Tools-Assisted Speedruns


August 10

The closing of this site
For a long time now I've lost interest in maintaining TAS. Opulent has kindly agreed to take over the posting of Doom TAS demos on his excellent site Doom SDA, which is now the official place for Doom TAS demos as far as I'm concerned. This site remains as an archive for now. Goodbye, and thanks for all the demos...

April 21

Hell Revealed 24 -fast
Cameron Prosser returned with another spectacular recording: Hell Revealed level 24, -fast, with 100% kills/secrets in 3:59!! This is one of the most action-filled demos I've ever seen, and includes some surprising tricks as well. Don't miss this one!

March 31

Plutonia 32 speedrun
Adam Hegyi has recorded an incredible speedrun of The Plutonia Experiment level 32, in 0:43.

March 13

Mostly Harmful demos
For this update we have two more Mostly Harmful (Hell Revealed level 32) demos by Cameron Prosser: the first is the missing Nightmare recording from the previous update, in 0:52, and the second is a UV -fast 100% kills/secrets recording, in 3:14.

March 10

Hell Revealed madness
Cameron Prosser recorded a bunch of amazing Hell Revealed demos, mostly in pacifist style. These demos are very quick, contain great playing and excellent planning and some never-before-seen tricks. Highly recommended!

Here are the demos:
Level 2, UV pacifist, in 0:54.
Level 3, UV pacifist, in 2:30.
Level 9, UV pacifist, in 2:11.
Level 14, UV pacifist, in 2:06.
Level 15, UV pacifist, in 0:40.
Level 16, UV pacifist, in 2:26.
Level 17, UV pacifist, in 1:04.
Level 18, UV pacifist, in 2:42.
Level 19, NM pacifist, in 0:26.
Level 20, UV pacifist, in 1:02.
Level 29, NM pacifist, in 1:57.
Level 30, Nightmare, in 0:15. Beats the previous fastest time using a new trick.
Level 31, UV pacifist, in 2:07, done the "real men" way.
Level 32, UV pacifist, in 2:28. Also contains text file with details about these recordings.

January 13

Map32 tyson
Wim Vanrie has recorded a Tyson demo of map32 without using the invulnerability, on skill 1. His time was 2:07.

December 25

More 10sector
Frank "ZappaZ" Winqvist recorded another 10sector speedrun: level 22 in 1:23.

December 19

Mistake correction, and more 10sector action
First of all I apologize for the broken link in the previous update: here's Adam Hegyi's e4m2 in 1:05.

Now for new demos:

Frank "ZappaZ" Winqvist recorded many 10sector speedruns, both on skill 1 and skill 4. Watch these demos with the regular doom2 or dosdoom, unless MBF is specified. Also, you might have to rename the demos that have a filename longer than 8 letters to something which has 8 letters or less in order for your source port to play them back. The skill 1 demos are: level 2 in 0:25, level 3 in 0:34, level 4 in 1:09, level 7 in 0:57 (MBF), level 14 in 0:36 (MBF), level 17 in 1:46 (MBF), level 18 in 0:31 (MBF), level 19 in 0:48 (MBF), level 23 in 3:28 (MBF), level 24 in 0:46 (MBF), level 27 in 1:37 (MBF), level 28 in 2:24 (MBF), and level 32 in 0:21 (MBF). The skill 4 demos are: level 5 in 0:57 (MBF), level 6 in 0:25, level 12 in 0:39, and level 13 in 0:44.

December 17

Ultimate Doom 100% demo, and 10sector Nightmare demos
Adam Hegyi did Ultimate Doom level e4m2, Ultra-Violence, 100% kills/secrets, in 1:05. Quite a BFG fest...

Donatas Tamonis recorded many Nightmare demos in 10sector: Level 3 in 2:41, level 6 in 2:06, level 9 in 2:52, level 12 in 1:12, level 13 in 1:58, level 18 in 2:57, and level 22 in 3:38.

Note that all demos in this update should be played back with DosDoom (or regular Doom) rather than MBF.

Doom done Quicker
If you haven't watched it already, download and watch the Doom done Quicker from the Quake done Quick page. It's a very quick run of all of The Ultimate Doom on Ultra-Violence in only 16:05. It actually beats not only the old DdQ run but also the TAS Doom run by use of faster routes and more shortcut tricks.

December 2

More 10sector, and Hell Revealed 2 (beta)
Nobody sent any 10sector demos, so I thought I'd do another one to encourage you :) This demo is only 53 seconds long, but it contains ridiculous amounts of monster slaughter and nonstop action, including: a monster committing suicide and taking another with it, monsters killed while at the same time they kill others, arachnotrons punched to death, a monster walking right into a rocket explosion area, and of course the obligatory getting-on-the-lift-in-the-last-moment:

10sector level 2 in 0:53.

Also, Adam Hegyi did a Hell Revealed 2 beta level 32 UV speedrun using a new shortcut, in 0:27 - thanks Opulent (Doom SDA).

November 24

10sector TAS demos
After a very long time with no TAS demos, Doomworld's 10 sectors contest has ended and the excellent 10sector megawad has been released. After taking a quick look at it I thought these levels are quite suitable for some TAS demos. Of course since it required a Boom-compatible port, you'd have to use TASMBF.

So in order to encourage you people to record some TAS demos I did a quick UV 100/100 demo of it:

10sector level 1 in 0:16.

August 11

The first Eternal TAS demo (no pun intended)
Jason Henry, a.k.a King God Space, has recorded a speedrun of level 24 of Eternal Doom, in 6:32.

June 10

e1m1 in 0:26
Adam Hegyi did Ultimate Doom e1m1, 100% kills and secrets, in 0:26.

April 3

Doom2 done much Quicker, and Doom done Turbo
Two whole-game runs in this update:

The first is a fun idea by Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek, a complete run of The Ultimate Doom on Ultra-Violence with -turbo 255 in 12:46. The speed is quite disorienting at times :)

The second, by Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic, is a complete run of Doom2, on Ultra-Violence skill, in 16:17. (The D2dQ time was 21:16). Don't miss this demo, it's one of the most amazing I've ever seen, there hardly seems to be a second that isn't completely optimized! You need MBF to watch it.

February 26

More pacifist
A few more pacifist demos by Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek:

Doom2 level 4, pacifist on Nightmare, in 0:53.

Hell Revealed level 10 in 0:44 and level 12 in 1:29. And finally, the next demo, also for Hell Revealed, definitely belongs in the "doing the impossible" category: level 22 pacifist in 5:28 (getting 87% kills, too!). A highly recommended demo.

February 21

Pacifist demos
Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek did several good pacifist demos:

First of all some pacifist demos for The Ultimate Doom, on Nightmare skill to make things interesting: e3m7 in 1:23, e4m2 in 0:28, and e4m8 in 2:08. He also did a pacifist run of episode 1, on Ultra Violence, in 12:28 (although almost half of the time is spent in e1m8).

Selim also did a Nightmare pacifist demo for doom2: level 6 in 1:31.

And last but not least, he did Hell Revealed level 25, pacifist style, in 2:14. Quite a funny demo with the player just running through tons of monsters :)

February 16

Doom2 done Quicker on Nightmare
For a while now updates should return to a more or less normal basis. In this update we have some great demos for you, first of all Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic's incredible run of all of Doom2 on Nightmare skill in only 18:49 (the D2dQ time was 21:16 on Ultra-Violence)! Highly recommended run, use MBF to watch it.

Marijo did another Nightmare demo, Hell Revealed level 10 in 0:35.

A built demo
Marijo also built a demo (which is another way of using tool assistance :) of Doom2 level 19 with no monsters in 0:31, which is probably the optimal time for this level. This is the first built demo we post on TAS since COMPET-N has a special category for them, but this one was built using MBFLMPC so we post it here.

Hell Revealed 2 episode 1 beta
Chrozoron has released a beta version of the first episode of Hell Revealed 2. Even though it is a beta version, we will be happy to receive and post TAS demos for this wad!

January 16

Last update for the next month
As the title says, this is the last update in the next month or so. I'm fairly sure that I won't have time to prepare another update before March or around that time period, but that doesn't mean that you should stop sending demos. Everything that you send will be posted eventually (unless it's really bad :).

We'll start with the usual amount of pacifist action:

Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek decided that Doom2 level 29 pacifist style was too easy, so he did it on Nightmare this time, in 2:22. He also decided that the shortcut jump in Ultimate Doom e4m2 made it too easy, so he did it on pacifist without the shortcut jump, in 1:11. He also did a few levels of Hell Revealed (!) pacifist style: level 8 in 0:47, level 13 in 1:10, level 19 in 0:37, level 27 in 1:10, and level 28 in 0:39.

Adam Hegyi did Ultimate Doom e4m1 not in pacifist style but on Nightmare without taking a single hit! His time was 0:34.

Andy R. Olivera did a 100% kills/secrets demo for chord1 in 5:35.

December 24

More ultrafast pacifist demos
Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic did some more pacifist demos in unbelievably fast times: doom2 level 2 in 0:31, level 15 in 1:03, level 17 in 2:07, and level 26 in 0:33.

Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek did some very quick pacifist demos for The Ultimate Doom: e1m3 in 0:47, e1m5 in 1:25, e1m9 in 0:41, and e4m2 in 0:23.

HR Nightmare and doom2 map07 Tyson
Marijo also did Hell Revealed level 27 on Nightmare skill in 1:06, and doom2 level 7 in Tyson in only 3:35, with plenty of punching of big monsters :)

Oh, and Merry Christmas to all you Christians!

December 18

Two updates in one week?
Yes, since I came back early this week, I had time to prepare another update.

Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic did more amazing pacifist demos: doom2 level 2 (never done before in pacifist style) in 1:01 and level 14 in 0:24.

December 16

Lots of new demos in this update - incredible stuff, highly recommended. Starting with some pacifist action:

Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic did doom2 level 4 in 0:23, level 6 in 1:01, level 15 in 1:21 using the normal exit (!), level 21 in 0:43 (including a rocket jump!), level 22 in 0:32, level 29 in 1:29. No, there is no mistake in those times, they really are unbelievably fast, must-see demos.

Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek did doom2 level 26 in 4:54, and level 17 in 14:28, both of them levels that have never been done before in pacifist style.

Nightmare speed and 100% secrets
Marijo also did some demos for the Nightmare speed and Nightmare with 100% secrets categories, incredibly fast as well:

Nightmare speed: doom2 level 19 in 0:36, and level 24 in 0:40.

Nightmare with 100% secrets: doom2 level 15 in 2:19, and level 24 in 1:44.

Marijo also did a Tyson demo: doom2 level 31 in 2:47, punching through tons of Nazis as if they were thin air :)

December 3

Map29 pacifist
Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek did doom2 level 29 pacifist style in 5:30, a level that to the best of my knowledge was never done in pacifist style before. His demo also contains a new jump (well I haven't seen anyone do it before) that could improve the times of normal speedruns for this map.

November 5

New demo with new trick
Vincent Catalaa did doom2 level 29 on Nightmare in 1:35, using a new trick and improving the previous best time by quite a lot.

October 30

Evilution done Quick!
Istvan Pataki did a full speedrun of all 32 levels of the Evilution episode from Final Doom! As you can probably imagine this speedrun is full of non-stop action for the 41:14 minutes it takes and is very recommended. It even has a surprise ending! (Well, kind of) Use MBF to watch it, as usual with multilevel demos.

And some more Tyson -fast
Peo Sjoblom did several Tyson -fast demos:
Doom2 level 16 in 5:31
Doom2 level 23 in 5:43 (including punching a spiderdemon to death!)
Eternal level 14 in 4:51. This is the first Tool-Assisted Speedrun for Eternal!

Esko Koskimaa did Doom2 level 28 in 5:08. Includes all kinds of spider-punching, both spiderdemons and arachnotrons!

October 16

More Tyson -fast
Peo Sjoblom recorded a few more Tyson demos with -fast:
Ultimate Doom e4m8 in 5:17
Doom2 level 17 in 8:47

Esko Koskimaa also recorded a Tyson -fast demo:
Doom2 level 27 in 6:21

October 9

Tyson and -fast
In this update we have some Tyson demos (Ultra-Violence, all kills, using only weapons 1+2) with -fast:

Esko Koskimaa did Doom2 level 29 in 10:02

Peo Sjoblom did:
Doom2 level 20 in 8:41
Hell Revealed level 25 in 7:10

October 1

Lots of Hell Revealed Nightmare action
Peo Sjoblom recorded several Hell Revealed demos that would certainly belong in the "doing the impossible" category without tool-assistance. Who would have thought so many Hell Revealed maps would be possible on Nightmare? All these demos have tons of action and great style and are highly recommended:

Level 2 in 3:22
Level 3 in 2:42
Level 5 in 4:49
Level 6 in 4:13
Level 8 in 1:34
Level 10 in 2:02
Level 15 in 3:08
Level 16 in 5:11
Level 21 in 0:49, without taking a single hit!
Level 27 in 3:29
Level 31 in 2:23

Esko Koskimaa also recorded a great Nightmare demo for Hell Revealed:
Level 14 in 3:09, with a rocket jump!

Pacifist action
To wrap this update with a demo other than Hell Revealed Nightmare, here is a great pacifist demo Jonathan Rimmer recorded for Ultimate Doom e4m1, a level that (to the best of my knowledge) was not done before in pacifist style. The time he got is 0:41.

September 25

Final Doom Nightmare run
Istvan Pataki did a Nightmare run of all of Plutonia in 1:11:04. Quite long but action-packed and entertaining all the time. Use MBF to watch it.

Istvan also did a few Plutonia levels on Nightmare from scratch:
Level 4 in 3:13
Level 12 in 4:34
Level 24 in 2:45
Level 25 in 5:37

Hell Revealed Nightmare
Peo Sjoblom did some Nightmare demos for Hell Revealed:

Level 9 in 4:38
Level 12 in 8:36
Level 13 in 5:55

September 20

More Final Doom on Nightmare
Some more Final Doom demos on Nightmare by Peo Sjoblom:

Evilution level 3 in 3:13
Evilution level 21 in 10:35
Evilution level 25 in 6:18
Plutonia level 4 in 3:21
Plutonia level 25 in 7:10

September 17

Final Doom nightmare runs
It's been quite some time since we posted some of our demos. The simple reason was that we've posted them all - but now our own Peo Sjoblom recorded a few nightmare demos for Final Doom for levels that as far as I know (I hope I'm not wrong again) weren't done on Nightmare before. This is just the first part of the update. More Final Doom nightmare demos will come in another update in a few days. Enjoy these in the meantime:

Evilution level 2 in 2:52
Evilution level 6 in 5:51
Evilution level 32 in 4:11
Plutonia level 13 in 3:24
Plutonia level 17 in 3:46
Plutonia level 22 in 2:12
Plutonia level 23 in 7:05

My assumption that Jonathan Rimmer's p1m6 recording I posted here three weeks ago was the first time this level was done pacifist style was wrong - as Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff did it before, without Tool-Assistance, in 65 minutes. You can get his recording from COMPET-N.

September 10

Awesome demos
Alexander Sushkov did two awesome tool-assisted 100% kills/secrets demos for Hell Revealed in excellent times:
Level 12 in 3:51
Level 27 in 3:25, featuring a brilliant telefrag maneuver.

Tool-Assisted Plutonia done Quick
Istvan Pataki did a speedrun on Ultra-Violence of all 32 levels of The Plutonia Experiment (from Final Doom), one of my favorite megawads and one I sure hoped someone would record such a speedrun of. He finished the entire megawad in only 32:33! Use MBF to watch this great run.

August 28

It took a while, but there it is
Sorry for not updating sooner, but I really didn't have time until now. This time we have some demos that aren't the traditional UV speed or 100/100, but belong more in the "doing-the-impossible-or-at-least-nearly-impossible" category:

Jonathan Rimmer did Ultimate Doom e1m6, pacifist style, in the very fast time of 2:41. As far as I could find it's the first time this map is done pacifist style, but then again, I haven't really followed those pacifist demos so I could be wrong. In any case I doubt anyone can come close to this time without tool-assistance. Thanks to Adam Williamson for sending it.

Vincent Catalaa did doom2 map29 on Nightmare in the fast time of 2:11.

Adam Hegyi did The Plutonia Experiment level 8 on Nightmare! This level was never done on Nightmare before to the best of my knowledge, and it was even the subject of a certain bet :) Adam's time was 5:52.

Enjoy these demos and keep sending us your Tool-Assisted demos!

August 6

Adam Hegyi did two Doom2 levels in incredible times:
Level 1 in 0:38
Level 7 in 0:42

Adam Williamson improved Andy Olivera's run of Requiem level 13 to 6:13. The time improvement is not 20%, but it's quite good (about 10%) and the style is much better.

The first TAS keyboarder demo
Brad Spencer did an_coop2 using keyboard only (and tools :). The demo is on Ultra-Violence but without 100% kills/secrets, and in 7:05.

August 1

That's it
When we started this site we had nearly 100 demos to post. Now only two are still left to post, which are, as some of you guessed correctly (wasn't so hard if you read previous updates), for one of my favorite wads ever, Demonized. These are both 100% kills/secrets on Ultra-Violence, which is not an easy task at all in this wad. Use MBF to watch them:

Level 1 in 20:39
Level 2 in 11:41

They may not be fully optimized, but to the best of my knowledge these are the first Ultra-Violence recordings of these levels ever, and I think they're quite fast.

The future of TAS
With the posting of these two, all of the demos we had when we started this site have been posted. But this doesn't mean we'll close this site or stop updating it. Since we have released the tools we used to create these demos, you can send us your own Tool-Assisted Speedruns and we'll post them here. When we released the tools we asked you not to record demos for four wads for which we still hadn't finished posting our own demos. Now that we've finished posting our demos, you can send us Tool-Assisted Speedruns for any level you like, as long as you keep our guidelines in mind (a quick reminder: try to keep your mouse movements smooth, and we won't post time improvements to demos that are already posted on TAS, unless the improvement is significant - at least 20% but there could be exceptions, the style is better than the original, or a new route was used to reach the faster time).

From now on TAS updates would be done only on weekends because I won't be able to do them during the week.

In any case, we hope that you've enjoyed our demos and that you'll keep TAS alive with your demos.

July 30

Our last Hell on Earth and Hell Revealed batch
I join the army in a few days, and I want to finish posting our demos before that. So, this update contains all of our remaining Hell on Earth and Hell Revealed demos.

Hell on Earth, Ultra-Violence, 100% kills/secrets:
Level 10 in 3:48
Level 15 in 4:44
Level 19 in 3:56

Our last Hell on Earth demo is the very first one recorded, and a really cool one: it's an Ultra-Violence 100% kills/secrets multilevel run of Doom2 levels 1 to 5, in quite amazing times. It was originally going to become a run through the entire game, but we never got to finish it. These five levels were done in only 5:25. Use MBF to watch this one.

Hell Revealed, Ultra-Violence, 100% kills/secrets:
Level 13 in 8:38
Level 24 in 8:49
Level 26 in 17:26
Level 27 in 4:14

The next demo should be viewed with MBF (it's also for Hell Revealed):
Level 28 in 4:07


Now there is just one more update to do, and if you've read previous updates carefully, you would know which awesome level is going to be featured in it... want to guess? :)

July 26

Dead Perfect
This is a quick update with two Ultra-Violence 100% kills/secrets runs for Dead Perfect, using routes that would be nearly impossible to survive without tool-assistance, which made it possible to get a huge time improvement over the regular records (the tool-assisted demos are less than half the time of the regular ones). Use DosDoom or doom2.exe to watch them:

Level 1 in 2:27
Level 2 in 2:14

We're getting close to posting all of our runs, and you may want to check the next updates, since we've saved some of the most awesome demos for the end!

July 25

A bit more about the demos page
I've decided that if I keep watching every demo I add with doom2.exe to see if it plays back or not I'll never get these updates finished. So for now I will keep updating the demos page but will not include information about playback with doom2.exe anymore (these demos are marked by "DosDoom?", meaning it may or may not play back with doom2.exe). However, if you tried them with doom2.exe and can tell us if they play back correctly or not, I'll be happy to include that information.

Your demos
Here are some Tool-Assisted Speedruns you've sent us. When sending us demos, please send them to all of us. Also remember that we can't guarantee the quality of any demos other than our own - just because they're Tool-Assisted doesn't automatically make them awesome :) I can tell you, though, that I was very impressed by some of these demos. (Use DosDoom to watch them)

Adam Williamson did a Tool-Assisted demo for the "doing the impossible" category - he did e2m5 from The Ultimate Doom on Nightmare, leaving from the secret exit, in 0:49, using TASDoom to get himself the luck needed for surviving the lost souls without a plasmagun. Adam also did Doom2 level 7 on Ultra-Violence using only the super-shotgun in 1:25.

Alexander Sushkov did a few Tool-Assisted Ultra-Violence 100% kills/secrets demos for Hell Revealed, with excellent routes as always:
Level 7 in 4:25
Level 16 in 10:43
Level 29 in 9:06

Andy Olivera also did some Tool-Assisted Ultra-Violence 100% kills/secrets demos:
Memento Mori level 13 in 8:47
Requiem level 13 in 6:48
Requiem level 14 in 5:54
The Darkening level 1 in 0:54
The Darkening level 2 in 2:17
The Darkening level 3 in 1:42

Dugan Chen did Raven level 1 on Ultra-Violence with 100% kills/secrets in 1:39

July 22

Guest demos
Thanks for the demos you've sent. I won't post them on this update but I will post them in one of the next updates.

Lots of Hell Revealed demos
The majority of lmps we have yet to post are for Hell Revealed, so I've decided to focus this update on it, with no less than 15 Tool-Assisted Speedruns for Hell Revealed:

Ultra-Violence 100% kills/secrets demos:
Level 3 in 1:37
Level 4 in 1:11
Level 6 in 2:52
Level 8 in 3:28
Level 20 in 7:56
Level 22 in 5:40
Level 30 in 0:30
Level 32 in 3:27

Ultra-Violence 100% kills/secrets with the -fast parameter (not always time-optimized, but much faster than the regular ones):
Level 11 in 13:58
Level 13 in 7:32
Level 14 in 7:33
Level 17 in 12:53
Level 18 in 14:30
Level 31 in 7:13

And to wrap this update up, a special Hell Revealed demo:
Level 10 in Tyson mode (Ultra-Violence, 100% kills, using only weapons 1 & 2) in 4:56

Player list
The demos page now has a column specifying which player recorded which demo, in case you like to know that kind of thing.

July 15

Releasing our tools
It took a while, but finally we have made the tools we used to record these demos available for download. There are two different ways to record Tool-Assisted Speedruns:

TASDoom is very simple and easy to use. It's best for short demos.

TASMBF is more complicated but it's better for longer demos (such as multi-level demos).

I recommend trying both of them and deciding for yourself which one you prefer to use. I think that when you've tried them both, you'll understand why we recommend TASDoom for short demos and TASMBF for longer ones. Both of them contain all that you need including documentation on how to use them and a tutorial for TASMBF/MBFLMPC. We hope you'll enjoy making your own Tool-Assisted Speedruns!

Now that you can make Tool-Assisted Speedruns...
If you want to submit the speedruns you've recorded to us, no problem, we'll be happy to post them. However, please read the following before doing so:

If you can follow these two simple guidelines, we'll be happy to receive your own Tool-Assisted Speedruns and post them here on TAS.

Demos page
Since several people wrote to say they feel that the demos page is important, I will keep updating it. For now I've updated it with the demos from the previous update. Also I apologize for not writing on the main page that lv12-313 should be watched with MBF rather than DosDoom - usually when I don't write anything next to the demo, it should be watched with DosDoom, but this time I forgot.

July 13

More Doom2/HR demos
I'm preparing this update quickly so I'm not updating the demos page with these demos yet. I'm not even sure how many people care about that page since you can get all demos from the main page. If you find the demos page important, let us know. And now for this update's demos:

Doom2 100% kills/secrets demos:
Level 9 in 3:41
Level 12 in 3:13
Level 14 in 1:49
Level 23 in 2:08

100% kills/secrets for Hell Revealed:
Level 5 in 2:43
Level 10 in 3:49
Level 17 in 9:24
Level 23 in 12:58

July 5

Biggest update yet
After not updating for almost two weeks and still having more than half our demos to post, I thought I'd make this the biggest update so far with no less than 15 demos. But before I get to the demos, I wanted to say that I'm very glad with what's going on at COMPET-N. Not only TAS didn't hurt COMPET-N in any way, but it looks like some players are motivated to beat our demos, which is a great thing, not only because it makes COMPET-N more interesting but also because usually to beat one of our demos you must think of a new route, from obvious reasons :) And I am always glad to see players using their head and not just their fingers in Doom.

And now, the demos:

First, some Doom2 Ultra-Violence 100% kills/secrets demos:
Level 8 in 2:22
Level 11 in 2:07
Level 17 in 3:17
Level 20 in 2:56
Level 27 in 3:18

100% kills/secrets for Memento Mori:
Level 23 in 4:29

100% kills/secrets for The Plutonia Experiment:
Level 22 in 4:38
Level 29 in 5:44
Level 32 with -fast in 3:34

100% kills/secrets for Hell Revealed:
Level 1 in 1:10
Level 12 in 4:45
Level 18 in 13:29
Level 21 in 4:33

And a guest star demo by Alexander Sushkov: Hell Revealed level 31, Ultra-Violence, 100% kills/secrets, in 5:21.

And the last part of the Tool-Assisted Doom done Quicker:
Ultimate Doom episode 4 on Ultra-Violence in 3:27 (use MBF to watch it). This brings the total time of the Tool-Assisted Doom done Quicker to 16:12.

June 24

Lots of speedruns
After this update I probably won't make another update at least for several days so I'll try to include lots of speedruns to keep you interested in the meantime :) Also in one of the next updates I'll add a "Player" column to the lmp tables so you will be able to know who recorded which lmp. As for the tool release, it'll take a while longer but don't worry, we will release them eventually.

Some 100% kills/secrets demos for Memento Mori 2:

Level 14 in 7:31
Level 19 in 11:51
Level 23 in 8:18
Level 26 in 6:42

Some 100% kills/secrets demos for Hell Revealed:

Level 2 in 1:45
Level 9 in 7:54
Level 11 in 9:53
Level 15 in 6:54
Level 19 in 1:31

And a multi-level speedrun (use MBF to watch it): Tool-Assisted Doom done Quicker episode 3, in 3:48.


June 20

Releasing the tools
Since we've gotten several requests for our tools, we may release them soon. There are two engines: one is a modified version of Aurikan's original and the other is a modification of MBF. There are a few issues to sort out first, so please be patient, it may not happen in a few days but it will happen, don't worry. Another thing that's delaying is the list of who recorded which demo - but that's delayed at the request of a reader who'd like to guess first :)

Also another issue that's been raised is accepting submissions from TAS readers. We'll be happy to accept submissions and post them, if you've already recorded them using your own tools or with our tools once we release them. We won't post demos for levels that we've already recorded with a faster time and just haven't posted yet, though. And also please try not to make your demos look terrible - that is, try to avoid "shaking" by making your mouse movements smooth.

Doing the impossible
There are some tasks in Doom that are considered nearly impossible - and have never been done normally. Of course, we've done a few of these tasks with Tool-Assistance :) Here are some of them. They are not time-optimized, unlike the demos we've posted so far. They're just meant to show that "it can be done":

Starting with a special guest demo! A Tyson (100% kills on Ultra-Violence using only weapons 1 and 2) demo of e4m2 from The Ultimate Doom, which was never done in Tyson mode before, recorded by Andy Kempling aka Aurikan.

Doom2 level 13 in 4:17 - what's so special you ask? Well, the marine doesn't take a single hit throughout the entire recording. This is probably possible normally as well, but not in such a low time :)

And a few Ultra-Violence 100% kills/secrets -fast demos for Hell Revealed levels that were considered too difficult to be completed with -fast:

Level 23 in 20:21
Level 24 in 15:58
Level 26 in 21:54
Level 30 in 0:29
Level 32 in 5:06

June 17

Who are we?
First of all thanks to everyone who sent guesses about our identities. Indeed most people were correct, which is not surprising since we didn't go to great lengths to hide them, and hints were all over the place :) Also it's good to see that the site didn't inspire any hate and that people simply enjoy our demos for what they are.

As to our identities: the people behind TAS are Esko Koskimaa, Peo Sjoblom and Yonatan Donner. For some technical assistance we'd also like to thank Aurikan and Lee Killough. There you have it :)

We'll also add, at some point, information about who recorded which demo. It'll be listed on the demos page.

Some -fast demos
These are 100% kills/secrets demos on Ultra-Violence recorded with -fast, which makes monsters fire more rapidly and have faster projectiles. All of the -fast demos in this update are for doom2.wad:

Level 6 in 1:49
Level 13 in 4:02
Level 18 in 2:43
Level 24 in 4:04

Episode 2 of the Tool-Assisted Doom done Quicker
The Ultimate Doom episode 2, Ultra-Violence skill, in 4:29 (including the e2m8 time). Use MBF or Boom 2.02 to play it back.

June 13

Some Tyson recordings
In case you don't know what Tyson demos are, these are 100% kills demos on Ultra-Violence using only weapons 1 and 2. All of the following demos are for doom2.wad (use DosDoom to play them back):

Level 15 in 6:48
Level 16 in 6:11
Level 22 in 1:25

Episode 1 of the (unofficial!) Tool-Assisted Doom done Quicker
Ultimate Doom episode 1 on Ultra-Violence in 4:28 (that includes the e1m8 time). To make sure there is no confusion, this is not an official "sequel" to Doom done Quick, or a QdQ demo at all. This is a TAS demo - a Tool-Assisted Speedrun of Ultimate Doom. We'll post the other episodes in the next updates.

June 10

10 demos
While on our first update we've included two big multi-level runs, the idea this time is several single-level 100% kills/secrets demos on a variety of wads (use DosDoom to play them back). We'll not say for each demo how much faster it is than the normal record because it's unfair to compare demos that weren't recorded in the same way. Still, it's theoretically possible to reach all of our times normally as well - just much harder :)

doom2.wad: level 5 in 1:59, level 28 in 2:06
TNT: Evilution (from Final Doom): level 16 in 4:52, level 32 in 5:27
The Plutonia Experiment (from Final Doom): level 21 in 1:45, level 31 in 3:30
Hell Revealed: level 14 in 8:09, level 25 in 3:13
Memento Mori: level 3 in 0:57, level 14 in 2:53

Enjoy! More demos coming on the next update, including Doom done Quicker, 3 minutes faster than DdQ!

Grammar issues
Indeed, I was wrong and the site should be called "Tool-Assisted Speedruns" rather than "Tools-Assisted Speedruns". I'm not going to redo the logo though :)

Some more clarifications
At the request of a fellow speedrunner who was also a team member in hruvlmp2 and D2dQ (and much more!), I'll emphasize the following points about our identities (in case they weren't perfectly clear already):

June 8

Tool-Assisted Speedruns opens
As some people know, this site was supposed to be started long ago. Unfortunately due to many factors, mostly lack of time, it was delayed for several months, but now it finally opens! Many thanks Doomworld for hosting us.

To briefly explain what this site is about: it's a collection of Doom and Doom2 (and of course many user-created levels for these games) speed demos that were recorded, as the name implies, with the help of special tools, to produce near-optimal demos that will amaze the viewers. Do not confuse this site with other speedrunning sites that contain demos that were recorded normally, such as COMPET-N or various demo sets. Please read the about page for much more information about this site.

For the grand opening, we're posting two multi-level speedruns that will hopefully convince many people that such demos can be very entertaining: the first is Hell Revealed done Quick! It's a tools-assisted speedrun of all of Hell Revealed, a rather difficult Doom2 megawad, on Ultra-Violence skill, in only 28 minutes! Don't confuse this demo with Hell quickly Revealed, which is a normally-recorded speedrun on skill 1, and is much longer as well :) It is our hope that you'll download and watch this demo and it will make you come back for more :) You'll need Lee Killough's MBF port to play it back, and of course Hell Revealed.

The second speedrun is also a multi-level run, but to watch this one you don't need any special port or wad - it works under doom2.exe using doom2.wad. It's a speedrun on Ultra-Violence skill of the first 10 levels of Doom2 in only 5:15 - that's 31 seconds faster than Doom2 done Quick!

We have almost 100 more demos which we'll post over the next few days, weeks or months :)

As always, comments are welcome.