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This web page exists as a means to promote my final Doom project, 'Assault On Tei Tenga,' a six-level Zdoom hub and partial conversion. Tei Tenga features extensive changes to Doom's structure, taking advantage of Zdoom's scripting potential, sprites-in-PWADs, and a Dehacked lump within the wad itself.

"It's probably the most involving Doom experience I've seen since ALIENS-TC."

--Corvaro, of Doomworld

"You have set the bar on what a wad should be like in ZDoom. Great job."

--Rick Clark,

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I am at this time getting ready to return to school after about six years in the field of social services. Class work will occupy most of my free time and when I get creative again it will be with a new computer and a more modern game. Therefore, I do not now plan any future Doom levels.