What are these demos?

These are speed demos (demos that show the player complete a certain level, or several levels, as quickly as possible. Some of them are with all the kills and secrets, and some are not) that aren't recorded in the regular way - recording gameplay in one session. These are recorded in several connected sessions, and sometimes even slowmotion, to make the result as perfect and entertaining as possible.

This is not a competition and the purpose is not to show off skill. The purpose is simply to create demos that are so great that they will make the viewer say "wow, this is so amazing" and watch them over and over again. We do not use godmode or all-weapons cheats in these demos, because these demos show things that are possible to do normally - it would just be nearly-impossible to do them in one session.

We're aware that this site may cause some controversy, and that's ok with us - we'd like to know what you think about this little project of ours. If you want to tell us your thoughts about the ideas behind this site go ahead and contact us.

But since this is rather controversial, we feel we should further emphasize some more points:

Who we are and why we did this

We recorded many speedrun demos (the most famous are probably the Hell Revealed lmps, we were team members in the team that recorded them) in the regular way - that is, in normal speed, in one session, and without any cheats. We were also team members in two rather famous projects, Doom done Quick and Doom2 done Quick, that were recorded in several sessions, but every level was recorded in one session (the "stitching" was done only between the levels) and in normal speed.

Now it shouldn't be too hard to figure out who we are, but if you didn't, don't worry, we'll post our names in several days (or weeks :). Those who already know - please don't tell anyone, we'd like to see if anyone can guess, first :)

Eventually we had enough of Doom and stopped playing it. A few months later, on December 1998, Andy Kempling a.k.a Aurican released a modified version of the Doom source that made it possible to record demos in slowmotion and in several sessions (by having the ability to play back a demo and at any point during playback, "take over" and continue the recording from that point). We thought it would be interesting to try it to make some demos using it, to see how much better and faster we could do them, compared to our previous demos, that were recorded normally.

The results were great, and these demos were so easy to do and took so little time to create, that we recorded many favourite levels. Some time later, version 2.03 of Lee Killough's MBF engine was released, and it allowed recording lmps in several sessions using savegames. This made it possible to make even more perfect lmps, since you don't have to wait for the demo to play back and reach the point where you want to continue like in Aurican's engine.

We made a few more lmps using this way and eventually felt that we've had enough of this way of making lmps as well. But since we've produced so many awesome demos, we thought it would be nice to share them with anyone who is interested, so they can enjoy these demos as well. That's why we made this page.

In case it wasn't clear

Since these demos aren't recorded in the regular way (for the lack of a better term, you can say they're "cheated", although cheating in Doom usually refers to the use of an in-game cheat code such as iddqd, and this is not the case here), we should probably emphasize a few points.

Now that everything is clear...

We hope you enjoy our demos. Feedback is welcome, although we don't play Doom anymore, so don't ask us to record this or that level :)