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Found 58 results

  1. Hey guys, as some of you may know, back in 2017, I had received an email from a gentleman who informed me about a documentary talking about his life as a blind gamer. His name is Toby and I had the pleasure of getting to know him since. His story had inspired me to create an accessibility mod for him and others who have a visual impairment. For some time, I had been working on a wad that would allow those with a visual impairment to navigate Doom levels. Even though this mod does cover a good amount of the basics like weapons, pickups, wall bumping, and other audio queues, I feel there is much more work that is needed to perfect this project. I'm no expert in ZScript, however, I feel this scripting system may be what is necessary to make this mod more capable of aiding visually impaired players. If anyone would like to contribute to this project (scripting, ideas, suggestions, etc.), your help will be much appreciated. Thank you. -Alando1 I would like to give thanks to: Toby Ott - For inspiring the project. dansg08 - For creating the "Gaming Through New Eyes" documentary. Jarewill - For the Audio Feedback Compass System, Health & Ammo Stat Checker, & Event Handler Scripts for doors & switches. Illegally Sighted - Contributor and project advisement. SightlessKombat - Contributor and project advisement. Proydoha - For the optimized drop-off detection system, accessible menu, optimized the audible map marker system. ZikShadow - For map marker scripts and inspiration. Tekish - For the Hit marker system. AlChestbreach - Project support. Karl G. - For suggesting the snap-turn feature for the compass system. Any other visually impaired players who offered helpful suggestions and insight (from YouTube) ***MAIN PROJECT THREAD ON ZDOOM.ORG*** https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=71349 **NEW MAP PACK! - OPERATION: MDK** **TOBY ACCESSIBILITY MOD VERSION 6.1 - RELEASED** **DOWNLOAD** Toby Accessibility Mod V6.1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uf01fx3vydua6zx/TobyAccessibilityMod_Version6-1.zip?dl=0 Toby Accessibility Mod V6.0 Audio Manual (Still can be used with Version 6.1): https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxz59il2f9mjclg/TobyAccessibilityModV6-0_AudioManual.zip?dl=0 **WHAT'S INCLUDED** - Toby Accessibility Mod V6.1 - Toby Doom Mega Deluxe Map Pack (Combines Toby Doom 1 and Toby Doom 2) - Quick play shortcuts - Updated Audio Manual - Updated features such as a new sound for the impact detections system, expanded accessible menu, powerup wear-off sounds, hit marker feedback sounds, and more! Below is the downloadable version of the project: ***TOBY ACCESSIBILITY MOD V5.1 UPDATE - RELEASED!*** Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rsswh6m8hhjwp7g/Toby%20Acc%20Mod%20V5-1%20Update%20Fix.zip?dl=0 **Important Notice** - If you have already downloaded Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0, you can place the TobyAccModV5-1.pk3 and TobyDeluxeMapPack_V5-1.pk3 into the Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0 folder. - Before you play with Version 5.1, remove the current gzdoom.ini file you have in the Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0 folder! After you have removed the old gzdoom.ini, replace it with the new gzdoom.ini packaged with Version 5.1. This new configuration file has the updated key controls for the updated compass system. - When playing with the Toby Accessibility Mod, please use the preconfigured version of GZDoom 4.7.1. If you already have the Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0, the preconfigured version of GZDoom 4.7.1 comes packaged with it. What's included in the The Toby Accessibility Mod V5.1 Update zip file: 1. The Toby Accessibility Mod V5.1 - Has updated Compass System 2. The Toby Doom Deluxe Map Pack (with updated V5.1 accessibility mod already built in) 3. Audio file describing the new key controls for the updated compass system. ***TOBY ACCESSIBILITY MOD V5.0*** What's included in the The Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0 zip file: 1. A preconfigured version of GZDoom 4.7.1 2. The Toby Accessibility Mod V5.0 3. The Toby Doom Deluxe Map Pack (with updated accessibility mod already built in) TOBY DOOM DELUXE MAP PACKS: ***TOBY DOOM DELUXE EDITION!*** Contains blind-player-friendly Doom 1 inspired levels Main: (Includes updated accessibility mod) **(Replaced by the Toby Doom Mega Deluxe Map Pack)** ***TOBY DOOM 2 DELUXE!*** Contains blind-player-friendly Doom 2 inspired levels Main: (Includes updated accessibility mod) **(Replaced by the Toby Doom Mega Deluxe Map Pack)** GAMING THROUGH NEW EYES DOCUMENTARY: Meet Toby!
  2. Are you ready? Supercharged Bullet Ride is a slighty chaotic tribute mod to Supercharge (by Tango), preserving the weapon balance and punchy animations (no reloading, though) with some brutality sprinkled on top. Built using DoomTools and some help from SLADE. Intended mostly as a mapping resource, but it works as a gameplay mod, too. So, I'll se ya in the bullet hell. (No touhou chicks included) Downloads Supercharged Bullet Ride.zip Recommended Ports Any port that runs MBF21 should be fine (Eternity Engine, GZDoom, dsda-doom, Odamex, Woof!, etc.), I tested it mostly with Doom Retro. Screenies Have fun!
  3. Skemech


    so by now even ur grandma has heard of My_House.wad... I'm making this hunk of shit in response... it ain't done yet, so here's some screenshots or sum idfk... if u wanna play it when it comes out (whenever tf that'll be) make sure u stick around and witness the weird bullshit that is My_Apartment.wad :)
  4. WELCOME TO BYOC. This Zandronum* mod made by creators from a private community contains a ton of classes based on OC's and well known characters (From Peppino Spagghetti from pizza tower to the most obscure characters Dr.Doomguy from Dr.Doom) each of the characters have their own arsenals and Gimmicks, Most of them are mostly tested with Multiplayer but they are playable on singleplayer! *This mod will only work with zandronum, GZdoom will not work and most classes will break in some cases. Screenshots: Download: HERE! CHANGELOG CREDITS?
  5. After 8 months since the beta was used in 100 Line Christmas, the full fledged resource pack is finally here! You may ask: “why does this exist?” or “Doesn’t a Christmas resource already exist?” While the Doom Christmas resource pack does exist, I’d describe some of its assets as being subpar. When compiling a Christmas resource for my community project, I decided that the Christmas resource pack was in need of a refresh. And so here is the brand new resource pack refresh by @Arsinikk, with help from @ThatKidBobo, @Cacodemon187, and @NinjaDelphox. You can download the resource below and scroll down to see the changes included in the resource pack. For Players: Like the original Doom Christmas, you can actually load this directly with Doom / Doom 2 / TNT / Plutonia and it’ll work right out of the box. Make sure to download XMASPACK.zip and not the resource (XMASPACK-Resource.zip). It’s recommended to also load the Dehacked file (DEH) for full compatibility. Loading the resource without it will work, but some things may be wonky. For Mappers: This is a resource that is meant to be an updated version of the Doom Christmas resource that everyone uses for Christmas WADs. I really do hope that people will start to use this one instead, as it includes many fixes and refinements to the original resource pack. Make sure to download XMASPACK-Resource.zip and not XMASPACK.zip. Links: XMASPACK WAD (for players): Download XMASPACK Resource (for mappers): Download Hopefully this resource will be useful for anyone who wants to make future Christmas Doom WADs! Regarding some things that could be added to the resource, we are still missing some things: Christmas sprites for the Spider Mastermind Still missing some Christmas versions of Vanilla Doom textures If you would like to contribute to the resource pack, please message me on my Slotter Sanctum Discord! We are a friendly bunch and would love your contributions! Thanks for reading! Arsinikk
  6. It took me over 8 months in total to completely finish this bow and after 5 hours I've been able to extract this monstrosity from my mod to release it as a standalone mod! I recorded a full video showcasing what it does, unfortunately I cannot really show you the witchery behind it (if you download the thing and take a look at the codes you'll understand why), but I'm 100% satisfied with what this has become! Huge thanks go to @Gothic though, the actual bow-maker from which I'm ste-borrowing the sprites and inspired the creation of all of this. You can find a thoroughly description of the bow in the video description. I hope you'll enjoy some of this bow and arrows stuff in your Doom world :D Download it here: Medieval Bow Video: Feel free to report any bug, glitch or suggestion here! Unfortunately I haven't been able to test this thoroughly, so I might have missed something D: Bugs: Sometimes, fire sound won't stop when the bow extinguish when crouching in water OLD TOPIC
  7. LukeGaming

    Doom hybrid monster pack

    Total of 26 reskinned monsters with different stats. More to come! Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/64egrlxr9pgeo65/HybridProject1.3.pk3/file Feel free to use it in whatever mods/maps you're making, just mention somewhere who made it. to do: -add more -make randomizer for Doom -make randomizer for Doom 2 -fix sprite offsets -organize names/tags etc. -(maybe) add remixed sounds
  8. Welcome to the future, Agent. Vesper is a shiny new weapon mod for MBF21, showcasing a full arsenal of high-tech & demonic weaponry that'll make you say "I can't believe it's not GZDoom!" Built using pure DEHACKED, with a little help from DoomTools, it doubles as both a feature demonstration and a standalone weapon pack to use with your favorite maps. Blast 'em away with plasma shotguns, acid grenades, and heat-seeking blood sprayers! Downloads & Links Current release: v1.0.0 -- released 2022-01-02 Dropbox Mirror Release Archive Git Repo Project Homepage, hosted by Hellforge Studios as part of Doomforge Supported Ports dsda-doom Woof! Odamex Eternity (devbuilds only at time of writing) GZDoom (v4.8.2 or higher) DelphiDoom ...More to come! Gameplay Reel: Big thanks to @rd. for putting this together! Watch the mod played by someone who actually knows how to play the game! ;P Obligatory Weapon Previews: Blunderbuss: A highly-portable plasma shotgun. For when buckshot just won't do (which, coincidentally, is always). Nox Launcher: Break-action delivery device for specially-formulated anti-demon Nox Grenades. Bring a spare pair of lungs. And more! Download the dang mod already and check 'em out! Screamshots Click for fullscreen versions. Also yep, that's Proper Valiant, Sunlust, and Eviternity, showin' off the DEHACKED compatibility. Word. How the hell does any of this work? Some geeky details: This is all done with with DEHACKED, and these gifs were taken with dsda-doom. The secret sauce is in the MBF21 spec: there's a whole host of new weapon codepointers that let you do all sorts of fancy business, and combined with DEHEXTRA's ability to have virtually-unlimited* states, it's now possible to do incredibly advanced weapon & monster logic without making the leap to an advanced port (i.e. GZD or EE). The "Boom" family of ports is no longer stuck in the stone age. :D If you're wondering how all this works behind the hood, or want to learn how to build an MBF21 project of your own, check out the GitHub project for the mod. It contains the full source used to build the WAD with DoomTools, including source for the incredibly-powerful DECOHack, which is the key to making all this fancy 21st-century DEHACKED stuff possible. If you've ever written a line of DECORATE or ZScript, you'll feel right at home. [*yeah, there's DSDHacked which has literally-unlimited states, but it may be a while before all relevant ports support it, so Vesper targets the 'lesser' of the two specs for now.] OBLIGATORY FAQ: Q: What port do I need to run this? A: Any port that supports MBF21, though dsda-doom is the primary target. See the list at the top -- everything else is swim-at-your-own-risk. Q: Does this project feature new maps? A: Not yet, just plug in your favorite mapset and have fun. Maybe if this takes off, I'll start up a Vesper mapset project or somethin', but let's not get ahead of ourselves. :P Q: Does this project feature new monsters? A: Nope, just guns. For now. ;) Q: Hey, the mod's busted in GZDoom! A: GZDoom's MBF21 support isn't complete just yet, and the mod doesn't work in GZD at the time of writing. It'll support it before too long, I imagine, once the kinks are all worked out. Q: The mod isn't working in [some other port x]! A: In this case, you're probably best off seeking help from the port developer. Vesper is written using spec-compliant MBF21 features, but since the standard is so new, it's more likely that there are going to be bugs with port-specific implementations of MBF21 features rather than anything wrong with the mod itself. Either way, it's best to start there, then we'll figure out afterward it turns out there's anything in the mod that needs fixing. OK that's it, now let's shoot some goddamn guns!!
  9. LukeGaming

    Cool Doom

    Gameplay mod meant to be used with gzdoom, currently only modifies Ultimate Doom content but works with Doom 2. Inspired by Doom Eternal enemy analysis videos on YouTube, main goal of this mod is to give monsters more abilities, mostly copied from other entries in the series like Doom Eternal, Doom 3 and various spin-off games (mighty doom, doom rpg), while keeping things fairly simple. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jxfmr0jfyntjcv9/CoolDoom.pk3/file Let me know if there are any issues. General changes: -every demon aside from Doom 2 ones has been given one or several new abilities -all weapons (aside from super shotgun) have some sort of alt-fire now (mouse2 by default) -autoaim has been disabled on all weapons -all weapons have been given vertical spread -improved positioning of some demon projectiles (cacodemon doesn’t shoot from his nose and cyberdemon doesn’t shoot from his groin anymore) -changed spectres invisibility and visuals -all projectile-shooting monsters now occasionally fire projectiles at slightly different angle (barely noticeable) New monster abilities: Weapon changes: To do: -add changes to Doom 2 content -fix fist sprite
  10. ---------------------------------- Walpurgis is a Gameplay Mod that works with Doom, Heretic, and Hexen! It is for the latest version of GZDoom (ONLY). !!~GET IT HERE~!! (Version 0.98A) on MEGA Googledrive Mirror -------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord Channel Invite: https://discord.gg/4XyyQtUqHU -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Walpurgis is... A gameplay mod that works with Doom, Hexen and Heretic, straight out of the Box! Focused on giving everything three fire-modes without needing any extra resources, just balancing them around standard blue and green mana/ammo consumption. Upgrades for each of those afformentioned fire-modes (think Trailblazer). Strong and fun, but balanced. Extra care has been put into making everything have punch and impact and be fun to use but not the level of overkill. I'm a mad perfectionist when I get going; so repeatedly testing something over and over whilst I tweak values is not unusual. Gothically medieval, with a taste of moderate-high fantasy. Magic is meant to semi-common in the world, whether through artifacts, or mystical items. Based around play where you get used to using both your arsenal and your inventory items in tandem. Flechettes and Discs of Repulsion are really useful now; so use them! Rigorously playtested with custom doom, heretic, and hexen wads to get a feel for how it plays with them; and to see if I can find reason to switch between my arsenal all the time (which is the sign of a good arsenal, in my opinion). Is named this way because... well, "Hexen" are witches from germanic folklore. Walpurgisnacht is a grand festival for witches in general. So as a festival of new content for Hexen related shenanigans; its doubly relevant. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Click the Spoiler to see details of the four characters! ------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE VIDEOS (YOUTUBE PLAYLIST) ----------------------------------- Watch more videos of it on this YOUTUBE PLAYLIST!! A list of Thematic Megawads I recommend (though it really works with anything!) ---------------------------------- Thanks for checking out Walpurgis! When I was a kid, and still now, I've always been a fantasy nerd, so Hexen was always one of my favourite Doom spinoffs: I've long wanted to create something for it, something similar to what Heretical did for Heretic, but the initial step forwards was always something I was lethargic about. After all, I'm not much of a natural coder; my skills lie in spriting and writing by default. Walpurgis was originally based on a now discontinued mod called 'HexArcana' by 4page, of which I did a fork for my own personal usage. Since then it spiralled massively out of control, and it turned gradually from a spinoff into full-fledged mod of its own. It now shares very little with HexArcana as its been gradually shaped by my vision of what I wanted in a Hexen mod, like upgraded weapons, lots of fire modes, and universal game compatibility. I'm not exactly the best Doom player in the box, so my design philosophy is strong and fun, but balanced. Extra care has been put into making everything have punch and impact and be fun to use but not the level of overkill. I'm a mad perfectionist when I get going; so repeatedly testing something over and over whilst I tweak values is not unusual. Most recent changelog
  11. Hello, SkeletronMK here. I've revisted my Terminator Monster Conversion mod to make it proper! i've overhauled the mod from scratch- graphics and code. this version of the mod changes a bit of the mosnters, the melee termiantors are now crawlers and some of the mosntsters explode into crawlers (like in the first movie). Works well with mods such as Judgemnt DOOM and Terminator: Future war on moddb. The mosnters use a 3d render of a terminator that i'ved posed in belnder then rednred and made sprites with. im updating this post and bumping it(Not to necro post) and update it. The mod also converts the music from midis form the Termiantor games by the bathesda titles such as Terminator: Future Shock, Skyent, and Rampage! Fully replaces ALL the monsters. the download link is here: enjoy and have fun!
  12. So I made this silly mod that turns every gun into a BFG variant. I'm posting it here to have poeple give feedback on what would make it better. Intended for Boom-compatible source ports, though it works in Crispy Doom Contents of the zip file : - BFA.wad : the wad containing all necessary graphics and sounds, + the dehacked and a credits file, - BFA.deh : the Dehacked seperately from the wad, in case a port needs it seperately, - GunRoulette.bex : an additional patch that replaces every rocket pack with a gun roulette, for maps that don't have a lot of different guns. BFA.zip Screenies :
  13. Hi! I make Unreal monsters for gzdoom(get them from UnrealRPG Mod), also working on android (Delta Touch). I fix ut99 wepon mod for android (i fix for Android old version) Now wapons which bot used show in bothands I edit skins and add 1 new skin download links in comments on my channel Screenshots:
  14. dehacked.zip (Boom patch format) Here are some dehacked files I decided to make, along with them in WAD files to run easier. You can run these on any mapset (on complevel 9) and they will (most likely) work. 1. Extended Health - Pretty simple, changes the heath values so that you can have 10x your normal health, with a soulsphere giving 200% and a megasphere giving 500%. 2. Rocket Doom - All the ammo is changed to rocket packs, every weapon is an exact copy of the rocket, you can have up to 100,000 rocket ammo, and you start with 10. 3. You should Use The Pistol Now! - Unlimited ammo on the pistol, anything that is dropped goes up in flames (literally!) including things placed in by the mapmaker, and the pistol fires every 3 frames. The other ones are combinations of Extended Health and the DEH file. Enjoy!
  15. Magnus doomsday


    Carnage doom is a doom mod that takes boring old doom and makes it feel more modern and fun (with some extra features 😉 Here is the download link CARNAGE DOOM 1.0.1
  16. This is a mod I released back in 2017. I don't expect to make any further updates to it, but figured it was worth reposting here to better diversify the places my mods are available. This is the (overly wanky) original description: This is the trailer. I used to be good at editing. What happened? And this is an old gameplay video by the late Slax. And this... this is reasonable. Download! It's compatible with all of the Doom games, as well as Heretic.
  17. LorddRaptorr

    3d doom fantasy monster pack

    Hi!) That is me again!) I make 3d monster pack for doom. Hope you enjoy it! I get this monster from Chasm, Quake, Hexen2 and Harry Potter games. Also some of them i edited by myself (for example frost giant). You can found and download them on my channel PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! LIKE AND COMMENT THIS VIDEO! THANK YOU!)
  18. warchild_89

    3D models for Doom

    Hey There, I open up this thread for creating and collecting a source for all models that are considered "Ready for Use" with GZDoom. And Therefore I start with my "Counter Strike: Source" modelpack. - All models are static props in .md3 file format including basic MODELDEF and DECORATE, MAPINFO and Textures. - Intented to be used with GZDOOM and Ultimate Doom Builder. - For full functionality use UDMF map format. - Due to the custom 3d bridges that override the originals that come with GZDoom you are able to set width and height of the hitboxes directly in Doombuilder. - To be able to see the models in Doombuilder, make sure you have the "GZDoom.pk3" and "Doom2.wad" included in your resources list in Doombuilder. link : https://www.nexusmods.com/doom2/mods/28


    That's a, FAN MOD without any commercial purpose. NOT A COMPLETE GAME, just a Conversion mod that works with Heretic and Doom wads (NO NEW MAPS OR .EXEs), This mod is based in my other one, Wardust's Rogue Rebel, but has a diferent gameplay. In that case, you will fight against ordes of spiders inspired on the ones seen on Mandalorian TvShow. Because the mod add a lot of spiders, it's recomended to play with Doom1 maps or Heretic. You can also try with Doom2 and slaugher maps, but that can be really intens for you and your GZDoom (oh yes, only tested on GZDoom) High recomended with darkdoomZ mod! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ¡¡¡ON FOLDERS YOU CAN ONLY DOWNLOAD A SINGLE FILE AT THE SAME TIME!!! MOD LINK - https://app.mediafire.com/6ndmclxptc29r ------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEXTURES&TERRAIN (Selected, customized and reduced to lowres by me, also i made the terrain) https://app.mediafire.com/np1sikxhc7hzu Heretic and TNT https://www.mediafire.com/folder/wdlwtt98rphl8/Textures+for+HERETIC+&+TNT ------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC: Can't share that one, but here my easy instructions/suggestions: 1 - Download that on the moddb @Xim's place: https://www.moddb.com/downloads/dark-forces-music-patch Edit the content at your own taste (in my case, Mandalorian BSO, of course) It works fantastic with Heretic. Thanks also @Doomenatorfor that. 2 - Make your own .pk3 file PREPARE a MUSIC folder and place it inside a pk3 Tittles must be the Doom ones: INTROS: d_dm2ttl, d_intro, DFSTART, d_bunny, INTERMISSIONS: d_dm2int, d_inter, ending: d_victor MAPS: DFMUS01, 02 and 03 for an intense action maps DFMUS04 to 34 for rest of the maps (I recomend the use of Force Commander themes, KOTOR, JediKnight and Mandalorian. I found that web with many themes http://galactic-voyage.com) CREDITS
  20. >>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD SUPERCHARGE <<<<<<<< (last updated: v3.0 - 03/27/2023 | click here for direct link | click here for weapons-only version courtesy of @NovaRain Supercharge is a mapping resource and gameplay mod for GZDoom/Zandronum, with new and altered monsters and weapons. It is the continuation of the gameplay mod featured in Paradise, and I intend to continue iterating on it and using it in my future mapping projects. REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with GZDoom 4.0.0 and up, Zandronum 3.0 and up, and ZDoom 2.8.1; earlier GZDoom versions or LZDoom may also work, but are untested Requires a Doom IWAD to play (doom.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad, plutonia.wad, etc.) Hardware rendering mode strongly recommended; non-hardware rendering modes may have visual oddities Probably will not play well with other mods or mapsets that have significant gameplay tweaks SCREENSHOTS: GIFS: GENERAL INFO: Frills and effects! New weapon and monster sprites, new sounds, bullet casings, alternate deaths, gibs, terrain splashes, two "new" HUDs, and other various things. Automatic pistol starts (GZDoom only)! In game, navigate to "SC Options" from the main menu to toggle this setting. Normalized damage across the board! Each player and monster attack now does a set, non-random amount of damage. The non-random values are generally what the average random version would be. A projectile formerly dealing between 10 and 20 damage would now do 15, for example. Instant weapon switching! Weapon switching is instant for ALL weapons. This allows you to combo certain weapon shots together. Fire a rocket then quickly switch to a super shotgun blast, or hammer away at your pistol clip then instantly switch to a plasma volley! New monsters and tweaked weapons! See the respective categories below for more info. MONSTER INFO: WEAPON INFO: NOTES FOR MAPPERS: CURRENT TODOS: MODIFYING SUPERCHARGE AND USING IT IN YOUR MAPS: OLD VERSIONS: MAPSETS USING SUPERCHARGE: Ar Luminae by @Aurelius The Demon Blade by @DragonsForLunch Technicolor Antichrist Box by @Major Arlene Supercharged Final Scourge - Catharsis by @Austinado Supercharged Break In! by @TravyB Bloodicide by @RonnieJamesDiner Paradise v2.1 by Tango Mapwich 2 by the Hellforge crew Supercharged Triathlon by @Helm Supercharged Radiation Factory by @StoopidBoiEthan Technicolor Antichrist Box Anniversary Edition by @Major Arlene False Paradise by @97th Century Fox The Demented Trials by @StoopidBoiEthan Ante Mortem Episode 1 by @Snaxalotl Greg's Glory by @StoopidBoiEthan Breakpoint by @Major Arlene, @jazzmaster9, @Guardsoul, @Remmirath, and @Velvetic In the Shadow of Chaos by @Toilet_Wine_Connoisseur Sensory Deprivation Chamber by @eltiolavara9 Sun Lotion On My Curvy Asscheeks by @MoiraHeart GAMEPLAY MODS BASED ON SUPERCHARGE: QuickCharge by @6DB Minicharge by Tango ("based on" is a pretty rough term here admittedly) RECOMMENDED ADDONS: DamNums by @Xaser Tilt++ by @Nash Mortal HUD Tweaked by @Delfino Furioso and @MORTAL
  21. "Who then?", Jesus said, "Which one stands before me?" The man replied "We are for we are many..." Welcome to LEGION! A mod where Hell bites you in the ass. --- DOWNLOAD --- Code Repo Latest Changelog - General Concepts - Enemies are much stronger and more aggressive. They have special attacks that operate on a cooldown. Most enemies have side-graded variants Enemies were designed to fill their same general role, but be much better at it. Results may vary. Compatible with any weapon mod, but uses damage types for interactions with various mods of mine and Yholl's Each monster type has a BOSS variant. These are very rare and very dangerous. This concept is still WIP, and not every BOSS is implemented Options for controlling spawns and VFX There is a very WIP in-game Codex of Demons with details and lore on each of the monsters. Enemies are grouped into 5 Catagories, each with unique traits and weaknesses: Human, Demon, Cyber, Undead and Brain Humans do no infight each other Humans have no innate weakness or resistances Demons are split into three 'classes': Lesser, Middle and Greater. They often have a wide variety of moves All Demons are weak to Holy and resist Unholy Middle and Greater Demons resist Elemental Middle and Greater Demons can be attuned to an Element, further increasing their resistance to that element but granting them a weakness Cybers are slow but much more durable. They have a wide variety of weapons Cybers resist SmallArms and Bullet but are weak to Plasma and VERY weak to Electricty Undead are slow, durable and immortal. Their corpses must be destroyed or they will come back. Undead are immune to Unholy and Poison, but are very weak to Fire Brains are resistant to Elemental and Magic, but are weak to Melee They can generate Barriers that protect them from direct attacks - Damage Types and Details - - The Bestiary - DON'T LOOK IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED! - Some gameplay with Feet On The Ground - - TODO - CVars that fully work Patches for special drop tables with various mods Add more variants and bosses Boss shuffler Finish the damn Codex
  22. No Freelook aiming This GZDoom zscript mod disables freelook aiming from all Doom weapons. It is meant to be played with both freelook and autoaim enabled. It allows you to use freelook, but still restrict your aiming as if you were playing vanilla Doom without freelook. So even if you aim straight down, the weapon will still shoot either according to auto-aim or straight ahead if there are no auto-aim targets. Note: This mod is only compatible with the Doom games, and is not compatible with mods that change the weapons or the player classes. Download: nofreelookaim.pk3 Other versions: nofreelookaim_Eviternity.pk3 (for Eviternity) Troubleshooting info: GIFs: Technical details:
  23. DOOM: CLASSIC REDUX is a mod that aims to reimagine the vanilla DOOM experience and provide a lot of consistency fixes and changes to specific in-game behaviors, such as an updated Spider Mastermind and some rebalanced weapons! This mod can run in DOS too, and aims to be as mod compatible as possible! Go crazy with a mod list, I'm sure a good chunk of them will work with this one! (Not sure if it can run on age appropriate software, but if it can run in DOS-BOX, should run in real DOS, right?) Unlike my other mod "Vanilla +", I didn't go crazy with all of the features and sprites and things like that, too the untrained eye, it will most definitely look like normal DOOM, so don't worry! If you want an idea of what to play this mod with, here's a few suggestions!: -DOOM 64 for DOOM 2 (added support) -Nostalgia 1&2 -Zone 300 -Final DOOM -Stickney Installation -No Rest for The Living Just to name a few! Additional info can be found in the RTF README in the mod and more! If you want to see what it looks like, here you go!: Install DOOM-CLASSIC REDUX here! With love, WorldMachine
  24. "Stellar Weapons" is an Advanced Mod for Zandronum and GZD that is designed to be played on maps with hundreds or even thousands of enemies at once. Such maps are known as "Slaughter Maps" and to deal with so large number of enemies, this Gameplay Mod has: a rechargeable "Armored Shield" that will greatly reduce the damage received. if the damage is extreme, an alarm will go off and make you invulnerable for a few moments. an enemy search and tracking system. This system called "ScreenSeeker" is very useful to chase very fast or invisible enemies. The Automap will always be revealed and will show the position of enemies and decorations. very useful to avoid being ambushed. weapons of the "Overpowered/OP" type that inflict high levels of damage ranging from 11 to 10 000 damage points. Advanced munitions capable of destroying/damaging or push over Decorations or inventory items. "MIRV" attacks capable of dealing direct damage to fully Invulnerable Enemies or GOD2 cheat players. "Instakill" projectiles capable of turning Enemies and Decorations into a pile of meat or scrap. an unique "Inventory Recovery System" that will allow you to be always prepared with all weapons and ammo upgrades that you found in other game sessions. and finally, if the situation gets out of hand, look for the secret weapon "S.F.C." to generate an impressive supernova that will erase from existence all the enemies reached by its bipolar rings. now, not all of them are benefits for player: "Stellar Weapons" makes extensive use of the "ReplaceActor" Skill property to replace monsters, decorations and even Items to spawn even more enemies than normal and to add other types of monsters without losing compatibility with maps, MonsterPacks or other GameplayMods. The reappearance of enemies or "Monsters Respawn" is another distinctive feature of "Stellar Weapons" and is a property present in almost all difficulties to give the feeling of witnessing a true apocalyptic invasion and to make the provocation of infightings useless. In several difficulties there are no health items on the maps. This is so because most weapons have the ability to extract Health Gems from enemies while at the same time blocking their return/Respawn. This Gem mining and Respawn blocking is a vital game mechanic to survive and the player has to learn how and when to use this. "Stellar Weapons" comes with a "build-in MonsterPack". many use the same direct "Mirv" or Instakill attacks as the player. apart from the fact that there are completely invisible variations or with bullet-resistant metallic camouflages. so depending on the difficulty/Replacements you select at the start of the game, things can get really scary. and finally, Since weapons can be recovered at the start of a game, weapons are very hard to find because there are NO WEAPON SPAWNERS where you would normally find them. Play the first 4 difficulties to find all the weapons. "Stellar Weapons" was designed to be played on the Zandronum source port primarily in SinglePlayer mode. however, It can also be played with GZDoom and Zandronum in Multiplayer modes such as Survival-Coop, DeathMatch, LMS or any other ST/Zandronum modality. To make PvP a bit less unfair, many projectiles have their damage levels reduced upon impact with a player. (At the moment, kills caused by "MIRV" attacks will not add Frags or monster kills.) Download: Stellar Weapons G4-6.0 "NO MERCY" edition url=https://www.mediafire.com/file/k11xjvgaw259ui5/SW_NOMERCY_%2528G4-v8.0%2529.zip/file you can also download the new trial version with some experimental online functions. You can also download the Mod directly through "The Sentinel's Playground": https://allfearthesentinel.com/zandronum/download.php?file=stellar_weapons-(g4-8.0).pk3 This Project in ZDoom Forums https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=72041 Screenshots: Deybar_TECH: Stellar Weapons - Credits and Sprite sources: Zandronum Online Server for Stellar_Weapons. anyone can enter. To find it, just enter "dt" into Doomseeker. (just behave well when playing)
  25. HXDD takes everything from Heretic, Hexen and other games. Then arranges and converts them into a new GZDOOM compatible format, allowing you play them as if they were a single game. There is a fair amount of code acting as glue to make everything functional - not to mention numerous (optional) added features. This project is inspired by WADSMOOSH by JP LeBreton. Go check it out too. Currently HXDD supports the base classes from Heretic and Hexen. If you have Hexen II PAK files, these classes will be playable via the menu but are still under development. Features Unified Game & Episode Structure Play Heretic, Hexen and Deathkings from one menu with any class from either game! Hexen II Leveling A highly expanded version of the leveling system found in Hexen II. Selectable Armor Modes Choose between Simple and AC, compatible with all characters from both games! Mod Support via PlayerSheets Allows for cross game pickups and actors and expanded PlayerClass definitions. PlayerSheets will allow your mod to support HXDD only features without needing to expand actors or make another version of your mod. Just create a new json under playersheets/.json and you're ready to start! Korax Localization Select between English, French, German, and Japanese for languages used by Hexen 64 Localizations. Title Screen Customization Change the Artwork and Music to any of the games in the series, also has support for using Steam's Hero Artwork as Titles. Current Upcoming & Planned Features Hexen II Classes You can use many of the classes now in a WORK IN PROGRESS state. Focusing on finishing these classes are next for the major gameplay updates. PWAD Mode HXDD will build out to a slimmed DOOM compatible pwad, sometime during beta or post 1.0 release. Heretic II Corvus Currently in an prototyping phase, due to the amount of work required. Requirements GZDOOM 4.11 Download & Source https://github.com/Lemon-King/HXDD/releases/ Usage HXDD will make use of data from GZDOOM, Heretic, Hexen, Hexen's expansion Deathkings, and optionally Hexen II plus its Expansions. Launch HXDD.exe Select your GZDOOM Folder Select your Heretic wad File (heretic.wad) Select your Hexen wad File (hexen.wad) Select your Hexen DeathKings wad file (hexdd.wad) Choose the options you want to utilize - if any. Click on Build HXDD to start building hxdd.ipk3 - this may take more than a few minutes. When complete, copy hxdd.ipk3 to where you keep your wads for GZDOOM. Run GZDOOM and select HXDD. Your selections will be stored for the next time you run it. Hexen II Usage When using Hexen II PAK files with HXDD you will need Noesis by Rich Whitehouse. Download and place the Noesis zip file in the same folder as HXDD's exe. Select the PAK files in the application and ensure Enable Hexen II is checked. HXDD will use Noesis to open PAK files and export model data for use with GZDOOM. Screenshots Gameplay Videos