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Ni'mRoD is a 12 level partial conversion wich will feature alot of new monsters aswell as weapons and other really cool stuff I think are missing in most megawads released. You'll be playing as Ni'mRoD wich is one of many Dooms. Although after the demons did their attack there's not alot of Dooms left.

Ni'mRoD - Ni'mrod is the name of anchient hunter according to 1 Mos. 10.-1. Translated meaning ironicly. Eager Hunter.
Doom - Cybergentically enhanched human with built in body armor. On it's head he got a headset wich will give him radio contact valuable info and a targeting system aswell a HUD wich will show healt armor and ammo status. Inside his head he got a CPU wich will contain various files and other useful stuff. His left arm is totally machine with Tītitanium cover that can pack a punch that'll rip off most anything.
The Crew - A team of former people in charge who were behind the Doom project creating the Dooms to protect Earth for the next attack.
The Bases - The Bases are both new buildings and old UAC buildings wich will show in the architectures. Map01 - Abandoned Tei Tenga base is a old UAC base wich got some crew redesigning when they thought they were gonna get some use for it. But they later discontinued to work on the building.
Ixnay on the Hombre - Ixnay on the Hombre means away with the man. Man being a shorter word for Human (in this case anyway, it can be bent any way you want The Man can basicly be anything Like the government etc). Ixnay on the Hombre was something the guards picked up while doing their watch duty. Hearing it through their radio in the headset, like a wisper. They reported to the headquarter and a few minutes later they were gone.

Doom Models:
SGDOOM: These were the very first Dooms to be made. The Crew felt that they had to have a security in form of Dooms and used the test models to do them, since these were the first attempts they didn't come out very good all of them.
Some of them are even to stupid to put on automatic fire on their AK 500s.
Those who got the brains to do so are put as high security guards (HSG)

STRDOOM: The Stormtroopers were the main goal behind the project. The initial intention was to make soldiers that could take more fire and carry more and heavier equipment than teh regular human marines.
The STRs are getting more advanced all the time, with new implants and upgrades of old ones. Some of the most advanced are being promoted to Commanders (CSTR) of their group or even of a complex.
Every group is on 8 to 4 members. Depending on where the group is stationed.

AMGDOOM: The Sargs (Zombified Sarg call themsefl Zarg) were never really supposed to be made. However, as the technology advanced the scientists started work on a new Doom, with denser armor but yet fast enough for intence combat.
Later versions of the Sargs got the possability to remove the mayhem-gun and replace it with a mechanic hand. This cause the Sargs was very clumsy withtheir mayhem-gun always waving over the breakfast table.

Explanations of short terms:
SGDOOM = Security Guard Doom
HSGDOOM = High Security Guard Doom
STRDOOM = StormTrooper Doom
CSTRDOOM = Commanding StormTrooper Doom
AMGDOOM = Assault MachineGun Doom (aka Sarg, or as Zombie, Zarg)

Ni'mRoD will take use of the very great Doom Legacy engine wich we think is the best Doom engine around. (No we don't care what you think). You can find the Doom Legacy homepage here:

Yes, it'll only work with Legacy. Why? Cause EDGE don't got anything else than it's RTS scripting wich would mean extensive rebuilding of the levels.

The screenshots of Nimrod can be found here, they are a bit old though. Since I'm a lazy ass sod who couldn't bother to update them.
Click me for Shots

You are NimRoD one of many participants in the Project of merging Human brain and body limbs with machine parts, to make the ultimate warrior. The project was necessary since the forces of hell only are growing stronger for everyday. Of course you don't know that, only a very little part of the earth population know about the fact that they could attack anytime. You're deployed at one of the moons of mars, where the experiments with your body is carried out. You got the night off and you and your pals are sitting in the abandoned warehouse on the dark side of the moon. The buildings has decayed and rusted a bit since it .. is.. ehm.. y'now.. abandoned. Well anyway you're playing cards when you suddenly hear a alarm signal.You are still a bit dozy after the todays experimenting with your Private parts so your buddies leave you behind to rest...
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EboLa - Project leader, Lead Graphics, Sounds, Dehacked, Levels, Storyline.
StroggOnMeth - Story, Scripting, Technical support, Sounds.
NimRoD - Level, Graphics, Sounds.
Oniko - Dehacked, Sounds.
Kurt Kesler - Level.
Michael Niggel - Level.
Paul Corfiatis - Music
PuNCK - Music
Wisp - End sequence Music
Metabolist - Music

HYENA SKIN, this is how hyena will look in Blew (kinda).
Download the skin.

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