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TeamTNT's Boom Support

This section deals with editing support for TeamTNT's Boom engine, like how to implement deep water or conveyor belts. Here are some files you might need:
  • Boom v2.02 (900 Kb) contains the actual engine. Required, of course.
  • Deth v4.24 (351 Kb) and DeePsea (1913 Kb) are level editors with build-in Boom support. Optional.
  • A configuration file (8 Kb) for the level editor DCK and for WadAuthor (6 Kb). Handy if you planned on using these editors, but optional. DCK users have to use the older DCK v2.2-f (560 Kb) instead of the newer ones! Take note that not all new trigger numbers etc have been added to these new configuration files, due to the limit on the amount of triggers that can be listed.
  • This archive (495 Kb) contains several tools that will allow you to implement Boom features using your own regular level editor. Contains CLED (for inserting new triggers, tags, things into levels), TRIGCALC (for calculating new trigger numbers) and BOOMREF.TXT (with detailed editing info on Boom's new features). A special thanks to the coders of TeamTNT for writing this reference guide! Required.

This tutorial assumes you are using your own regular level editor in combination with CLED / TRIGCALC. Grabbing a level editor that has incorperated Boom support will only make things easier. Regular level editors will allow Boom features so you can insert Boom features into your level and still be able to edit your map further. Exception is DCK v3+... use DCK v2.2-f instead.

Use the menu below to navigate this tutorial. Good luck, space marine =D

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