes up the second argument which describes the lightness falloff curve’s curvature (not a mathematician, don’t know what its called) and the default is 1.4, here's a graph. So you can see that 1 represents a linear falloff and everything below 1 represents a bad fallofff. You can go up to 2. Keep in mind that color choices are about as subjective as one can get, and therefore you yourself can probably achieve more pleasing results by tweaking these parameters. Thats all for the first post, I’m interested in your results and am here to help if I’ve made a mistake somewhere. Good luck!
  17. kirb the korb

    Beta rifle for gzdoom

    this mod adds back the rifle from earlier versions of doom, you can get it from killing a zombie man/former human (the green hair mfs) it uses decorate scripts it uses the pistol slot, it does 5 damage per hit, it's always accurate and it's translated for other languages too, though I don't know how accurate the translations might be feel free to use this in your mod, credits aren't necessary also sorry if I posted this in the wrong place or screwed something up it's my first time submitting a mod here rifle.zip
  18. This WAD replaces ALL the music with Sega Genesis remixes, as well as turns Doomguy into Sonic, and that all the weapons sprites have white gloves. I believe this WAD will ONLY work in GZDoom, because it uses WAVs for the music, and PNGs for the sprites. The face sprites are off center because they're a bit bigger then they normally are, and I don't know how to center them without adjusting each sprite. The WAD is in a Google Drive link because it's 1 GIGABYTE. This is for DOOM 1 and Ultimate DOOM, and I hope you enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_QPvW3ZbEtI6rcLaEIMLcTFMHY55k350/view?usp=sharing
  19. LilYoshi1990


    Dreamy doom is a version of Doom 1 where you play as Perrel Brown AKA Dreamybull https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yE6fJqmPd1iPiRKZdBbKB4xfQp63Crvg/view?usp=sharing Enjoy ;)
  20. Biohazard: Undead Nightmare is a mod, the main mechanic of which is the "real" death of the enemy, only if you shoot him in the head(or he burns, or the damage exceeds GibHealth), otherwise he will regenerate. The mod is made on the theme of zombie apocalypse and on some maps can be similar to Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil (+ if you set the appropriate settings for the atmosphere of level change), for single-player mod is quite difficult, and immediately shows you that to survive alone in the apocalypse - you need to be almost a god of war. So far, 1.5 comes out in open beta and this version of the mod is a global update, if all versions before 1.5 had the look of the mod for vanilla and had only 4 types of enemies, + poor optimization, now it's the opposite, the mod is not vanilla-looking, optimization has become a little better and new classes of enemies should expand to replacing all classes in the doom.(at the moment 15 classes from the doom replaced, 21 classes exist in the mod and used) Video gameplay: Screenshots: FAQ: If you want to create a server Mod uses smart walking, which requires instant processing, and if you play without patch on a server - enemies will dodge bullets like Neo and walk with a delay and 96 units per step(this happens because network comes too many functions per tick, and you will in any case lose packets with ping even less than 50), because of which a patch was made to dumb down walking, ie enemies use the standard A_Chase in walking. Biohazard v 1.5.01 Open Beta: https://euroboros.net/zandronum/download.php?file=biohazard_un_v1.5.011_open_beta.pk3 B:UN Server Patch: https://euroboros.net/zandronum/download.php?file=bun_v1.5.011_server_patch.pk3 B:UN Music: https://euroboros.net/zandronum/download.php?file=bun_1.5.01_high_quality_music.pk3 Mod by NMW - Nomakh`s Mapping Workshop
  21. im reworking some skins from realm667 (i dont know who made the skins, credits goes to him who start first), they dont received some polishiment and full 8 rotations sprites, that annoyed me, so i start redoing his work to look better for players to enjoy it. took me one week to finish all of then, and im planning to make skulltag weapons too as well. (PS: i forgot the minor crouch sprites i made it)
  22. WW2: Inferno campaign is a gameplay mod based [obviously] on the great second war. Currently, most mods based on the second world war, are based on the wolfenstein games, (not bad), but of course I came up with the idea of creating a mod similar to games like battlefield. This mod contains, and will contain, the main weapons of each army that participated in this war, such as the USSR, USA, Germany, UK, Japan, etc. It is also intended for zandronum source port, so it has a death match and cooperative support [Experimental]. I hope u like it :D comment your opinions or suggestions here or on my Discord channel, Credits in menu game. See my progress here: Discord invitation!! Download section [updates automatically]: Download base file Download tanks file!! Manual [outdated] PD: It's very important to read the manual, it's outdated I know, but is very useful Screenies: Videos:
  23. Welcome to the future, Agent. Vesper is a shiny new weapon mod for MBF21, showcasing a full arsenal of high-tech & demonic weaponry that'll make you say "I can't believe it's not GZDoom!" Built using pure DEHACKED, with a little help from DoomTools, it doubles as both a feature demonstration and a standalone weapon pack to use with your favorite maps. Blast 'em away with plasma shotguns, acid grenades, and heat-seeking blood sprayers! Downloads & Links Current release: v1.0.0 -- released 2022-01-02 Dropbox Mirror Release Archive Git Repo Project Homepage, hosted by Hellforge Studios as part of Doomforge Supported Ports dsda-doom Woof! Odamex Eternity (devbuilds only at time of writing) GZDoom (v4.8.2 or higher) DelphiDoom ...More to come! Gameplay Reel: Big thanks to @rd. for putting this together! Watch the mod played by someone who actually knows how to play the game! ;P Obligatory Weapon Previews: Blunderbuss: A highly-portable plasma shotgun. For when buckshot just won't do (which, coincidentally, is always). Nox Launcher: Break-action delivery device for specially-formulated anti-demon Nox Grenades. Bring a spare pair of lungs. And more! Download the dang mod already and check 'em out! Screamshots Click for fullscreen versions. Also yep, that's Proper Valiant, Sunlust, and Eviternity, showin' off the DEHACKED compatibility. Word. How the hell does any of this work? Some geeky details: This is all done with with DEHACKED, and these gifs were taken with dsda-doom. The secret sauce is in the MBF21 spec: there's a whole host of new weapon codepointers that let you do all sorts of fancy business, and combined with DEHEXTRA's ability to have virtually-unlimited* states, it's now possible to do incredibly advanced weapon & monster logic without making the leap to an advanced port (i.e. GZD or EE). The "Boom" family of ports is no longer stuck in the stone age. :D If you're wondering how all this works behind the hood, or want to learn how to build an MBF21 project of your own, check out the GitHub project for the mod. It contains the full source used to build the WAD with DoomTools, including source for the incredibly-powerful DECOHack, which is the key to making all this fancy 21st-century DEHACKED stuff possible. If you've ever written a line of DECORATE or ZScript, you'll feel right at home. [*yeah, there's DSDHacked which has literally-unlimited states, but it may be a while before all relevant ports support it, so Vesper targets the 'lesser' of the two specs for now.] OBLIGATORY FAQ: Q: What port do I need to run this? A: Any port that supports MBF21, though dsda-doom is the primary target. See the list at the top -- everything else is swim-at-your-own-risk. Q: Does this project feature new maps? A: Not yet, just plug in your favorite mapset and have fun. Maybe if this takes off, I'll start up a Vesper mapset project or somethin', but let's not get ahead of ourselves. :P Q: Does this project feature new monsters? A: Nope, just guns. For now. ;) Q: Hey, the mod's busted in GZDoom! A: GZDoom's MBF21 support isn't complete just yet, and the mod doesn't work in GZD at the time of writing. It'll support it before too long, I imagine, once the kinks are all worked out. Q: The mod isn't working in [some other port x]! A: In this case, you're probably best off seeking help from the port developer. Vesper is written using spec-compliant MBF21 features, but since the standard is so new, it's more likely that there are going to be bugs with port-specific implementations of MBF21 features rather than anything wrong with the mod itself. Either way, it's best to start there, then we'll figure out afterward it turns out there's anything in the mod that needs fixing. OK that's it, now let's shoot some goddamn guns!!
  24. Hi, im new here lol. decided i'd post some of the mods i have done recently 2 of which are Menu sound replacement from other vida games 1st of which is Postal 1, the one game in the postal series that's way more grim and serious then the rest of the games. And the 2nd being Oneshot, a less screwed up (but i guess still a lil bitter sweet) rpg maker thingy. Postal 1 has some spoopy sounds for the menu, other then the booming scary ass title music(not included in the mod) its got sounds like a heart beat when moving around the cursor and the skaw of a crow when selecting or gettin out of somethin. so if you like the game or just like haunting menu sounds, this ones 4 u <3 Oneshot on the other hand, just has these lil piano sounds as you move through menus. when you cursor around, ye get a single piano stroke, and when you select, more are struck, same can be said when backing out, only this time, the strucks are reversed or somethin idk. i guess these are pretty chill calming sounds, so if you like that, or your a fan of Oneshot, this one is also cool as fuk, although it might sound weird against the hardcore heavy ass metal, or maybe not idk. Also if you turn on the i guess "accursed" randomize pitch option (in gzdoom anyway) you might get a very scary surprise!* Here are the ModDB links to em: Postal 1 Menu Sounds for Doom 2 Oneshot Menu Sounds for DOOM 2 Heres some Google Drive folder of the pk3s themselves if ye want: Unicide's Le Epic Doom Wads Oh also, a bonus one, this one is not a menu sfx thing like the other 2. but it's something i did also. It's basically a replacement mod for the offends in Brutal Doom, making them ONLY for brutal doom. i replaced Doom Guy's "FUK YERSELF!!!!"s with my own prepubescent voice. That's right, MY voice guys. yeah And say such famous lines as "Fuck You" "You Suck" "Look at my dick im in control motherfucker" "Hwow your pretty bad at being alive" the 3rd quote is a reference to this dumb Angry Video Game Nerd YTP i think is kinda funny somehow, just keep watching and you'll know when u hear it Heres the Mod: Daniel Unicide Offends for Brutal Doom I hope you like these, again, this is my VERY first post here and i have just joined this forum VERY recently, like, probably an hour ago recently. so please just bare with me please. Also i was going to make a video to demonstrate the mods in action, but many things including just not feeling like making them, and just wanting to get this out rn and get over it. gonna post this and the zdoom forums too (if im able to, been having problems signing up for that, probably gonna copy and paste this topic too over there aswell) AGAIN, i do hope you guys enjoy any of these, would be cool seein some of you use these (mostly the custom menu sfx lol), and hey! if you wanna request some menu sounds i should do, then let me know ASAP, cuz i'd love doin em. Thank You for reading and checking this out <3 *or not, idk
  25. WELCOME TO BYOC. This Zandronum* mod made by creators from a private community contains a ton of classes based on OC's and well known characters (From Peppino Spagghetti from pizza tower to the most obscure characters Dr.Doomguy from Dr.Doom) each of the characters have their own arsenals and Gimmicks, Most of them are mostly tested with Multiplayer but they are playable on singleplayer! *This mod will only work with zandronum, GZdoom will not work and most classes will break in some cases. Screenshots: Download: HERE! CREDITS?