Big time update to Tolwyn's Midi's page on Doomworld. I'm in the processing of updating, moving around, and adding to the site. Thanks for being patient with me and your continued patronage and interest in the site and my music.

To Get you by through the mess, please follow these temporary links:


Ok. It's official. The Memento Mori II soundtrack project is a reality. Disc 1 of 3 is already up at Mp3.com. You can download all 12 songs right there, or you can conveniently place an order for the CD audio (which also has the Mp3 files on it).

Mark Klem and I are considering another music project together. What do you guys think we should do? Would there be interest?

Big thanks to Klavier for his awesome work on the Memento Mori II CD covers. Nice work!


Boy am I in trouble. The guys at Doomworld pulled out the chainsaw and told me that I had better do an update, and that I better make it good.

Scared for my life, I decided to make quite the update. And a contest. Yup. You heard me--a contest. So listen up.

You know that Mark Klem and I did the music to Memento Mori II. Now, let's just say, hypothetically, that I was getting ready to post the entire 35 songs to MP3.com. The entire soundtrack! Not mastered on some goofy soundcard, but on a pretty darn cool Kurzweil K2000 keyboard, drum modules, etc. Would that be cool?

'Course, this is all hypothetical, though. Heh. But let's say that I already had all 35 songs mastered and encoded. I'd need an "album cover," right? You bet I would. That's where you people come in.

I am opening up this challenge to all of you to design for me a few album covers, to be posted on MP3.com for the Memento Mori II soundtrack. I'll need 3 album covers (!!) as the entire collection will be distributed on 3 CDs. Neither Mark nor myself are looking to make a profit here, but due to demand, people want these things available on CD as well as the MP3 files. MP3's lowest price is $6.95 per CD. Now of course, the MP3s will be made available for download for free (uh, that is, if they exist -- remember, we're still talking hypothetically).


Welcome to Tolwyn's Music Page. Doomworld was gracious enough to let me post my goods here so a big thanks goes out to them.

It's still a very active and exciting time in the Doom community, coming from both a player and a developer, I'm excited to see it still breaths life (quite deeply, I might add).

If anyone has some suggestions on the best way to stream/embed my MIDI tunes to your home computer, please let me know. Until then, I'd recommend Crescendo, or any other MIDI player that integrates with your browser.

Some pages might not have any content on them yet, but no links should be broken. I kinda threw this together in a couple of hours. The site design works well with most resolutions, and I'm all ready to add more content.

Welcome again, and keep an eye on this page for updates.

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