A Special Forces Total Conversion for Doom 2
Twilight Warrior is a total conversion created by Black Shadow Software. This TC is the most advanced, intensive and realistic Special Forces conversion ever created for Doom2.

Twilight Warrior delivers a new and unique way to experience Doom. No more aliens, hellspawn or UAC bases - but gritty, exciting missions, a range of new environments, realistic weapons, and extended gameplay features such as mlook, jumping and more.

You'll face the difficulties and challenges of jungle, naval and urban warfare, and be equipped with the world's most advanced and powerful arsenal. As a "Twilight Warrior," you will operate covertly and overtly in both permissive and denied areas, engaging in counter-terrorist and military style missions. You'll experience the adrenalin rush of bursting into darkened rooms to confront terrorists whose only aim is to kill you or their hostages. Patrol through a bombed-out middle-eastern township to find and liberate kidnapped civilians. Walk and crawl through miles of steaming jungle, and complete a "black operation." Raid an oilrig, rescue hostages from an aircraft or liberate an entire city. All of these challenges and more await you....

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