December 26th, 1999 - Wow.
The page has been down for a while. I was supriced over how many people who asked where it went and stuff like that.

There have been quite alot I've been wanting to update about but haven't been able to.

There might be a preview of the DM part of Nimrod on The Deathmatch Resource if it works on Razorbacks computer. There's this really annoying bug in it that make it crash with a missing patch error on some computers. I dunno if it's my computer that mess it up when i pack it or send it. but I know it says that metal2£$ is missing patches. I cant find the error and... nuff said I'm clueless. This is very troubeling since Markus can't work on his map cause of the error.

New E-Mail
I've got an another E-Mail account. (I still got the old one) It's
Some people have had problems with mailing my account or recieving from it. (Quasar for one) The page I got it from is a Gaming site I'm doing previews and shit for. It's entirely in swedish so don't bother unless you speak swedish. Gamerslair

Nimrod on a CD
I sent the Midi files Paul made to a friend of mine with abn extremely good soundcard. So he played over them to wav and put them on a CD for me. It was a very cool experience to hear the music in full quality when you played instead of the usual 16 bit quality i got on my card.

Team effort Map08
Map08 in Nimrod will be a real team effort. I've started on a map wich I think is far beyond good. So to keep on the good track troughout the whole level I send it to Teppic8 when I get shot of 1337 ideas. He do some really cool shit on it and send it back to me. I might add some more then send it on to Darco or Kristian Aro and so on. It'll be intresting to see the result. As Darco said. A bit of everyones best skills in the map.

I've started work on a new main caracter for necromancer. He looks awesome. when you see his boots you'll drool of the coolness they reak of.

Will also remake the chamber of wrath to be more like a cool place.

Unholy Participating in online game site.
Unholy software's making the graphics for a online football manager game. More info of that later.

Well that's all I can thik of for now.


Note: Teppic can't work on map08 either since he cant run Nimrod cause of the error either.

October 30th, 1999 - Prower.
Read trough Rec's resign letter from the community.

Damn you Prower.

If anyone in the Doom Community is a nerd I'd say it's Prower. He doesn't seem to have a life outside of IRC chat channels and his lame homepage.

However, He's a person who your not supposed to take notice to. (Even if I do it right now.) He's probably been bugging everyone in the community exept maybe Ling, Cov and Myst at atleast one time.
He's probably gonna read this and jerk off or something then whipe the slime from his monitor and put a Ban on me in #DoomRoom.

I've made a new "Poll". Personla thoughts on Prower.



October 29th, 1999 - Hm... lots have happend.
Gokuma got robbed by some wanker, Twice Ricen might go down, etc etc. Plus everytime I come home everybody ask me to do stuff. AG want me to do gfx for this project he's working on (Only two pics but anyway) Markus want me to come home to him and do... stuff. Friends wanna booze and then back to the compound. It's alot.

I haven't even had time to test my CD writer. :(

BTW I've put up a link to Gamers Reality. Go there often. But be sure to use the link on this page. Gives our banner there more rotation. :)

I've been thinking trough the first mission of Necromancer as good as I can being unable to consult both Markus not MSwitch. However, I've got a few puzzels and scenes pretty much finished. We'll see later when I get more structure to it.

I've also realised that there's room for some humour in Necromancer aswell. Not making it less spooky or something but giving the player quite a chock when it suddenly enters a sort of black joke in the story.


October 23th, 1999 - They're here.

I missed myself. :)
The screenshots of Ni'mrod in open GL have arrived. I will however not show many of them though. Mainly cause I don't think they're on any cool places and it's an old version of it used. (The latest seem to be corrupt) It wasn't either much showing of the lighting effects.

Here's a tidbit.
Kristian Aro sent me two screenshots of his Map 04 (The Sub Sewers) for Ni'mRoD. Very good looking IMO. Don't you agree?

New Unholy Member
We got a new member on the team since two weeks back. His callsign is MSwitch and is a programmer. He's doing the programming on Necromancer together with Weidow.
He's a cool dude so i won't give you his e-mail address. But here's Markus aka Nimrods :)

Here's a screenshot of my desktop.. It's taken just when I'm about to run Ni'mRoD Map06 after working on it in DoomEd. Still a lot of work to do on that map since I lost a great deal of the details I've added.


October 11th, 1999 - Dum dum dum dum dum dum.

Sorry there'll be no Open GL screenshots of Ni'mRoD for another two weeks. I'm going into the army now and EvilAsh never sent me those damn screens.

Anyway. That crate you can see will be featured in this News section until we crack it open and the screens will be shown (Pretty corny huh?)

Now I'll probably spend the next two weeks wondering what it looks like. Dammit

Anyway, See you in two weeks (Maybe)


October 4th, 1999 - It's decided.
Unless someone else take up the project or the rest of the team wan't it to have more there won't be more than one episode for Nimrod.
We'll be working on Necromancer instead. I might be in a team to make a follow up on a radioactive earth but not as team leader or anything.

I've updated the Necromancer section with pictures of it (two), and some minor info.

For all of you who cares, don't worry I won't quit on the Doom Community I will still be around.

Oh I almost forgot. Evil Ash got the latest version of Legacy GL and he will give me some 1337 shots of Nimrod.

Oh I almost forgot one more thing. Map03 is finished.


September 26th, 1999 - Not much time...
...left till I go into the fucking army. Bleach.

Id thought I'll make a summary of the projects readyness though. (Mainly for myself but you might just aswell see it to)
Unfinished stuff is written in lightgreen, and almost finished is written in green.

Map01: Ready
Map02: Almost ready
Map03: In the stage where you wonder around in it and search for bugs
Map04: I have no idea. Aro where are you?
Map05: Tuning adding detail
Map06: Tuning adding detail
Map07: Almoast ready
Map08 or 09: All I know about this is that it's In progress and could remind one of Map29 in Doom2
Map10: In progress. Looking good.
Map11: Er.. Probably will restart it. Won't be very big.

Guard (aka Cannon Fodder): Ready all versions
Enforcer: Ready all versions
Sarg: Ready, Might change the armor slightly later
Mauler Demon: Ready
Mutated Imp: Ready
Hurler: Not started
Doominator: Still in 3-D Model building (Doominator is a working name)

In progress. Some enemy sounds have been made but they will have to be reworked some. To many DB

All done

The hacking will of course be done with the final creatures and that's all I can think of right now.

As some of you might know this was supposed to be the first in a series of three but as things turn out it will probably be the first in a series of one.

I'm quite frankly getting bored with the damn sprites and the limitations in Doom is holding back my creativity. I might make one or two levels for Doom after Nimrod. Maybe even a add-on level for Nimrod but I will mainly work with my other projects such as Necromancer.

Cool a Picture!

However I will still probably be a sort of member of the community by talking a lot of rubbashe like Myst and Prower. :) But then I will probably have my own page and won't using US for it.


September 21st, 1999 - Was this a while?
Paul Corfiatis the one in the Ni'mRoD Team that work harder than anyone else (Probably harder than me) Isn't really with us anymore. Why? Well his finished. :)

Last time around he said he was very busy so it would take a while for him to spit out the rest of the midis. But... I wonder... is 12 days really a while? :)
Now I got 11 level songs from him aswell as a title song text and Intermission and they're all great.

He got some really cool names on them aswell. Almost make me wanna change the names of the levels to the song names. ;)
How about a list?

Angry Riots, Troopers yell (A cool name not the cooles but yet a cool name)
Ashy's rule (I dunno why but I found this one pretty cool name to)
Base symphony (... I dunno at all what to say here... any suggestions?)
Darkness (Ahh a very flexibe and cool name. Everybody love darkness, would work as a name for a TC or PC... Hmm Darkness Darkness The Darkness aha Now I got it perfect! The Darkening... Oooh Dammit)
The explorer's song (Aha this song is dedicated to swedish luiqor, I think it's Vodka. (Explorer Vodka) I'm not really sure since I usually rather drink it than look at the label.)
Fresh Alloys (Alloys? What's that? Ok I've looked and Now I have no idea what it means. Nevermind, cool song.)
Meltdown! (Yeah nothing like a meltdown so you can go home early from the powerplant ;)
Metal Plates (Yes very many metal plates in Nimrod)
The Nomads (I dunno yet still listening to tha song.)
Scared of Mr. Kazooie "baby" (Well you better be. Arrrrg)
The Spider's Song (Aaah! He got a fucking minigun!! kch-kch-kch-kch-kch-kch-kch-kch-kch...)

And now... The Weather for tomorrow:
Or maybe I should say. Now the bad news. Soon I'll be off to the army in our capital city. I'll be in this shit for 7.5 months and I won't have much time to work when I'm at home since I'll probably only will sleep then(hopefully with a hot babe).
Hopefully all the rest of the levels will be finished by the time I demob. Markus is soon finished with his map02 so I guess Nimrod will be out next spring or something.

New album out. Straight Ahead. The best I've ever heard with them. A must have for any punker.


September 16th, 1999 - Damn those doors.
Dammit I've tried and tried. I can't come up with ONE cool door texture. We need new Bigdoors and I'm drawing blank. I've made a copule of attempts but they're so lame not even 3-d Realms would use them. (Evil grin)

Er... Yeah I would appreciate if someone would make me a few doors. They can't be ripped or been used in any other project cause then I don't want them.

There will be new screenshots of Nimrod as soon as EvilAsh got it running with GL Legacy instead of the once from last february. Witch all the cool shit that follows smooth sprites.

That'd be all for now.



September 12th, 1999 - Oh Crap.
I thought I was the only one (well maybe no the only one but ... Nevermind). Fans. Swosh swosh. I'm not finished with mine though. (Never get the time to fix the damn textures)
Now I got to come up with some other revoltionizing idea for Ni'mrod. There's one or two specials in there that's never been done before still though (I wonder why to).

Maybe I should claim I was first with it so we got somethign to argue about again?

Derek made them for Surge2 and apparently they're in Twice Ricen

I've had some good progress on my levels the last few days. Especially on map03 who was finished but I added more light's and shit so it would look cooler... and it worked. :)

I D/L:ed Surge2 to get some inspiration and I found some. (Well I guess that's it about that.)

Go read the Review of my DM level PennyWise over at the Doom Dm resource Page. Not bad since I've hardly ever made any DM maps before(and most of them wasn't supposed to be DM maps from the beginning).

Star Wars
Finally got to se it. and what the hell happened to the genuine "Starwars feel" in it?
It's more of a children movie. It's a good movie but not as the others.
For one thing it got to long sceenes. That damn race goes on for uhm... 10-15 minutes or something. It may be fun at first but it get's boring fast.

Ewan McGregor rules though.


September 9th, 1999 (9:9:999)- Third time's a charm.
Third time I updaet here today.

I've listened to the Midis now and I've started to implent some of them.
I've listed the Songs below.
Song name                        Time

-Base Symphony               2:05
-Darkness                         1:56
-Fresh Alloys 2:24
-Metal Plates 3:38
-The Spider's song 2:15
-text music 1:13

The Spider's Song is rather freaky like the Bunny song in Doom. I guess it's meant for a Boss or after boss Picture.

I wan't anomaly. It's 10 o'clock here now.

Oh. Damnit.


September 9th, 1999 (9:9:999)- I've done this once today already dammit. :)
There's a another upadte from earlier today after this update.

Paul Corfiatis the guy who's working very hard on Millennium (and also is working hard on the Music for Ni'mRoD) mailed me 6 midi files for Ni'mRoD today. I've just listened to the first of them (Base Symphony). Wery cool. Gotta listen again.

Thank you, thank you very much.


September 9th, 1999 (9:9:999)- Where's Anomaly Dammit?
I had some drivel here before about the date today and when the next time there would be the same (similar) occurence (four times in 2111)

I lost that however when this pathetic exuse for compute bugged.

Now. Where the fuck is anomaly? It's 6 o'clock in the afternoon here and I wan't it now. Er... Maybe I should salubrate it with a screenshot of something?

Hmm... "Farts are being shot into the sky to make a difference". If anyone know what that means please tell me. Maybe you'll get something for it.

How About This: Since Legacy doesn't support Mp3 files (not yet anyway) I thought I could upload Mp3 versions of the Midi music for Nimrod anyway and people who got lots of spare time could make their own audio CD.

Ash. Nevermind.

I'm encountering a problem with the Legacy water on map10 for the moment. I get a drawwaterspn error or something. Somebody fix it.

PennyWise is coming to me: Finally I'll get Straight Ahead. mail ordered it today. Best Album PennyWise ever did.

Is this intresting? Maya indians like to go around almoast naked because of the hot weather and the girls move around with their slinky breasts.

How about a screenshot?

By Ebola -99
As you can see NimRoD is almost finished.


September 7th, 1999 - Music Is Cool.
Ahhh!. I found out today how to make the Music work in those damn source ports. I took all important files (Doom3.exe Zdoomdos.exe etc and wads) and moved to a directory called Doom. Then I went trough the list of files and moved over all essential files like wadinfo.txt deutex.exe and so on. I ignored all cfg files exept Bots.cfg and tada. The music worked. Programs I didn't move was shit like this completely useless program Allegro Setup. (I think it is the bad guy who make the music not work)

Oh yeah. Then I removed the directory Doom2 and renamed the other directory Doom to doom2.

This is also a good way (or reason if you like) to clean away all shit you got in your DooM directory. Like old TXT files and shit.

Dead Kennedys
I got a mail about this Jello Biafra Interview from one of the Mailing lists I'm on. Even if you're not Punk or like Dead Kennedys I think you should read it.
One part of it made me think of the so called Doom community.

The Poll
Ok 4 cool dudes wanted a FMV sequence.
Three boring dudes didn't want one.
And one dumass wondered what the hell a FWV sequence is. (ever play C&C?)


August 30th, 1999 - New Poll and shit.
Congratulate me. It's my birthday tomorrow, and to salubrate that I've got myself a pretty nasty cold. I think I got the fever too.

But I got more important things to do than laying in bed. Actually I can't stand laying in the bed for more than half an hour unless I'm asleep.
We got one more Midi maker now. He's name is Paul Corfiatis and he is currently on the Millennium team aswell. Thanks to Kristian Aro for the tip.

New Poll
Well There's a new poll. Not as controversial as the first and not as pointless as the last. ;)
I was thinking that it might be cool to have a FMV intro sequence for NimRoD. The poll is asking weather anyone would care to D/L such a big file.

The file would be on atleast 10 Mb but might be all the way up to 60 Mb. Depending on how long and which quality we'll use.

Updated the NimRoD section slightly.

I used this stat counter. (Same as DooM Forever)
We had finally got some serious hits. When the assholes decided to close down the shop. Fucking bastards.

-Ebola - BeHeaded!! Watch you spurt like a garden hose. - The Offspring

August 26th, 1999 - Oh well
We got a new level designer. I met him on #DoomRoom last night and his called Darco. But we want even more so mail me if you're intrested. We also could use a sound dude and a Midi dude (as many as possible).

I've started my work for Eternity TC now. That Sceptre will be hard to make cool (unless I can do it the way I want it).


This is a screenshot of the latest map I'm working on. This room is currently in progress and it's very hard to see anything with this resoultion.

Same room but other end. I've noticed how hard it is to give the levels justice when you take screenshots. This level is called "Outpost on Stroggo". Reason: Well since it's so obvious that it's so inspired from Q2 I thought I'd might just aswell make it a Stroggo base.

BTW this level is mission based.

You can see better if you turn up the brightness on your monitor.

I've been on a Offspring concert yesterday .... Nje nje nje nje


August 23th, 1999 - Wake up DooM Community... The Matrix has got you.
As you might have guessed by now I've went to see the Matrix. Here's my rating.
Of 5 possible stars I give it 10. IT KICK MAJOR ASS. Best fucking film I've ever seen.
Yeah I know. We get the films really late here in Sweden, and especially where I live.

On Wednesday there's a Offspring concert in Göteborg and me and Nimrod will be there and kick ass.
I'll be wearing my party shades and my orange vägverket jacket.

Nuff said about that. Now here's some Nimrod info.

The Boss has been started on. The upper body is almost ready (not the head.).

Here's what you got to expect:
You'll be as tall as he's lower leg. He's a complete robot. No demonshit.
His right arm will fire The HellRaiser and the other arm will fire shotgun bullet mini-gun.


Good... You should be.

Now to the really important uhm... Thing... in this update. We need at least one more Level designer. Two would also be nice :) But one is the minimum. We wanna have 11 maps. We got a few finished (or on the final touch). Number Eight and Nine need someone to make them. Now. Oh yeah I forgot Eleven to. But I think I can make that one. I make it rather small and there's some stuff that's supposed to be on it that I find a bit hard to explain.

Anyway... If you can make Metal levels Mail me

Remember. You can quit anytime you want once you're in.


Archived News

August 17th, 1999 - It's getting closer
WOW. I haven't been updating this page in... Uuuh... Well, A WHILE.
First on I'd like to tell you that there's a new Poll in my voting booth.
Yes all the stuff from the old poll is gone so that means no list of upcoming TC/PCs.
Scared you there didn't I? No? Ok... DAMMIT!
Lucky for you that I'm a nice guy. Well, I think I'm a nice guy anyway...
There's a little easy modyfied section line above the news now. So if I wanna add something there I can. I can also remove shit. Pretty cool huh?

I've had some big progress today. I've almoast finished the Face graphics. about 50% of the Sarg Graphics is done. Man that dude is BIG. I might make a new chaingun guy and just have the Sarg sometimes. He's the size and shit of a Baron.

I've almoast finished Map03. Whith that I mean. I'm starting to become satisfyed with it.

I've no job anymore so I got lotsa time free to work with Nimrod. I'm gotta hold up my boozing a couple of weeks too (I got no money) and that gives me even more time for NimRoD.

Looks Like I'm gonna do some stuff for the Eternity TC aswell. Y'now the one with the cool tune on the homepage. How's it going now again. Do do do do do... Anyway. We'll see what happends with that.

Nimrod (Markus) might do the first tune for NimRoD. Hope so. We need songs, and he's good at making songs.

I've D/Led Marcs Map15.mp3 It kick ass aswell. Marc you should be on eMpty TV dissing Britney Spears or sumthing. :)


August 4th, 1999 - Ok, Apparently I suck
Afterglow, Dagger, someone put it up as an option to vote for in the poll (I gave it a vote so now it's up to two :) and Cyb has said it now... Ebola you sucks, go get some talent.
This is what Afterglow said:
But with that aside, I believe the most anticipated tc/pc is The Darkening Episode II. Forget that poll Ebola has put it. It's useless knowing you can vote more than once. Just look at the amount of votes Nimrod has. *Ahem* That tc is pure shit. And Doom Millennium? It sure as hell isn't the top one. Mordeth for one is 10x better than that.

Well I guess that's all information we need. We don't need no stinking Poll, we got afterglow who know what we all like the most. BTW if the Darkening E2 is such a favorit why is it that only 6 people voted for it yet?

But... What's this at the end of Afterglows update?
Until next time - go vote for what megawad you'd like to see a sequel to. But if there's a Requiem 2, will Adel and Iikka return!? :)
Well isn't that to have double standards? NiGHTMARE is using the exact same voting booth page as I am so wouldn't that make his voting booth ueless aswell?

Then there's Dagger that had some deep thoughts aswell:He removed it the next day or something so I couldn't get it in time. Anyway it was pretty much the same about Nimrod getting votes

Cyb said... but he talks alot all the time. Nothing to take notice to.

Well you can't please them all. I think Nimrod kick ass that's all I think is important to me.

The HYENA zip on this page where corrupt. Figures. I don't know if Nimrod uploaded a new one yet but I'll ask him and get back to those who told me later so you can D/L it and it just occured to me... Tomorrow I will probably be able to read HYENA sucks too you maggot fodder, on atleast 5 sites


August 2nd, 1999 - Uhm. There seem to be some confusion.
If you check out the Voting Booth for Most Anticipated Upcoming TC/PC there's some stuff that doesn't really belong there.
First there was... Aliens TC? I'm sure you all know that Alien TC was released about 4 years ago.

Then there's Platinum. It's not even a TC/PC. It's a 3-D engine project as far as I know.

And then there's a vote for anything else than DooM Millennium. Ok that one I can accept. (Rather funny actually)

It's rigged (DooM Dammit)
Yeah I agree. NimRoD has fell to fith or something.

This might encourage you to put a vote for NimRoD

BTW Cyb Yes I did think the name trough very carefully. Why? Well why should I make a kickass PC and then not spend some time giving it the name it deserves.


July 31st, 1999 - Vote dammit...
Sorry to all of you who couldn't add the link in the voting booth to the TC/PC you prefered. I've fixed it now so I hope there will be more votes now...

Current vote status is: Millennium is in the lead with 9 votes and NimRoD is second with 5 votes.

Go vote some more...

Now I remember what I was gonna update more about last time...

I had benn working on a Heretic level with Deth... I usually don't use Deth as building editor just to fix stuff I can't do with my DooMED.
So I had put alot of sweat in the level. AND NOW IT'S GOOOONE

Some asshole had removed Heretic from the harddrive and my Map went down with it.

GRRRRR I feel like hitting someone.


July 29th, 1999 - Vote dammit...
I've created a voting booth for you all to vote in for the upcoming PC or TC you think will kick most ass. To avoid dumb-ass spamming of stupid urls I've given each and everyone only one vote. You can add the url to your own project so it could be a good place for DooMers to find other cool upcoming projects.

So go vote dammit...

I can't remember the other things I should tell you about but I guess it'll come back to me...

I'll have more stuff later... Maybe a pic of the arm of the first boss to. :)


Look below. I forgot to upload the last update.

The Update God Forgot - I'd like you all to say hello and welcome...
...Evilash to the NimRoD team. He will be a beta tester aswell as DoomFreak and Teppic8.
He is a network specialist and anyone who ever visits the DooM Legacy forum must have seen a post from him.

I've started the sprite making of the new heavy weapon dude. He will be the perfect opponent. I don't think I can fin one flaw in his appearance.

Man that city party was hard. I started out a little bit slow on thursday with a keg of beer and a haircut. The I bought a 7.5:er of clean booze. Mixing it about 50-50 with some Fanta and I ended I won't mention the rest of the eavening ... I can tell you that much though. It involved fashstic cops and plexiglass.
Day three I decided to take it more cool so I just drank a keg of beer and and about 3decilitres of booze. That's all from the party front right now...

I now gotta quit cause it's 1 o'clock in the morning and a friend is coming over.


July 18th, 1999 - Hyena with Open GL?
Yup, that's right. HYENA is being given a DooM Legacy patch. If you don't like Legacy though, I'm sure it'll work with GlDooM or DooMGL. It has just not been tested with any of those two.
This porting is because someone asked us about it. Not just so we could show off Hyena with Gl graphics(even if that wsa fun to). Legacy is a great DM port and since there's a DM episode in Hyena it would fit right in. The Legacy version will have somewhat changed maps so they shall work in both versions of Legacy and therefor we decided to enhache them a bit.

Click here.

This is not all I've been doing though. I've made a longer story for NimRoD. It's a "story so far" story and it will be much story while playing NimRoD. It got some cool pictures too so go read it

DooM Dammit
I never read DooM Dammit cause I don't find it very what it's supposed to be funny. But this time my attention was dragged towards the site by Tha DooMSchack. NiGHTMARE posted about a update on DooM Dammit and then DooMFreak noticed they bashed me there and then... nevermind, you can read some of it on doomshack.
The update was generally about how much I suck cause some news sites rarely or never posted about me. I didn't really notice I wrote DoomWorld hates my guts. They did update when I mailed them. Some might have taken the "Even" in the sentance that I was complaining on the site.


July 14th, 1999 - That's two...
...times I've been the cause of headlines at DooMNation. First time was when I crashed the NimRoD wad... (grrrr, hateful memorys) and now when I made the S*T*R*A*I*N 2 homepage and Logo.

It's always fun when the DooM Pages update about you. Even DooMWorld put this one up. They even said it looked good. Well I got TLD and Strife to thank for that. I used the resent files table of this site for warious things on the Strain 2 site.

Mike Tawney... the maker of one of my favorit DooM add-ons... Has quit... the NimRoD team. UHUHUHUHUUUUUUUUU. (Sob) (sniff) (snort)
He said he got a job and didn't have any time left for NimRoD. Well I understand him. I got a job to. It's no fun to work. Not at a meatfactory anyway. Packing raw meat all the day. Anyway I doesn't have all that much time either, and the time I have I mainly spend with my friends.

Kids... Never drink and update.
As you can see below... it's a bad combination. DooMFreak didn't even post about it.

NimRoD Progress
There's a new enemy in progress for Nimrod. He's the most armored I've done for it yet. (I haven't made the boss yet (grin))
He will be representing the chaingun guy. (Don't take his attacks for granted just because of that statement)

He will be a major pain in the butt. what more could you wan't? Cool appearance? Sure he has the coolest so far. (And again I have to remind you... I haven't made the boss yet (grin))

I noticed that the picture of NimRoD in the NimRoD section is pretty old and ugly... Just so you know.

I've updated the NimRoD section a bit. Check it out.

DooM 2000
I've filled in the join for for DooM 2000. Just for fun. Although if I do get in (which I doubt). I will give it my best efford.

DooM Millennium
Why does all the new enemys look so alike. Why can't they have some who doesn't look like a (once ago) human? and an another thing... Why do they have to show the all before the PC is released?


I bet Millennium will be a kickass PC

July 9th, 1999
Oh jolly
I'm drunk now. Just been out on town and making it dangerous. If you wantä me soimething Iäkll be beack to ya.

I'm a meber of the Strain 2 eam. I'll be using a iny bit of tis page on th page aI'm curently making fot rht Strai 2 Team. Hope TLD and Strife doensä't have anytihinf gainst uit.

I onöy got one sausage left and if I want more I'll have to cook more. Dammit. I'm not up for it...

Dammit Dammit


I mailed the guy in charge for Team eternity. And said I could make a weapon fopr him. Waiting for a resonce.

Even though ,my spelling sucks I have sense enough to give the Htlm tags enough time to become right so you cn se all, I've ritten.


July 6th, 1999 - Here's JONNY
Oh jolly
I got my Baghdad vinyl EP in the mail today (actually it was yesterday but it's just two o'clock in the morning here so I say today) and I love the cover. :)
My E-mail works again to. :)

I've received the Screenshots of BrotherHood of Ruin from Kristian now and I'll ask him if it's ok to show them here sometime soon.

I havn't heard anything from Mike the last month. WhoHooo Mike where are you. Hope he donwloaded NimRoD cause I deleted it from the server about a week ago.

I would have cleaned out the main page as I usually do when there's a new month but I'm just not up to it for the moment.

NimRoD isn't doing to damn good from my side for the moment. I'm mainly boosing but now my moneys almoast out and I won't get my pay in two or three weeks so I won't have much to do.

Exept my work which is swallowing most of my strength and will to live. I doesn't even have money enough to buy that damn bass I so desperately need.

Ahh my Baghdad album. I gently touch the cover of it. Look at the cool front pic of it. It's a buch of Iran"dudes" one looks like Saddam Hussein. The title track is about how pointless war is. How noone cares about the thousands of lifes being spoiled in every war. Well... there's too much humans anyway. That was an awful thing to say, eventhough it's true. I would hate it if it broke out a war in Sweden.


June 21th, 1999
My E-mail doesn't work... So if you have mailed me the in the last few days I havn't received it yet. It did the same thing once before but it got working again after a week so I guess it will work soon again this time too. Meanwhile I can be reached at my old BIP address:

Nimrod has worked some more on "his" (I've worked and added some of the coolest places to it aswell) Level. It kicks ass. It rules with Splitscreen (for the moment) I guess I'm gonna let him keep it small to prevent ruining the great DM play on it.

Finished weapons (graphics wise)
1. Fist
2. Hand Gun
3. Shotgun
4. Chaingun
6. Ion Coil
7. Hell Raiser


June 17th, 1999
YAHOOOO!!! I've just received a responce from the honerable Glenn Frazee (yeah I know that you don't have the faintest idea who he is, an that you probably don't give a fuck anyway) and he said he was gonna mail me my RARE BaghDaD 7EP by the Offspring tomorrow (that's today now). If you wonder what Baghdad 7EP is I'll tell you.

The Offspring Baghdad 7EP
This is the second self released album by the Offspring. it was released in 1991 and was only printed in 3000 copies.
Exept for the original release of their S/T album which was released in 1989 it is the most desired Offspring album a dedicated Offspring fan could ever want. Since I already got all of the songs on the album on a CD record and only the record costed me 20 bucks I guess I can consider myself a dedicated Fan. The single includes 4 songs. Hey Joe (a cover of an Jimi Hendrix song) Get it right (also featured on their album Ignition) Baghdad (a redone version of Theran which was originally on the S/T) and the Blurb (it's a Blurb... a cool one too... Pay the Man from Americana got the same beginning). Pew... I was making sort of a long shot here. He could have ripped me off. that would've been 40 bucks down the drain. I'm a lucky dog :)

Next time I will try to get the S/T which was only printed in a lousy 1000 copies and will cost me 40 bucks That's pretty much for a Vinyl record I'll never gonna put into the stereo.

Ok Now to some more ordinary and shit news.
Aro will make Map04. Thank Doom... I though I'd never get anyone to make it. He will also send me some screenshots of his TC Brotherhood of Ruin. I'll post some of them here if he don't mind.

I know I said I wouldn't have time for updating this place and as a matter of fact i don't :). I just had to type that shit about Baghdad somewhere or I would have gone grazy.
The job I was talking about isn't very bothersome either. Good working hours. I come home in perfect timing to go out and I don't have to get up early the next morning.

About NimRoD Well... Ask Nimrod. He is working on his level and it looks great I must say. PuNCK mailed me some a few days ago conserning music and the inability to play NimRoD... all taken care of now though. I received a very good half way trough Beta report from our all favorit special effect dude Teppic8. He came with some very good suggestions. (I didn't agree on all of them so i won't do those. That's what great about being the leader). But he noticed (some) things that I'd never even thought about.

I on the other hand hasn't done anything on NimRoD exept played some Splitscreen DM with Nimrod on his map. Need I say it ruled eventhough I had to play without the mlook. No? Well, I Didn't think so either. :)
I call it his map eventhough I've made quite a bit of it.

I though I'd mention the great responce I've received from the various people that's been Playing NimRoD. Eventhough I got tons of ideas on how to make it better it's already cool.
Different quotes from people (as I remember them):
Nimrod: Man i love these guns.
Teppic8: Great to see so many effects working so well.
DooMFreak: The weapon graphics is great.
Karl: I'm a numbskull. (oops how did that get in there.
PuNCK: Great sound effects, I think it's really cool.
Karl: WOW. those Plasma bullets look awesome from this angle.
DooMFreak: Sorry I don't have the report back yet... I'm having too much fun enjoying it.

I've added a Link to Project Millennium in the Links section.

Project Millennium is a game project I which I will be a part of as soon as I got time to do some stuff. Aaah, It's great to not having to worry about those Pain in the ass sprites anymore.

I noticed that I'd put two links to the DooM Updates page in there to. Heh it's not even active anymore. :)

-EboLa out for a longer period of time... Nimrod will update if he get's a brain that's valid.

June 10th, 1999
I've fixed so all members of the NimRoD team now can get the files. I probably won't do any updates in a while now. I gotta party some more now when I will get my collage degree and I will also give my Punk band more attention.

I will however gonna see if I can get NimRoD to update about the latest happenings in HIS life and the Project.

I've updated the NimRoD section somewhat. Check it out.

-EboLa... Over and out. ^Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip^

June 8th, 1999 yup that's right. I've uploaded NimRoD level 05 (old version) and PennyWise (can be found here) on Just check the newstuff directory.

Me and Darwin decided which one of the weapons we will remove from NimRoD in the pre-release. We had to many Projectile guns and will have to wait for LDF to put in all of them. The Grenade Launcher lost the war so to speak. Eventhough it's one of the best Grenade Launchers made with Dehacked (IMHO) it's not very good. LDF will probably make it possible to make one with bouncing grenades. (Yes i know stuff can bounce in DooM with Deh) Darwin came up with a cool name for the number seven (7) weapon to (He did the Dehacked so it doesn't make it more than fair than that he choose it's name).

Quote: How about Hellraiser? I mean, that's what it does. Right?

Oh yeah... THAT is EXACTLY what it does.

That means "In my opinion". Right? Then what the hell does the H do in it? Does it mean In My Hellish Opinion? Or In My Headcase Opinion? Or what?

DooMWorld closing down?
Mellow says DooMWorld is closing. Gotta be a joke. Doesn't look like that to me. Mellow likes to joke. Linguica may be an 1337 freak but i doubt he would say DooM Sucks after 5 years. They're messing with my head. Too Bad.

E-mail problems
Mikes e-mail addresses refuse to receive large e-mails. That's bad. Now I gotta upload NimRoD to a server, and then he gotta type a URL and D/L it. I don't like it.

Map 04 crises
I need someone to make the Map04. I'll aks Mike and Aro. We'll se what comes from that. Dammit.

The Offspring
Offspring is coming the Scandinavia in august. That rules. I hope I won't have to beat the crap out of some trendy basterd to meet the band. I hope there won't be ANY trendie basterd there (fat chance).

i came to think of the summer work I got. 15:54-22:00, 15:54-20:00 on fridays. All summer. Dammit now I got depressed.


June 5th, 1999
I've just mailed the NimRoD beta to Mike (plus some that wanted it again), I've also received some very good responce for the Beta from our Beta testers. DooMFreak complemented the changes I've made on Map06: Torture Me I'm Bad, and Teppic8 seemed very satisfyed with his NimRoD experience aswell.

I havn't had much time to work lately. I've gotten a summer job and I got to make up some school work. Not that I really care. It's more my family that wan't me to make it. I guess they just wanna trow a party. ;)

I hope to hear from Aro and the other level makers soon cause I wanna have that map04 started. It have been to the least neglected by Darwin so I hope someone else would take it on.

Man did I have problem with the Archived News or WHAT?
Notepad can only have a limited ammount of text so I had to use Works (or is it word?) and it took me a while to make it work. Damn that crapshit. It said save as HTML and I did that. Well the result was not what I expected.


May 31st, 1999
I got a reason to update
I asked Mike Tawney (yes that's right. Maker of Rage DM and one of the DooM Nation maintainers) if he would like to make a level (or two) for NimRoD in "Anti Gothic" style. He asked em a few questions first and then he said he would do it. This is GOOD news. :)

Almoast everyone ask me why I don't use ZDooM instead of Legacy. Well I'll answer to that when I remember what I wrote to the last guy that asked that.

Teppic8 said:No problem- It's nice to see so many effects in a .WAD working so well! Report soon, I am still playing this beast!

He also said:And yes, I am good!

We came to talk about Watereffects in DooM at #DooM2 today. and it turned out that I was the only one that knew that you could swim in Legacys water effect. And I got some agreement on a my opinion of the BooM water effect.
It's useless.
Why make a water effect if it don't make anything else than change the fucking pallette.

To salubrate this, and the other new members joinings of the NimRoD team I decided to give our two readers a screenshot of a place in NimRoD I made today. I'm even throwing in a shot of one of the new weapons (I bet ya can't guess which it is) :))
This place is so fresh that even the textures are new. None of the others in the team have these two new textures. :)

I think I'm gonna name it Quake... I thought Quake 2 first but it don't have the same ring to it, does it?

Cajun Again
I got reminded of my DM level PennyWise (which is dedicated to the Punk Rock band PennyWises dead Bassist Justin Mattew Thirsk). The Match started out rather bad for Ebola. But as time went by he managed to get a hold of the match and turn it to his advantage.

Don't let the screenshot fool ya. I AM NOT hding behind a dead spacemarine to avoid getting killed.

I'm just uh... Waitng y'now... for eh... y'now... The thing! Yeah that's right! The THING!

Here's some more screenshots of the level PennyWise.

This was a cool occurence. The framerate was shitslow (as usual) so I kept missing the strafing bastard just nicking him on the sides so I forced him into this corner where he couldn't do shit. SPLAT

Just a screenshot of what I thought should be the centre of the level. Boy was I wrong. (girly tone of voice)

LOOK! It's the PennyWise Logo. OVER A DEMON FACE. NOOOO. The demons have taken PennyWise!

Or? Has PennyWise smashed the Demons with their Awesome Punk Rock Metal Music? Well I'm playing DeathMatch here so I will most likely not live to see.

May 30th, 1999
The Beta v.2 has now been sent out to the others. Teppic8 told me that the Sky textures was missing, (Skrew-up) so I had to send them after. So just add them among the other textures and you can be off and playing again (that was a message to the NimRoD team).

I knew I had forgot something, and now I know why the wad was about 350 kb smaller than before the crash. I'm sure the guys can handle this little misshap. I've been playing the new version of the Cajun Bot with NimRoD and that bot is GOOD. Not good as in "Man you should've seen it... He wopped my ass" but good in as "he jumps between the boxes to get the number 7 weapon" which I might add is COOL.

The framerate on my 486dx100 is still at 1-3 fps :(. And I still kicked their asses, Not as much as before cause now they used other weapons but I still won.

Now I just have to wait for the others to get back to me about the Beta. I hope they'll give me some good suggestions aswell. :)


May 27th, 1999
Klick here to read About me.

Just replace the part "Ola Björling" with "Kristian Käll" and everything else fits :)


May 26th, 1999
-Let's scream.



I hate DOOM!

Well I hate wad files anyway. :(



Ok, here's the story:
I was sitting in front of the computer trying to fix as much as possible before releasing the beta of NimRoD adding some textures and so on. I had just BSP built map 03 and was gonna try it when I got a message from DooM Legacy.
Error in patch Elovat3.
That's strange I though but since I had added lots of new walls lately I though I ight have missed to put it in. Unfortunately that wasn't the case.
When I looked at the wad in DooMED I found the would thing had gone corrupt. After some cursing and trowing the monitor out the window I came to my senses and though "Ok. I just have to start rebuilding the wad from scratch AGAIN."

Then I came to think of something REALLY great. I had sent the Wad to NimRoD a couple of days earlier so I didn't have to remake it from beginning which was extremely good since I have had put many stuff on some weird places on my HD.

Oh good the pressure on my brain is finally starting to take off. (I rammed it into the monitor just seconds befor it flew out thE fucking window).

Unfortunately Nimrod is on vacation in Finland (Dammit).

Soooooo the Beta will take at least a week to come out. :#


BTW If DooMWorld won't post this update they'll never post about our site.

May 25th, 1999
I tried the Cajun Bot today to see if I could get it to work. And it did more or less. (it depends on how you look at it)
The Cajun Bot is the first bot I got to work in a long time. The DooMBot only bugs out for me and so is the capture the flag bot. Yoghurts bot I can't get any Bots to play with I just get a message. No more bots or maxplayers reached.

I played the bot with NimRoD and it was SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. About 1-3 fps. It went pretty smooth at occations but that was when I didn't have any bots nearby. The bots worked pretty well it learned the level and shit, so after about 20 minutes it didn't just run around in the same room (not all the time anyway) waiting for you to find it. They would probably have been hard to beat if they'd actually had used the stuff they picked up. Ok it might have been a error cause by me using a Deh file with it, but anyway.

I had to kill myself at the beginning once because I got stuck (Guess the levels need some looking over) :). And when I was heading to the finish I met the yellow bastard in a room and he kept coming back so after I had killed him 8 times, my healt ran out and I died (it's hard to hit someone with a shotgun with 1- 3 fps) :/. Then I came up in the middle of a dog-fight between the Grey and Red and I died again.

I did like it when I sneaked around in the sewers listening after the bots splashing footsteps. :)

The Beta Release has been kind of delayed cause of I haven't yet got a real E-mail address from Anubis. I'm however using this extra time to add more Textures :). I think NimRoD is almoast ready we only need some more levels and deside which of the weapons we should put in. Then tune the stuff some and yeah y'mow the rest I guess. The Bug I was talking about in the last Update is now Fixed. My editor got this useless "Thing Type" called "Unknown" that it put out sometimes when you just click away when adding items. Anyway, when DooMLegacyDOS shall run the map it don't recognize the item and flunk out. This is very good news for all the guys using Legacy DOS who want to use it with HYENA (Me and one more) =)
I will fix all the levels so it work with DOS because it is so fucking cooler with Legacy than with regular DooM.

Especially when you use SVGA and Tha Quake ][ Music. I was fraggin away like there was no tomorrow :#

So go buy Quake ][ (if don't already have it) and I'll fix HYENA in the mean time so if I get the file from Nimrod I can have it ready in a few days.


May 22th, 1999
Heh the NimRoD team has grown quite a bit the last two weeks. I got a mail from PuNCK today who said he could do two musics for NimRoD and I asked Teppic8 if he would Beta test it. I've udated the NimRoD page some so go take a look if you like.
One of the levels has stopped working with the Dos version of Legacy due to a old Legacy bug. The same bug is the cause of the Hyena Legacy Patch only being for windows.

Darwin has moved his @$$ and made a contribution to the broject by sending some Dehacked stuff and sounds for the shotgun and Pistol.

I'm not in the mood to bash at DooMWorld for the moment but I found on StroggOnMeths page an article that as called. Does DooMworld hate me?" or something and the truth (as I see it) is, DooMworld hate you if you're not 1337.
I've never managed to get anything on DoomWorld nor has some others that I know of. But the Hate for me could be So called Public domain. since DooMnation won't post about my updates either. :).

New Links in the link section. Check it out.


May 20th, 1999
Hm.. Thought it was about time for me to update.

I've added a link to DoomLegacy.Com in the links section. And a new Beta will soon be released to the beta testers.

I've started to put the Legacy water effect on some places in the levels now. Eventhough you now can swim in the water it's still at a very early stage and got problems. The tag using system is for instance very bad (they will change that later but anyway) I had a cool idea for a crate lying in the water and moving yp and down. Unfortunately it required that the sector had a Tag so I couldn't make it work. :(

Nimrod just came home from his vacation so I guess he will contribute some too. I've just got a mail that said I've got a summerjob at scan so I won't have a whole lot of time this summer for any projects. :(

Ooh! Mean... >:# Absolutely awesome man. Yeaaah... Nimrods face is half done and he looks WICKED! He he he. raw :)

-Ebola - I was in to big of an hurry to live my life so i lost my future - Outcast

May 12th, 1999
Extremely good news. I wrote in the last update that I had mailed Kristian Aro asking if he would be interested in making one or more levels for NimRoD. Well, He mailed back the other day and said that he would like to be on the team but he wasn't sure if he would have time for more than one level. Well that's more than what I've seen from others so I don't complain. :)

Less Good News I was going to make three skins for NimRoD. One Nimrod skin (almost finished) one Hyena skin (Early version can be downloaded now) and a female skin. Well I'm so fed up with making 3-d dudes, rendering, edit, and build wads so there won't be a female skin. Use the female Quake 2 skin instead. :(

I haven't seen anything from Darwin yet even-though he said he should mail sounds and shit to me.

We were to have a meeting but Markus was against the time we set so I changed it but then I forgot about it and Markus didn't show anyway and I came one half an hour to late. Don't know about Darwin though.

Maybe we should change name to Offspring software, since we are apparently all "the Offspring" fans.

I'm going to a "Bad Taste" party on the 29th but I think I dress as usual. I became sick to my stomach by just thinking of wearing a suit.


May 6th, 1999
I read over at DooM Forever that the llama is back. Good, It was only gone a little while but I sure missed it. :) Where's Flynn Taggart?

DooM Legacy, Rocket Jump I mentioned a couple of updates back that DooM Legacy got Rocket Jumping. Well I played around a bit on Denis levels and checked how high I could jump. The rocket jump in DooM Legacy is far more hard to accomplish since you can't look strait into the ground (but you all knew that) and you loose a tad to much health doing it. Especially since you have to do several tries before you succeed. I found it one hell of allot more effective and easier to do it if you ran down a little staircase while shooting a rocket and then jumping forward.

I'm flyyyiiing HIIIIIIIIIGH!

Here's a little cool thing that happened while Karl was playing NimRoD on level two in DooM 2.

Some of the NimRoD monsters decided to have a "gang bang" and poor Hitler felt left behind so he got pissed and started jumping on the lovers.(the screwed up wall is a air-vent midwall)

I fucked up a bit when I made the death scenes for these guys so they stay solid. It could be fun if you could gib them but you can't do that so unfortunately I have to remove it.

Darwin finally started to do things. He sent me a mail two days ago, but unfortunately he hadn't got my message about the new e-mail address I got in January. So I opened the old (bad) account again and I hadn't bothered to unsubscribe it from some various mailing-lists so I had to download 400 mails that I've already read before. :/ Lucky me, if mails that was over one month didn't get removed I would have had to download over a thousand mails.

He talked about replacing the BFG with a gun that was more useful than the one we have now. He had also fixed some sounds so I might finally get to replace that corny pistol sound.

He talked about replacing the BFG with a gun that was more useful than the one we have now. He had also fixed some sounds so I might finally get to replace that corny pistol sound.

Teppic 8 mailed me and asked about advice and ideas for his predator DM add-on. Then a two mails later he said he was gonna screw it. ??????? Do I make people give up their projects? STRAIN 2 seems almost dead (or fast asleep) and OGRE seems to have been shot by a tranquilizer.

BTW I still need level-designers and Linux Beta-testers. Hell any beta-tester will do. :)

I read the personal info of the Millenium members and I saw a guy which name was Kristian and one of he's favorit bands was The Offspring. Now what are the odds of that (ok pretty high). But I just could sit there and jerk off. So I mailed him and asked if he could do levels for NimRoD (Yes I know I'm pathetic) :).

I finished the first level of NimRoD and my dumb ass brother couldn't finish it because he didn't think thet the yellow lines on the map could be a passage.

Police cheif: Oh GOD! I love the smell of Napalm in the morning.
Journalist: Napalm? Sniff.

-Ebola - I was listening to Nirvana's In Utero while typing this down.

May 5th, 1999
I'm a bit cranky right now actually. :( Some stupid quake ripp-off TC got reviewed just days after it got released by Team Insaity. I mailed Team Insaity in January and told them about HYENA and they where like. "-Oh yeah sure we'll review it, Thanks for telling us." But they didn't review it (sniff). Well it's not that it didn't get reviewed (eventhough I would like to get a evaluation of it). What am I saying, that's the only reason I would wanna have it reviewed for. I maybe shouldn't have made that code place on level e2m3. (:]

Here it is. In case you wonder. The switches that's pointing down is the one you shall push.

Well nevermind that. I've hardly got any bad critics for it so that... Ash! As I said Nevermind.

While I'm speaking of HYENA I can just aswell tell you that there's a Legacy patch for it coming up. Who knows maybe the next version will be entirely for Legacy (If we can fix a special bug that occurs with the DOS version of Legacy.) I might aswell mention that we need LinuxBetatesters for HYENA and NimRoD especially NimRoD.

I asked cph but he wasn't intrested. :(

BTW I updated the Links section with two new links. "Gokumas Pit of Hell" and "Teppic8's Domain - Please whipe your feet." Both are great pages so be sure to check 'em out. :)

-Ebola - I was listening to The Offsprings Ignition while typing this down.

May 3th, 1999
I'm currently looking for more BETA testers and Level makers. It appears as Darwin hardly is gonna contribute to this project at all since he got others that takes upp all his time. CRAP. It's written in the bible that NimRoD will RISE and CONQUER THE ENTIRE DOOM COMMUNITY AND THEN THE WOOORLD!

I'm fed up with all this complaining about DooMFreak and DooMNews. I mean doomworld might have more news but they have more dudes that find them to. Justin hardly ever updates and Hakx that also do updates are extremely rare.
He's just a human for crying out loud. Guys like Mystican and Prower say DoomNews suck now since DoomFreak took over most of the news. Well... Doomfreak aint as popular as Justin so he don't get as much mails about news as Justin probably got. I'm not sure but that's how it looks liek from my piont of view.

DooMNews is stiil best, DooMworld suck. They're all a bunch of spineless pussies.
TIP! DooMfreak, Join TeamTNT then they'll love ya. :)

I'm an disrespected Outcast and I'm proud of it. -Ebola

Oh! Yeah that's right I forgot.

This is what NimRoD will Do with ALL opposition (Including the very great Batman DooM)

Prower. Just so you know, NimRoD is the guy with spiked hair. NOT the bald bloody one.


April 28th, 1999
I thought I'd contribute with some GIF files which we never used for nimrod. The graphics is both simply bad or it just didn't fit the theme. The Graphics are free for anyone to use in their DooM (or whatever) add-on. However I would appreciate if the author would mention me in his/her credits and send me a mail with a link to where I can D/L the add-on.

Download the file in either the "Recent files" section or under "Information, Miscellaneous".


April 27th, 1999
Prower said:"This brings the compatibility of Batman Doom to every port except Legacy 1.28."
HA! Prower... you suck. Ok next time I'll bring some news.

Oh! Look at that! Player one is some sort of terminator... with the green vision and all the text. WHAT? You haven't seen terminator? Geez, WTF have you been doing all your life?

Here's a bug list for Batman TC with Legacy v 1.28.
*There's some misplaced transparent sprites due to DooM Legacy's transparent effects. One occurrence is the Clown firing frames. However this is not a big thing.

*By some weird reason some walls may flip out and look freaky. This isn't always though.

There that's the bugs I could find when I played it trough most of the levels I have finished so far.

Here's a list on why you should choose Legacy in front of other ports.

*If you get bored playing alone or you simply find it too hard to make by yourself and if the ACE team make a ROBIN skin you could send in the reinforcements by typing addfile robin.wad in the consol and start the game in splitscreen mode and play cooperative. (or dm)

*You can play in 3DFX mode and still have freelook.

*If you are stupid enough to walk over a mine trap you will fly a bit.

*If you shoot a enemy from below with the shotgun thing HE will jump a bit.

*You can jump up on the gasoline cans.

*The smoke from the smoke bomb and firebursts from the ground looks really transparent and cool.

*The dead blue dude in level 4 is gray cause of the transparent thingy.

BTW ACE team, Why are the caracters in Batman doom so damn tall. (Not that's it isn't fun to severely beat the shit out of the bad guys balls.)

I found the HYENA and Vampir zips in the zips list when I uploaded the new skins. TLD or Strife, Thanks for loading em up. :)

Prower told me that he didn't loose his HD whith the virus issue he was just the little asshole he is. It did however struck me how he could be online without a HD, but as all the other smart thought that come into my head I forgot to mention it when it was actually valid.

There I think I'm finished pissing people off for now.


April 22nd, 1999
I saw the movie "The NET" the other day and in the beginning she (Sandra Bullock) was playing Wolfestein. She called it a "very dynamic game" and so. I wonder why they use an old-timer like Wolfenstein and not a newer cool game like Quake 2. I mean she sits there with a (at least) 17 inches screen and a new tower and then she play Wolfenstein (I better add that she was a beta tester for a computer company and was to test it)

Anyway, It's weird how they always got old shit in the movies and in shows like "Deadly Games" they have a game that looks like it's been pre-rendered.

NimRoD finally started to do some stuff on his godforsaken level.

I got lots of new cool stuff coming on and the Hand gun is now finished.

I was at a party this Tuesday and one of my buddies smashed the place up, for several thousand kr (approx. 400 $)
There's a new party this Friday. :)


April 15th, 1999
I noticed a Bug in my Hyena version 2 skin today as I was testing the new version of Legacy in splitscreen mode. I wasn't discovered until now since it had been working with older versions (I suppose it was because it was for DOS and now there's also a non-beta windows version). The bug was that the name was too long and therefore the skin didn't get showed in the play-view only on the "Here's your skin" view.
Well I've fixed it now so you can download it in the recent files section, OR you could go download it in the NimRoD section and read some about the awesome add-on which will come soon IF JUST NIMROD AND DARWIN COULD FINISH THEIR DAMN LEVELS. :)

Don't forget to go to DooM Legacy and Download the new version of Legacy and look at the cool 3DFX screenshot.


I've read some of the TXT files to Legacy and it appears to me that they will add editor features later when they're satisfied with the Base of the source.

"Legacy is more and more heading towards new editing possibilities. We took time before starting thinking of adding linedefs, new object types, ect, because we prefer to have a good strong base, before adding new editing features.

With the console, better network, and overall improved compatibility with the existing Doom wads, we feel that Legacy has reached the maturity for extending the engine. That's what we could call the end of 'phase 1'.."

I liked what they've done so far and I can barely wait for what Phase 2 will bring. :)

Who Knows? Maybe it will be more of a level editors dream than zDooM.


April 13th, 1999
I established a link to the presant location of HYENA on the web since v1.2 is gonna take a while to finish. I'm out of ideas for HYENA and so is Karl and NimRoD (NimRoD is always out of ideas BTW). Same thing goes for Vampir. But it's only the links in the recent files section.

Belive it or not people but I do have friends in the DooM-community. TLD is one and I saw this over at DooM Forever: Where Llama molestureation is a common occurence! There's been allot talk about the computer games that destroy todays youth. But really people that's just bullshit. Too bad I'm not from the states I would have loved to see that trial. Oh well, it might come on TV over here. It would be a good laugh. Some bitch saying: "This is the reason for all the violence and disrespect in the world today" while she's pointing at a copy of "DEEP THROAT".

"Right now, this is for the parents who are sueing...take your beliefs that video games, movies, and p0rn sites are the cause of this idiots shooting spree and shove them up your ass." - TLD

Well they gotta put the blame on somebody. The shooter is the victim of a corrupt society so it isn't his fault. (read with a sarcastic voice)

No really dudes.
People who's playing games like DooM and visit porn sites etc, isn't out in the city shooting the brains out of innocent/guilty people. They're sitting in their homes and play DooM or visiting porn sites on the web. :)

"Btw, lawyers are fucking scum, they just suck who ever's dick that's got the money...kinda like some people in the Doom community....course they're not sucking for money... " - TLD

Q: What's the difference between a bunny and a lawyer who's been ran over by a car?

A: There's brake-marks in front of the Bunny.

DooMShack seem to have server problems (In case you didn't notice). Umm, That sucks.

I've gotten a Beta report from DooMfreak now (few days ago actually) and he pointed out a couple of things that I would never noticed.

NimRoD has finished the first picture of his Ion coil. I got a cool idea how to make it a RAIN GUN. No not Rail gun, it's a RAIN GUN.

Most useless homepage of the YEAR: FRAD.ORG


April 5th, 1999
I was playing a little level called Quake's E1M7, And it said in the text file it was ALLOT harder than the level in Quake. Well at first I concentrated on finding out which level it was supposed to be :). I got a lousy memory :- /.
After I finally realized which level it was (the size explained it :) ) I started to kill the so called ALLOT harder boss. But since the switches weren't switching themselves off after a while it was no need to run the whole lap around, which made it extremely easy.
Ok, that'll be enough bragging.

I was looking at Half-Life the other day and I understand why PC Gamer went on and on about the detail in it and it looked cool. Well I guess that's it about Half-Life.

Boring introduction though.

I got critics from a guy about my capital L in EboLa from a guy who used NUMBERS to write.

I could tell you about the NimRoD project and spill my guts about what cool stuff I've put in the last days. I could show Screenshots of the new monsters and I could do exactly like DooM millennium, (and all the others) and show a screenie of all the new cool guns. But I'm not gonna do that.


April 4th, 1999
I would have put this up two days ago but I couldn't get access to the server :(.

This update isn't a update for the sake of updating, it's a update so DoomFreak can have something to write in the DooMnews, since it seem like he just can't find enough news.

Ansi, you said I was gonna get a dictionary, I'm still waiting =).

I was talking with Darwin on IRC (first real conversation we've had), and I found out that he had started on his level, Quote: It's coming along at a slug's pace.
Apparently he got a new game, and we all know what that mean? That's right, no life for two months. :)

I was gonna show a screenshot of the Heretic level I'm currently working on but I couldn't get the Development mode to work.. :(

It's this stupid Christian and Jewish holiday and all people think about is sucking the goo out of eggs and blowing the shit out their old not used for several years toys. Running around in the woods trying to find some twigs from a bjork (that white damn tree) so they can hang those damn eggs in it together with some pink and green feathers.

Gosh! Thank GOD I'm an atheist.
(I you are to stupid to get it. It was a joke in the last sentence)

The IMP is finished, Both the Mutated IMP and the mutated DEMON likes to stay in dark moist and preferebly toxic environment. Since they've lived in Nuke and other toxic shit since the Doomguys days they've started to like it and feed of it. But of course there's still nothing like human flesh. :)

Doesn't anyone in the DooM community respect Copyrights?
E-mail Markus (NimRoD/MarQs) if you don't get what I'm talking about and use the subject "DooM2x, what's with it?" So he knows what you're talking about.


March 30th, 1999
I've taken a week off, which I think I deserved. So even if it seemed like it, I wasn't dead.

You: Damn.

I was over at The DooM Legacy homepage today and I saw they had updated with a release of a windows beta of legacy including the "DooM Legacy Launcher" (in short DLL) and a Glide DLL file and some shit. Well, there was a very good launcher since it seems to be able to launch any exe (just like their great Dos launcher DooMatic). What I didn't like with the new version though was that they had removed all screen resolutions below 600x400. I want to remind Fab and Boris that a, very large part of the DooM-community don't use anything above 486dx2 (or maybe even sx). Although I got only a, 486dx4/100mhz it was playable even on the NimRoD levels (I wouldn't recommend it though). The split-screen mode was very good though, I must get over to Nimrod some day soon so we can try it out. The annoying part of it was that you couldn't use skins in it, well you could use them but it wouldn't show. And you couldn't change the name on the first player (maybe if you did it with the split-screen mode off).

Darwin, I still want that damn level.

I will send out a BETA to all who is beta-testers, to see if they agree with the Graphics and if they can find the ways to finish the level or get as far as it goes without getting stuck (like people did on the test released level 05). Just so we don't make the entire pre-release and then send it out to the beta-testers and we have to remake allot which will be much more time demanding when it is "finished". Natrually they're supposed to report bugs aswell.

DoomFreak, Next time you run out of updates. Go check the DooM updates page. =)
There was allot of updates over there.


March 15th, 1999
I want to start a STRIFE unit. But I would like some people to participate. So all of you STRIFE loving level- builders out there, E-mail me and we'll make one hell of a STRIFE unit. If I don't get any participants, it'll all go to hell.

I also would like to know if there's any editors that actually support STRIFE and don't just claim it do like DETH.

Man I had a revelation and suddenly I knew exactly what I should do, Unfortunately the BFG Xtravaganza (or M-2 Mine, The NimRoD number 7 gun. Will be featured in the BETA so smile all of you BETA testers) looks a bit like the BFG from Quake 2. BTW have you ever wondered why he hold the BFG in that strange way in Quake 2? Well if he held the shift with the other hand you wouldn't be able to see the gun.
Next question.
Why is BFG 10000 run by a Dynamo?
Pump three times and just add juice.

I'm still banned from #DooM2.

DAMN I had finished all of the walking sprites to the trooper when I realized he walked in a very stupid looking way. So I had to start all over again. FUCK FUCK FUCK session I'll never learn session god knows I try session... sorry I got carried away by the FUCK FUCK FUCK part, o-o-o-o session I'll never learn session god knows I try, keep coming back for session and I don't know why. Dammit I love that song. :#

Where was I oh yeah I had to totally remake all the sprites, well this time they seem to rock donkey kongs ass, and then there's the mech sprites which I've remade 3 times (or was it 4) but they're also coming on nicely now.


March 12th, 1999
Well I got hate mail yesterday and I got friendmail today :).

I thought I should have a update about all this. But I can't think of anything to say about the included persons without massively offending them (not the "friendmailers"), and I'm fed up with all of this.

Now to some subjects that's intresting
DoomFreak is going to beta test NimRoD :). Thank you
If any of you haven't seen the screenshots yet, head over to them right away and DROOL

About the kicking from QuakeCity.
I'm backed up by the good guys in the Doom-Community (i.e. not so called elite). He he sorry, I couldn't help myself.

We will soon have up a new version of HYENA (sorry not v 1.2 yet) the TC will be made legal. I.e. we will make it a pain in the ass to install. But the downloading will be shorter :). We have picked the wad apart and will now remove all ID stuff (not allot of it left :)) and re-assemble it. We will also try to make it for MBF. But since I hacked the exe with more than Dehacked there's problems with compatibility. :(


March 11th, 1999
(eBoLa) Op (Internet language for asshole) was the quote (sorry, I had to change the arrows to parentheses because it don't work in html), And according to Prower (or whatever his nick is) I've sent him virus. And apparently I've kicked UNHOLY software from Quakecity because Prower seem to have got a file called HAPPY99.EXE which I recently got from a friend of mine. It's a program which creates little fireworks and says "happy new-year 99". Apparently the file somehow came along the mail I sent as a reply to Prower and it erased his hard-drive. Now he blame me but I can not see how the file could have came along the mail to him since I didn't put it in. As I said he blame me and I blame Bill Gates for making a crappy Outlook Express. All I can say to Prower is "I'm sorry about your hard-drive" and "I have no idea how it could happen". Ops I just realized I gotta virus check my own hard-drive cause if it infected his it must have infected mine. :(

Ansi5 (Why do all people complain about me using capital L in my nick when they cant even stick to ONE which makes it really confusing for me to know who I'm talking to) seemed pissed off at my way to write Ebola.
He also didn't like me making the mistake of quoting him not completely accurate. So I promise next time I don't got a copy of the quote or whatever I'll write "or something" after.

You little shit. I hope your ass gets owned after I mail the Quakecity

Says -da prowsta

Well I haven't noticed any viruses yet I'll see after I've virus checked this crappy block of cement (I did it just a month or so ago).

Geese! One little rant and I'm the most hated guy on the net.

BTW When I said I don't know what "elite" includes I mean I don't know if it mean you're good or just a longtime net DooMer or whatever.

DoomFreak said: Check it out cause this one is going to be good. (or something)


March 9th, 1999
Ok WE HAVE A WINNER in the "rant EboLa" contest. And it is Da Prowsta (Prower).
Below there's transcript of his mail including my response (Minus some of the spelling faults).

~~~~>Start Of Mail<~~~~~

>BLAH! Is all I can say to you. First, look at your nickname, alias,
>whatever you AOLers call it.

I'm not an aol user.

>It's EboLa... you're not elite, you can't have
>an elite nickname!

Wtf do you mean with elite-nickname? (Btw people have called me elite
whatever that Includes I'm not sure)

>As for you getting banned, you got banned because you
>typed !op. This is known as op-begging.
>In other words, you're trying to
>take over the channel if you type !op. Luckily there is protection against
>that, when someone types !op that isn't on the userlist they get kicked and
>banned for a limited time (five minutes I believe it is).
>So stop complaining that you're getting banned, because the reason you got
>banned is because you tried to take over! And by the way, it's not #DooM2,
>it's #doom2.

First I know that I get banned for five minutes, for op begging and another
thing I just use it to quit the cannel cause it's more fun to use !op than
/p and some dumb message.
It's by the way called begging not give yourself op (someone must agree)
I've never tried to take over the channel I've never wanted to become op or
anything like that, I just want to chat some with the good guys on the
channel, without getting kicked by no reason so I got pissed when they
started doing that and I called them dickheads and then some other guy
banned me and I'm still banned after uhm several days.

BTW you're the winner in the "rant EboLa" contest.
you have won a position as a Beta tester for NimRoD
(But I guess you don't want it)

EboLa is the name of a decease y'now

UNHOLY software
STRAIN 2 member
OGRE member

~~~~>End Of Mail<~~~~~

I hope you all laughed as much as I did when I read it. :)

Cyber also had a answer to my rant.

Here we go.
Okay, I can understand why you're pissed, given a lot of the ops may not be the nicest people, but IRC is like real life. Not everyone will like you or be fair, get the fuck used to it. Secondly, the term 'peon' is an IRC term, it means you don't have ops. In other words, anyone who is not an op is a peon. Secondly you make it sound like being an op is an actual job. Nope, it's just some other guy, just like you or me, sitting on IRC. The only difference is they have the ability to kick, ban, change the topic and so forth. They're ops because they've been going to the channel for a while. At any rate, it's IRC, and there are people on it you have never met and probably won't meet, so who gives a fuck if they kick you? If you get that upset about IRC you need some serious help. As for banning, well, it's best not to piss off the ops. Pissing off the ops is equivalent to calling your boss a 'damaged dickhead'. He can fire you, they can ban you. Finally, you get kick/banned for typing !op because that is considered 'op begging'. Something else that isn't good to do. In #doom2's case the ones who do the banning are bots, not real people. Don't get me wrong, I'm not excusing anyone's behavior here, I'm just saying, as the person without ops it's best not to piss off those who do have ops, and maybe next time you'll think a bit. This has been a public service announcement.

As you can see this reply isn't a rant reply and he got good point's but I'm not in the habit to take shit from people. If someone piss me off I don't sit back and just take I give some too.
About the part of I'm making it sound like it's a job, I know it's not their job (If it had been they would have better manners)
Peon is the same as peasant (bonde på svenska) or farmer if you like and calling someone "Peasant" or "Peon" is the same as offending him (have you never heard anyone say "fucking peasants" or just "peasants" with a low almoast wispering voice and the sound of dispice in it).

I've noticed I'm unbanned on #DooM2 again so if you want me anything and don't know how to use e-mail you can reach me there (at occasions).

Different Subject

Yesterday I finally got my Vandal cd in the mail (I'm waiting for more). unfortunately I didn't notice it until 2 o'clock in the morning when I was heading for the Bed. Naturally I couldn't go to bed now, I had to listen to some of the songs (most of them) so I was really out of focus when I was at school today. Funny?

March 6th, 1999
I've uplaoded some of the Zip files today Flynn T said he should do it but he never got around to it so that's why the delay. The files are the pennywise level and the Hyena skins

Those damn asshole #DooM2 Op's is getting fucking annoying, I was at the cannel today and asked if anyone seen NimmE. Then I suddenly get kicked by anC with the message "You're a virus", I took it as a kind of pathetic joke (which it probably was) and rejoined the channel just to get fucking kicked AGAIN. Then I rejoined and asked what the fuck was their problem. And anC says to mystican (after some other guy showing the kick stats) "He he I just love it when the peons take it as an insult". Well what the hell shall I take it as when they kick me several times and the call me a FUCKING PEON? I wrote back to the arrogant sons of bitches "You're damadged dickheads" and now I'm BANNED. I don't know what their mothers did wrong, maybe they dropped them on the floor when they where babys or made them drink cerosene. But if they cant atleast behave like they had a brain they shouldn't be Op's.

I'm so fucking tired of having to take shit from assholes like that. They show you on TV and nag about everywhere how to BEHAVE on the net so you don't get hated. Well what's the use in that when the retarded part of the net users are Op's and don't care how you behave ESPECIALLY not how themselfs behave. Are we sain people just gonna sit there and say "Oh thank you Mighty Op (internet language for asshole) for not kicking me the last five minutes. OP: Oh sorry I forgot, Here I'll bann you for six months just to compensate the loss
You know I never use /p when I leave #DooM2 anymore. Why should I when I can write !op and get kicked and banned for five minutes.

March 1st, 1999
I let the last news stay seince it aint that much. I decided to start the "Rant EboLa" competition all over again, hoping to get more contibutions this time. You got One week to mail your rant. And results will be shown on the page next Tuesday.
If some of you against all odds don't hate me and want to be beta testers of NimRoD then you can mail me and kiss my ass some. If you're good enough at that then you might be a beta tester. (Ho ho I love this shit)
TLD mentioned about the new UNHOLY software page at DooM Forever : ), (no suprice really seince they made it). MMMM I love the smell of a new homepage in the morning. Oh it's six o'clock in the afternoon, well anyway. Batman?
- EboLa

February 28th, 1999
This page has been totally reformatted! Special thanks to Flynn Taggart and The Last Doomer for the new site, and also to Scoots for allowing me hosting here on the QuakeCity Gaming Network!
- EboLa

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