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It was in 1994 that I began working on a tc for DOOM but then it was called "alien attack" and the thought was to take the aliens from ALIEN TC by JUSTIN FISHER. All that changed as I got my DOOMgraphic editor (dmgraph) Then the plan was to make a PREDATOR tc,(it's now when Markus joined me.) doom with its translucent demons would be perfect for the translucent PREDATOR. I don't remember why but later on I changed plans once again and decided to make my own story and so HYENA was born.

Slay your way through thousands of soldiers in a 3 Dimensional world made by the DooM engine. Battle through nuclear reactors, prisons, and inside the sick bastards temples where they worship Satan.

The Story
In the year 2039 an satanistic terrorist group called EAGLE POWER are about to take over the world. You are HYENA an military agent that works for the T.F.D.O (Terrorist Force Defence Organization) an self supporting organization with its own military army.

On april the 12 the terrorists detonated a explosive charge in the white house which killed the president and his wife among others. You and your team where sent out to eradicate the satanistic basterds, but you and your team were ambushed in the jungle and everybody in your team were killed (except you of course) Now its time to accomplish the mission and revenge your dead friends.

GOOD LUCK! You're gonna need it...

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Latest Version
Hyena v1.11
Hyena, Doom Legacy patch (not finished, and won't be either)

Oh so you like DooM Legacy or ZDoom? Click here to download Hyena skin.

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